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RFK Jr. a Possible Contender for Hillary’s Senate Seat

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Last week the New York Daily News reported that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may have his eye on his father’s former place in the U.S. Senate, a seat currently occupied by Hillary Rodham Clinton. But perhaps not for long.

Should Clinton become the Democratic nominee and go on to win the general election in 2008, it would fall to New York Gov. Spitzer to choose Clinton’s successor if she leaves before her term is up.

Naturally, several Democratic hopefuls already have their eye on that coveted prize, and according to the Daily News, Bobby Kennedy Jr. is one of them:

Another contender might be prominent environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who, a party insider noted, possesses a “magic, magic, magic name” in politics.

This isn’t the first time Kennedy has expressed a desire to run for the Senate. In previously published interviews, he has said that he would be interested in possibly running for Senator or Governor of New York. So this is really just the latest round of rumors regarding Bobby’s future political plans — a secret which, at least for now, he is keeping to himself.

Of course, we’d rather see him go for it and run for President instead.

Although a few years of some Congressional experience would benefit him, it is certainly not a requirement for Presidential leadership. Considering how recent administrations and our Congress have let ALL of the people down, Kennedy not being a Washington insider may well be his greatest asset in a run for the White House.

Americans are ready for leaders who think outside the box (and the Beltway). So if RFK Jr. decides to go for his father’s old Senate seat, he’ll have our support. He’d be a wonderful Senator and the people of New York would be lucky to have him. But if he should instead decide to enter the presidential race as a late arrival, we’ll have our boots on the ground: raising money, rounding up volunteers and votes nationwide.

Clearly, he is close to making a decision as to whether he will enter the 2008 race or wait this one out. This is the time he needs to hear from YOU! Please tell Bobby your thoughts on the petition to draft RFK Jr. into the 2008 presidential race. Sign it today!

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RFK Jr. Keeps The Faith

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the Shrine of St. Francis

(CAPTION: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaking recently at the shrine of St. Francis in San Francisco. See more photos from this event in the Fog City Journal. Image copyright Luke Thomas, 2007)


With so many politicians pandering to the interests of the religious right, too often promising anything they think will get the Christian vote (while ignoring the most basic of Christian values), it’s so refreshing to hear what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has to say. When he speaks of faith, one not only feels that he is talking from the heart, but that the convictions he holds are truly his own.

This was evident in a recent speech he gave in California.  RFK Jr. flew to San Francisco in early September to promote his children’s book, Saint Francis of Assisi:A Life of Joy, and toured the construction of a replica of Saint Francis’ porziuncola.

The replica is being constructed inside the National Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi, a church in the heart of San Francisco’s North Beach district.

RFK Jr. attended a special mass at the National Shrine of Saint Francis where he gave a passionate speech about the life of Saint Francis before attending a book signing.

Kennedy (who is Catholic), takes his middle name from St. Francis, like his father before him. “Saint Francis is the patron saint of our home.” RFK Jr. told the audience.

“He is an ecumenical saint. He’s the most loved saint in the world, next to the Virgin Mary, and he continues to be today. I was attracted to him because of my love of nature. It was one of his core values as well.

“He represents so many issues that are relevant today. Not just the environment, but also the issue of peace.

“To be able to write this book and teach this story to children was just a great privilege and a great joy for me,” Kennedy said.

St. Francis of Assisi book by Robert Francis Kennedy Jr.

In his speech, Kennedy stressed the point that many of our elected leaders and presidential candidates always seem to miss: the fundamental duty of a society to render service to God by helping the least fortunate among us.

“Saint Francis said the way we find happiness in ourselves is by committing ourselves to the poor.” He said, speculating that “if Francis were alive today he’d be working the AIDS wards, among the most vulnerable of our society.

RFK Jr. encouraged all in attendance to “try and live your life with the perfect imitation of Christ’s life. Do what he did, not what someone tells you to do. To me that’s the most inspiring message. It’s a message that’s relevant to all of us today – the message of peace, protecting the environment – and it’s a message of take care of the poor and ultimately democracy as well.


