Super Bowl `08: Kennedys vs. Kennedys


This ain’t your father’s game of touch football.

The `08 race just keeps getting more interesting by the minute, with the Kennedy players taking sides on different teams, all in preparation for the big game on Super Tuesday.

As of Super Bowl Sunday, here’s the lineup so far:


Senator Edward Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy

Ethel Kennedy

Maxwell Kennedy

Rory Kennedy

Maria Shriver


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Kerry Kennedy


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Clearly, Obama has the advantage going into Tuesday’s election, with more Kennedys on his team than any other candidate. Will it make a difference? Who knows, but we’ll find out Tuesday night when the final score is in.



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8 responses to “Super Bowl `08: Kennedys vs. Kennedys

  1. Sorry if he endorses Clinton corruption he is not for me. I also do not being called a traitor by NOW. “Ultimate Betrayer of women”? If we do not condone killing of innocent women, children, babies in Iraq? Makes no sense to me.

    I do not know if Ted’s endorsement of Obama is a good thing, but I can say he had it perfectly right why my generation is going for Obama. Under Clinton or a Republican it is almost assured a return to the draft, that even draft dodger Bill rallied against.

    Odd too, that it was Ethel Kennedy that put the idea in Obama’s head that he should run for Pres in the first place.

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  5. Frosty5730

    I just read the NYT interpretation of Ted’s pep rally for OBAMA in NM. An interesting story. Ted said something to effect that he finally found the legacy for the Torch of his brother. He said it elequently; but I got so mad that I can’t remember the words. The speech is easy to find and reference. Just pop 02/03/08 + Ted Kennedy + NM into your search engines.

    I am thinking, Sen. Kennedy, ah, sir; the torch for your brothers is right here, closer to you than Obama. It’s your NEPHEW Sen. Kennedy! His name is Bobby, Jr. You said you were impressed w/Mr. Obama’s experience. Take a look at your nephew Sen. Ted. He is loved all over the world for his work w/planet earth. He moved rivers, literaly, in state of NY. He gives electrifying speeches winning friends & converts everywhere he goes. AND, he doesn’t just impress his admirers w/his eloquence and pretty face. He MOTIVATES his admirerers to START CHANGING they way they interact w/Planet Earth.

    In past few years, Mr. Kennedy has tackled many other areas besides environment; and he has done substantial work in every area he turns his attention to. I am not worried about his lack of legislative experience because, I have not been impressed with anybody coming up from the ranks of the senate, congress or a Statehouse. I happen to think we need an uncontaminated mind that thinks outside the box. Bobby certainly has good creative ability; but he also seems to have the panache of a mature older statesman. He knows how to handle himself with leaders all over the world.

    When I see Bobby, Jr. up there w/Hillary right now. I feel more than a bit sad. When I see Bobby I think of a leader we could have elected; a leader who, like his father; knows how to dream of things that never were AND KNOWS HOW TO SAY & THINK, WHY NOT?!? And I look at Bobby, Jr. And I too say, WHY NOT! And always the uncompleted silent of prayer of “Please G*d, NOW, and NOT LATER!

    I don’t know why the Kennedys are really split up over Obama issue. I kind of think Ted would feel sad if it were Bobby, Jr. for real, and not his own son. Envy & jealousy. All too human traits in each family. Bobby does not really need Uncle Ted’s tattered coat tails.

  6. Phentergirl

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  7. Somehow, I don’t think the comment above was by the real Hillary Clinton. She’d never say something like that. Who is faking being her?

  8. Hi Vbonnaire –

    The poster who goes by the handle of “Hillary Clinton” is a pretty regular commentator here and has posted on a number of articles.

    Our policy is not to censor comments we don’t agree with, as long as the person posting them steers clear of what would be considered “hate speech.”

    So far the Clinton impersonator, while irritating, hasn’t gone over that line. If he/she does, however, they will be banned from further participation in the disussions here.

    Anyway, thanks for your question, and hope you will become a frequent contributor here in the future!

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