Ventura/Kennedy `08: Vote For Us, Or We’ll Kick Your Ass

Jesse Ventura 


As we reported back in early January, Jesse Ventura is wrestling with running for President of the United States. And he wants Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as his running mate in `08.

The former pro wrestler and enigmatic Minnesota Governor could be just teasing us, of course. Or maybe not.

In the opening of his forthcoming book, “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me!,”  (due out April 1), Ventura writes: “As I begin to write this book, I’m facing probably the most monumental decision of my 56 years on this planet. Will I run for president of the United States, as an independent, in 2008? Or will I stay as far away from the fray as possible, in a place with no electricity, on a remote beach in Mexico?”

Throughout the book, Ventura seems to go back and forth on the question, pro and con:

Pro: “My outrage knows few bounds. … I can’t live with this apathy. I can’t tell myself it’s not happening.”

Con: “Psychologically, I need to break away from the United States. I also felt it was time in my life to go on an adventure. … And I found that, even in the 21st century, you can still be something of a Kit Carson,” the renowned 19th-century frontiersman.

Pro: He details a conversation he had in Mexico with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about running together on an independent, third-party ticket.

Con: His wife, Terry, says she refuses to be first lady of anything again.


It could all be some kind of publicity stunt to promote his new book, of course, but Ventura is set to appear on CNN’s “Larry King Live” Tuesday, April 1st. Presumably Ventura will take that opportunity to announce his independent bid for the presidency.

That is – if he’s really running. Thousands have signed the VotersforVentura draft petition, many of them calling for RFK Jr. to be by his side as the Vice Presidential candidate.

Well, I guess that pretty much decides it. It’s not like Bobby would have much of a choice in the matter, really. After all, if Jesse Ventura decides he’s running for president, comes to you and says you’re going to be his running mate, what are you gonna say? No?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Like readers of this blog need to be told why RFK Jr. should be in the White House, even as Vice President. We know what he stands for and the leadership qualities he posesses. We think he’s already the best man for the top job. 

Obviously Jesse Ventura agrees, or he wouldn’t select Bobby Kennedy Jr. to be the man who is one heartbeat away from the presidency. But is there a bigger reason why Ventura chose Kennedy to be his running mate?

The answer may lie in some of the former Minnesota Governor’s comments about the JFK Assassination. In his now-legendary Playboy interview, Ventura said:

‘Name me one person who can verify that the Warren Commission is factual. You’re talking to an ex-Navy Seal here. Oswald had seven seconds to get three rounds off. He’s got a bolt action weapon, and he’s going to miss the first shot and hit the next two?

If Oswald was indeed who they say he was—a disgruntled little Marine who got angry and became pro-Marxist and decided to shoot the president—please explain why everything would be locked in the archives until 2029 and put under national security? How could he affect national security?”

Ventura even went on to outline who he thought was behind the murder and what the motive was. He believed the actual assassins were hired guns, maybe Cubans, maybe Europeans. Who hired them? Agents of the military-industrial complex. Motive? To prevent Kennedy’s impending withdrawal from Vietnam.

Ventura then went on to explain the reason the media hasn’t told the truth about the case:

That’s because every bit of real evidence is ridiculed. The method is to dismiss it by saying: “Oh that’s just those conspiracy nuts.”

With these outspoken, bare-knuckled remarks on a political murder that will not disappear, as well as his comments made since, Ventura has become the highest-level politician to launch a virulent and sustained attack on the official story.



Ventura’s candid approach and his bravery in taking of the Kennedy case are admirable. His honesty about the events of November of 1963 proves him a serious man and a forthright one. In fact, Ventura may be able to put the questions of that mystery on the political map if he keeps pressing it. Re-opening the JFK case may become a campaign issue (better yet, make that a promise, will you, Jesse?) if he becomes a candidate for the presidency.

With RFK Jr. at his side, Ventura could make things happen in Washington. We might then finally see a real investigation into the murder of our beloved 35th president, and maybe even some justice served before all of the elderly conspirators leave this world.