“We should not sell ourselves to some ideology or some dogma, but rather think for ourselves. God gave us a brain so that we could think for ourselves and not so that we could believe blindly and ignore science. Search for the truth, that’s what we’re supposed to be doing.

“Fundamentalism is a perversion of religion. It’s a way of controlling people and expanding imperial ambitions. Religion is at its best when it searches for existential truth.

“God gave us such a wonderful world and we should be exploring it, learning it, understanding it, and not just saying, ‘ok, all I need to do is learn what’s in this one little book.’

“Most historians believe he single-handedly brought an end to the dark ages. He tried to bring everyone closer to the church and democratize the church.” And, Kennedy added with a knowing smile, “He was a quiet revolutionary.”

Source: Fog City Journal


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RFK Jr. Heads for Early Primary States This Fall

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. meets with supporters 

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s upcoming speaking engagements are scheduled in early primary states along the campaign trail this fall.

Then again, maybe it’s the start of something beautiful. We can only hope.


His first stop is Iowa, site of one of the most crucial early primaries (the primary election is January 14, 2008). Kennedy will be there next week, appearing as a featured lecturer in the annual University of Iowa Lecture Series, sponsored by the UI Lecture Committee. Other speakers include Watergate whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg.

RFK Jr. will speak at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, Sept. 12 in Iowa City’s UI Memorial Union Main Lounge. This event is FREE and open to the public. Click here for more information.


Next stop is Conway, Arkansas, 30 miles north of Little Rock in the heart of “Clinton Country.” RFK Jr. will deliver the inaugural Farris Lecture at the University of Central Arkansas on Wednesday, Sept. 19.

The event, which will be free and open to the public, will take place at 7 p.m. at the Donald W. Reynolds Performance Hall on the UCA campus. After his address, entitled “Crimes Against Nature,” Kennedy will participate in a question-and-answer session with the audience, and a book signing will follow.

The Arkansas primary takes place on Feb. 5, 2008. For more information on Kennedy’s appearance at the University of Central Arkansas, please visit UCA’s web site.


Then it’s on to Illinois (primary election Feb. 5, 2008), where Kennedy will lecture on Environmental Sustainability on the campus of Western Illinois University.

The 2007-2008 Speaker Series begins with RFK Jr. discussing “Our Environmental Destiny” at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3 in Western Hall on the WIU-Macomb campus.

You can get more information at Western’s web site.


Bobby’s whirlwind tour of the midwest that week will wind up in Indiana (whose primary election is May 6, 2008). He will be on the DePauw University campus to take part in “DePauw Discourse 2007: Sustainability and Global Citizenship,” October 4-6. 

Kennedy’s speech on Friday, October 5 will begin at 8 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center’s Kresge Auditorium. It is FREE and open to the public. The title of his lecture is “A Contract With Our Future.”


Kennedy will headline the three-day event, which focuses on environmental issues.

“The environment is the most important, the most fundamental, civil-rights issue,” Kennedy stated in a 2004 interview. “In the word ecology, the root ‘eco’ is the Greek word for home. It’s really about how we manage our home. The environmental movement is a struggle over the control of the commons — the publicly owned resources, the things that cannot be reduced to private property — the air, the water, the wandering animals, the public land, the wildlife, the fisheries. The things that from the beginning of time have always been part of the public trust.”

“This is how far we’ve come,” Kennedy explained to New York magazine. “In thirteenth-century England, it was illegal to burn coal in London. People were executed for it. Public land was not to be despoiled. Today, in the Appalachians, some of the oldest geology on the planet, where Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett roamed, they mine coal by chopping off the tops of mountains with giant, 22-story-high machines called draglines. The earth, the real capital of human enterprise, is treated like a business in liquidation.”

For more information on “DePauw Discourse 2007: Sustainability and Global Citizenship,” visit the event’s official Web site.



Two weeks later, RFK Jr. returns to “Kennedy Country” in Massachusetts to appear at a special Special Bioneers by the Bay: Connecting for Change kick-off event Thursday, October 18th, at 7:30 pm at the Zeiterion Theatre in New Bedford, MA.

