Bobby Brings Daughter Kick Into the Spotlight

Bobby Kennedy Jr. with daughter Kick

RFK Jr. and daughter Kick. Her friend Zander sits between them.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his eldest daughter Kathleen (”Kick”) stopped by “Morning Joe” recently to talk about Kennedy’s new IMAX 3-D film, Grand Canyon Adventure.

The film, narrated by Robert Redford, with a soundtrack by the Dave Matthews Band, features Bobby and his daughter Kick going on a whitewater rafting adventure down the Colorado River. The film opens across the country on March 20 in IMAX theatres.

Kennedy hopes it will help to raise awareness of his decades-long fight to save the nation’s waterways and conserve this most precious natural rescource.

Kick Kennedy, a granddaughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy and Stanford University student, has kept a fairly low profile until now. This new film marks her cinematic debut, bringing her into the public eye for the first time. She seems totally confident and at ease appearing beside her father in media appearances to promote Grand Canyon Adventure.

As you’ll see in the interview, she is lovely young woman brimming with charm and good humor – we look forward to hearing much more from her in the future.

In case you missed the live broadcast last week, here’s the video of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” interview from March 12. The segment is about 10 minutes long. Click the link below to watch it on



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  1. craig

    Joseph P Kennedy Jr. Mysterious Plane Explosion

    By Alex J Hidell Jr.

    Joseph P Kennedy Jr. was being groomed by his most wealthy father Joe Kennedy Sr. to become the first Catholic U.S.A. President.

    Joseph Kennedy Jr.’s plane mysteriously exploded on August 12, 1944 while on a secret military mission that was kept coverup for over 60 years. It was later revealed that the mission was unnecessary. One interesting sidelight is that his plane was closely followed in a de Havilland Mosquito by Colonel Elliott Roosevelt, the son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the President that conspired to permit the bombing of Pearl Harbor to force an isolationist majority into the European War Theatre…

    Joseph P Kennedy Jr. the man that Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the powers to be were determined to stop by all means possible from becoming future President of the U.S.A.

    Let’s look at what we know now.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Joseph Kennedy Sr. were bitter enemies.

    What does that mean to be a bitter enemy of someone like Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

    Whom is Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a 32-33 degree Freemason.

    Overwhelming evidence from government documents clearly shows that FDR had advance knowledge of the Japanese Pearl Harbor attack, and allowed it to happen so that he could drag the US into World War II. (“Day of Deceit”. By Robert Stinnett).

    Skull and Bones Henry L Stinson was Secty. of War under FDR at time of Pearl Harbor attack.

    We can even trace Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s grandfather to the founder of Yale’s Skull and Bones.

    Warren Delano Roosevelt, the grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a business partner of William Russell, the founder of Skull and Bones.

    William Russell made his fortune smuggling opium to China through Turkey. William Russell founded Skull and Bones at Yale University in 1832 after returning from Germany.

    Knowing what we know today is it impossible to conclude that the evil powers surrounding FDR, who permitted the death of over 3,000 U.S.A. Pearl Harbor military, would not permit the blowing up of Joseph P Kennedy Jr., the son of arch rival Joseph Kennedy Sr., whose sworn purpose was to install his son Joe into the Whitehouse?

    Isn’t it more than interesting that Colonel Elliott Roosevelt, the son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in a plane following Joseph P Kennedy Jr.’s plane before explosion?

    Elliott Roosevelt was also a Freemason.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt participated in “Raising” of his son Elliott on Feb. 17, 1933, in Architect’s Lodge No. 519, New York, City. You can’t but wonder what all this means? Guess we will never know. You see it’s all secret. But what is not secret is that U.S. government is controlled and manipulated by an elitist cabal of men initiated into secret societies. The Kennedy masscres are clear evidence of their modus operandi.

    Many people believe the powers behind Franklin Delano Roosevelt were also behind the assassination of U.S. Senator Huey P Long – Share Our Wealth Rockefeller JP Morgan Banker-Basher and challenger to FDR’s presidential bid.

    Therefore, the U.S.A. evolved, thanks to New World Order FDR, from a country committed to not becoming involved in the European War Theatre into today’s military industrial global empire that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about.

    Knowing what we know today is it impossible to conclude that the powers surrounding such an evil man as Lyndon Johnson, another President sworn to the highest 32 degree of Freemasonry would not permit the assassination of John F Kennedy?

    And would not the same 32-33 degree secret partners like J Edgar Hoover, Gerald Ford and Earl Warren and Allen Dulles and Arlen Specter, and CIA Skull and Bones’ George Herbert Walker Bush et al have participated in the coverup?