Ventura is quite the Kennedy assassination scholar, as it turns out; he spoke in Dealey Plaza on the 40th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination in 2003. Also, the co-author of Ventura’s forthcoming book is Dick Russell, whose list of credits include “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” a much-revered book about the JFK assassination. 

Incidentally, Dick Russell also penned a wonderful article about RFK Jr. a few years back, and the two are said to be very good friends. Outside of his JFK research, the primary focus of Dick Russell’s magazine writing and personal activism has been the environment – particularly the crisis impacting the world’s fisheries and oceans, one of the causes closest to Kennedy’s heart.

In his new book with Russell, Jesse Ventura takes a courageous stand in his remarks about 9/11. He questions the official government version of events which lead us into this ill-advised war on terror. Citing previous history – the Battleship Maine, Operation Northwoods, the Gulf of Tonkin incident – he says that the United States is not above staging an attack as a pretext for war. After all, we’ve done it before.

Ventura said that it was via his 25-year research of the Kennedy assassination that he came to learn about the Gulf of Tonkin and Operation Northwoods.

“It was very disappointing to believe in your country that they would lie to you to get into a war – that they would perpetrate a lie and that the media would go along with it – it’s a real eye opener and you realize that if they would do it in the sixties they’ll do it again – and if it works once it will work again – government very much operates that way,” said Ventura.

Ventura said that shortly after he found out the truth behind the Gulf of Tonkin, Robert McNamara (Secretary of Defense to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson) paid a visit to Harvard where Ventura was teaching and he had to be “locked up in a room” so that he wouldn’t confront McNamara.


When one tries to imagine Jesse Ventura and Robert Kennedy invading Washington together, images of rats scurrying comes to mind. With these two powerful, equally driven reformers joining their considerable forces, Washington might finally become a corruption-free zone again. And we’d probably see a lot of real estate formerly occupied by corporate lobbyists along K Street up for sale.

Anybody in their right mind would have to think twice about crossing the path of a former professional wrestler, especially if he’s the president. Not to mention a vice president who trains birds of prey and keeps live alligators in his home.

One also tries to imagine these two on the campaign trail, moving like a freight train of truth across the country. And just think of the TV ads showing us Jesse and Bobby in all their pumped-up pectoral glory – what kind of message would that send to any potential enemy of the United States? “Don’t even think about it fool, or we’ll kick your ass!”

rfkjrsailing2.jpgJesse Ventura wrestling

Message for Osama “Slim” bin Laden: You wanna mess with these guys?????


Your thoughts: April Fool’s joke, or is Ventura serious? Would he be the President to re-open the JFK Assassination case and finally declassify all of the documents? What do you think of RFK Jr. on the ticket? Are they compatible on the issues? How much damage would they do to the Democrats, the Green Party, the Ron Paul Republicans and Nader independents?

In this era of political restlessness and revolution, we’re on an unprecedented roller-coaster ride where it feels like literally anything could happen or absolutely nothing could happen.  This election year, there’s no way to predict how the voters will react to such a powerful independent challenge as this. Truth be told, I think a lot of people would love to see it happen. In a presidential election where all conventional wisdom is out the window, could a Ventura/Kennedy ticket actually win?











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16 responses to “Ventura/Kennedy `08: Vote For Us, Or We’ll Kick Your Ass

  1. Minnesota Liberal

    Venura/Kennedy is a ticket I could definitely support, and I hope they are serious.

    I’ll be watching CNN a lot this week!:)

  2. Thom



  3. Trickle down economics… RAN DOWN MY LEG! how’s it workin’ for you?!

    For me to rail about and waste my breath trying to stop a flyin’ 15 car passenger train with a (made in China) Fischer Price pair of pliers as I stand next to the track, Shouting “INSIDE JOB!” to the gravy train for impeachment movement, that nobody wants to talk about is foolish now. That’s what Karl Rove wants from me… He wants me to waste my time trying to catch him on this moving violation train. He knows all I have are those dinky pliers… He doesn’t even laugh as he passes me, just affords me a smirk as his NAZI ass flies by and he continues to orchestrate “ZE HOMELAND”!… ZEIG HEIL KARL! (FREAK) as he sits next to Condi and Zelicow and Dick and King George the dumbhearted.