The three-day event is sponsored by the Marion Institute and UMASS Dartmouth. Although registration for the full conference requires a fee, admission to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s speech is FREE. Seating is limited and is first come, first serve.

To learn more about the Bioneers By the Bay Conference and other featured speakers this year, visit the Connecting for Change web site.

The Bay State’s primary election is to take place on March 4, 2008. For a complete list of presidential primary dates, please see related story below.

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Presidential Primary Election Calendar

Ready or not, the primaries are coming sooner than ever this year. Are you registered to vote? Do you know when your state’s primary election is to be held?

Here is a complete calendar of primaries, caucuses, and party conventions for 2008.

(Don’t forget, you can vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. even if he is not on the ballot as a write-in candidate!)

January 2008

1/3 Iowa Presidential Caucuses

1/8 District of Columbia Presidential Primary (Democratic) and Caucus (Republican)

1/8 New Hampshire Presidential Primaries

1/19 Nevada Presidential Primary (Republican) and Caucus (Democratic)

Wyoming Presidential Caucuses

1/29 South Carolina Democratic Primary

Florida Presidential Primaries

February 2008

2/2 South Carolina Republican Primary

2/5 Alabama Presidential Primaries

Alaska Presidential Caucuses

Arizona Presidential Primary (Democratic) and Caucus (Republican)

Arkansas Presidential Primaries

California Presidential Primaries

Colorado Presidential Caucuses

Connecticut Presidential Primaries

Delaware Presidential Primaries

Georgia Presidential Primaries

Illinois Presidential Primaries

Kansas Presidential Caucuses

Michigan Presidential Primaries

Missouri Presidential Primaries

New Jersey Presidential Primaries

New Mexico Presidential Caucuses

New York Presidential Primaries

North Carolina Presidential Primaries

North Dakota Presidential Primaries

Oklahoma Presidential Primaries

Oregon Presidential Primaries

Rhode Island Presidential Primaries

Tennessee Presidential Primaries

Utah Presidential Primaries

2/9 Louisiana Presidential Primaries

Washington Presidential Caucuses

2/10 Maine Democratic Caucus

2/12 Maryland Presidential Primaries

Virginia Presidential Primaries

2/19 Wisconsin Presidential Primaries

2/26 Hawaii Democratic Caucus

March 2008

3/2 Hawaii Republican Caucus

3/4 Massachusetts Presidential Primaries

Minnesota Presidential Caucuses

Ohio Presidential Primaries

Pennsylvania Presidential Primaries

Texas Presidential Primaries

Vermont Presidential Primaries

3/11 Mississippi Presidential Primaries

3/21 Maine Republican Caucus

May 2008

5/6 Indiana Presidential Primaries

5/13 Nebraska Presidential Primaries

West Virginia Presidential Caucuses (Republicans will nominate at a state convention)

5/20 Kentucky Presidential Primaries

5/27 Idaho Presidential Primary (Republican) and Caucus (Democratic)

June 2008

6/3 South Dakota Presidential Primaries

Montana Presidential Primaries

August 2008

8/25-8/28 Democratic National Convention in Denver

September 2008

9/1-9/4 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul

November 2008

11/4 Election Day

*For more information on the upcoming elections, to get registered to vote or to find your local polling place, click here.

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 We want to know what’s on your mind. Most of all, we want Mr. Kennedy to know what’s on your mind.

Currently, we are assembling a list of questions, and welcome your input. Let us know what you’d like to ask RFK Jr. by posting a comment on our new VOTER QUESTIONS page.

Please keep your questions focused on his potential candidacy and the issues only.

This is your opportunity to ask RFK Jr. about his thoughts on America’s future, and if he will take on the greatest of burdens and run – for all of us.

While we cannot guarantee that Mr. Kennedy will answer each question personally, we will forward ALL of your questions to him for consideration.

Also, please take a moment to sign our online petition to draft Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to run for the White House.

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