Caroline Kennedy Will Help Obama Pick VP

Barack Obama and caroline Kennedy

The presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee: now that it’s all but official, Senator Barack Obama is getting down to the business of selecting a running mate. Today he announced that Caroline Kennedy will be part of a three-member team who will help him choose a VP.


WASHINGTON (AP) – Barack Obama turned in earnest to the general election and the hunt for a running mate Wednesday, embraced by Democratic leaders who signaled forcefully and sometimes impatiently to Hillary Rodham Clinton that her marathon duel with Obama was over. Clinton kept her silence in public, while supporters made a case for her as Obama’s No. 2.

Obama himself moved to link himself more closely with a young Democratic hero of a half-century ago, picking President Kennedy’s daughter Caroline to help him choose a vice president.

While Clinton still wasn’t conceding, even after Tuesday’s primaries and a flood of “superdelegate” endorsements of Obama sealed the nomination, there were signs aplenty that she was closing shop. She began bidding campaign staff members farewell, and a number were told not to come to work after Friday. Last paychecks were expected to go out June 15.

The primary rivals ran into each other backstage at a hall where both spoke to Jewish leaders, but Obama said there was no mention of how or when she would formally end her long campaign to become the nation’s first female president.

Obama showed no impatience, merely smiling and accepting congratulations from colleagues in both parties as he returned to the Capitol for a Senate vote. But other Democrats urged her to get out of the way.

“I don’t see why we don’t get on with it and endorse” Obama, said Rep. Charles Rangel, a congressman from Clinton’s home state of New York. He said it was only a matter of time before he and other Clinton supporters formally back Obama.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, an Obama supporter, said Clinton’s non-concession “creates a pretty delicate situation here, an awkward situation.”

“I don’t want to push her. Nobody is going to push her,” Durbin said on MSNBC. “But the sooner she does, I think the more likely we’re going to be organized and ready to win in November.”

Obama began focusing on who will join his ticket in the fall. His campaign said the vetting of potential running mates was to be managed by a three-person team of Caroline Kennedy, former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and longtime Washington insider Jim Johnson.

Clinton has told lawmakers privately that she would be interested in the vice presidential nomination. Obama was noncommittal after his chat with her behind the scenes at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

“We’re going to be having a conversation in coming weeks, and I’m very confident how unified the Democratic Party’s going to be to win in November,” he told reporters after a vote in the Senate where he received congratulations from all sides.

RFK Jr. campaigns for Hillary in NJ

RFK Jr. on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton earlier this year in NJ.

(Well, if an Obama/Clinton ticket ain’t gonna happen: Pssst…Caroline! if it wouldn’t be too classic a case of Kennedy nepotism, we’d like to nominate your cousin Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for the VP selection committee’s consideration.)


Update: As of late this afternoon, CNN is reporting that Senator Hillary Clinton will officially end her campaign Friday.

Meanwhile, the dam holding back endorsements broke from coast to coast on the day after the primary elections concluded.

Seven senators who had stayed out of the matter said they were giving Obama their commitment and would work toward uniting Democrats for the election, now exactly five months away.

In Nashville, Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen was joined by two other superdelegates to say they hoped to bring the party behind Obama even though Clinton won their state. Former Vice President Walter Mondale, who had been a Clinton supporter, announced he was backing Obama.

It hardly mattered in terms of delegate math – after months of struggle, Obama had more than enough to prevail at the party convention in Denver in August. But Obama’s new backers were also sending a message to Clinton that her race was over.

Bob Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, was lobbying members of the Congressional Black Caucus to urge Obama to place Clinton on the ticket. He said he was doing so with her blessing.

Rangel, a founding member of the caucus, expressed doubts that Johnson’s approach would work. “I don’t really think that the way to get Obama to (choose) Clinton would be to put pressure on him. I think it would have the opposite effect,” Rangel said.

The Obama camp’s disclosure about the three-person veep vetting team was an effort to change the subject from the long, divisive primary campaign toward the general election.

Kennedy’s name came as a surprise, although she endorsed Obama at a critical time last winter, saying he could be an inspirational leader like her father. She also campaigned for Obama.

