Op-Ed: Give Peace A Chance in `08


(Unless you happen to live in Iowa or New Hampshire, that is…) 

Over the holidays, voters in Iowa and New Hampshire will no doubt be bombarded with political advertising and nonstop lobbying from candidates in last-minute efforts to convert them.

Imagine your phone ringing off the hook with campaign calls during holiday meals, or while you are trying to spend some quality time with visiting relations. 

So much for Silent Nights. Peace on earth, you say? Try living in Iowa or New Hampshire, where a moment’s peace from the political onslaught can’t seem to be bought for any price.

The people of Iowa and New Hampshire are the guinea pigs in this experimental process of moving primary elections ahead to early January for the first time in history, and they certainly have our sympathies. Over the course of the next few days, voters in these key early primary states will be making their final decisions as to which candidate they will vote for, setting the stage for what follows in the national political arena.

But after nearly a year of presidential politicking, these battleground state voters are divided among the leading candidates, and more than half are still undecided, according to recent CBS/New York Times polls in Iowa and New Hampshire.

That makes the race up for grabs in the opening weeks of 2008, and things could get really interesting. It’s all going to depend on what the “great undecided” choose to do.

For your consideration, we would like to present a recent editorial that speaks to the undecided voter and makes a mighty compelling argument that if you want change, if you truly want peace on earth, it is time to stop voting for the lesser of two evils.


By Kevin Zeese

Peace voters have choices in 2008, but will they have the courage to support peace candidates?

In recent debates the candidates were asked whether they will support the nominee of their party. Despite increasingly harsh rhetoric between the candidates only two candidates had the courage to put peace before their party and refused to issue blanket support for their party nominee. Rep. Ron Paul and Rep. Dennis Kucinich responded they would not support the nominee unless the nominee opposed war as an instrument of foreign policy.

This deserves loud applause from the peace movement. No doubt both candidates will pay a political price for taking such a stand. They may get the “Gravel Treatment” – presidential candidate Mike Gravel was harshly critical of the top tier candidates of the Democratic Party and now is excluded from the debates because the Democratic National Committee no longer considers him a serious candidate and the corporate media, which walks lock-step with the corporate parties, has refused to invite him to any debates. His campaign has all but disappeared.

Kucinich and Paul face other potential repercussions for putting the life and death issue of war and peace before party loyalty. Both are incumbent congressmen and if they are unsuccessful in getting their party’s presidential nomination will seek re-election to Congress. Will they find themselves with a well-funded primary challenger? And, if elected, will they find their committee assignments downgraded? Will they be appointed to subcommittee or committee chairmanships or passed over in favor of party loyalists? There are many ways for a political party to punish lack of party loyalty. So, Kucinich and Paul deserve a great deal of credit for publicly standing up for peace before party.

And, Kucinich and Paul did not just come out in opposition to the current disastrous occupation of Iraq. They came out more broadly for an end to the aggressively interventionist U.S. foreign policy that is dominated by militarism. This is the type of paradigm shifting policy change that is needed in U.S. foreign policy.

The fact that the U.S. spends as much as the whole world combined on the military ensures that every other aspect of American civil life is underfunded. It is why the debt is increasing, infrastructure is failing, the U.S. remains addicted to oil, college is overpriced, health care for all unachievable, and pre-school for children widely unavailable. If the U.S. wants to build economic security at home it needs to stop spending half the federal government’s discretionary spending on the military. If we want to build security from terrorism the U.S. needs to stop creating enemies faster than we kill them. If the U.S. wants “them” to stop hating “us” we need to stop behaving like an empire.

Sadly, at least one peace group, Friends Committee on National Legislation, is turning its back on these real peace candidates. FCNL whose slogan is “War is Not the Answer,” has published a voter guide that excludes Kucinich, Paul and Gravel – the three candidates who really believe war is not the answer. FCNL readers will not learn about these peace candidates in their on-line voter guide. Why? FCNL decided on an arbitrary cut-off point in polling that excludes these candidates. All the candidates that are included keep the military option for Iran on the table and do not advocate cutting military expenditures, only one (Bill Richardson) calls for complete withdrawal from Iraq. Are these “war is not the answer” candidates?

