Kennedy Draws Fire From “Flat-Earthers” Hannity, Stossel, Beck

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s provocative speech at last weekend’s LIVE EARTH concert (see full story and video below) has his critics going nuts — as if they weren’t nutty enough to begin with.

In RFK Jr’s speech, he called out Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and John Stossel as “corporate toadies” who are “lying to you,” urging viewers to vote with their wallets and stop supporting companies that sponsor these mainstream media hacks.

Kennedy’s remarks provoked intense return fire this week from Hannity, who has denounced the speech from his bully pulpit on FOX NEWS several times over the past few days.

John Stossel attacked RFK Jr. on WOR-AM on Wednesday, then faced him in a heated one-on-one debate Thursday night on FOX’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto.”


Then, along came Glenn Beck, whose smugness and personal contempt for Kennedy were more obvious than usual on last night’s show. The editors clearly took great pleasure in cutting up Bobby’s interview with an axe, attempting to make him look as bad as possible. Here’s the video:

In this blogger’s humble opinion, Kennedy has demonstrated tremendous political courage over the years by engaging in serious debate the right-wing nuts and Neo Cons who most Democrats would simply wave away like flies at a picnic. While Hillary wouldn’t give Bill O’Reilly the time of day, let alone an interview, Bobby Kennedy never shies away from the chance to have it out with someone on the opposite side of an issue.

We all love a great debate, especially when two diametrically opposing viewpoints face off, but only when the arguing is done with some degree of mutual respect. Both sides must allow the other to speak their piece, without interruption, and that is never the high road taken by the likes of Hannity and Beck. Cavuto and Stossel certainly deserve credit for conducting their debate with RFK Jr. in a civil and dignified manner. (That one actually was Fair and Balanced…hard to believe I was watching Fox!)  

Yet, all of them repeated the Neo Con talking points this week to RFK Jr.: “Well, if you’re going to call us traitors, you *do* know what the penalty for treason is, don’t you, Mr. Kennedy?”

What a snide and cruel thing to say to a man whose father was murdered in cold blood, and whose uncle was assassinated on a day the Dallas Morning News ran a full page ad of President Kennedy’s face on a wild-west style poster saying “WANTED FOR TREASON.” This tactic is incredibly offensive and waaaay below the belt.

Dallas Morning News Ad, Nov. 22, 1963

Have some class, guys. If you’re going to debate RFK Jr., stick to the issues and leave the Dead Kennedys out of it, ok?

Play nice, children…

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One response to “Kennedy Draws Fire From “Flat-Earthers” Hannity, Stossel, Beck

  1. DaveJ

    Great article, that interview with Glenn Beck was something else. Now I just wonder if he’ll go on with Hannity and tear his ass up. RFK Jr.’s got my vote if he runs!