Bobby’s Standing By His Woman

Bobby Kennedy Jr.Hillary Rodham Clinton


While Hillary Clinton was finding her voice in New Hampshire, Caroline Kennedy found her man in Barack Obama.

Senator Edward Kennedy is now lending his voice to the Obama campaign, along with his son, U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy. The three Kennedys appeared before a huge rally of Obama’s supporters at American University today, and on the same hallowed ground where JFK gave his landmark 1963 address, all heartily endorsed Obama.

In the flurry of media coverage that followed throughout the day, the story was too-often reported as a blanket stamp of approval from the entire Kennedy family. This, of course, is not true. But why let facts get in the way of such a delicious big story at such an “historic” moment as this?

For the record, anyway – if anybody wants `em, here are the plain ol’ unadorned facts:

While Senator Obama now has the support of the last living member of John F. Kennedy’s immediate family and his only surviving brother, many in the media today seemed to forget (or perhaps willfully ignored) that Senator Hillary Clinton already gained the endorsements of several important Kennedys months ago; the sons and daughters of Robert Kennedy.

Back in early October, this blog reported that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was supporting Hillary Clinton for president. Over the next two months, other media outlets gradually picked up the story, culminating in a formal endorsement on Nov. 29th. Soon thereafter, Bobby hit the campaign trail for Clinton in Iowa, and was joined in New Hampshire by his sisters Kathleen and Kerry. The mainstream media hardly noticed at the time.

Today was a different story entirely, as we all witnessed. All three cable news networks carried the American University rally live (NBC even aired it in it’s entirety), and the pundits went plumb Camelot crazy the rest of the afternoon; discussing historical and political ramifications of the Caroline, Patrick and Ted endorsements at length with an endless stream of historians, journalists, strategists, and Obama supporters.

Little was heard from the Clinton camp today in response. Whether by design or because the media was too high on some fine vintage Kennedy golddust, Hillary’s supporters were noticeably absent from most of the various cable news roundtable discussions.

Finally, late in the day, Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend stepped up to the plate for Hillary. In an exclusive interview with MSNBC, Kathleen was all smiles and seemed totally unshaken by the earthquake of the other Kennedys endorsing Barack Obama.

When asked about the “split” in the Kennedy family over this presidential race, Kathleen laughed it off and said, “don’t all families fight about politics over the dinner table? Of course, the Kennedys don’t agree on everything. We never have. But we respect each other’s opinions and choices, even when we have our differences.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. echoed his sister’s words later when CNN caught up to him late this afternoon. “I love and respect my uncle, Senator Kennedy, but I still believe that Hillary Clinton has the leadership and experience to lead this country right now, as I always have.”

Anyone who may have been hoping that RFK Jr. would defect to join the Obama camp is likely to be disappointed. As it stands today, he’s standing with both feet firmly planted in Hillary’s corner — and is making no apologies.








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7 responses to “Bobby’s Standing By His Woman

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  2. Pingback: Mark

  3. Chrisy

    Out of the Clinton, Obama and Edwards Hilary is the only one who voted against partical birth abortion. On late term abortion she is only for if the life of themother is at stake. Both Obama and Edwards are also in favor of late term abortion.

    Clinton does have the better record on the enviroment.

    From my point of view Bobby and his sisters have chosen the candidate who may not be pro-life but at is not as extreme as Obama or Edwards in being pro-abortion.

    It isn’t only pro-life Cathoic Democrats who feel Obama and Edwards are extreme in their support of partical birth abortions but my friend who is pagan and is pro choice. We discussed this last night and we both agree that Hilary’s views are more in line with what as morally right.

    I asked her why is it that we as Democrats will speak out about Civil rights for all people but we won’t speak out for the infants and have people in are party who support partical birth abortion which to me is infantcide. What about the civil rights of infants who are half way out of the womb? Anyway, I will continue to speak out for what I think is important to me as a Catholic women of faith. Someone has to speak for the child in the womb.

    Yesterday I was going to stay home Tuesday. Last night doing more research on the issues and finding Hilary was against partical birth abortion and the only one running who voted against that evil practice is very much in her favor. If I do decide that I can vote for her still feel that I am being true to the teachings of my church than I will vote for her Tuesday.

  4. Hal

    Martin Luther King hoped that someday people would be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. If that day has come, and I hope that it has, then that is bad news for Hillary and Bill Clinton and good news for Barack and Michelle Obama.

  5. Deanna

    As a resident of a red state, I have endured my Republican friends during the last seven years of the Bush administration. I doubt that many of the people who posted their comments realize the overwhelming dislike of the Clintons throughout this state and other southern states. I supported President Clinton in 1992 and 1996. However, I have been shocked and embarrassed by the Clinton campaign tactics of late. I am a well-educated, white female over 60, falling into the category that generally support Senator Clinton. Unfortunately, Senator Clinton will unify the Republican party and fracture and alienate the Democratic party.

  6. Angie

    Understand, people, that the Republicans cannot wait, CAN’T WAIT, for Clinton to get the nomination. She is the bete noir, and they are loading both barrels, one for her and one for her spouse. And the Republicans will win, especially if the more moderate John McCain lands the Republican nomination.

    Aside from Ted and Caroline’s appreciation for Obama’s poetry and vision (did anybody listen to his SC victory speech?), perhaps there is also the pragmatic appreciation of what would lie ahead for the Clinton candidacy and the Democratic Party.

  7. Hello. fantastic job. I did not expect this. This is a great story. Thanks!

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