RFK Jr.: Why I’m for Hillary



Ever since Robert F. Kennedy Jr. endorsed Hillary Clinton in the presidential race late last year, many of our readers have wondered if he made the right choice. Some even questioned his motives. But most people just really want to know “why Hillary?” 

Kennedy tackled that question in an exclusive interview with the Terre Haute Tribute-Star last week, going more in-depth with his reasons that in previously published accounts.

So for those of you who are still asking, “why, Bobby, why?” – here’s your answer.

TERRE HAUTE America needs someone as its next president who’s going to go toe-to-toe with the oil and coal industries, and for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Sen. Hillary Clinton is that person.

“ … it’s dependence on carbon that’s really destroying America’s economy, destroying our security,” Kennedy, 54, said Thursday in a phone interview with the Tribune-Star. “It’s destroying all of the things, it’s hurting all of the things that we value in our country.”

He is the son of the late 1968 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former president John F. Kennedy. He is an environmental lawyer and co-host of “Ring of Fire” on the Air America radio network.

Billions of dollars a day are spent to import oil to our country while trillions of dollars a year are given to oil and coal industries in subsidies, Kennedy said, which is keeping more efficient and economic alternatives from being used.

One nation that has decarbonized is Iceland, he said, which went from being one of the poorest countries in Europe to the fourth richest nation in the world.

“They are a net energy exporter,” Kennedy said about Iceland today, “and corporations are lined up to get into Iceland to take advantage of it’s clean, cheap energy.”

Decarbonizing would create millions of jobs, reduce the country’s trade deficit and drop the budget deficit by $100 billion a year among other things, he said.

“Hillary has challenged, she’s been one of the most vocal to challenge the oil companies for control of our democracy, control of our jobs and control of our economy,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy noted that most of his family members have been to Terre Haute at one time or another. His father campaigned in Terre Haute in 1968.

Though he acknowledged the Democratic Party has two candidates that would make wonderful presidents, he believes Clinton can win against the Republicans in November as many polls have shown, he said.

“I think Hillary is more seasoned of the two …,” he said.

Like the Democratic Party, the Kennedy family has been split in whom they support for the nomination. Still, family gatherings have not been a problem, Kennedy said.

“I think the family is together in heart, the same way the Democrats are,” he said. “Division is really a function of the fact that we have two really great candidates.”

Should Sen. Barack Obama win the nomination, Kennedy said he would support him and encourage other Clinton supporters to do the same.

Some national polls have indicated Clinton supporters would choose Republican John McCain if Obama wins the nomination and vice versa.

Kennedy said he hoped that wasn’t the case, but had a way to convince them to join.

“I say ‘George Bush and John McCain’,” he said. “Those are four words, that’s all they need to hear.”


Story from The Terre Haute Tribune-Star.

By Crystal Garcia
The Tribune-Star

Crystal Garcia can be reached at (812) 231-4271 or crystal.garcia@tribstar.com.



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13 responses to “RFK Jr.: Why I’m for Hillary

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  2. Allison

    Well, I can understand if RFK thinks Hillary is the tougher and more experienced of the two Democratic candidates. But I don’t think he should have criticized his other family members (including his own mom!) for supporting Barrack Obama. That sort of the thing is precisely what is dividing the Democratic party right now. Why can’t people just be positive and say why they think Clinton or Obama is the ideal candidate?Quite frankly, I’m sick of the Obama and Clinton bashing. As for people who say they will vote for McCain if their candidate isn’t nominated, they are idiots with fragile egos. I’m glad RFK said he would convince them to vote for Obama if he wins.

  3. Jack Mosel

    You gotta see this…

    From the House floor, earlier this month, televised on C-Span…

    Look, it’s time to wake up folks…

    When Corporate corruption and vehament acts of utter criminality, tantamount to the dissection and discarding of our very Constitution is so prevalent, no matter how conservative… One must conclude that we are in the throws of a hostile and viral take-over from nothing short of fascist conspirators…

    Kennedy (JFK & RFK) had it right all along… As well, did Eisenhower. Our predicaments which have escalated over the past 8 years, have come to a point which begs me to believe that we are at a tipping point… A tipping point that we cannot just shrug off as “Boys will be boys” (Corrupt politicians that is…) We have been routed and are literally at the brink of utter chaos on many fronts… The really frightening thing is that in link step with all this corruption and callamity, our government is systematically dissecting the very constitution they were sworn to uphold!!!


