Your Thoughts: Who Should RFK Jr. Choose As His Running Mate?



Just for grins (this ain’t no scientific poll!), we’d like to know your thoughts:

If Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ran for President of the United States, who would you like to see as his running mate? Who should he pick for VP?

A few names have already been floated over the past year as potential running mates – we’ve heard some great suggestions so far, such as:

  • Al Gore (wouldn’t that be the environmental dream ticket of the century?)
  • Senator Edward Kennedy (a Kennedy/Kennedy ticket? Interesting!)
  • Rep. Dennis Kucinich (always thought Kennedy/Kucinich had a great ring to it)
  • Former Senator Mike Gravel (longtime Democrat and 2008 presidential candidate who has now converted to Libertarianism)
  • Ralph Nader (although at age 74, we worry a bit about the “one heartbeat away” thing)
  • Senator Hillary Clinton (yes, it has been suggested that if she loses the Democratic nomination, she might just go renegade! How bad does she want the White House, anyway? And as VP, would she actually be the one to answer the phone at 3 A.M.instead of the President?)
  • Former Minnesota Governor and pro wrestler Jesse Ventura (who speaks of a possible independent run for the presidency in 2008 with RFK Jr. as his running mate. No jest!)


These are just a few ideas that have been suggested – some are flat crazy, some make sense. But we think the readers of this blog probably have some better ideas. Many of you are Bobby’s biggest fans – you know better than anyone who would make a great running mate for him – so let us know your thoughts.

We want to hear from you: imagining not only a winning ticket on the campaign trail, but who would serve him best in a presidential administration. Who would you like to see as Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s Vice President?




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23 responses to “Your Thoughts: Who Should RFK Jr. Choose As His Running Mate?

  1. Selena R.

    I would really like to see him run with ron Reagan Jr.

    A Kennedy/Reagan ticket has a lot of heritage name recognition and would help bring Republicans and Democrats together for a change!

  2. Jim Fields

    Hmmmmm….interesting question!

    I like the idea of Kennedy/Kennedy, although Ted’s too old to run again, and he already tried once in 1980.

    how about Rep. Patrick Kennedy?
    Or Bobby’s sister Kathleen?

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  4. Freedom4Me

    According to the latest opinion poll, the divide within the Democratic party has reached a point where between 18-25% of Dems say that if their candidate (Clinton or Obama) doesn’t get he nomination, they will refuse to vote for the other one. In fact, they say theyll vote for John McCain!!!

    So that’s almost 25% of the democratic base a third-party candidate could walk away with. Imagine the Kennedy/Clinton scenario if Obama is the Democratic nominee! Or the same thing could happen if Clinton wins the nomination – Obama and his supporters could be a formidable challenge to her if he ran independent.

    Anyway, this race is getting nasty and it is a good time for independent and third-party candidates to take advantage of the Democratic divide. Lot of potential votes there to be gained if things keep going downhill for the Dems.

    Would be a perfect time for Kennedy, Nader, or some other independent to come along and steal the Dems thunder.

  5. Brad

    You’re a devious thinker, Freedom4Me, but I like it. lol.

    Actually, what I’d like to see is if the dems wind up having a brokered convention this year, there is already talk of putting Al gore’s name up at the convention to break the deadlock. And it just might work!

    If gore won’t go for it, maybe RFK jr. will? What if his name were put forward at a brokered convention this year?

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  7. Marie

    ooooh, a Kennedy/Kennedy ticket! That’s enticing!

  8. Lon

    I like the Kennedy/Kennedy ticket idea, too – actually I love it!!! Bobby and Ted, or Bobby and Kathleen together would be an awesome ticket!!! Can you imagine two of RFK’s kids running together? Wow!

    But i think that’s not possible – doesnt the Constitution prohibit two members of the same family from running as Prez and VP on the same ticket?

  9. Gregory Johnson

    The constitution does not say anything about being members of the same family in the qualifications for President and vice President.

    Although it has never happened in our history before, theoretically, yes, two Kennedys could run together. No law currently prevents them from doing that.

