Ventura: Kennedy Should Quit the Democrats and Run With Me

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura again fanned the flames of speculation about a possible independent presidential run in 2008 during a recent interview on Fox.

He told Hannity & Colmes that “if Robert Kennedy quit the Democrats to run with me, it would be very powerful.”

He added that he had Mr. Kennedy’s permission to include the scenario of a potential Ventura/Kennedy ticket in his new book, Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me.

Unfortunately, the scenario in Ventura’s book, while fictionalized, doesn’t turn out too well.

He envisions a run for the presidency with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as his running mate. As the popularity of this independent populist presidential ticket surges in the polls, threatening the leads of Senators John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, all hell breaks loose.

Terror attacks are launched on five major American cities, President Bush bombs Iran, declares martial law and postpones the November election. Bush informs the public that “dissent will not be tolerated” and that troops have orders to “shoot on sight” anyone who violates nightly curfews. Then Jesse Ventura is shot by a crazed lone gunman while leading a group of demonstrators to the White House (Kennedy thankfully, is not hit). The last page finds Jesse clinging to life after his fourth day comatose…he leaves the reader to guess how the story ends.

In the Fox News interview (as he has in all recent interviews), Ventura calls the JFK Assassination an “inside job,” and also questions the government’s official story about the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Here’s the video:




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13 responses to “Ventura: Kennedy Should Quit the Democrats and Run With Me

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  3. Let's Get It On

    I’m down with that! A Jesse/Kennedy ticket totally works for me -and for america!

    Maybe we should merge these two petition drives into one? If anyone here who has signed the RFK Jr. for President petition is welcome to sign Jesse Ventura’s also at:

    it’s time to RETALIATE in 08 with RFK jr. and Jesse!

  4. OMG, Hillary, you really outdid yourself this time. (Who knew the woman has such a delightfully self-depricating sense of humor? Gotta love a lady who can laugh at herself.)

    Good to see you’re back after a rather lengthy hiatus from this blog – guess things have been rather busy on the campaign trail here lately, eh? How’s the weather in Pennsylvania? About 20 points colder, we hear…;)

    Anyway, everyone here has dearly missed your smart-ass commentary on nearly each and every thread we post, and we look forward to more of your bloviations in the months to come.

    You’re always welcome to post here. Besides, it’s better than having to listen to you talk. Or God forbid, laugh.

    Sheesh, is it November yet?

    Will you go away then?

  5. James Thompkins

    By god I think Jesse just might be getting serious about running for President – did ya’ll notice he cut his hair for the fox interview (looked a lot more “respectable” than he did on Larry King)?

    I also see he got rid of that braided beard thingie, which looked pretty wild. He’s wearing a nice suit nowadays, and is looking more presidential by the day…

    …so what are you waiting for, Jesse? Run, dude!

  6. The reality is that Jesse Ventura is “out of limbo”… He is back from his seclusion. Whether he decides to run for office of the Presidency or the U.S. Senate though it seems is up in the air. Either way, he is thinking pretty seriously about it.


    He gets appearance invites to Fox and CNN to voice his opinions easily. He is taken seriously and he makes perfect sense in his rational explainations for why he thinks the way he feels about issues that just don’t make it on air for some reason in the MSM.

    I hope he runs… If anything, he brings the spectre of credibility or at least a voice, to unanswered questions which we all have about 9/11 and openly rails at the obvious corruption in government, which is the very reason why we have the quagmire (Thanks Cheney) we have today in The U.S.

    I hear now that there are ‘rumblings’ of Condi Rice for Veep… (Just put the fork in now, we’re done…) I can’t possibly imagine Condi, McCain (Bush part Duex) and zelicow in the White House for what will be our final demise… Think about it. Do you really think that this kind of administration would carry any kind of kinder, gentler (thousand points of light) message or action towards not just us but the rest of the world?… Given the sh*t they’ve pulled already?

    Naw, if that admin. gets in office, we’re heading for real FUBAR SNAFU problems, as if to say we aren’t screwed now. I don’t know if we have EVER been more screwed actually….