    I’m not leaving this open for your interpretation, the why part is easy now… Every single conspiracy theory and every single criminal action upto and including the murder of the DC MADAME… Oh yeah, they hung her last month… didn’t hear about it? She was about to testify about McCain, Rudy and Cheney being clients… Missed it? the internet didn’t….

    I’m convinced now that it is the Republicans as a class and as a sect, whom are the conspiratory agents of our demise. It is the Republicans, championed and heralded by there decider Lord Bush the dumbheaded and Dickhead Cheney who are to hold accountable…

    We need RFK, Jr. and so many others, Ventura, Kucinich, Obama, Etc… to band together to rid us of this scurge and to expose these criminals for who they are and for what they did… In a massive expose’ to hold them accountable and to ban this extent of corruption to ever be available ever again… But we need to start people… we need to get this stuff out there! and we need to prosecute!!!


  4. Allison

    RFK did another great HuffPo piece about stories not covered in the MSM. Thought you guys might want to know.

  5. Thanks for the link, Jack. As a card-carrying member of C-SPAN Addicts Anonymous, I don’t know how I missed that one, but thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    Since you mentioned the DC Madam case, I should throw in here that my friend (and fellow Austinite) Alex Jones interviewed the late Deborah Palfrey on several occasions – the most recent just weeks ago – and she told him point-blank that she would NEVER, EVER commit suicide.

    Palfrey told Alex and his listeners that if she were found dead, it would be MURDER. Period. Case frickin’ closed.

    Or maybe not. According to author/disinfo agent Dan Moldea, Palfrey told him exactly the opposite over lunch last year. Moldea claims Palfrey said she would just as soon off herself than face jail time.

    Two glaring problems I have with this scenario:

    1) Moldea’s claims fly in the face of everything Palfrey said to the contrary, dating all the way back to 1991.

    2) Moldea is a known agent of disinformation – don’t forget he’s the guy who wrote “The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy,” and tried to push that pack of lies down our throats a few years back…

    Consider the source…and the bizarre, swift timing of Moldea’s claims coming forward (after all, if he knew Palfrey was suicidal last fall, why the F*&$ didn’t he try to stop her, one wonders?) within hours of her death, and something just doesn’t add up here.

    I can’t help but be reminded of the actions of “journalist” (translation: crap peddler) David Heymann in the days following JFK Jr.’s mysterious plane crash back in 1999. Anyone else recall how he flooded the media with snarky phone calls alleging that Kennedy “insisted” he fly alone that fateful night, thus steering the investigation/debate to the conclusion that JFK Jr. was a reckless idiot behind the controls of an airplane – when nothing could be farther from the truth?

    Which brings me back to Mr. Moldea’s claims about the DC Madam. He has NO TAPE to back up his claim that she was suicidal, NO DOCUMENTS, nothing that can prove he ever even met with Palfrey, let alone was contracted to write her autobiography, as he now claims.

    I guess we’re just supposed to take his word for it, being that he’s such an honest investigative journalist with an unimpeachable reputation for integrity. (Choke, gag)

    And I also suppose we are also to simply chalk up TWO dead women within the SAME PROSTITUTION RING who DIED IN THE SAME EXACT MANNER (hanging) less than two years apart to SHEER COINCIDENCE.

    If you’ve never heard of Brandy Britton, look up her obituary…she was a former employee of the DC Madam who knew the clientele’ and just before she was scheduled to testify before a Grand Jury…oops! She hung herself!

    Well, whadd’ya know about that?

    This thing is so transparent that even CNN’s Nancy Grace said, “you’ve GOT to be kidding me! No WAY!” (She devoted half of her show to the DC Madam case last night. To my utter amazement and her eternal credit, she was actually asking the right questions.)

    Hostile takeover, Jack? you bet. It doesn’t get much more hostile than cold-blooded murder, does it?