    By the same token, Hillary Clinton could choose Bill as her running mate this year if she wanted to. While the constitution would prohibit him from being *elected* president again, he could serve as VP…if something happened to hillary, he could serve out her term, but he would not be eligible to run for President again.

  10. Actually yes…two Kennedys could run together on the same ticket as president and VP.

    As for whether a Clinton/Clinton ticket could happen, the jury’s still out on that one. It’s tricky – and unprecedented to boot!

    The 22nd amendment would not prevent Hillary from picking a former president (even her relative by marriage), but that person could never ascend to the higher office if they have served two terms, that would go to the Speaker of the House (Currently Nancy Pelosi).

    But here’s where it gets trickier. While the 22nd Amendment may not prevent it, the 12th probably does.

    Under the terms of the 12th Amendment, the President and Vice President have to be from different states. At last check, the Senator and the former President were both residents of New York State.

    Luckily, this would not be a problem for a Kennedy/Kennedy ticket most likely. Bobby lives in NY and most of his relatives actually live in other states.

    However, there is currently an anti-nepotism law in place which might pose a problem. Congress wrote the law after the Kennedy Presidency, that does not allow Presidents to appoint their relatives to any positions which requires Senatorial approval.

    It actually became known as the “Bobby Kennedy law,” so that we wouldn’t have any more Presidents appointing their bulldog brother Attorney General!

    By this token, Hillary cannot appoint Bill to the Bench, and ambassadorship or anything like that. Which means that she cannot appoint him to the VP position if she is President and the current VP resigns, or dies.

    So all this basically means: If RFK Jr. wanted to have a family member as his VP, he could. The constitution does not prevent such a ticket (yet!). However, once elected to the Presidency, he could not pull a JFK and appoint one of his relatives to any important cabinet position.

    Thanks to Uncle Jack and Bobby’s father, that’s no longer an option. Rather ironic, eh?

  11. Jenn

    wow, thanks for clearing that up, New frontier. I never knew that a president and VP could actually be members of the same family!!!

    If RFK Jr. did run with one of his relatives as the VP candidate, I for one would *love it* – in the tradition of good old Irish family clannishness and the JFK/RFK White house years, a move like this would be so…cool.

    Hell, they even passed a law to keep 2 Kennedys from getting in power at the same time ever again – now wouldn’t it be just like the Kennedys to find a way around that? Haha!!!!

    And it’s just so KENNEDY!

    Great freakin’ idea!!!! I’m for it! Where do I sign?

  12. Bob

    OMG, that is a kick-ass idea there.


    Who could beat that ticket with a whip???

  13. Claudia

    If we’re talking a Kennedy/Kennedy ticket here, don’t forget Bobby’s younger brother Douglas (age 41), the self-described libertarian of the Kennedy family.

    What’s this – a Kennedy whos not a Democrat?!? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

    Douglas is a reporter for FoxNews and has done outstanding pieces about AIDS, the homeless, and one of RFK Jr.’s big causes, the pollution of the Hudson River.

    He was the first national reporter to link anti-depressant medications to adolescent suicide and violence, prompting government hearings that eventually resulted in the black box warnings from the Food and Drug Administration.

    Most recently he exposed an Internet fraud selling phony cancer drugs to the terminally ill, in which the owner of the Web site was later indicted.

    Previously he worked at the New York Post as a crime reporter and solved a double homicide in Queens by finding a dead body before the cops.

    Kennedy covered the 1992 presidential campaign for the Boston Herald, where he broke the news that James Carville was taking over the Clinton campaign.

    If Bobby were going to consider running with one of his own siblings, Douglas would get my vote!

    More info on Douglas Kennedy:

  14. Hey Claudia, Douglas Kennedy is an intriguing choice! Might be nice to see a couple of Kennedy brothers invade Washington again…

    And this wouldn’t be the first time Bobby Jr. and Douglas have conspired to cause a bit of trouble!

    Remember this?

    Those two together would be the most media-savvy ticket in the history of the presidency, too.

    Only problem is, they both live in New York. But that is something that can be worked around.

