Help Wanted: President of the United States

This “Help Wanted” ad was sent in by one of our frequent commentators, Jack Mosel. I thought it was too good not to share with everyone!

The job description at present which remains unaswered (except for the drafting and recruitment effort of Mr. Kennedy), goes like this:


Upstanding U.S. Citizen for call of duty to country as leader. Person shall confront and must win back the respect of 90 million Muslims and 230 million American Citizens who are tired, weak and weary of eight years of onslought by Neo-Conservatives, a self-serving party that has brought extensive fear and unsurmountable debt as well as two active wars in the Middle East.

This person should have good interpersonal skills and can represent the greatest nation in the history of humankind with dignity. To convey hope in the restoration of The United States of America. This Leader will be responsible for establishing a Committee to re-assemble the U.S. Constitution and will also be responsible for restoring World Peace.

Succesful Candidate should be capable of multi-tasking and have good networking skills (to unify the world). Pay is $150,000.00 and there is a mandatory 7 day work week in which there is an 18 hour work day and occasional overnight shifts. Full Medical and Dental benefits and 401K is provided. Profit sharing incentive after reducing 7 trillion dollar debt. All inquiries are held in confidence (if there are any).

We The People of America are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

I was going to say if Mr. Kennedy runs but I would like to speak in terms of affirmations and productivity if I am to spend any energy in encouragement to those who are in a place where running for office would actually accomplish anything. So instead I’ll say:

Because we have an independent candidate like Mr. Kennedy, we have a candidate who doesn’t have a symbiotic relationship with lobbyists who would be distracted by their agenda being conveyed. He would be free of encompassing and encroaching ‘Party’ lines from the Democratic and Republican parties. He would be lifted up by the people, funded by the people and elected by the people. Funny how we found out that Ron Paul’s supporters raised four million dollars in two days this last week! Imagine the grassroots fundraising/internet support RFK Jr. would have if he ran.

Mr Kennedy is a force to contend with and whose time has come. If there were ever a time in Americas history, to back one man with a dream it is right now. Mr. Kennedy’s message conveys our dream.

Y’know, if Mr. Kennedy ran… He’d win… If not in ’08 as president, than certainly in 2012 as president. If the best we have to offer as a country is Rudy and Hillary, I wonder what happened to us along the way that we settle for so much that is handed to us…

We need Mr. Kennedy to run for President, to remind us of who WE are and where we are heading. When I look at the results after this Bush era, I see what Mr. Kennedy sees: Corrupt, self serving cronies who have taken it too far. They’ve ‘trucked’ with the Constitution… Actually, they’ve eviscerated it for their own nest feathering.

Let’s Roll!!!


Guest Blogger




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6 responses to “Help Wanted: President of the United States

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  3. frosty7530

    Thank you Jack! I agree. As of today, there is still some realistic time. I still hear chatter of others who might run, like Bloomberg. THERE IS NOBODY OUT THERE, HILLARY CLINTON INCLUDED — WHO HOLDS A CANDLE TO BOBBY!

    If Lightning should strike; and he finally feels moved to serve—he would find himself in such a surge of love, hopefulness and respect of the kind we have never experienced.

    Right now, his coming into the race would be even more dramatic than his father’s. The despair; and sadness that is today is far more pronounced than when his father ran. I thought I would never see a time more volatile than 1968; but we are in very very bad shape. Even the most agnostic among us feel the fire of the apolcolypse coming near. Nobody is excited about any of these mediocre candidates. NOBODY. (except for the egotists whom i don’t have to name; they certainly are in love with themselves).

    There would be one joyous explosion of energy; IF ONLY. I can not understand why he can’t feel the love and confidence his fellow countrymen feel for him; except that he must be, like St. Francis, a very humble man. I truly feel the lord would allow him to set forth, this time, to carry on the work his beloved father had started. I have even heard from people on the right side of the street who respect his ability to get USA to use alternative fuel. A very critical part of our survival does depend on that.

    Mr. Kennedy; we need to endorse all that you are teaching us. We don’t have much time left. In order to get a green and healthy world we need a charismatic leader who can teach, motivate and lead. Somebody on the level of a Lincoln, Roosevelt & John F. Kennedy. Sir, the lord has gifted you with an amazing ability to connect and communicate with people.

    I ask all of you who come here to pray real hard in the days ahead for divine intervention. It seems he does not hear us. But sometimes we have to pray and keep praying even when we think the lord has left us. That is when the higher power will make his most stunning appearance.

    To those of you in TX; please get out there & drag as many of your friends with you, and tell your friends to bring all their friends. Just like a daisy chain. Get out there & demonstrate for Bobby 2008! Let him see you and hear you! Sing those rowdy old Dylan songs of yesterday. Demonstrate for him as if you too were “running for your life”. . .because you are running for your LIVES! Call the U of TX young democrats up; and start organizing. Time is slim; but lots of work can still get done.

  4. It’s good to find that we have many among us here who not only believe in Bobby Kennedy, but who also believe in the power of prayer.

    frosty7530 wrote:

    I ask all of you who come here to pray real hard in the days ahead for divine intervention.

    When you say we should pray real hard in the days ahead, you’re not kidding. We really need your prayers over the next three days specifically, because Weds. will be a BIG day for us.

    Why, you ask?

    As it turns out, I will be traveling to the University of Texas Pan-American Campus Wednesday to hear Bobby’s speech and plan to talk to him about the draft movement, discuss his future plans, and ask him to consider running as an independent candidate in `08.

    Initially, we approached him a few months ago to run as a Democrat, and he politely declined, saying that he would support Hillary or some other Dem for the party nomination. I told him then that his supporters were not going away that easily (LOL), and that a large percentage of the petition signers want him to run as an independent or third-party candidate instead of a Dem.

    The time is right for a strong indy to enter this race. People are literally BEGGING someone interesting to throw their hat into the ring. Even Lou Dobbs is now asking for suggestions! (Hopefully, everyone will write in to CNN and suggest RFK as a candidate.)

    So many on the left and right feel betrayed by the two-party system. I KNOW many former “good Democrats” like myself would happily give their votes to an independent candidate, especially one who had a real chance of winning. To folks like us, it’s the candidate and the ISSUES that matter. We don’t give a damn if they have an (R) or a (D) in front of their name. We just want real leadership. Party affiliation doesn’t mean a thing to us anymore.

    I go into this meeting with a great deal of excitement, taking with me the hope and support of so many who all have the same dream: to get RFK Jr. elected President of the United States!!!

    Hopefully, I will bring back some good news for everyone. In the meantime, pray, pray, pray…

    Stay tuned to this blog for a full report, and please keep those prayers coming! Pray that if it is God’s will, Bobby Kennedy Jr. will answer our call and run. Pray that the good Lord keep him and his family safe — and most of all, keep praying for America. We need RFK Jr. more than ever.

  5. Wednesday it is then…

    I’ll pray not for outcomes… but that God’s will be done. This is the humility I believe is required for prayer to be accepted. I sincerly hope that it is Gods’ will that he feel empowered to accept this challenge and to give back what has been freely given to him. That is the admiration and respect which with we hold his representation of us so dearly and unwaveringly undeniable.

    Let’s Roll!!! Run Bobby Run 08′!!!

  6. Ella

    Good luck when you see Bobby this week and I hope you can help to change his mind somehow about running in `08. Our prayers are with you both!

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