    I meant every word I said, I want my vote to count for something… If it’s going to be a no vote, then I want to feel that my no vote will be for what I believe Jesse Ventura is willing to pony up for and run for with RFK, JR. That No vote will at least mean that they’ll air out these criminals on their stumping and when it comes time to become accountable for these treasonous criminals to face their crimes (BUSH/CHENEY), we’ll have these things as being acceptable from the cycle of news that was generated from Ventura / Kennedy during this race. They’ll have enough star power to get media coverage to do this (maybe even win if we collectively are sick enough as a country and I hope we are). But at least to have an entire party platform dedicated to reality of corruption and treason and love for our proud Constitution, of which real patriots spoke up and laid down their lives for (Like JFK and RFK) so you and I could have luxury problems to talk about like Rap and the re-runs of sex and the city.

    Ralph Nader is a beautiful man… He is dear in my heart, he is the epitome of real American. He will distract this election, bless his heart, because he doesn’t have the intimidation factor working for him, the credibility working for him (Thanks DNC puppet masters) or the real issues of “Enemies from within” to stump on.

    Kennedy/ Ventura would however, for all of the above reasons and they might even win, if they aired out the facts (which we are completely devoid of to date). C’mon… A National Health Care program and illegal aliens or religious affiliation for 80% of the stump and debates?!!! after 9/11 and Iraq?!

    YOU CAN”T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! are we so stoned on prozac that we can’t keep a single thougt in our head at a time?

    I’ll “NO VOTE” for Kennedy / Ventura…

    Yes I can…!

  4. Kennedy stumps on corporate corruption (expertly) and is an excellent advocate for hanging them high (Environmentally). He’ll now have a higher calling… To follow his father’s voice and his Uncle Jack’s voice…

    To be “On record” to the world, in calling these bums out on their intolerable treason. I can’t hope for a better advocate than him in achieving this. He will make a great presence for us and have real issues which we need to be addressing in this campaign, like alternative fuel, environmentally sound practices to lead the world in our efforts and of course accountablility for corruption. (Pick Cuomo for AG Mr. Kennedy)…

    Jesse Ventura… Is so disgusted with this country (AS AM I) not in our love for it but because he saw (as Governor) that the wolves were guarding the henhouse.

    In order for Mr. Ventura to want to throw his hat back into politics, I think he is as serious as a heart attack about this run.

    He must feel about as determined or as hopeless feeling as I feel actually. That there is no one else available to stay on message and keep these monumental issues on the table (DAMMIT).

    We have 8 Months… 8 Months to turn out and vomit in the streets after the realization that we’ve been had for the past 8 years… My ass is sore…

    We need to change our direction so bad, so 180 degrees, so fast that we better have something better to offer the world as an explanation for our past 8 years behaviors… There’s no better explaination than… We were blacked-out drunk, we’re sorry and we’re doin’ something about it now… Men like Kennedy and Ventura can pull this off.

    I like Obama… I Like Mrs. Clinton… I like Mr. Nader… They can’t pull off this kind of 180 degree turn and they don’t have the B*LLS to admit that we were blacked-out drunk for the past 8 years… Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich did, they had proved that there were a real solid 15% of voters that steadily voted their way in the primaries with grassroots movements. Without star power……

    Now that we are handed the reality that McCain (I mean Bush ll) is 50% to the Democratic nominee, that malaise reality is not going to cut it… 80% of the country is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    We’ll go for a radical ticket if it means authenticity and accountability and starpower…

    How can Kennedy / Ventura not be seen as accountable and credible? They’ll get to the bottom of all the crimes which were committed over the past 8 years and offer real change and real B*lls to terrorists who want to truck with us. If they actually want to screw with us knowing that we have Real patriots in the White house and real honest government in our foreign policy… Russian people need our leadership too. Ever since Regan told them to tear down that wall… Did we offer them anything afterward to show them or anyone in the world after that to hold our democratic system anything like advantageous or esteemable or attractive even?! No, we messed with Bosnia a bunch and Bushed our way around like corrupt cowboys and women chasers… Now we kicked a bees nest and invaded a country that we lied about in order to go to war over oil for.