For Kucinich and Paul this stab in the back from a peace group comes at a bad time. Kucinich recently won a straw poll by the progressive Democracy For America and in early returns Kucinich is leading in the Progressive Democrats of America straw poll. Paul has been doing extremely well in straw polls around the country as well as in fundraising and in some polls is bettering candidates like John McCain. Both seem to be getting some traction but if the peace movement is not going to even report on their positions – a movement which should be the base of their support – then what hope do they have?

Sadly, the FCNL view is not uncommon among peace voters. Too many look at which candidate is most likely to win. Peace voters need to learn that voting for peace candidates is the way to increase their power. Voting for candidates who support the occupation or waffle on whether they will remove the troops in their first term is voting against the interests of peace. It is voting for war as the primary instrument of foreign policy and empire as the goal of U.S. policy – because that is the view of the candidates covered by FCNL. Peace voters need to have the courage to vote for peace candidates.

Paul and Kucinich differ on many issues – Paul is a free-market thinker who sees the solutions to economic disparity, lack of access to health care, poor education, the environment and the housing crisis in less government and more market-based solutions. Kucinich, while agreeing with Paul on bolstering civil liberties and individual rights, sees the solution to health care as ending the for-profit dominated health insurance industry and replacing it with a non-profit single payer system provided by the government. Similarly on environmental issues Kucinich favors a major government investment in alternative energy that is clean and sustainable, Paul doesn’t. Kucinich favors abortion rights, Paul opposes federal government involvement in abortion.

Peace voters have a choice between two solid peace candidates with two very different views of government and the economy, but they have more. Mike Gravel is another long-term peace advocate who has been active against war since the Vietnam era. Some peace voters may also see a candidate in Governor Bill Richardson who favors a complete withdrawal from Iraq, but is keeping the military option on the table for Iran and does not advocate shrinking the U.S. military.

And, in the General Election, peace voters will have other options no matter what the two establishment parties decide. The Green Party recently acquired a new member in Cynthia McKinney. The former Member of Congress recently registered as a Green in California and filed with the FEC to seek the Green presidential nomination. She has been strongly anti-war for her whole career and during her last congressional term sought impeachment of President Bush for his illegal invasion of Iraq.

Ralph Nader, the long-time consumer activist and former presidential candidate who has been working against the Iraq invasion and occupation since before the war began, is also considering a run for the presidency, possibly as a Green or as an independent. He has tirelessly worked to end the Iraq occupation and throughout his career has been an advocate for less spending on the military and more spending on the necessities of the people. Nader has also been a long-term advocate for impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney for their deceptions and manipulations that led to the Iraq invasion.

Another Green candidate worthy of mention is Jared Ball. He is an assistant professor at Morgan State University in Baltimore, has a radio show in Washington, DC, and is founder of FreeMix radio which puts together a monthly hip-hop compilation. He is a veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm and an opponent of the Iraq occupation.

The Libertarian Party also has several candidates running and they are likely to nominate a peace candidate as well. The LP’s official position on the Iraq occupation is: “It is time for U.S. forces to withdraw from Iraq as quickly as possible in a manner consistent with the safety of our troops.”

Peace voters will have choices in 2008. There are several candidates who oppose both the Iraq occupation and the use of aggressive military force as the dominant approach to foreign policy. Peace voters make up the majority of Americans, but will they have the courage to vote their convictions or will they be manipulated by the two parties and the corporate media? Will they work and financially support peace candidates? It is a test for the peace movement to see whether it as the courage to put peace first.

Kevin Zeese is executive director of Democracy Rising (DemocracyRising.US) and Voters for Peace (VotersForPeace.US).

*DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in the above editorial are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or the owners of this web site.