    Knowing what we know today is it so hard to conclude that the evil powers surrounding Lyndon Johnson, who lied about the Gulf of Tonkin, and Israel’s False Flag attack upon the USS Liberty would not permit the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. and the shooting of George Wallace, and the plane crash of Ted Kennedy to ease Richard Nixon into the Whitehouse?

    If you study the political rise of Richard Nixon, you will discover the $ hand of Skull and Bones Senator Prescott Bush pushing Nixon in as Vice President under Eisenhower, and obviously into Nixon’s assassination tainted Presidency.

    Knowing what we know today is it impossible to conclude that the powers surrounding such an evil man as Skull and Bones George W Bush would not pull off the “false flag”-“New Pearl Harbor” 9-11 as an inside job?

    And remember not only is George W Bush a member of Skull and Bones, but also his father ex CIA Director George Herbert Walker Bush, and yes even his grandfather Senator Prescott Bush were all members of Yale’s Skull and Bones.

    And so it goes.

    “The Navy’s informal board of review rejected the possibility of the pilot erroneously arming the circuitry early and instead, suspected jamming or a stray signal could have armed and detonated the payload..[3^ Renehan, Jr, Edward J (2002). The Kennedys at War, 1937-1945. New York: DoubleDay, 304. ISBN 978-0385501651.


    Joe Kennedy saw his chance to become a hero. He was eager to go, and was a very experienced pilot. The system to be used was to load a B-24 with explosives, using two pilots, and the installation of an arming pin to prevent accidental ignition of the explosives. The target was Mimoyecques, France. A P-38 weather plane reported acceptable conditions, it was a go. Kennedy and his co-pilot Bud Willy took off at 5:55PM. The safety pin had been properly installed in the arming unit. Fourteen other aircraft gathered in formation with the “flying bomb”. The lead plane was a B-17. There were two P-38s to accomplish aerial photography over the target. Also included were two Mosquito bombers, one to monitor weather, the other flown by Freemason Elliot Roosevelt, the son of the Freemason President of the United States. Another B-17 acted as a signal relay over the channel, with six P-51s as escort. The flying bomb was followed by two Lockheed Venturas which are believed to have been the “mother” guidance planes. This armada after hooking up in formation flew from Fersfield to Framingham, England, then to Beccles testing their RC equipment. Final test would be made with the B-24 flying alone on Radio Control. They flew from Beccles to Clacton, then took the final turn to head for the target. Both pilots were scheduled to bail out near Dover after preparing the plane to continue to the launch target guided by the mother plane. The actual flight plan called for a flyover Beccles but went further east than intended and flew over Blytheburgh. Kennedy made final preparations to set the plane on remote control. He removed the safety pin, and signaled O.K. with the code phrase “Stay Flush”. These would be his last words as the plane exploded at 6:20PM over Blytheburgh.


    Joseph Kennedy Jr. was to be the first tragedy to strike the Kennedy Family. Very few parts of the B-24 were found, no bodies.The official crash report indicated the cause of the accident was unknown. Once the safety pin was removed ignition could have been triggered by any aircraft making radio contact with the aircraft. Joe was awarded the Navy Cross posthumously. The Navy Cross was also awarded to his brother in the PT-109 incident. After the accident there was an immediate coverup of the entire accident which was already clouded in secrecy. No information was released for almost 60 years, even now no real disclosure. One point that is pretty hard to swallow, the whole truth is that the mission was pointless. Through a huge intelligence failure it was later disclosed that the target launch site had been severely damaged by RAF raids a week before. They had dropped massive “Tall Boy” bombs on it. So- the disaster was probably unnecessary. It is largely believed this is the reason behind the coverup. 20 years after the war ended the case was opened up, which only raised more questions. Many articles were published which claimed mostly erroneous information. Finally Elliot Roosevelt, son of FDR, called all of the reports ridiculous and complete nonsense. He was there and saw first hand what happened. In fact his plane was the closest. Kennedy’s plane was detonated by a stray radio signal from one of the following aircraft. Well, Colonel Elliott Roosevelt’s de Havilland Mosquito was the closest. Therefore is not his aircraft the most likely to have issued the stray radio signal to detonate Joseph P Kennedy’s plane? He witnessed the useless death of a potentially great American. Why all the secrecy-coverup for over 60 years? After all, the U.S. had tried 19 RC bomb test and none of them were successful. Was this mission hushed up and so secret because it was not necessary?

    And/or was this mission hushed up because Joseph P Kennedy Jr. was gunned down just like his brothers John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, and the plane crashes of Edward Ted Kennedy, and the May 13, 1948 plane crash of his sister Kathleen “Kick”” Kennedy, and let’s not forget the plane crash of John Kennedy Jr.?

    And so it goes.

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