Former JFK Secret Service Agent Speaks Out in New Book


Abraham Bolden is the first African-American Secret Service agent assigned to the presidential detail.

With the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination recently passed, the 40th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s murder coming up in June, and all the resultant hysteria swirling around the issue of presidential candidate Barack Obama’s safety as of late, we would like to humbly remind Senator Obama what a real Secret Service agent looks like.

If Barack Obama wants to surround himself with a security staff that can be fully trusted to keep him safe from harm, we would recommend that he hire JFK’s former Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden as the head of his personal security detail. And if elected to the presidency, we would further implore President Obama to restore Mr. Bolden’s former status on the White House detail of the United States Secret Service.

At age 73, we realize that Bolden would likely be unable to play a very active role in providing physical security for Obama, and that the appointment would be honorary. But we also believe that this brave and loyal public servant should be rewarded for his many years of courage in the face of intense persecution and suffering.

Bolden’s career was destroyed, his reputation sullied, he was thrown in prison on trumped-up charges, subjected to solitary confinement and drugged…all because he dared to protect the president of the United States and tell the truth of what he knew about John F. Kennedy’s murder.

Nearly 45 years later, Abraham Bolden (the first black man to serve on the presidential detail – at JFK’s personal request  – and who successfully thwarted a plot to assassinate Kennedy in Chicago on Nov. 2, 1963) has come forward to tell his story in a new book “The Echo From Dealey Plaza“, which we hope that Senator Obama already has a copy of. We hope that Senator Obama reads it carefully and takes Bolden’s words as a cautionary tale. Lastly, we hope that Senator Obama will recognize the efforts of his fellow Chicagoan and do his part to give Mr. Bolden his just due at long last for a job well done. Courage such as this should be honored, especially when it comes to protecting the life of the President.

It’s a task every Secret Service agent is sworn to do, of course. But as we discovered that fateful day in Dallas, not every agent on President Kennedy’s detail was as loyal to that sacred oath as Abraham Bolden – a fact that President Kennedy himself was apparently aware of.

“Keep those Ivy League charlatans off the back of my car.”

 — President John F. Kennedy to Secret Service Agent Floyd Boring in Tampa, November 18, 1963

(as reported in William Manchester’s Death of a President) 

We present below a fascinating recent interview with Mr. Bolden from the Chicago Sun-Times, speaking about his new book. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is everything a Secret Service agent should be!

(Oh, and Mr. Kennedy – if you run for President, the same advice goes for you, too. Hire Mr. Bolden and put him in charge! Can you think of anyone with a greater motivation to keep you well protected?) 




If a novelist set out to rewrite Franz Kafka’s The Trial as a modern-day horror tale, it might read much like Abraham Bolden’s The Echo From Dealey Plaza.

Kafka’s character Josef K. is tried by some faceless bureaucracy but never learns why he is on trial. He maintains his innocence. 

The Chicago lawman forfeited a promising career, spending three years and nine months in prison. He felt the crushing weight of a bureaucracy fighting to save itself after JFK’s assassination.

Just 28 years old when Kennedy was killed in 1963, Bolden is now telling his story at age 73. Speaking by phone from his South Side home, Bolden shows no bitterness or disillusionment. That’s a testament to his unbending faith and indomitable spirit.

“I’ve always had faith in the American system of justice,” he explains. “I spent a great deal of time in police work, where I came to believe if a person sticks to the truth and continues to seek justice, somewhere along the line that justice is going to prevail.”

Bolden’s problems began the day he arrived in Washington in 1961 for his White House assignment. He describes a month of harassment and bigotry at the hands of the good old boys on Kennedy’s detail, some of whom he says drank heavily, chased women and were lax in following procedures. Although JFK showed him special kindness, he couldn’t wait to get back to Chicago and his family, and turned down any permanent Washington post.

Later, when Kennedy was assassinated, Bolden’s warnings to his superiors became a threat to the agency. He doesn’t believe his presence in Dallas would have prevented the slaying. But the Secret Service dropped the ball after learning of assassination plots in Chicago and Miami that might have led to beefed-up security in Dallas, he says.

“If I had stayed there [with Kennedy], my very life would have been in danger,” he says. “After my run-in with [senior agent] Harvey Henderson where he denigrated my race . . . we all carried guns, and accidents do happen — and yes, you could put ‘accidents’ in quotes.”