    Yes, we must prosecute, prosecute, prosecute!!! — but don’t expect any action from the three U.S. Senators who are currently running for president. (After all, McCain was strongly rumored to be one of the DC Madam’s clients!)

    It seems to me our last best hope is a People’s Party, consisting of leaders like RFK Jr., ventura, all of the good Americans you mentioned above to challenge these sickos…but that hasn’t happened yet.

    So here we sit, halfway through the 2008 election cycle – it’s May already, `fer cryin’ out loud, and this bus ain’t rollin’…anyone got some jumper cables out there????

    How many more shocks will it take to finally start this broke-down engine?

    OK, fine…if it won’t start, looks like we’ll just have to get out and PUSH! Because if we don’t this bus is gonna roll right over all of us.

    There are tread marks on the Constitution already, and a host of dead bodies beneath our wheels. How much more is it gonna take before we lose the fear and fight back like the true American patriots we are?

  6. Jack Mosel

    Here here… (ovation…) but what are we going to do? that’s the sad state we’ve permitted ourselves to sink to… and the Repuk-agains, Sorry, Republicans know it… They know that we are just voters… a powerless group of unintelligent party poopers that bitch and moan about politicians carrying out criminal acts and writing law behind themselves to cover their tracks… Oh yeah their good moral Christians too… No abortion but a little public bathroom action never hurt anyone right!!! No WMD’s in there, just SBD’s… ;> No stem cell research for our christian population… but hey, they got the best health care goin’ cause they desrve it… No seperation of church and state for them, cause hey, they’re the deciders!? No impartial public hearings for Bush & Cheney on where and what they were doing on 9/11/01, cause hey, they got something to hide!!!

    WHERE’S OSAMA!!! SHUT UP ABOUT OBAMA! WHERE’S OSAMA?!!! he’s off the table…

    I’m glad you make mention of Alex Jones Brave New World… Alex Jones and company are informed and are just as pissed as we are… You want to do something, those of you on the sidelines reading this blog regularly??? Check out infowars.com (alex’s site) buckle up, it’s a reality show and they discuss big boy and big girl stuff, with no holds barred, stuff like the seedy truth that you won’t be fed on FOX or CNN or MSNBC… Short of Keith Olberman, those networks are worthless propaganda!


    The Brave new world is all over the internet (Thank G*D)… I come to this site frequently and blog out my mind because I feel that under the spirit of JFK and RFK and with the hope that RFK, Jr. feels support, I want to rail in disgust and in support of those whom I feel can make change happen… Being here lets me put my back into it, what little my part is in helping our cause…

    When this stuff comes to light in the future… and it will, because we are growing everyday in the face of all the bullshit these Republican criminal and Corporate Fascist bastards are moving at such a pompus and callous rate now with their power grab, that they think they can continue to rape us but they’ll get theirs… When history looks back on us… in these scary times, I’ll be able to point to my efforts in standing out and say yeah… I was one of those freeks who defied those crimanals, back in the day… I was proud to be a real American and did my patriotic duty because I LOVE MY COUNTRY and I HATE NAZI FASCIST DICTATOR DECIDERS!!!


    Hey Kennedy… Be a Kennedy! Run for something.. Don’t let them hand you anything, your settling for less bro! Don’t underestimate the voters… most of us know what’s going on, we need a voice louder than Bill O’Reilly though! one that can reach over the shrill of Anne Culture (like in a petri dish)… The best of ’em can’t hold a candle to you Mr. Kennedy “FIND YOURE VOICE”…

    Let’s roll!

  7. Allison

    Cindy Sheehan is planning to run against Pelosi (a spineless enabler) and did a great interview with Michael Papantonio, which you can find at goleft.tv. I want RFK to run, too, because we really need a passionate, principled Democrat, not these wimp enablers like Pelosi.

  8. hey allison – I heard that interview with Cindy Sheehan on “ROF” last week and it was marvelous.

    My only regret is that Pap did the interview instead of Bobby. ( might guess Mrs. Sheehan was a bit disappointed, too. She is quite an admirer of Bobby’s!)