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12 responses to “Op-Ed: Give Peace A Chance in `08

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  3. Chrisy

    Kevin Zeese makes Ron Paul sound like a hero when in fact he is not. Ron Paul is supported by White Nationalists. Don Black the founder of Stormfront sent Ron Paul a check for 5 hundred dollars. Ron Paul knows that Don Black is a White Nationalist and has refused to send back the money.

    Ron Paul has White Nationalists working at state levels on his campaign staff. He has received a lot of money from White Nationalists.

    While Ron Paul might not be a White Nationalist himself he doesn’t seem to care that a great number of people who support him are White Nationalists who preach a message of hate.

    Ask yourself why do White Nationalists support and send lots of money to Ron Paul? Do we who seek peace want to be assoicated with a candidate who gets a lot of support by White Nationalists who hate others based on the color of their skin, their religious faith, gender, and who are seeking an America that is a White Homeland only? For me that answer to that question is NO WAY!!!!!

    I fight against Racism in this country. Racism is a dangerous thing and the people like Don Black and David Duke who support Ron Paul are trying to hide their message of hate behind an respectable mask. Like all lies they take a little truth and then take that truth and mix it with a lie.

    I have a question, can I post links to the truth about Ron Paul? There are those of us who fight these evil Racists and their message of hate who want the truth to come out about Ron Paul and his supporters.

    Some may say it is unfair to judge a man by who supports him. I say we can judge a man by who supports him and sends him large sums of money, because when that man knows that the money comes from people like Don Black and his fellow White Nationalists and Ron Paul banners are all over his website encouraging the White Nationalists to support him, and Ron Paul has them working on his campaign than YES, I say I can judge Ron Paul by the people who he allows to play an active role in his campaign.

    As much as people hate Hilary, I don’t think she would take large sums of money from Don Black and White Nationalists and even have them working on her campaign. I think she would send the money back, and denounce their support of her. At least I would hope she would stand up to White Nationalists who are trying to mask their message of hate behind her as a candidate.

    Ron Paul wants it both ways. HE wants the support of the peace parties but also the support of White Nationalists.

    If I am allowed to post the links I will do so.

    I have a moral duty to expose the lies and to fight against Racism in this country and those people who would deceive others into thinking that they are true patriots and are fighting to perserve our freedom when the truth is that White Nationalists are fighting for a White Homeland. Their vision of America doesn’t reflect the vision of America that my ancestors who came over on the Mayflower or fought in the Revolutionary war built. I have a duty to fight the hate with the truth.

    Maybe sometime I will post my article that I wrote on David Duke is people are interested.

    If good men and women remain silent and say nothing when Ron Paul is presented as some hero when the truth is a large base of people who support him and want him to be president are White Nationalists than we will have White Nationalists gain power in this country. They use fear and we are living in uncertain times and they have been very effective in using that fear.

    My hero Bobby Kennedy Sr fought against Racism and the very people who support and fund Ron Paul for President. I think he is one reason why I am now fighting so strongly against the evil of hate and the Don Blacks and David Dukes in the world.

    I don’t like like the fact that they are twisting the history of our great nation to decieve people into thinking that our Founding Fathers were White Nationalists. If you go to their site they quote Thomas Jefferson and make him sound like he was a White Nationalist like they are and wanted only a White America.

    We must not be afraid to expose the lies and shine the truth. Ron Paul is not worthy of our support. I don’t understand how we as Democrats even would consider voting for Ron Paul or any other Candidate that White Nationalists want to be President.

    Sure both sides agree that the war in Iraq must end. So because of that there are people who want to support the White Nationalist candidate Ron Paul? I refuse to work for, support, and vote for any person that White Nationalists send large amount of money too, have banners on their websites, and work on his campaign. He knows who supports him and refuses to send back the money are kick the White Nationalists off his state level campaign staff.

    Ron Paul can deny he is a White Nationalist until he is blue in the face, but if you follow the money and who is a large portion of his support base than a reasonable person is going to come to the conclusion that he is not opposed to White Nationalists or their message.