When the agency brought charges against Bolden, he was in Washington on a training assignment and was flown back to Chicago, where he says he was forced to take a Secret Service-administered polygraph exam. His superiors questioned him about a phone call he had placed to the White House switchboard in which he had asked about giving information to Warren Commission general counsel J. Lee Rankin.

The Bolden case made front-page news, and the next day he went public with his criticism of the agency’s Kennedy detail. That led to a more vigorous prosecution, he says, admitting he should have handled things differently.

“I would have done it in a different venue,” he says. “What I should have done was resign my position as a Secret Service agent. That would have been difficult to do because I was a family man and had no other job to go to. The best avenue would have been to resign and come to people like . . . newspaper reporters. Going to the chief and so-called bad-mouthing them at meetings was not the best way to do it. I became known as not a team player.”

If there’s a villain in Bolden’s story, it’s U.S. District Judge Joseph Sam Perry, who presided over both trials. Perry, Bolden writes, browbeat the holdout juror in an 11-1 vote for conviction at the first trial, telling her that Bolden was guilty. During the retrial, Perry seated an all-white jury, then closed the courtroom to the defense and media while he charged the jury. After Bolden was convicted, one of his two accusers admitted at his own counterfeiting trial, also before Perry, that the prosecutor had told him to lie at Bolden’s trial. Instead of causing a mistrial or a reversed verdict when the prosecutor took the Fifth Amendment about suborning perjury, higher courts ruled there was insufficient cause to retry Bolden. Still, the former agent lets Perry off the hook.

“What he was doing was making sure that the mandates from the higher-ups were carried out,” he explains. “He was influenced by people who were far above him who said, ‘Bolden’s got to go.’ The conspiracy was formulated in Washington, D.C., itself. After Oswald was assassinated, the sole purpose of the Secret Service was to save itself.”

When the prison bars slammed shut, Bolden’s real nightmare began. He landed in a psychiatric ward, kept in isolation and heavily drugged. Then he experienced two vivid, prophetic visions for which he has no explanation.

“I think about it even today,” he says. “It was not something I expected or conjured up by doing anything special. They just seemed to come. When I had the first one in [the psych ward], I thought I was going nuts. I became afraid that something had happened to me mentally. I was doing everything I could to maintain my mental balance while I was near those psychiatric patients who were screaming and being beaten. Had not that event of the fire [in an adjoining cell] freed me the next morning, I probably would have ignored it as a dream or something.”

He finally left prison in September 1969 as an unemployed parolee, then rebuilt his life. He worked for 15 years in quality control consulting with machining companies.

Now retired and widowed from Barbara, his tower of strength through the darkest hours, Bolden says he’s telling his story out of obligation to Kennedy — and because it’s what Barbara wanted.

“Right now today, I tell you, sometimes it’s difficult to relive the chapters in that book. They’re very emotional to me. It affects my life in that in taking my case to the public, I feel somewhat relieved. I’ve carried out my charge and my duty to President Kennedy, who entrusted me with his life. I owed that to President Kennedy to bring forth the facts I have surrounding his death. It helps to pay that debt.

“The American people deserve to know the truth about the tragic day of Nov. 22, 1963. I know it’s a very optimistic statement, but I really believe the truth is going to come out.”


By Abraham Bolden

Harmony, 320 pages, $25.95

Jeff Johnson is a copy editor in the Sun-Times features department.







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22 responses to “Former JFK Secret Service Agent Speaks Out in New Book

  1. Leila Grenaldo

    thanks for this article! i live in chicago and have been a big fan of Abraham Bolden’s for years. i know this man is telling the truth and he paid a horrible price for his honesty. he is incredibly brave to come forward now.

    i am also an Obama supporter and I agree these two would be a match made in heaven – or Chicago, as the case may be!

    Obama does need to hire this man. The first African American president should honor the first African American Secret Serviceman who saved the life of Obama’s hero, President JFK in Chicago, just two weeks before Dallas.

    I just wish Mr. bolden had been in Dallas, too.:(

  2. Tim B.

    Mr. Obama:

    can you say PRESIDENTIAL PARDON?????

    Stand up and help us clear Abraham Bolden’s name!!!

  3. Unrelated… But related.

    Jesse Ventura’s interview on Hannity & Colmbes… Throws the “Inside Job” flag about 9/11! and then says He’d run for President with RFK, Jr. at his side… He says that Mr. Kennedy authorized that statement and would run with Jesse!!!

    Wow, but now what?