    Cindy Sheehan is one hell of a brave woman, and my hat’s off to her. Takes a lot of guts to challenge Pelosi for her seat, but she’s doing it to make a point, to take a stand, and that is why she is one of my real true heroes.

    If RFK ran for president, or any office, I know that Cindy would step up and give him all of her support. Working together, these two could really make a difference.

    If only party loyalty would get out of the way, perhaps then we could get good people like Nader, Sheehan, Kennedy, Kucinich, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura and other agents of truth to join hands and save this damn country!

    It’s not about left and right – it’s about right and wrong.

  9. chrisy58


    You said: “It’s not about left and right – it’s about right and wrong.”

    That is why I am fighting because I agree with you it is about what is right and what is wrong. Dare I bring in the word moral imperative?

    One of the important questions that I don’t think gets asks enough is how am I going to save this country and stop the evil that is growing and destroying this country and is robbing America of her very soul.

    What role can I play in bringing about a victory so that the good guys can win? I think to many times people make excuses of why they can’t join in the fight with those agents of truth who are willing to put their lives on the line to save this country. It is time to stop looking at reasons why we can’t help in the fight against evil and start looking at what we can do to save this country.

    We have our work cut out for us and it won’t be easy, but we have to at least try and save this country.

  10. Well said, Chrisy!

    Y’know, everytime I feel like giving up the fight, just throwing in the towel (which happens more often than I’d like to admit), the words of Jack Kennedy echo in my consciousness over and over again like an inspiring, if somewhat annoying, broken record:

    “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

    And I remember why I’m here. Why I get up and do this everyday when I could be out romping in the park or playing in the sunshine. God knows there are far more pleasant pursuits in life than spending several hours a day behind a computer, blogging your fingers to the bone.

    Above my computer hangs a sign with only two words:

    “ASK NOT.”

    Those words changed my life and a lot of others, too. Those words “ask not…” continue to guide and inspire my life today, and those words implore me – you – all of us – to do our part.

    We must save this country. We owe it to Jack Kennedy, to Bobby, to Dr. King, Malcolm X, and to each and every soldier who laid down his or her life in battle. We owe it to the founders of our Republic. We owe it to history. We owe our children and our children’s children a better world. We owe it to our parents and grandparents so that they can be proud of us. But above all, we owe the eternal quest for truth and justice to God in hope that he will forgive us our sins and once again Bless America.

    If it is indeed true that “The Lord helps those who help themselves,” we’ve got a lot of work to do before we are truly worthy.

    So “ask not…” there’s no need to ask, really. We know what needs to be done. We know what we can do for our country, what we must do. There’s no question anymore.

  11. Allison


  12. Jack Mosel


    Nancy Pelosi… When the dust settles.. will be the figure head, the talking head, to be the opitome of politics as usual when we look back and monday morning quarterback this thing. She will have been the one who didn’t take the shot when she Bush/Cheney in her sights…

    Here’s a woman, in a kodak moment, when the entire country (myself included) was proud to see our first Madame Speaker of The House take the gavel for the first time in our history. My gut fell out (eviscerated) when I saw her say days before she was annointed, that “Impeachment was off the table”…

    You creep. You *&$#, You cannot be serious?!!! Not only is that statement inoppropriate, because who was she now… A freeking decider?!!! the topic wasn’t even on the floor yet? No one voted for nothing? She wasn’t even the GD Speaker of the House yet officially?!!! WTF!?

    No… Nancy Pelosi made her own bed, it had bed bugs in it before she took any position of real power as well… You can’t tell me that she even represented her constiuancy in that statement… San Francisco??? You gotta be frikkin’ kidding me here! Where do we find these criminals?

    I would love to vote for Cindy Sheehan, she’s not in my district… I e-mail her from time to time on myspace… There’s someone you can throw your money on in my book… I think she’s gonna throw the table at Nancy Pelosi, or at least stuff her under it.

  13. Allison

    Notice how the mainstream media isn’t covering the fact that Sheehan is challenging Pelosi? Yeah, I was proud that Pelosi was the first woman speaker of the house, but now she’s just a disgrace. Her and Harry Reid.

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