How To Show Bobby Your Support

 Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Oregon, 2004

If you’re reading this blog, chances are good that you already want Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to run for President in 2008.

We are glad you’re here and welcome your support. But it’s important for us to take just a moment to ask everyone to respect Mr. Kennedy’s privacy and to remember that he is not (yet!) an elected official. 

We can call/email/fax or elected representatives and yell at them daily; we can tell them what we want them to do or how we want them to vote on any particular legislation. That’s part of the job, every public official expects to get clobbered by their constituents from time to time. But Mr. Kennedy is still a private citizen. As such, he should be allowed to work and spend time with his family without a constant barrage of voices in his ear begging him to run for President.

There are already at least three internet web sites devoted to the task of coaxing him into the race, and he is certainly aware of them. We’re not suggesting that anybody should curb their enthusiasm for what is no doubt a noble cause. But we do take issue with some of the tactics that have recently been recommended by the MySpace page to draft RFK Jr. which we feel are invasive to his privacy and far too heavy-handed in their approach. 


For example, a call to action on the MySpace draft RFK Jr. web site is now encouraging people to flood Bobby’s radio program on Air America with phone calls urging him to run. We are strongly opposed to this idea. We do not believe that his supporters should pester the guy at work. When he is in the studio, taping an interview, or writing a segment, he needs to stay focused on the radio show and nothing else.

There is really nothing the show’s call screeners can do to convince Bobby of anything. Their job is to weed through hundreds of phone messages from callers who want to talk about important issues on the program. Leaving a bunch of long-winded voicemails is not going to accomplish anything other than to annoy the show’s producers, and perhaps Mr. Kennedy as well.

There is a time and place for everything, but bothering someone at work hundreds of times a day is not the best way to get them to do your bidding.

This, combined with other troubling reports and documentation which have come our way recently have forced us to distance ourselves and the web site from the Draft RFK Jr. page at MySpace.

We feel it necessary to inform RFK Jr.’s supporters that the web site does NOT endorse or support these tactics. It is important to let our readers know that we are in no way affiliated with any other site to draft RFK Jr., and that we feel very strongly about how to accomplish the goal of showing Mr. Kennedy our support without making him feel harassed.


The purpose of our web site is to provide news and information to voters about RFK Jr., and hopefully convince them to show their support for his potential candidacy by simply signing the draft petition. This is a way to send a strong message that our country needs him now without invading his privacy or thought process.

We will forward the petition to Mr. Kennedy, which he can review at his leisure, on his own time, when he is ready. We feel this is the most respectful method of showing him our support and desire for him to run.

We encourage all of you to include any personal comments for him next to your signature on the petition, because your words are so inspiring and can have such a powerful effect. So please, tell him why you want him to run, make your case, take that opportunity to let him know how much you want him to be your candidate.

Let’s always respect the man’s privacy, his family, and the fact that he is already incredibly busy with the work he does. Above all, let us respect his right to make his own decisions. If he chooses not to make any announcements at this time as to whether or not he will run, let’s not put any more pressure on him than he is already no doubt feeling.

Remember, we are asking him to take on the greatest of burdens on our behalf. A run for the White House is not a challenge that he can take lightly, nor do we. This is one hell of an important decision, one that only he and his family can make.

So let’s give him the time and space he needs to choose his future, all the while letting him know with our signatures that he has the support, respect, and faith of all of us.

Please SIGN THE PETITION and add your comments here:

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2 responses to “How To Show Bobby Your Support

  1. Chrisy

    I want to say I admire you for taking the high road on this matter.

    I admire that you have removed your support for any group who would act without any regards to Bobby’s personal life with his family.

    We are only going to achieve our goal of Bobby running for political office if we act with respect to him and his family.

    There are ways that we can share our thoughts with him that do not infringe on his rights, but at the same time, hopefully get him to think about the important things that really matter.

    Our passion is a good thing. I am a very passionate woman as well. Our courage is very important as well, and having the guts to be honest is important as well. I believe that with our words, thoughts, and actions if we take the high road that in time, Bobby will come to see that we are a group of people who really love our country and fear for America’s future.

    What kind of country are we leaving for our children and grandchildren? How can we take back our airwaves so that the American people can be educated to the truth and not just given one side of an issues, misinformation. Bobby knows these concerns as I am sure that he has many of the same concerns about the future of this country as we have.

    Anyway, I am very happy with the position you took and am proud of you.

    I just found this site through another internet site and to say I was happy is an understatement. I had been unhappy with the choices for President again this year. Not thinking any of the so called candidates were part of the solution to the problems facing this country, I was trying to decide who I should write in. Now I have my answer. I would encourage others not to vote for the lesser of two evils, but to stand for principle. Does anything really change for the better by voting for someone who is a lesser evil than the other guy, but who is also part of the problem? I say no. Vote for the person who you know will be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

    Bobby Kennedy Jr is the only person I see so far who at this time in our nation’s history can take on the powerful forces who don’t really care about the future of this country. We are at a crossroads. The choices that we make now will determine what we will have to face in the future.

    Bobby Kennedy Jr is very smart, and so I think that given time, and if he is treated with the respect he deserves that he will decide that for the future of his children and country that he will toss his hat into the ring. At least I hope so.

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