    I wonder what Mr. Bolden could say about the Secret Serviceman who was ordered off the President’s limo just before it rounded the corner for the hit…

    The agent looks perplexed… throws his hands up, as if to say ‘what the…’ and then is repeatedly ordered to stray off the street, walking backwards and shaking his head in an obviously disaproving manner and in disgust… I wonder

    (a) who he was and (b) if he is alive today… His story on that would be monumental and groundshaking… Re: the INSIDE JOB!

  4. Jack – thanks for the link to Ventura’s interview with Hannity. Since I only watch FauxNews very occasionally (when I can manage to stomach it, usually just to check out Douglas Kennedy’s fine reporting), I totally missed JV’s remarks, which were very encouraging indeed!!!:)

    Now…back to Mr. Bolden, and the excellent points you made. What did he think about his fellow agents’ lack of response in Dallas? As the former Secret Serviceman told author (and Secret Service expert) Vince Palamara:

    “No one could have killed our President without the shots of omission fired by the Secret Service. Observe the feet of (four) Secret Service agents glued to the running boards of the follow-up car as bullets pierce the brain of our President!”

    That’s a hell of a condemnation; strong language to be sure, but the Zapruder film and still photographs from Dealey Plaza prove that everything he just said is true.

    Secret Service did not follow procedure or training in Dallas, and clearly did not react in time. The only agent who did jump on the President’s car was Clint Hill (assigned to Jackie), and even he was too late. Why?

    The Warren Commission will tell you that many of the agents’ response time was slowed by lack of sleep and admits that a group of agents on JFK’s detail had gone on a drinking spree late the night before. Hungover and sleepy, how could they have been entrusted to guard the President’s life in a known hostile city?

    The fact that these agents were not relieved of duty because of their obvious fatigue and replaced with fresh agents is an outrage. That they were not reprimanded for drinking on the job (or fired) is a marvel to me.

    (In instances where the President is traveling, regulations stipulate that SS agents are considered to be “on duty” 24 hours a day. That means no downtime for drinking and carousing at the Cellar in Ft. Worth when you’re supposed to be guarding the President!)

    As for the *good* agents who were ordered to stand down that day, I’ll give you two examples of critical opportunities to Protect JFK that were missed:

    1) Agent John Ready was recalled by Agent Emory Roberts to the follow-up car when he started to react to the gunfire on November 22, 1963. Roberts had ordered the men NOT TO MOVE even after recognizing the first shot was no mere firecracker or motorcycle backfire.

    2) You mentioned the agent who was ordered off JFK’s car at Love Field where the motorcade began. That’s Agent Henry Rybka, who is seen shrugging and questioning these insane orders. He looks puzzled, lifts his arms ask if to ask, “Hey, WTF?”

    When agent Rybka protested, they drove off and left his ass behind at Love Field airport! He was not in the presidential motorcade downtown, unfortunately.

    The official SS coverup began just days after Dallas. In his original report of Nov. 29, 1963, here’s what Agent Emory Roberts had to say about Rybka:

    “Note: On shift report for Nov. 22, 1963, I listed SA Rybka as riding in center of rear seat, which was in error, as he was not in car.
    As mentioned above, he remained at Love Field.” —


    Here’s the video of that incident at Love Field, for those who may have not seen it before:

    Anyone who has a copy of the classic 1964 United Artists documentary film “FOUR DAYS IN NOVEMBER” can watch (in good-quality form) the entire uncut “arm-shrugging” WFAA-TV sequence featuring Rybka.

    Had agent Rybka been allowed to ride the handholds on the back of the presidential limo, I believe that Kennedy’s trip to Dallas would have been a mostly pleasant and uneventful one, and the history books would read much differently today.

    Had procedure been followed, and SS agents had been where they were supposed to be (riding the handholds and running boards of the car), no sniper would have attempted that shot. Whether you believe the assassin was Oswald, or a well-coordinated team of shooters scattered throughout the Plaza like the trash they are, no trained killer would be likely to take that risk. Under the circumstances, this particular “executive action” would have been aborted – just like recent attempts in Chicago, Miami, Tampa, and Ireland had been.

    I don’t know if agent Rybka is still alive, but he hasn’t talked much through the years. It is interesting to note he was new on the presidential detail at the time of the assassination, having just graduated treasury school on Nov. 8th, 1963.

    Rybka was freshly trained and much younger than most of the agents on Kennedy’s detail (some of whom dated back to the FDR years! – old men by SS standards, and not in the best physical shape). Being the new kid on the block with something to prove, Rybka might have been a bit overzealous, or so some have tried to explain away his reaction at Love Field that day.