    I haven’t met Bobby Jr, but I would think from what I have seen from him over the years that he would join me in my fight against racism and exposing Ron Paul and his White Nationalist base who is working so hard to get him elected.

    I know that some of you dislike Hilary, but the question I have to ask of you is do you hate Hilary so much that you would vote for a person like Ron Paul who White Nationalists support and are voting for?

    Why are you going to cut your nose off to spite your face? Isn’t it more important to get a Democrat elected and increase the Demorcratic seats in Congress so that we can change the direction of this country?

    President Kennedy once said ask not what your country and do for you but what you can do for your country. Again, we are living in times that we need to ask ourselves what is the best thing for this country. If we are honest with ourselves the best thing is to support the Democratic Candidate and work to get our values as Democrats passed and work to defeat the values that of recent years that are destroying this country.

    Will this generation of Americans answer the call and ask and do what is best for this country America that we love? Will we do what is best for the future of the children? Or will we put our personal dislike of Hilary over what is best for this country?

    We are at a crossroads and I for one will do what I feel is best for my country and the future of children who are being born today. I hope you will join me and on election day vote for the Democratic candidate whomever he/she is.

    To stay home or to vote for a third party candidate is taking the chance that we continue in the direction that this country has been going the last 8 years. To those Democrats thinking of voting for Ron Paul, ask yourself how you will feel voting and supporting someone that Don Black and the other White Nationalists who preach a message of hate support and are voting for?

  4. Chrisy

    Did you ever think to actually do the research on Ron Paul?

    I know for sure what I said was true because I have taken the time to do the research you can look at all the sites mentioned and see Ron Paul right there and if you were at the Philly Rally which I was you could have seen the KSS and there is video evidence of them being there!

    Now explain to me why is Ron Paul not distancing himself from the racists at all but within weeks of the news coming out Ron denounces support from the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, a small capitalist business, very much in the vain of what Ron Paul talks about and it is also a business that carries on the tradition of the original businesses some of which where houses of prostitution!

    Here is the link to the website containing the information about Don Black’s Donation to Ron Paul


    Here is an article about Don Black contributee to the RP campaign


    Here is info about the KSS


    Here is the link about KSS and other White Nationalists at the Philly Rally from the KSS and WNs themselves even with pictures of themselves there!


    There are 14 (haha 14 is a phrase used by WN’s as the 14 words of the white existance or something like that) pages on Ron Paul from the search I did on SF (but of course that can mean hundreds of sub pages in each article)


    Here is the search from Whitecivilrights.com about Ron Paul (and you will see articles written by Rep. Ron Paul or Dr. Ron Paul)


    Oh and the top article on Dukes website is a pro Ron Paul article. David Duke even posts an article on his website that Ron Paul wrote himself. Why would Ron Paul allow an article that he wrote to be on David Duke’s site?

    And Ron Paul has not denounced support for any of this, but he denounced the support of a small business carrying on the tradition of capitalism!

    Oh and if videos don’t lie than check out (right around 3:35 is when KSS is shown)

    Here are the videos of Jamie Kelso aka CharlesAlindbergh who is a Sr. Moderator at stormfront.org (worlds largest white nationalist site)


    Here is an article at SF with a lot of post by Kelso


    Here is more information about Kelso


    Again it should be noted that Ron Paul has not denounced any of this yet he denounced a small capitalist business carrying on the spirit of the first businesses when Ron Paul claims to be all about the founding fathers and small business capitalism and individual freedom and liberty and here he is within weeks of the announcement and news going out about the Moonlight’s support of Ronny he denounces them!

    Oh and here is a great little article about RP and workers!


    Not to long ago on clear channel on one of their conservative shows a man called in and pointed out the support of White Nationalist have for Ron Paul and presented this informtion and the host said he didn’t believe it. That it was lies. He didn’t even want to hear the proof.

    I hope that we as Democrats will not be afraid to call a spade a spade and will not be afraid to expose Ron Paul’s White Nationalist support.