    For G-Ds sake not even Kuwait was honest. If you are missing the details, Kennedy and Ventura aren’t… It says a lot that Jesse ventura would actually want to run for President. RFK,Jr too If he’d accept…

    I don’t think Kennedy would allow for rumors involving his name to be used if he and Mr. Ventura hadn’t talked previously…

    I’ll feel really good about Kennedy / Ventura and I am really excited about hearing more about this. The media will have a field day… That’s great but they’ll soon realize that this is no joke… We need change so bad and we need these monumental issues addressed so bad, that only these two can be taken seriously enough to launch them as being real…

    Wake up folks, the party is over, the hangover is here and we need to clean up the house… Mom’s coming home!

  5. Ron Beaty

    Jesse Ventura for President and Bobby Kennedy, Jr. for VP in 2008!

    You guys will have my vote!

    … and a lot of others, I am sure…

  6. john brar

    I would vote for jesse for president

  7. Jasmine

    Ventura said on CNN last night that running for president as an independent would be “too difficult” because he couldn’t get ballot access in all 50 states if he started a campaign now, that its too late.

    He’s kidding, right? I know yesterday was April Fools, so i’m hoping he turns around today and says: “April Fools! Ha! i’m running for president after all!”:)

    He’s got to be kidding – Ralph nader is 20 years older than Ventura. he’s running as an independent, and is going to get ballot access in all 50 states this year. And Ralph Nader only started his campaign a month ago.

    So if a 74 year-old man can do it, why can’t Jesse Ventura?

  8. Ric

    i saw jesse ventura on larry king tonight and really liked much of what he had to say (except taking a potshot at Lou Dobbs, which was uncalled for and in bad taste).

    it sounds like he’s decided not to run, even though the early poll number taken by CNN said that 85% surveyed thought Jesse should run for president.

    crazy. this is america????

  9. And another thing…

    I was grazing over the headlines yesterday on Yahoo.. Seeing that some lawmakers are beginning to wonder if record oil profits for corporate pirates making huge windfall profits on our dependency on oil products (in which we pay dearly with ‘blood money) from our sons’ and daughters’ lives and or retirements now, are legal or justifiable. I can’t help but think of a little project I was involved in around 10 years ago here in NY.

    The Newtown Creek, “English Kills” a tributary creek that feeds the East River and seperates Queens from Brooklyn. In 1950, Exxon’s predecessor, Standard Oil Co. spilled 30 Million gallons of oil into the creek (That’s twice the gallonage than the Exxon valdez) and there has only recently been a law suit filed for corrective action on behalf of Exxon to freeking clean it up… Thanx Andrew Cuomo, for steppin’ up.

    I was involved in a trial in-situ remediation (Hail Mary pass) attempt to provide what was concidered at that time (10 years ago) to be a long shot technology to bio-remediate this brackish, moving water body with our clean-Flo mutiple inversion, continuous laminar flow system… We contracted with the City of NY DEC and an engineering firm to do a small area (2500 feet of the creek). The project was providing the results the engineers were looking for and after two months we couldn’t get a return phone call from them or NYC again…? WHY… Why was this, when we could have had (10 years later) a restored Newtown Creek and at a very reasonable cost? Peanuts in fact compared to what they could face now with lessor effective technologies I’m sure, which I no doubt believe will ultimately be the case when they will be forced to pony up and shell out cash to have an ‘environmental’ company come out and remediate the real damage they’ve done.

    My point is… Where’s the outrage?

    Where is the outrage, not so much about what we expected of the city of New York or the Fed. to follow through on what we did, but where is the outrage from Exxon’s sheer “F.U.” negligence in this? Here’s a fact check if you want…

    We need leadership… Real leadership that doesn’t start wars and say we’ll be paid back by oil dollars (War Profits?) and wind up paying through the nose in blood dollars borrowed from CHINA! (which is in corporate dollars worth about nothing on the street)…

    Where’s the accountablilty in this administration for that?!!! That was quotable… That this war would be paid for!!! by the Iraqi’s oil remember?!!!
    Record oil profits for those fat corporate criminals?! and we pay through the nose with 4 tours on our troops backs, and unpaid debts for the oil companies’ to throw on our backs… How can an oil company CEO or shareholders for that matter, make such huge profits and not be accountable for at least the mess and stink they made at least in Newtown creek, a spill twice the size as the Exxon Valdez and “Past due” in paying that bill for over 50 years now?!!!

