Experts: RFK Not Killed By Lone Assassin

RFK at the Ambassador hotel los Angeles

(Kennedy speaks to a packed ballroom after winning the California primary. Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, June 4, 1968.)   


Here’s a recent story you might have missed: a bombshell new report that Sirhan Sirhan was not the lone shooter in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

Kennedy was gunned down on June 5, 1968, at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. A gunman identified as Sirhan Sirhan was wrestled to the ground and later convicted as the man solely responsible for Kennedy’s murder.

Forensic scientists met at a conference in Connecticut last week to discuss their independent findings that cast serious doubt on the Kennedy assassination. Sirhan Sirhan is serving a life sentence in Kennedy’s death, but the conference presenters argue he could not have fired the fatal shot that killed Kennedy.

One investigator, Dr. Robert Joling, has studied the Kennedy assassination for nearly four decades. He determined the fatal shot came from behind Kennedy, while Sirhan was four to six feet in front of the senator and never got close enough to shoot him from behind, an NBC affiliate reports.


Analysis by another forensics engineer, Philip Van Praag, of a Canadian journalists tape recording, known as the Pruszynski recording, determined that 13 shots were fired while Kennedy was killed, although Sirhan’s gun only held eight bullets, according to the NBC reporter. This suggests that a second shooter was involved in the assassination.

Van Praag’s analysis led him to conclude that a second gun that was fired matched a type owned by one of the security guards in Kennedy’s entourage.

“When that security guard was asked about owning that gun at first he admitted, ‘Yes I owned that kind of gun but I got rid of it two months before the assassination.'” correspondent Amy Parmenter said on MSNBC Wednesday. “It turns out upon further investigation, in fact, he did not get rid of that gun until five months after the shooting. Of course, you can see where we’re going with this. … That security guard, was in fact behind Senator Kennedy when the fatal shot was fired.”

Because we choose not to publish graphic images of the Kennedy assassinations on this website, you may watch the video of the MSNBC News Live broadcast of March 26, 2008 here.

The CIA Killed RFK 


Who did pull triggers that night? A 2006 BBC Newsnight investigation gets closer to the answer – and the killers’ names (all three were known CIA operatives, now deceased) – than any mainstream media outlet ever has. You can watch the BBC report online here.

Almost 40 years after his murder, only now are the true facts about the RFK assassination finally coming to light.

But you really knew it all along, didn’t you?






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8 responses to “Experts: RFK Not Killed By Lone Assassin

  1. Nate

    I guess they had to wait for all of the 3 CIA shooters to die before the truth was finally allowed to come out.

    Has anybody ever noticed how strange it is that while we have film footage of RFK in the kitchen of the ambassador hotel just *before* and just *after* the shooting, no footage of the actual shooting ever surfaced?

    There were at least 20 cameras rolling in the kitchen that night…why is it that no one had their camera rolling during thsoe few critical seconds when shots rang out?

    Or if anybody was rolling, the film footage was either confiscated that night (maybe by LAPD, FBI or those strange men in black suits) or has otherwise been “disappeared.”

    Thus, we have no Zapruder-type film to help solve this mystery. But if we did have such a film, I’m pretty sure what we would see is this:

    Sirhan shoots first – a distractionary shot – creating a commotion while the security guard standing next to Kennedy on the right (less than 6 inches away) simply reached out his arm and shot RFK at close range.

    That’s not to mention the other shooters in the room also firing (like this report says now, 13 shots were fired), but the man next to RFK on his right had the perfect opportunity and proximity to deliver the kill shot.

    Forensics backs this up. La County coroner Naguchi said that RFK was struck above his right ear, shot from a distance of LESS THAN ONE INCH.

    thats right- less than one inch.

    Sirhan was 2-3 feet away. Doesn’t compute.

  2. Sir Gregory

    I agree with the above poster’s conclusion 100%. Although when I try to inform people about this, they always ask: “but if there were other shooters in that kitchen, why didn’t any witnesses see the real killer do the deed? The room was full of people! somebody must have seen something! ”

    True, but bear in mind the pandemonium that erupted when Sirhan squeezed off the first shot and started screaming. Everybody in the room would have been looking at Sirhan and trying to stop him. All eyes would have been on sirhan at that point and not on Kennedy.

    People heard several shots and were ducking for cover. Several other people in the kitchen were shot that night. In just a few seconds of gunfire, it all would have gone by so fast that most people were probably too distracted by Sirhan or dazed by the gunfire to see what was going on around them.

    If the shooters were a professional team (and i’m sure they were), and staked out their positions carefully to avoid detection (i’m sure they did that too), they could have easily pulled it off. Especially because the guy standing closest to Kennedy was a security guard who people would expect to be armed – after all, he was there to protect RFK, right?

    Nobody would have suspected him.