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  6. Chrisy

    more links. This is to VNN which is a large website for White Nationalists.


    “Extremists” For Ron Paul! What Did You Give Today?


    VNNer’s, please list the amount of $$$$ you donated to Ron Paul for the 2007 Tea Party fundraiser.

    Just the amount, please, I want to get a total.

    Dave C.–$100.00

    Donate here: http://www.ronpaul2008.com/


    That is just one thread of the many of White Nationalists who preach a message of hate have encouraging other White Nationalists to support, work and vote for him. Ron Paul knows these evil Racists support him and he keeps the money and continues to allow them to work on his campaign.

    That thread is even stickied and has 5 stars, so there is no denying who the White Nationalist on VNN support.

    I don’t understand why Democrats and people like Kevin who wrote this piece can even consider Ron Paul a candidate worth looking at to vote for.

    I guess he didn’t do his research on who is behind Ron Paul. How can people push Ron Paul?

    I am angry that Ron Paul’s name keeps getting mentioned by Democrats as someone who we should vote for or even support. He is the candidate that Racists like Don Black, David Duke, James Kelso, Stormfront, VNN and others.

    How can decent people even consider for one minute voting for Ron Paul?

    I have always believed that one votes from knowledge. Ever since the first election I could vote in 1976 I have always taken that duty seriously and tried to research the people running.

    It seems that there are people within the Democratic party that have blinders on when it comes to Ron Paul.

    I drive around and I see Ron Paul signs. I see talk radio support this guy, and yet no one wants to talk about his support from White Racists who send him large sums of money and work on his campaign.

    I will get off my soap box now, but this issue is really important to me. My ancestors came over on the Mayflower, fought in the Revolutionary War and were active in the building of this country. One of my ancestors was behind Thanksgiving being a National Holiday. These racists are twisting American history to make it seem like our Founding Fathers were one of them and that the true patriots of this country are the White Nationalists and people like me and you and people who believe in all men are created equal and have the right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the looney left.

    I see young people being drawn over to their website and having their mind polluted by that hate because their parents don’t know what sites their children are visiting on the internet, or their parents are White Nationalists and are teaching them from birth to hate others.

    And Now within my own political party I have Democrats who are pushing Ron Paul as someone we should vote for over Hilary Clinton because they hate her so much.

    Yes, I am passionate about this issue. We all need to be passionate and fight against this.

  7. Chrisy, you have obviously done quite a bit of research on Ron Paul. Of course, you are always allowed to express your opinions and share information here.

    The links you provided certainly give food for thought. I would encourage all voters to study the candidates closely and come to their own conclusions, based on information from all sides of the political spectrum. Some of the info you will find out there is biased, some is fair…ultimately, I think the readers of this blog (being such an intelligent and independent lot) shall not be influenced by what others think, say, or do. They will decide for themselves.

    Being that so many of Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s most avid supporters were shocked and frankly horrified by his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, I think it is safe to say they most likely will not be giving her their vote in the primaries, or even in the general election.

    So now they seek another candidate to support. Hopefully it will be a Democrat. Although our web site does not endorse any candidate (we encourage folks to write-in RFK Jr.), the purpose of posting Kevin Zeese’s Op-Ed column here is strictly informative. To remind undecided voters out there whose top issue in the next election is peace that they have a wide array of choices.

    Those voters are searching for a candidate who represents what matters most to them: no longer using war as an instrument of our nation’s foreign policy. The article by Mr. Zeese presents an overview of the other choices in the field. Peace voters may find their candidate somewhere amongst the current crop of available presidential hopefuls, or perhaps another candidate will soon enter the race who is an even more attractive choice to them.

    As a Texan, I will say that Rep. Ron Paul has enjoyed tremendous popularity in the Lone Star State for decades, and has always attracted votes from Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, even Greens, which is quite remarkable indeed. Given that he has support from every conceivable extreme of the political spectrum, it does not surprise me that he would attract some racist whackjobs as well.