    But if the Secret Service is going to err on one side of the other when it comes to presidential protection, my vote goes for overzealous. Every time.

    And I think that’s all Abraham Bolden was ever trying to say.

    • Joe

      All these so called presdients work for the elite. JFK got his face blown off because he spoke out about them. Obama is a piece of shit lying coward who is a bigger puppet than bush. He is in the midest of helping the elite rape the USA! Middle class will be destroyed as well as liberties. Obama is a cult of personality lying sack of shit!

  5. Daniel

    I support Obama and I am worried about his safety. I’m afraid someone will try to get him before he can reach the presidency, lot of racist right-wingers out there and these people are just so f’in scary!

  6. Pingback: Taylor

  7. Daniel, I sure do understand your concern for Senator Obama. Just saw an interview with Jesse Ventura the other night where he warned Obama to “watch his back,” and I know a lot of people are worried about this now.

    Here at the Draft Kennedy website, we get that question a lot, too. As I’m sure you can imagine, any Kennedy attempting a run for the presidency is bound to stir up some bad old memories and new concerns about RFK Jr.’s safety on the campaign trail.

    We make a concerted effort here not to dwell on the potential negatives, but we do believe that we should be prepared to face them. It’s not a subject we should hide from. After all, if we want strong, brave independent candidates to run for office, we must also be prepared to guard them and protect them the best we can.

    In the spirit of good ol’ citizen activism, we can (and perhaps should) do this ourselves. Sort of a “citizen’s Secret Service”, if you will.

    On that very subject, I just penned a new editorial which will appear on this blog April 12th. You won’t want to miss it, so be sure and check back here this weekend.

  8. Pingback: Randall T.

  9. chrisy58

    NF as always you always post things that get me thinking.(laugh out loud)

    Though under the title of your banner you have a quote ” that you can’t change the world without pissing people off” by RFKjr. It might not be the exact words but that was the throught. That got me thinking too.

    I thought that quote was really true. We can’t change the world without pissing people off and making them angry. Sometimes we might make them so angry that they might want to hurt us or even kill us. At the same time I think it is important that we not be afraid. We know the risks of moving forward in taking this country back for the people, but we know in our hearts and mind that by moving forward we are taking that risk that someone might want to stop us.

    I once heard that a good warrior has fear but he overcomes that fear and fights bravely in battle. I think it means that a warrior knows when he goes into battle with the enemy that he might die but decides it is more important to fihght for what he believes in.

    I think that it is important that candidates have a security team that they trust. I am not sure how that would work in the practical world because you are usually loyal to the person that pays you. Who pays the security force(Secret Service)? Do the candidates get to pick their own guys or do they have to take the guys someone else gets to pick?

    There are many different kind of battles we face in life. Sometimes we fall but we must find a way to pull ourselves back up and move forward in life. If we fall down 30 times than we must pick ourselves up 30 times. It won’t be easy to take this country back. Power is a very powerful drug and one that people don’t want to give up easy. People will kill in order to keep the power they have over people.

    Like a good warrior we know the risks that we are taking in the fight to take this country back for the people and have real change. But like a good warrior we go into battle anyway prepared to face what is thrown at us. This battle to take this country back will not be easy in fact these people will play hardball. They play their own game of hardball without any rules.

    We know this but we don’t dwell on this, because we need to keep our spirits high so that we don’t get discouraged and just want to give up.

    I am sure that Obama is aware of the danger he is in. Anyone running for President these days must have a few security people that he hires that he trusts and don’t just trust those provided to you that you don’t pay for so therefore they are not 100% loyal to you. I am sure he has a few good security people who he has paid for watching hsi back. Obama is not stupid. He went to the best school in Hawaii growing up so I know he received a good education.

    Though people in Hawaii feel that Obama doesn’t even admit his Hawaii roots. Did you know Obama would be the first Hawaiian to be President. That is pretty great, but Obama who was born in Hawaii never talks about his Hawaiian connection. I have family in Hawaii that go back a few generations who went to the same school and knew Obama when he was going there. The last time I talked to my nephew he said they felt like Obama was ashamed of his Hawaiian roots and didn’t care about Hawaii. They will vote for him because he is a Hawaiian by birth. Why has Obama never mentioned his Hawaii roots our consider himself Hawaiian. The people who knew him growing up said he was a nice smart kid. He was well liked and respected. I guess it is better poltically to mention he is from IL than from Hawaii and that is why he has turned his back on Hawaii.