    Interesting to ponder…and perhaps even dare to imagine.:)

  15. chrisy58

    Interesting question!

    A Kennedy/Kennedy ticket.

    Don’t forget Bobby’s brother Joe. They both live in seperate states. Bobby is in New York and Joe is in Massachusetts. Joe has experience as an US Representive from the 8th district of Massachusetts. So he has political experience in the Congress.

    Joe started Citizens which helps the poor with heating oil and has branched out in other areas as well.

    Joe is passionate and is a good fighter. He is someone who I would like to have on my side if I was going into battle. He has a true heart of a Celtic warrior. He is strong, brave, and even though I haven’t seen him in 20 years I still believe in him. Sheila always did say that Joe and I were a lot alike. I know at one time he had thought of running for governmor of Massachusetts and I was sorry he dropped out of the race as I think he is a great guy who has and could do alot of good in the fight against good and evil. Even though we have had our disagreements in the past and have both gotten angry at each other, I have always respected his abilities. Joe has so many talents and gifts, and I believe that if Joe really wants something that he will fight to overcome whatever is thrown in his path to gain the victory.

    Bobby is smart and the two of them together would be I think a force to be reckon with. With Bobby’s brains and Joe’s heart of a Celtic Warrior I believe that this country could be turned around and the evil people in this country would be stopped.

    One thing for sure is that who ever gets elected to President is going to have a real fight on his/her hands to take this country back for the White House. Bobby would be able to trust Joe and Joe would be a good choice for his VP. Joe has a lot of courage as does Bobby.

    We all have a destiny and maybe Bobby and Joe will find out what their destiny is. I never met Bobby in person, but I always felt with Joe like many of us that he never has found his true destiny. I believe in him. I believe that in the end he will see the truth and join the fight against the evil in the world. Maybe now 20 years later he will finally understand things and join the fight.

    Anyway, my choice is Bobby and Joe.

  16. Hey Chrisy – Joe was my first thought, too.

    But I wonder – since he is the eldest brother and has actual experience in Congress, if he were interested in running for President, shouldn’t his name be at the top of the ticket?

    Of course, I wouldn’t beef at the idea of Bobby being VP, if that’s something he might want to do. It really wouldn’t matter so much who’s name is at the top of the ticket (after all, if it’s Kennedy/Kennedy, is that so important? You’re still getting 2 Kennedys for the price of one.) – I know that Joe and Bobby would work together and be an incredible, formidable team. No doubt about it!

  17. ernst

    I just stumbled across this site and am really impressed. This article really got me thinking about the possibility of a Kennedy/Kennedy ticket someday. Maybe not 2008, but 2012 or 2016 it could happen.What if it did? Can you imagine what a field day historians would have with that? And the media would go nuts with all the JFK/RFK comparisons, heralding the arrival of “a new generation of Kennedys,” etc…
    i think it would be amazing.

    Ted would be my first choice for running mate but by 2012 he’ll be too old to cut the mustard, probably. I’d go with Joe or Kathleen Kennedy townsend.

  18. Lindy Hansen

    she has never shown any interest in seeking public office before but I would just love to see Caroline Kennedy as our first female Vice President.

    talk about the media going nuts – what if Jack’s daughter and Bobby’s son teamed up to retake the White house?

    All I can say is, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. chrisy58

    NF, great minds tend to think alike (rolling on the floor laughing). Maybe I am not so stupid as people think I am ( laugh out loud).

    I believe that if Joe and Bobby were really ever to team up and decide to join the fight that we might really be able to take this country back for the people. We really might be able to toss the bums out ( laugh out loud).

    We all have a destiny and like many of us, I don’t feel Joe has found his true destiny yet. I have never met Bobby in person, so I don’t really have insight into his personality. Joe has courage, passion, strength and the true heart of a Celtic Warrior. I believe in him. He has so many gifts and talents, but like many of us I don’t think he has reached his full potential yet. He has always been someone I wanted to have join me in the fight that I have been fighting against evil in the world. I keep waiting for him to realize the truth and join me in the fight. I have always seen Joe as someone who could be a hero for the hurting and abused in the world, who would be willing to fight with us to stop the bad guys. Anyway, I will always believe in him and wish him well.