    The likes of Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Rfk, Jr., Obama, Edwards, Biden, Richardson, Dodd, Nader… All call for drastic and monumental changes in the direction we are taking as a country. Calls for Impeachment on the floor of the Senate are launched by an active Presidential candidate (while they are running for President), Calls for investigations into Treachery and High Crimes, Treason are made seperately and as well on the Senate floor, by a valid Presidential candidate in this 2008 election… Wow.

    The point is that we aren’t making this stuff up! Something really wrong and vastly criminal is occurring (real time). To the extent that this kind of desperation on behalf of patriotic governmental officials are trying desperately to envoke some kind of legal action and mechanism to hold off the backdraft from us as a nation to our own demise. These government officials see this first person and are at the front lines, they see the manipulation first hand. Nothing less than this actually.

    If Mr. Ventura wants to run, then run… If Mr. Kennedy should back him on a Presidential bid then do it, quick. If anything, the two should team up and grab this opportunity to make hay when the sunshines and get out there to address the American public to voice these things which have been held from public media dissemination and have been laughed off countanence as if these concerns were regarded as UFO sightings…

    The fact is that we are in trouble… Big trouble and on many fronts… The worst kind of trouble actually. We need real damage control and it has to start with a real assesment of the damage done. I can’t think of any more realistic account to bring this to light then to have some spirited discussion among us in the form of a national candidate that has a platform to bring this disgrace to light, it’s got to start somewhere… It’s gone too far and we have too much now to lose.

    I’m sure that the message these guys give as far as content, won’t be held back from worrying if their message would offend anyone… The truth hurts… Remeber Jack Nicholson “You can’t handle the truth!”… It’s like that but we need to hear the truth.

    let’s roll

  7. Allison

    Yeah, it kind of makes me uneasy that Ventura would imagine himself shot in his scenario, considering what happened to Bobby’s uncle and father. I wish, though, that Bobby would run for office, possibly as Senator or Govenor of NY sometime in the future. I just bought his book, Crimes Against Nature, and look forward to reading it.

  8. chrisy58


    I thought it was a great book. I would like to see an updated version that talks about what is happening now in 2008 and what improvments if any have been made since he first wrote the book 4 years ago.

    Have things gotten worst or have their been improvements made?

  9. Allison

    Yes, Chrisy, I think an update would be a good idea. I think probably things have gotten worse under four more years of Bush!!

  10. Anyone… That says Jesse Ventura is a kook, should consider the sobering honesty and starkly realistic message both He and RFK, Jr. speak of in terms of the truth and reality in the direction we are heading.

    Here’s one person’s idea of what Bush’s resume looks like… compare it to either Kennedy or Ventura and the answers to the how and why we got to a point to where Jesse Ventura and RFK Jr’s message is one that screams of the rationale for 90 degree change…

    I’m ashamed to say that this is my President… and I’m sure it just scratches the surface.

    “GEORGE W. BUSH’s RESUME: I will be available in January 2009, I am
    willing to relocate.

    I cannot take all the credit for the achievements cited below. Those
    requiring congressional approval were supplied by my loyal Republican
    Senators and Representatives, without whom I could NOT have done it by


    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Washington, DC 20520


    Law Enforcement:

    I was arrested in Kennebunkport, Maine, in 1976 for driving under the
    influence of alcohol.

    I pled guilty, paid a fine, and had my driver’s license suspended for
    30 days. My Texas driving record has been “lost” and is not available.

    I joined the Texas Air National Guard and went AWOL. I refused to take
    A drug test or answer any questions about my drug use. By joining the Texas Air National Guard, I was able to avoid combat duty in Vietnam.


    I graduated from Yale University with a low C average. I was a


    I ran for U.S. Congress and lost.

    I began my career in the oil business in Midland Texas, in 1975.

    I bought an oil company, but couldn’t find any oil in Texas.

    The company went bankrupt shortly after I sold all my stock.

    I bought the Texas Rangers baseball team in a sweetheart deal that
    Took land using taxpayer money.

    With the help of my father and our friends in the oil industry
    Including Enron CEO Ken Lay), I was elected governor of Texas.


    I changed Texas pollution laws to favor power and oil companies,
    Making Texas the most polluted state in the Union. During my tenure, Houston
    replaced Los Angeles as the most smog-ridden city in America.