    While I am in no position to defend or attack Dr. Paul (and would not do so in this forum, even if I could), I can only say that I have met him on several occasions and he has always struck me as an unflinchingly honest man. His message may be too extreme for a lot of mainstream voters, but I think it is his honesty and unwillingness to back down or compromise that is the key to his success in this race.

    As is evidenced so often here on this blog and elsewhere around the web, voters are sick and tired of being lied to. They are weary of candidates who will say anything to get elected. Many lifelong Dems feel betrayed by the Democrats they elected to Congress last year for the simple reason that these candidates often ran on a platform of impeachment and ending the war, yet they seemed to lose their backbones once in Washington. Or else they just flat lied to us.

    Honesty always strikes a chord with the American people. This is what accounts for Mike Huckabee’s sudden surge in popularity (whether this is justified remains to be seen), and perhaps that of Dr. Paul on the Republican side. On the Democratic side, Barack Obama and John Edwards strike that chord, as do Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel. Why Hillary does not inspire that same kind of confidence is anybody’s guess…but that’s just the way people feel about her. They see her as ambitious and insincere. While it does not particularly please me to report these facts, they are indeed the facts. And facts are stubborn things.

    It is that same basic honesty that draws people towards Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – if he were running this year, he would no doubt enjoy that same level of popular support amongst what I call “peace voters.” (The same people who voted for his father in 1968)Instead, his endorsement of Hillary Clinton has unfortunately generated the kind of backlash against him which will be awfully hard, if not impossible, to undo.

    Again, this is not happy news for me to report. But to deny these facts would be doing our readers a great disservice. When so many true “Kennedy Democrats” oppose Hillary’s candidacy, they will obviously have to find another candidate who speaks to them. As it stands now, many of them are now going to the Kucinich camp. This should come as no surprise, really – for most liberal and progressive Democrats, Kucinich has been their choice from day one.

  8. Charlie

    For the record, the claims made by the above poster about Ron Paul being a racist are completely false and part of a disinformation campaign to discredit the candidate.

    The editor of the New York Times published a correction refuting White’s and Alternet’s claims; you can find it here.

    Just in case that link is stale, here is the full text:

    Editor’s Note
    (published dec. 27, 2007)

    A post in The Medium blog that appeared on Monday about the Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul and his purported adoption by white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups contained several errors. Stormfront, which describes itself as a “white nationalist” Internet community, did not give money to Ron Paul’s presidential campaign; according to Jesse Benton, a spokesman for Paul’s campaign, it was Don Black, the founder of Stormfront, who donated $500 to Paul. The original post also repeated a string of assertions by Bill White, the commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party, including the allegation that Paul meets regularly “with members of the Stormfront set, American Renaissance, the Institute for Historic Review and others” at a restaurant in Arlington, Va. Paul never attended these dinners, according to Benton, who also says that Paul has never knowingly met Bill White. Norman Singleton, a congressional aide in Paul’s office, says that he met Bill White at a dinner gathering of conservatives several years ago, after which Singleton expressed his indignation at the views espoused by White to the organizer of the dinner. The original post should not have been published with these unverified assertions and without any response from Paul.

  9. Chrisy

    I stand by what I wrote. This will be my last post on the topic of Ron Paul, because I have warned you about the large numbers of White Nationalists like Don Black, Jamie Kelso, and others who have sent money to Ron Paul, encouraged other White Nationalists to send money and support and vote for Ron Paul. It wasn’t just Don Black that sent money, it is large numbers of White Nationalists who sent money as a group.

    I feel that I did my part in providing the links and telling the truth that White Nationalists like Don Black and others support and send him money. True SF did not send the money but Don Black did and many WN look to him as a leader and therefore they followed him in his support and sending money to Ron Paul. They brag about how much money they have sent, the work that they have done on his campaign, and even the positions they hold within the state level for the Ron Paul Campaign.