    It’s just so “in your face,” it is truly amazing how bold these killers were. Although they were equally bold in the murders of JFK and MLK. Apparently these dregs felt pretty confident they could just shoot these leaders in cold blood, in front of many witnesses and cameras, in public places, and totally get away with it.

    And after 40+ years, I guess you could say they did.

  3. I’m in on this… if not just to say WHAT THE F…!

    When the hell … are ‘We’ going to take a stand on this break away nation of “secret” “hidden” and grotesquely obvious self-serving agenda’s which are manufactured (Poorly) by “rulers elite”… serve us lies to serve as the “truth” in the face of sheer criminal acts against our once honorable and respected nation of free and basely just and honest people…

    I’ve been around just long enough… to see the actual demise of this country… It started with Bush Sr. in the CIA ironically (according to Hoover) we lost JFK, MLK and then RFK… then…The killing stopped. Why? Think about it.

    Like your lives depended on it actually.

    What happened? Did another ‘tide’ of ruling class “elite” roll out? YOU BET THEY DID… Follow the money, follow the motives… Follow the trail of orchestrated ‘occurrances’. We haven’t had a ‘war’ since… Until Bush I got his… But we sure got alot in place to make kings out of those who would continue the basterdization of our government before Kuwait… First trickle down (my leg) economics with Ronnie Ray-Gun… then the line started with defense contractors, government contractors, corporate leaders writing laws to omit US as being relevant to our own democratic government, cutting their obligations to employ US here on our soil as was the original deal they had with us, so we trusted them with everything WE had (Let them break our Unions) and bought the farm … (Thanks Clinton) for NAFTA and the $50,000,000.00 dry cleaning bill for the dress you ruined. We were sold out for slave wages and our country has been wholesale liquidated to CHINA?!!! INDIA?!!! MEXICO?!!! and now Iraq?!!!

    Now what… Oh of course 9/11 and then Iraq…
    The burning of the Constitution and the nation building / U.S. Bilking excercise…

    I watch Pres. Bush interrupt Gen. Pertrayous’s live conferrence in front of the Senate (every cable station is interrupted of course) to have this bafoon spit some rovian eulogy for a truly tragic heart breaking Navy Seal who dove on a grenade… (Rest his soul )

    getting a medal of honor posthumously from grape ape himself… This hero shouldn’t even have had to been in this Quagmire (Cheney!)… I don’t know who “They” think they are actually… These bafoons… that take our kids lives in the name of lining their pockets with no bid contracts and in the name of “He tried to kill my daddy”… and mission accomplished. (Spare me) with your INSIDE JOB!!!

    Dammit already!!!! Is there NO SHAME LEFT IN THE HOUSE AT ALL…

    What the hell is going on? Will someone in government PLEASE earn their healthcare and entitlements and grow a sack or wake up!

    We are being attacked from enemies WITHIN already… !

    Real Patriots spit this shit! Hey RFK! You are a patriot…

    When are you gonna really take the gloves off. There really isn’t anyone else with the tone and the talent, not to mention, “They” didn’t try… “They” did kill your Daddy. (no disrespect sir) I feel the loss too, because to America… he tried to be a Father to us all.

    let’s roll (someone)

  4. michael seratt

    a new book is coming by joling and van praag called’an open and shut case’. you can find it at i believe it is independently published. mike seratt

  5. Jennifer

    I agree with the guy above who said, “what the F*%K??”

    God I feel so stupid. and to think all these yers I believed that sirhan was the lone gunman.

    But like the post author said, something in my heart of hearts knew all along it wasn’t true. this only confirms my gut instinct about what happened to RFK.

    thank you for this story, and i will definitely get the new book “An open and Shut case.” thanks for letting me know – i hadn’t heard about any of this!

  6. chrisy58

    Jack as always your posts make me think.

    For years I knew that things were not as the public was told.

    The part of your post that really got me to think was the part you said where after Robert there wasn’t any more killings. First we have President Kennedy than five years later we have Martin Luther King and than Bobby Kennedy and after that it has been very quiet. Why?

    I have been thinking about that since yesterday.

    Maybe the reason was that they knew with those people out of the way, they could finsih the take over of this country and no one was left who would be able to tell the American people the truth and lead the people to take this country back and stop them.

    The message was made clear play ball or we will dipose of you.

    They do play hardball.

    It is now 40 years later and those of us who were kids in 1968 who remember the Kennedy Brothers and Martin LUther King are reaching middle age now. We are the next generation. Will we follow in the footsteps of our heros and fight to take this country back for the people or will we play ball? IF we choose to fight than we take a risk that we might be killed too. It is always easier to go along and take the easy path, but I believe that the right thing to do is to risk our lives and fight for what is morally right, for a country that we love and hold dear to our hearts, and for the people.

    I don’t always explain what is in my heart very well with words.