Holder is a former federal prosecutor and District of Columbia Superior Court judge who held the No. 2 job at the Justice Department under President Clinton.

Johnson is widely known among Democrats for having helped previous candidates, including John Kerry four years ago, sift through vice presidential possibilities. He is a former chief executive officer for the mortgage lender Fannie Mae.

Clinton visited her campaign headquarters in suburban Arlington, Va., where she thanked staff members for their work. Aides said she was also phoning superdelegates and supporters, and planned to host an 89th birthday celebration at her Washington home for her mother, Dorothy Rodham.

Several high-dollar fundraisers who had spoken to the former first lady described her as upbeat and realistic about what she faced.

“She’s very resolved, but open minded about whatever’s coming. She’s going forward with an optimistic eye,” said Susie Tompkins Buell, a San Francisco-based fundraiser who flew from New York to Washington early Wednesday morning.

Some lawmakers showed deference to Clinton, an indication of the political and fundraising power that she and her husband still wield.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland, an uncommitted superdelegate, said he will be supporting Obama but declined to make a formal endorsement. “I expect Mrs. Clinton to say some things over the next couple of days and I think that’s appropriate for her to do. And I expect her to say that, at which time I may make a more formal” announcement, Hoyer said.

Associated Press writers Devlin Barrett, Laurie Kellman, Beth Fouhy and Jesse Holland contributed to this report.
06/04/08 18:05 © Copyright The Associated Press.



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6 responses to “Caroline Kennedy Will Help Obama Pick VP

  1. vickie c

    big deal. Its not the women thing………………its him

    He will not get my vote EVER

  2. Pingback: GOBAMA 08!

  3. Today, in writing a note here; I just feel really really depressed, on the anniversary of RFK’s death, this week that somehow not enough collective energy here to could raise RFK, Jr. interest in leading his country at a time so desperate.

    Tonight, is just one of those “I’m mad at G*d moments”. This country is crying for Mr. Kennedy’s leadership. We need more than a competent person, we need that rare level of charisma. And his knowledge of sourcing alternate energy at this critical junction in history combined with his leadership skills make him such a superior person to lead us.

    I don’t think Caroline Kennedy will be of any help to those of us serious about RFK, Jr. Something is very wrong in that family tree. Our man is too much of a gentlemen to wash family linen in public, yet he firmly declined to stand with his kin in supporting Obama. Something is going on, and I just hope he is able to continue to go his own way. I don’t get the feeling Caroline is too close to him. I think he is much too pasionate a temper for her cool, reserve.

    For those of you interested, it seems our three leading tabloids; the Star, The Globe and The Enquierer are running op/ed pieces on the Kennedy Tree being dead now that Ted is dying. There is nothing written about RFK, Jr. Just a few comments about Joe, Jr. dropping out of congress and other siblings having too much baggage. No word on RFK, Jr. at all. You would think he was a total unknown!

    While we laugh at these trash tabloids. They do sell. I would urge you to write love notes to all three mags, they are online; and let your feelings about Bob, Jr. be known. While a strong part of me does not like Mrs. Clinton, I was hoping her senate seat would open up to Kennedy, should she run. I don’t think she will get the VP nod. I’m sure there will be other opportunities for our favorite 2012 contender! Now is the time to start thinking about powerful people who might be able to “reach” RFK, Jr. People he is likely to listen to re getting him into better position next election.

    This is such an abberant election, who knows, some are predicting we may be ready to nominate and elect an independent for President. It’s far fetched; but anything, in these times is possible.

  4. Frosty – it’s good to see you back here, so glad you shared your thoughts on this night, this very sad anniversary indeed.

    You expressed what so many are feeling – the great disappointment that 2008 will not be RFK Jr.’s year.

    Lotta hearts breaking out there tonight.

    Yes, an era is closing – Ted’s illness only stresses that to us all – but despite the mainstream media’s pitiful ignorance about RFK Jr., he may just come back and surprise them all in the next four years!

