You’d Be Crying, Too

Hillary Clinton got all choked up yesterday in NH after seeing the latest Gallup Poll:

USA TODAY/GALLUP POLL – JANUARY 7, 2008 (conducted Jan. 4-6)

Obama: 41%

Clinton: 28%

Edwards: 19%

Hillary clinton in new Hampshire, Jan. 7, 2008

Oddly enough, President Bush had the same reaction:

Wonder who’ll be crying tonight when the results from New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary are tallied…

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One response to “You’d Be Crying, Too

  1. I signed the petition. I held off because I wanted RFKjr to focus on Skakel, and also because I hoped the American people would see logic in the end. Nope. It’s scary how people with absolutely NO qualifications to be president are trouncing those with 35 years of experience in the Senate and 25+ years in foreign relations.

    RFKjr has a real chance of winning against Obama as a third party. I really don’t care anymore if he messes up the vote and doesn’t win, or if he wins – he’s at least as good as Obama and better than any Republican at this point.

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