    Kennedy would be great at accountability for our obvious corporate takeover, fascist coup as of late. He rails at exposing these crooks and makes it his business to take them to court.

    Hey Republicans!!!! “NO MORE YEARS!” Your trickle down Reaganomics didn’t work, doesn’t work and you never intended it to work! Just line your own pockets with your own self serving businesses and ol’ boys’ club SH*T! We as a people are wise to your act and it’s time to pay up now… The American dream you’ve been stealing from us is over… It’s time we wake up from being pee pee nigh nigh and call these bums out onto the street for real.

    Hey RFK! Get in it!

  10. Mark

    At the end of the show, Larry King brought on the “panel of experts” to basically ridicule ventura and paint him as some kind of eccentric nutcase.

    I couldn’t help but notice how many times they used the words “reality” and “realistic,” as if to imply that Jesse is some rank amateur who has crazy notions about politics. It’s the same thing the media does to Ralph Nader or ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich or any candidate who challenges the status quo. So i can’t really blame Jesse for not running – this is what he’s up against.

    As long as we have this mindset in America that third-party candidates are not to be taken seriously, they won’t be. We need to wake up and smell the coffee – it just might be the last pot brewing!

  11. Stephen Jones

    One of the above posters made a really good point about ballot access. It is the biggest problem third party candidates face, even more than fundraising. If you can’t get on the ballot, it doesnt matter how much money you have.

    Jesse V. said on Larry king the other night,” give me ballot access and I’ll beat `em all.”

    I’m sure that much is true. Jesse and rfk jr. could really give `em a good whuppin’ in november.


    Jesse doesnt seem to understand that nobody is going to “give him” ballot access. No one is going to wave a magic wand and make it happen for him.

    If you want ballot access, you’ve got to get out there, organize your troops and fight for ballot access.

    Yes, it’s a f*%ked system, yes its rigged against 3rd party/independent candidates, but it can be done in most instances. If you jump thru all their hoops, cross your t’s, dot your i’s, and gather twice as many signatures than they ask for (cause they’ll wind up throwing half of the signatures out for arbitrary reasons) on your petition.

    If Jesse and Kennedy can mobilize their troops, it could be done, but they’d have to move really fast. The deadlines for petition signatures in some states starts in May or june.

  12. VoteNader `08

    Fighting for ballot access? That’s Ralph Nader’s department, as someone else pointed out above. Nader has been doing this since 1996 when he ran with the Green Party, so he knows how its done, probably better than any man in america. He’s the expert.

    So if Jesse is serious about running, he needs to call up Ralph Nader for some advice.

    Or if he’s not going to run, he should get out there and work his ass off to help Ralph Nader’s campaign!!!!

    What I basically got out of two of the recent Ventura interviews i’ve heard (on larry king and alex jones) is that he’s content to sit on the sidelines this year, hang out in mexico with his family and stay out of the race. but then he turns right around and says how much he loves his country and really wants to fight for it.

    well which is it, Jesse? make up your mind, dude!
    Which side are you on?

  13. Ventura4Prez

    i think Jesse might still run. Heard him on Fox News last night saying he still wants to, and that RFK Jr. has agreed to be his VP running mate.

    don’t count Jesse out yet, ya’ll!

  14. James

    Ralph Nader is on the ballot in 45 states this year.

    If he does not appear on your state’s ballot, you should be able to write him in and have your vote counted.

    If you’re voting style this year, vote Obama. If you’re voting substance and issues, the choice is plain: Nader.

  15. Dear Jesse,

    This is a blog that you and your team will want to see. “Johnson, Bush and Nixon kill John F. Kennedy.”


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