    Just because an era is coming to a close doesn’t mean that the Kennedys are without power or influence in American politics, as some in the media have recently tried to assert. On the contrary, the legacies of JFK and RFK have loomed large over the process this election year, and the nomination of Barack Obama (bringing the Kennedys back into the spotlight with him) only proves that people desperately want the Kennedys to remain in positions of leadership. And that we’re ready to elect more of them!

    So to close out my comments on a hopeful note, I think that now would be the time for this younger generation of Kennedys to seriously consider runs for elected offices. And in my future conversations with Bobby, I can give you all a solemn promise that I will continue to gently nudge him in that direction.

    Heh…or maybe not so gently! LOL:)

  5. Allison

    Or try to get Bobby to post here as well, New Frontier. I think if he heard from us, his fans, that might get him to seriously get involved in public office. Now that Ted is at his twilight, it’s time for Bobby to seriously consider picking up the torch.

  6. Wow, it sure is interesting to “flashback” now on the last day of 2008 and read this article again. What a critical turning point moment this was in such a historic election year!

    Let’s review and take a closer look with some hindsight, shall we?

    The news of Caroline heading up Obama’s VP search team came on June 4th, the 40th anniversary of former NY senator Robert Kennedy’s murder.

    As fate (or the voters) would have it, the current occupant of that same senate seat – Hillary Clinton – announced her campaign was over on June 4th. Although in truth, her campaign really ended two weeks earlier, thanks to a tasteless and ill-timed remark she made about the RFK assassination (which RFK Jr. defended her on, incidentally -a move that had some Kennedy loyalists asking aloud, Hey, WTF?”). Clinton’s “I’m out of the race” announcement finally came, curiously enough, in perfect synchronicity with Obama’s announcement. The same day, June 4. Within a matter of hours, in fact. Smell test, anyone?

    At the time, of course, everyone whispered “back room deal!” “Hillary is only giving up her campaign because she wants to be Obama’s Veep!”

    Well, that didn’t happen, but…hindsight being what it is, try this little scenario on for size instead:

    RFK Jr. endorsed Hillary in the primaries this year because he reportedly wanted to reclaim his father’s senate seat — and it was strongly rumored that Hillary offered to “help him” get it in exchange for his support.

    Meanwhile, Caroline, Teddy, et al…suddenly jumped off the Clintons Good Ship Lollypop and got on board Obama’s Soul Train, Bound For Glory.

    And six months later, another sudden turn…now Obama is the President-elect, Hillary is offered SoS, and Bobby Jr. ….WHAT?…takes his name out of the running for that senate seat he’s always wanted?

    The mind boggles.

    Then, the plot twist to end all plot twists; out of nowhere comes cousin Caroline, who never expressed the slightest desire in holding elected office…and now she wants Hillary’s senate seat!

    So what’s the real deal, you may ask? What kind of political backslappin’ and palm-greasin’ is REALLY going on behind the scenes? And who writes this stuff? It’s a soap opera, I tell ya: “All My (Kennedy) Children”!

    I actually heard a pretty logical theory today from a friend of mine, and I’m not so inclined to disagree with his take on things. Check out *this* six-degrees-of-separation-scenario:

    – Hillary offered to “help” RFK Jr. get her the senate seat in return for *his* endorsement if she won.
    – Obama offered to “help” Caroline get the same senate seat in return for *her* endorsement, if he won.
    – Once it became clear that Hillary had lost the nomination, she made a deal with Obama to just go quietly…in return for consideration as VP or a very high level cabinet position…and for “help” paying off her campaign debts. (Who’s your Sugar Daddy, baby?)
    – Once it became clear that Obama had the nomination cinched in early June, he brought Caroline onto his VP search committee to “help” prepare her for bigger things ahead, and….

    Six months later, ba-da-bing – whaddyaknow, Hillary’s leaving the senate for the promised cabinet post, RFK Jr. (who backed the wrong horse in this race) is out in the proverbial cold, and Caroline is a shoo-in for the promised Senate seat.

    Whew, ya got all that?

    Okay, now just don’t say anything to Blago about this wild conspiracy theory. He might just get an idea about how to sell (cough!) ahem, excuse me, I mean FILL Obama’s vacant senate seat…;)

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