    I think Obama will be ok if he is smart and hires himself a small secuirty force that he can trust and not just trust on security from the secret service that he doesn’t pay for.

  10. One has to be careful of the Bolden account.

    In the first place, he was almost certainly guilty as charged.

    In the second place, his conspiratorial claims about Chicago have been found to lack credibility:

  11. Welcome, Mr. McAdams – it’s good to see you here.

    While I have much respect for the many years of work you have devoted to researching the assassination of President Kennedy, I will continue to trust Abraham Bolden’s version of events over Vincent Bugliosi’s.

    After all, don’t you find the events of Nov. 1-2, 1963 rather curious? Based on what we do know to be true:

    On November 1, 1963, the Chicago SS office had received a teletype warning of a “Cuban” hit team in Chicago to Assassinate the President on his trip to Chicago, on November 2nd, to see the Army-Navy football game. Other agents, as well as Bolden, were made aware of the situation.

    A tip was received from a rooming house landlady who said her tenant, Thomas Arthur Vallee, was threatening the president and arranged to have off from work the next day. Chicago police and the Secret Service stopped a car driven by former U.S. Marine Vallee for a headlight that was out. The ticket is still sealed as classified at the national archives.

    Vallee’s car was found to contain explosives an M-1 Rifle and 3000 round of ammunition. Vallee was briefly detained and released. Simultaneously the SS agents had surveillance on two of the alleged Cuban Hitmen who managed to slip away. The President’s trip was cancelled.

    The license plate and registration on the 1962 Ford Falcon that Vallee was driving on November 1st in Chicago was New York Registration License plate # 311-ORF and was registered in the name of Lee Harvey Oswald. This is 21 days prior to President Kennedy’s assassination and the world knowing the name Oswald.

    In research at The National Archives in Washington of The Assassination files of 25 Million documents it turned up that in fact NY plate 311-ORF at the Vallee Traffic stop was registered in the Name of Lee Harvey Oswald. Documents declassified also state that same car in Dallas Texas at the time of the assassination. The detailed information with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles is still withheld by order of The US Secret Service and The FBI.

    Wow, that some coincidence, eh?

    I’m just sayin’…

    Hope you will visit here more often and participate in the discussions. We enjoy the debate. You are always more than welcome!

  12. ED McCarthy

    Abraham Bolden should be given an official apology from the U.S. Government. He should be awarded The Congressional Gold Medal and The presidents Medal of honor. can we get a petition going ,It is already 45 years overdue

  13. ED McCarthy

    Abraham Bolden should be given an official apology from the U.S. Government. He should be awarded The Congressional Gold Medal and The presidential Medal of Freedom. can we get a petition going ,It is already 45 years overdue

  14. Doc007

    Like “Daniel” I am worried about Obama’s fate should he be successful in his presidential bid! This is not because I am a supporter. My guy is still Ron Paul because he is the only one with enough grit to try to rid this country of the unconstitutional evil known as the Federal Reserve. (Everybody that can’t stand the 3 stooges for president can still write him in!!) Anyway, back to BHO…remember Eddie Murphy’s old skit about the first black man to be elected president? In his acceptance speech he is dodging & weaving behind the microphone and up in the wings some redneck with a rifle is exclaiming “Damn! I wish he’d be still!” I just hope this stays a sick joke. It would be just like the “One Worlders” to use a travesty like this to finally declare martial law! GOD HELP US ALL!!!

  15. ED McCarthy

    Sen. Obama can certainly hire Mr. Bolden as a consultant for his security, especially since he is a candadate at this time.

  16. Gideon Scarbrough

    After reading Mr. Bolden’s account in The Echo from Dealey Plaza, I realized that hatred was a 8ft. tall monster in the early sixties. That Monster slew JFK, his baby brother, Dr. Martin, Mr. Evers, those three young men in Philadelphia, Ms, those who were lynched throughout the south, and all the aspirations and dreams of a lot of young and old people only cause they were born with darker toned skin. I was born in 1977, and Now in 2008, I am certain that the monster still is alive cause I see his face sometimes. he is shorter than 8ft., but he still is living in an underground cave in the south. He brings no fear to my heart, and I pray that Mr. Bolden realizes that he is a beacon for a new Generation who had no Idea about the monster that was inhabiting the polluted paradise they were born into. What a fascinating read. Mr. Bolden, your strength, and courage is not overlooked by me.