    Jack yes, your post was really good and got me thinking, and that is always a good thing, but some people would say that is a dangerous thing to get me thinking, (laugh out Loud)

    I remember about 20 years ago I had a chance to read a letter that President Kennedy had written 3 days before he died. It has been 20 years and I can’t remember the exact words, but I remember the thoughts and how it made me feel. I felt angry, sad, and a great sense of loss. The part of the letter that really touched my heart was that he was a man who loved his country very much. He was very worried about forces that were trying to take over this country. He didn’t say who they were, but he felt that we had a fight ahead of us if we were going to save this country from their control. President Kennedy was a true Patriot who had courage.

    For many years after reading that letter I was searching for who was they. Who was the they in that letter. Who was the thry who was trying to take over our government and who I believed succeeded with the deaths of President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

    That search led me down roads that I never should have traveled, but they promised that I would be shown the answer to who the they were who were behind this coup that I believed tood place. I came to the conlusion that the they that they named was not the men behind the coup.

    I may never know who the they were President Kennedy talked about in that letter. We may never know the truth behind who killed President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King.

    An old friend said 20 years ago to never assume anything as you are usually wrong. Wow, I have been reminded of that though lately. I though this fellow is a smart guy. And maybe that would be something for all of us to remember. That we can speculate and discuss this, but we may never know the whole truth.

    They have had all these years to gain an even tighter control of this government and our country. Well we as a generation or even the next generation that is coming to age follow the example of all three of those wonderful men and fight for what we know is right, for our freedom, and be willing to die as they did? I fear that iw ill be blood shed because blood has already been shed.

  7. Chrissy, “they” count on the fact that we feel scared if we should stray from the heard… That’s the big idea behind “terrorism”.

    The terrorists of today are empowered and enabled and are actually played like puppets to lay the groundwork to create a smoke screen to pull off the real agenda, which is a smash & grab of our country and all of our rights, freedoms, accomplishments, asspirations and dreams as free people…

    This government has incidence after incidence of corruption and criminal activity claims (just in the last 8 years) that range from election fraud to violations against sworn duties to uphold the Constitution, to war crimes and high crimes and other misdemeanors…

    There should be checks and balances which would accomodate for corrections being made to make smooth transitions in our high offices in representative government to bring these incidences to light in judicial (public) hearings. If just 10% of the known incidences were to become investigated, we’d have a President and a Vice Pres. in Jail today.

    The party line is anything but…

    How can any of these candidates running for office today not field the hot potatoe of investigating 9/11? (That’s a stupid question Jack!)
    Because if they mention one peep about the “C” word (conspiracy)… We all lose our shit on the O’Rwelly (I mean) the O’Rielly factor… Keith Olberman and Lou Dobbs seem to be the only real reporters left on the planet these days. They get some of the highest reviews actually in cable!!! Why? doesn’t it make sense then, that telling the truth in reporting instead of spewing what we know in our heart of hearts as bullshit is where it’s at. All that’s missing is accountablility in office, to follow through with hearings dammit!

    Re-open 9/11 hearings, we’ll be amazed to find out how relevant those incidences were to actually everthing that is F*cked today… We have to actually, these bums got so cockey (getting away with what they got away with already) they’ll justify Iran next… I can’t wait to see how we’ll handle a draft…

    Re-open 9-11 hearings, someone has to go to jail, if just 10 % of the claims made Re: “Inside Job” are true… We have problems people…

    We’re beyond “Quagmire” (Cheney)… Should of thought about that before you all got so greedy and went through with your plan… No Exit plan?!!!

    You Got No Exit Plan? When asked about your thoughts on Americans not seeing things your way on running “War Games” on 9/11 you said “SO WHAT”! (Cheney)… That’s your exit plan?!!! If real investigations on 9/11 took place, (Mr. Cheney) you’d be in a jumpsuit with your boyGeorge… (By George)… Why did you and George push for sequestering these hearings and throw monkey wrenches into investigations? Why did both yourself and George pester Tom Dashel to not follow through with investigations? Hey, the Anthrax thing worked pretty good right? Just in time to evacuate the entire Senate and when it was empty you made everyone agree (ordered) the “Patriot” Act to become signed into law…?

    Real Patriots wouldn’t stand for this behavior… Real Patriots leave the pack and turn back to fight! Real Patriots have GOD ALMIGHY and the truth at their backs… Real patriots will have the last laugh and the proudest moments. But first they need to take out the trash…

    Will someone in government please read the Constitution and follow its’ instructions or at least put it out, because it’s burning alive…

    let’s roll

  8. Eve

    i never believed that Oswald acting alone killed JFK.
    i never believed that Sirhan acting alone killed RFK.
    i never believed that james Earl Ray acting alone killed MLK.

    Somebody higher-up was orchestrating these murders and giving the orders, paying the money, etc…and i do mean HIGH up.

    Look up, up, up…and you’ll figure out who “they” are.

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