    I cut taxes and bankrupted the Texas treasury to the tune of billions
    In borrowed money.

    I set the record for the most executions by any governor in American

    With the help of my brother, the governor of Florida , and my father’s
    appointments to the Supreme Court, I became President of the United
    States, after losing by over 500,000 votes.


    I am the first President in U.S. history to enter office with a
    Criminal record.

    I invaded and occupied two countries at a continuing cost of over one
    Billion dollars per week.

    I spent the U.S. surplus and effectively bankrupted the U.S. Treasury.

    I shattered the record for the largest annual deficit in U.S. history.

    I set an economic record for most private bankruptcies filed in any
    12-month period. I set the all-time record for most foreclosures
    in a 12-month period.

    I set the all-time record for the biggest drop in the history of the
    U.S. Stock Market.

    In my first year in office, over 2 million Americans lost their jobs
    and that trend continues.

    I’m proud that the members of my cabinet are the richest of any
    administration in U.S. history. My “poorest millionaire, ” Condoleezza Rice, has a Chevron oil tanker named after her.

    I set the record for most campaign fund-raising trips by a U.S.

    I am the all-time U.S. and world record -holder for receiving the most
    Corporate campaign donations.

    My largest lifetime campaign contributor, and one of my best friends,Kenneth Lay, presided over the largest corporate bankruptcy fraud in U.S. history, Enron.

    My political party used Enron private jets and corporate attorneys to
    assure my success with the U.S. Supreme Court during my election decision.

    I have protected my friends at Enron and Halliburton against Investigation or prosecution. More time and money was spent investigating the Monica Lewinsky affair than has been spent investigating one of the biggest corporate rip-offs in history. I presided over the biggest energy crisis in U.S. history and refused to intervene when corruption involving the oil industry was revealed.

    I presided over the highest gasoline prices in U.S. history.

    I changed the U.S. policy to allow convicted criminals to be awarded
    Government contracts.

    I appointed more convicted criminals to my administration than any
    President in U.S. history.

    I created the Ministry of Homeland Security, the largest bureaucracy
    in the history of the United States Government.

    I’ve broken more international treaties than any President in U.S.

    I am the first President in U.S. history to have the United Nations
    Remove the U.S. from the Human Rights Commission.

    I withdrew the U.S. from the World Court of Law.

    I refused to allow inspectors’ access to U.S. “Prisoners of War”
    Detainees and thereby have refused to abide by the Geneva Convention.

    I am the first President in history to refuse United Nations election
    Inspectors (during the 2002 US election).

    I set the record for fewest numbers of press conferences of any
    President since the advent of television.

    I set the all-time record for most days on vacation in any one-year

    After taking off the entire month of August, I presided over the worst
    Security failure in U.S. history.

    I garnered the most sympathy ever for the U.S. after the World Trade
    Center attacks and less than a year later made the U.S. the most hated country in the world, the largest failure of diplomacy in world history.

    I have set the all-time record for most people worldwide to
    Simultaneously protest me in public venues (15 million people), shattering the record for protests against any person in the history of mankind.

    I am the first President in U.S. history to order an unprovoked,
    Preemptive attack and the military occupation of a sovereign nation. I did so against the will of the United Nations, the majority of U.S. Citizens and the world community.

    I have cut health care benefits for war veterans and support a cut in
    duty benefits for active duty troops and their families in wartime.

    In my State of the Union Address, I lied about our reasons for
    attacking Iraq and then blamed the lies on our British friends.

    I am the first President in history to have a majority of Europeans
    (71%) view my presidency as the biggest threat to world peace and security.

    I am supporting development of a nuclear “Tactical Bunker Buster,” a

    I have so far failed to fulfill my pledge to bring Osama Bin Laden to


    All records of my tenure as governor of Texas are now in my father’s
    library,sealed and unavailable for public view.

    All records of SEC investigations into my insider trading and my Bankrupt companies are sealed in secrecy and unavailable for public view.

    All records or minutes from meetings that I, or my Vice-President,
    Attended regarding public energy policy are sealed in secrecy and unavailable
    for public review. I specified that my sealed documents will not be available for 50 years.”