    When you have a lot of links posted on SF to the Ron Paul campaign, banners in support, and Don Black sending money it encourages other WN follow him and send money and give Ron Paul their full support. It wasn’t just Don Black that sent the money, but many White Nationalists also sent money. I don’t know why people can’t see that White Nationalist connection but it seems they can’t.

    I don’t know why it seems so hard for people to understand that when you follow the money trail that White Nationalists by the numbers have sent large sums of money as a group and how can they even think for one minute of voting for Ron Paul is beyond me.

    Why would Democrats for one second even think of voting for Ron Paul? I think that is what scares me the most about this election is that there are people who are in my party who because of their hatred of Hilary would vote for Ron Paul along with White Nationalists who dream of turning America into a White Homeland and who also will be voting for Ron Paul.

    Hilary is not my first choice but she sure has to be better than Ron Paul!!! At least I know with Hilary that White Nationalists do not support her becoming President. Will because of hatred of Hilary will Democrats by supporting Ron Paul or any other third party candidate give the election to the Republicans again?

    I for one will not vote for a person that White Nationalists support. But each person must make up their own mind.

    I think all reasonable people agree that the War in Iraq is wrong, but does that mean we hold our noses and vote for someone who WN want to be President?

    In my heart I know the truth that Ron Paul is the choice of many White Nationalists for President.

    I feel that I have done my part in trying to expose the White Nationalists support for Ron Paul. If people don’t want to listen than it is not on my head, because I did what I thought was right in trying to shine the light of truth on the White Nationalists support of him.

    I have spoken out, provided links for people to check out the information for themselves and if they don’t want to look at it, believe that Ron Paul doesn’t receive wide spread support from White Nationalists than what happens is on their heads and not mine.

  10. Jim Bracken






  11. Chrisy

    I would be happy with John Edwards. I like the way he speaks for the working men and women in this country. If he hasn’t dropped out by AZ I would even vote for him. I am actually undecided on who I will vote for, but I do like Edwards.

    Hilary is not my first choice. I still think the best person for the job would be RFK jr, but he isn’t running this year. Actually she is not my 2nd choice either, but if she gets the nomination I will vote for her, because I don’t want another Republican to win the White House. I want to end the nightmare of the Bush years. I am just one Democrat and if the other Democrats in this country choose her as the person they want to run on our ticket than I will vote for her.

    I feel guilty because in the past, I didn’t do that and Republicans won. Maybe if I hadn’t voted third party or wrote someone in and voted for the party ticket we would have had Kerry elected President instead of Bush being re-elected. This year, I am hoping that we Democrats will have a good chance of beating Republicans in the general.

    I don’t think it is a sure win for Hilary. I think that Edwards or Obama could actually be the candidate for our party.

    I just think that whomever is the candidate for our party that we need to unite to defeat the Republicans so that we can make the changes needed to turn this country around.

  12. Maria

    I am also appalled that Ron Paul continues to accept donations from White Supremecist groups, but I am equally appalled that Hillary clinton continues to take money from Communist China. (She also gets more money from military/defense contractors, big insurance and big pharma than all of the Repubs combined, btw)

    But lets look at the big picture:

    White Nationalist groups, while abhorrent to me, pose no real threat to this country. They are a small lunatic fringe who are little more than flies at a picnic.

    China DOES pose a real threat to this country.

    White Nationalist groups do not have nuclear weapons.
    China does.

    White Nationalist groups have no influence over US trade policies.
    China does.

    White Nationalist groups do not have a large military force which is outwardly hostile to the United States.
    China does.

    White Nationalist groups do not manufacture the defective toys our kids play with. They do not import dangerous food and other products into this country.
    China does.

    White Nationalist groups are not in possession of our country’s military secrets and scientific technology.
    China is.

    White nationalist groups cannot make the sizeable financial contributions to candidates which will ensure they have a say in national policy decisions.
    China can and does.

    As long as Ron Paul continues to take money from the WN groups, he will not get my vote. But neither will Hillary. The candidate who refuses on principle to accept questionable campaign contributions will!

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