Free RFK in 2008 Bumperstickers Available



Help us spread the word about the movement to draft Robert F. Kennedy Jr. into the 2008 race for the White House with these snazzy FREE bumperstickers!

Grab a stack and give `em to all your friends. Pass them out at political gatherings and rallies. Post them on public bulletin boards and in other high-visibility areas. Put them on your car, your guitar case, your luggage, your book bag, anywhere you want! Show your support to the world and get the message out to everyone that Bobby Kennedy Jr. is the right man, at the right time, for all the right reasons.

These cool stickers were printed up by the folks who run the Draft RFK Jr. web site at Blogspot, another great site for the cause, well worth checking out if you haven’t already.

You can get the free bumperstickers through their web site, or drop them an email.  Be sure to include your name, complete mailing address, and the number of stickers you are requesting.

Send an email to get your FREE bumperstickers! You know you want some!


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