  11. Good one, Jack. To read the list of “accomplishments” (although they read more like legal charges being brought to me) of George W. Bush reminds me of a petition we sent to another George in America’s history back in 1776.

    That petition was ignored, too, btw.

    By comparison, let’s have a look at Bobby Kennedy’s resume’, shall we?




    Harvard University, London School of Economics, and received my law degree from the University of Virginia Law School. Following graduation I attended Pace University School of Law, where I earned my Masters Degree in Environmental Law.


    I sue polluters.

    For 25 years, I have taken corporations to court for polluting our natural resources and harming the health of our citizens. Most recently in 2007, I won a $400 million judgement against DuPont for knowingly endangering the lives of residents in West Virginia who lived near a smelter plant.

    I was named one of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet” for my work in helping Riverkeeper lead the fight to restore the Hudson River. The group’s achievement helped spawn more than 130 Waterkeeper organizations across the globe.

    I currently serve as Chief Prosecuting Attorney for the Hudson Riverkeeper and President of Waterkeeper Alliance. I am also a Clinical Professor and Supervising Attorney at Pace University School of Law’s Environmental Litigation Clinic.

    Earlier in my career I served as Assistant District Attorney in New York City.

    I have worked on environmental issues across the Americas and have assisted several indigenous tribes in Latin America and Canada in successfully negotiating treaties protecting traditional homelands.

    I am credited with leading the fight to protect New York City’s water supply. The New York City watershed agreement, which I negotiated on behalf of environmentalists and New York City watershed consumers, is regarded as an international model in stakeholder consensus negotiations and sustainable development.

    I helped lead the fight to turn back the anti-environmental legislation during the 104th Congress.

    As a businessman, I am the owner of a bottled water company that donates all of its profits to Waterkeeper Alliance. Our product is bottled and sold under the name Keeper Springs.

    As an author, my published books are the New York Times’ bestseller Crimes Against Nature (2004), St. Francis of Assisi: A Life of Joy (2005), The Riverkeepers (1997), and Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr: A Biography (1977). My latest book, published in 2007 is for children, entitled “American Heroes: Joshua Chamberlain and the American Civil War.”

    My articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Atlantic Monthly, Esquire, The Nation, Outside Magazine, The Village Voice, Vanity Fair, and many other publications. Awards include America’s Best Crime Writing, Best Political Writing and Best Science Writing.

    I currently co-host Ring of Fire, a weekly program on Air America Radio, in which I frequently interact with some of the most powerful policymakers on Capitol Hill.

    I am a licensed master falconer, and as often as possible I pursue a life-long enthusiasm for white-water paddling. I have organized and led several expeditions in Canada and Latin America, including first descents on three little known rivers in Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela. My latest IMAX film, “Grand Canyon Adventure,” is a documentary about water conservation and is set during one of my rafting trips down the Colorado River.


    Many others in my family have served this country faithfully over the past two centuries in the U.S. military, in the private and nonprofit sectors, and in positions of elected leadership from the local level to the White House. My family’s accomplishments and contributions to the United States are well-known and too numerous to list here.

    I am 54 years old, the third child of Ethel and Robert Kennedy. My father was President Kennedy’s younger brother and U.S. Attorney General from 1961-64. He later served as U.S. Senator from New York State and ran for president in 1968. He was assassinated during his campaign for the presidency on June 4, 1968.

    My uncle, Edward Kennedy, is one of the longest serving members of the United States Senate, having been consecutively re-elected by the people of Massachusetts since 1962.

    (So if you were making the hiring decision for POTUS, which one of the two would you choose?) 🙂

  12. Great one… Touche’..

    So…. Why do we have to ‘reach’ in our finding a real American hero for our leadership out of probably THE DARKEST TIME IN OUR HISTORY?

    The answer sickens me actually… But it’s the reason why you are reading this…

    Because something stinks to high heaven in our government… It’s a ‘top down’ stink.

    let’s roll please! Now can we roll? Are we rolling yet? Can we roll?

  13. Love the blog! some great information, The Grand Canyon is just breathtaking, I’ve rafted through it many times now and each time is still as special as the first! Some of the rapid highlights for me are Hermit, Granite, Horn Creek and Lava FallsI’ve bookmarked your blog so will be back. Thanks

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