    NF, I wouldn’t care who was at the head of the ticket, I just would like to see Joe and Bobby team up and work together to fight this battle that will have to be fought. It is a battle between good and evil. It is a battle between right and wrong. It is a battle for the very soul of America. This battle will determine what the future will be for our country. Yes, I would love to see Joe and Bobby team up and really join the fight.

    NF we all have our gifts and talents. Some of us have one gift and some of us have another gift. Joe has heart and one needs heart to continue to fight when the odds seem against you. One might have the gift of being a good planner to plan the battle plans.

    Both gifts are needed and if the people join together and each share the gifts with each other as a team than we can know victory. There is only one quarterback on a team, but the team needs all the players playing their best as one to win the game.

    Back to Brad’s comment about he hopes we have a brokered convention. I don’t because that would be the worst thing for our party. Brad are you even a Democrat. With the comment you left on my blog, I really have to wonder. If you were a Democrat who wanted the best thing for our party than you would know that the bitterness and division that is increasing in the party is a bad thing. If one is a Democrat they want our party to do well come election time. We don’t only want to win the White House but pick up seats in Congress. That is why some people within our party are starting to speak up.

  20. Okay, Kennedy/Kennedy would work for me…

    Even if it was destined for a failure due to no Independent could ever win… Maybe though…

    I would bother to “No Vote” my interests and support for Kennedy/Kennedy or Kennedy/Ventura. Hands Down…

    Because I would know that “WE” you and I would be heard. “WE” would be represented and “WE” would force the Media to “Air Out” the crimes which has been committed against us and agianst the world for the past 8 years…

    We must have these “Criminal Deciders” pay for their crimes and their utter direspect and disregard for our Beautiful America. They were, are and have been treasonous and have used malice and forethought to cunningly and hostiley take advantage of and manipulate and bastardize OUR Constitution. They have illegally subverted OUR legal system and they have orchestrated and continue to orchestrate the greatest crimes of which I’m sure many have yet to become known to us.

    I’ll back a Kennedy… Our lives depend on it. It’ll be the best damn “no vote” “WE” could make.

    COME ON KENNEDY! GET ON IT!!! Don’t wait… start the “barracade movement” NOW!




    Jesse Ventura to be on CNN’s Larry King Live
    Tuesday, April 1st, 9pm ET
    To Discuss entering the Presidential race!

    APRIL 1st!


    J.J.V. /R.F.K. jr







    Sign the petition at Voters4Ventura to urge Jesse Ventura to get into this race now!

    View some of the thousands of signers to this petition which have flooded in from all corners of the country-

    [link to]

    Watch the King interview the next President April 1st!-

  22. Lucinda

    If we have a 2nd Kennedy administration, and any original members of the 1st Kennedy administration (“Camelot”) are still alive by the time RFK gets himself elected, I hope that he will bring these great minds back to the White House as special advisors to the president.

    Just because they’re old doesn’t mean a thing – guys like Ted Sorensen never lose their brilliance and we really need men like this around Bobby Jr. in the White house. They would give him invaluable guidance in those moments when he has a decision to make and asks, “what would Jack have done?”

    I’m not sugesting any of these men to be RFK’s running mate – they’re far too elderly for that – but I do think it would be wonderful if he honored the last surviving “Knights of the round table” with cabinet posts in his administration.

    Just a thought!

    Lucinda in Norman, Oklahoma
    (see you at University of Oklahoma on the 18th, Bobby!)

  23. Dave Martin

    I am a Vietnam veteran and wanted to vote for RFK in the 1968 election. Unfortunately, my generation never got that chance, and we still feel kind of cheated. I also feel that the world would be a much better place today had RFK been elected president in 1968….so i guess we all got cheated. future generations got cheated.

    if Bobby son would run for president, i would like to give him my vote before i die (my health hasn’t been good in recent years). in some way it would make me feel like i finally got to give that vote to his father — the vote which was denied me 40 years ago!

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