  17. Ron Dahlke

    I now believe that there were several layers of what were once separate conspiracies, that became one conspiracy just a few days before the Kennedy assassination. LBJ and Texas-based oil corporate owners whose corrupt deals, and a few unexplained murders in Texas, were about to prove their political and financial undoing, plus the anti-Castro Cubans, the CIA and FBI, and the Pentagon over JFK’s withdrawal from Vietnam, and organized crime because of RFK’s attempting to put as many behind bars as possible, were all involved.

    I can appreciate what Agent Bolden is saying because I have, for several years now, visited the web-site, and purchased a couple of the very fine dvd’s there.
    The one dvd that is most important to Mr. Bolden’s testimony, is titled, “The Grassy Knoll” by wealthy Dutch businessman, Wim Dankbaar. CIA/Chicago mob hitman, and low-level mob driver and former US Army Special Ops specialist, James E. Files (Sutton)’s well documented information about his role and that of his immediate mob boss, Charles Nicoletti who worked for Chicago mob second-in-command, Sam Giancana. Nicoletti and Files were in Dallas, Texas’ Dealey Plaza on Friday, Nov. 22, 1963.

    In Files’ letters to some close friends of his, from his current imprisonment for the attempted murder of a Chicago policeman in around 1989,
    Files told of two men whose names should ring very distinct bells to assassination researchers, General Edward Lansdale (Military and CIA) and William King Harvey (E. Howard Hunt’s “Last Confession” and Chauncey Marvin Holt’s televised confession, in 1992, of innocent involvement/CIA and Secret Service Pins, and Oswald’s two ID cards).

    Files said that they “worked on bringing in anti-Castro Cubans from Miami up to Glencoe Air Force Base, north of Chicago.” Go to the site, and click on Files/ letters. Files said that both men were in Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, `1963. If one could get access to Files to ask him if he knows more than the fact that W. K. Harvey and Lansdale were there, it seems it would bolster Bolden’s claims.

    I could only imagine that young Cubans, like young men everywhere, likely wanted to have an apartment or room of some sort in downtown Chicago, to provide a place to entertain guests, etc.
    Files said that the Cubans were newly recruited into the CIA for “a second planned invasion of Cuba.” That would have placed them in and near Chicago at least early in 1963, and possibly when Oswald ratted on the locations of CIA/mob-led paramilitary training camps, causing them to be closed down after JFK’s deal to rid Cuba of Soviet nuclear missiles by promising not to invade Cuba a second time.

    The CIA and FBI have both, in the official Washington sense of it, tried to stifle Files’ testimony. Prior to his incarceration, Files said that, because he had maps of Dealey Plaza hidden away and Chicago authorities, the mob and CIA were told about the maps, etc., they sent two men who found Jimmy (Files) and tried to kill him, while torturing him. He survived.

    I wonder if there is a point at which these two pieces of testimony might well come together.

    God bless Bolden for his tenacious clinging to truth.

  18. Grenville Rogers

    Abraham Bolden’s name must be cleared. He should be publicly honoured for his integrity, a quality which is increasingly conspicuous by its almost complete and utter absence in to-day’s politicians, beaurocrats and non-governmental agencies and persons. We neeed more Abraham Boldens in public service.

  19. schlang

    Obama has nothing to worry about. He is working for the same people that had JFK killed!

  20. Dear Jesse,

    This is a blog that you and your team will want to see. “Johnson, Bush and Nixon kill John F. Kennedy.”


  21. OBAMA MUST RESIGN December 10, 2010 –
    Comment from CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret):
    I will be attending the scheduled Court Martial of LTC Terry Lakin on Tuesday, 14 Dec 2010 at Ft. Meade MD, to show my support for this brave man who is courageously standing up and risking all to live up to his oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution, the prime directive to guide the actions and decisions of every commissioned military officer and patriot. The oath for military officers is not to support and defend the President or any man, but to support and defend the Constitution the fundamental law put in place by the founders and framers to protect our unalienable rights against all enemies foreign and domestic. The Congress failed to do their duty. The main stream media has failed to do its duty. The legal system and federal courts including the U.S. Supreme Court have failed to do their duty. We are supposed to be a nations of laws, not men. And no man in our system is to be above the law, not even a President. These people and the institutions have been acting to protect one man, Obama, from being required to provide conclusive primary source, certified true and correct copies of the contemporaneous documents of his birth records and other records such as college admission records and travel and passport records to answer some simple questions about his early life and true legal identity. A digital image on the internet of an alleged secondary source and summary document in the age of PhotoShop is proof of nothing.

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