RFK Jr’s Weekly News The Corporate Media Forgot to Report

* We now bring you Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s latest Huffington Post article:



by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Brendan DeMelle

Bush Admits U.S. ‘learning as we go’ in Iraq, Afghanistan

President Bush admitted during his commencement address at the Air Force Academy last week that “we’re learning as we go” in the Afghanistan and Iraq rebuilding efforts. Bush also drew what many historians say is an oversimplified parallel between the current Iraq quagmire and World War II, saying that “In Germany and Japan, the work of rebuilding took place in relative quiet.” Sam Brannen, a fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told the Associated Press that Bush’s analogy between World War II and today is “patently false,” because the stateless enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq “are not accountable to the same command-and-control structures that existed in Japan and Germany.” Bush also claimed “the only way that America can lose the war on terror is if we defeat ourselves.”
General Electric Claims CO2 “A Possible” Factor in Global Warming

Despite all its green advertising claims, behind the scenes General Electric remains skeptical about the role of carbon dioxide in driving climate change. A May 28th GE press release announcing a new “clean coal” initiative states only that “CO2 is a possible contributing factor to climate change.”

GE’s multi-million dollar “Ecomagination” ad campaign paints the company as a concerned environmental steward and GE belongs to a growing coalition of companies calling for federal action on climate change. Kevin Grandia, the managing editor of a new collaborative web effort by several environmental groups to debunk the myth of “clean coal,” noticed the GE press release and pointed to the inconsistency between the skeptical line in the release and GE’s widely-publicized ads and public statements on climate change. Grandia notes that “considering the major marketing effort GE has undertaken to paint itself as a leader on reducing greenhouse gas emissions…[w]hy so much investment by GE in something they only see as a possibility?”

General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt admitted to Forbes magazine in 2005 that the company’s lofty “Ecomagination” campaign is little more than a sales pitch. “It’s primarily that,” Immelt said. “In its essence it’s a way to sell more products and services.”

In order to confront similar greenwashing by the coal industry, environmental groups including The DeSmog Project, Rainforest Action Network and Greenpeace USA launched a new website http://www.coal-is-clean.com/ to shatter the coal industry’s “clean coal” myth by mocking the lengths the coal industry will go to portray coal as clean. A companion site http://www.coal-is-dirty.com/ explains the actual impacts of coal mining and burning.
NASA Inspector General Report Confirms Political Censorship of Climate Data

A new investigation by NASA’s inspector general confirms that Bush administration appointees deliberately skewed and deleted scientific findings about the serious threat of global warming from agency press releases for purely political reasons. The report also confirms that NASA public affairs appointees denied media access to NASA climate scientists and thereby “reduced, marginalized, or mischaracterized climate change science made available to the general public.” The investigation details how the political appointees in the press office rewrote the findings of NASA scientists and put out press releases which instead “suffered from inaccuracy, factual inefficiency and scientific dilution,” according to the Inspector General report. This tampering with science constitutes a major breach of the long-standing trust between NASA scientists and the agency’s public affairs department.
Forced by Court Order, Bush administration finally releases long-overdue climate assessment

Four years past its mandated deadline and ultimately compelled by court order, the Bush Administration finally released a climate change assessment detailing how global warming will affect the United States. A 1990 law, the Global Change Research Act, requires the government to assess the potential for domestic impacts from global warming every four years. But seven-plus years into Bush’s presidency, this Administration hadn’t released an update to the last report issued in 2000 by the Clinton administration. The long-overdue assessment details how global warming will likely lead to devastating droughts and stronger hurricanes in the United States, among other negative impacts.
Top Scientists Say United States Has Lost Its Stature As Science Leader
Following the seven-year assault on science carried out by the Bush Administration, the nation’s top scientists say the United States has lost its edge as a leader in science education and research. An expert panel of scientists, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s top science adviser, detailed at last week’s World Science Festival how the disdain for science among high-level political appointees has crippled the United States’ once proud international standing as a leader in scientific research. The scientists cited specific examples of how U.S. officials downplayed and suppressed scientific evidence of climate change, derailed federal funding for stem cell research, and promoted creationism while casting doubt on the science of evolution.
Bush Administration submits Yucca Mountain nuclear waste application without required radiation exposure
The Bush administration submitted its formal application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a license to build a nuclear waste storage facility at Yucca Mountain in Nevada but failed to include a critical public safety standard for radiation exposure. The application lacks a plan to safeguard the public from certain dangerous isotopes in the radioactive waste that remain dangerous for 1 million years. The EPA has yet to produce this critical standard, yet the Bush administration proceeded with its application anyway. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman told reporters the government’s license application will “stand up to any challenge anywhere,” despite the fact that a federal court has already ruled the EPA’s public radiation exposure standard invalid until it can establish a standard that would be protective of the public for 1 million years. So far, EPA has only been able to establish a standard protective for 10,000 years, nowhere near long enough to safeguard public health and the environment from the deadly radioactive isotopes that would be stored at Yucca. Nevada officials and tribes who live closest to the proposed storage dump vow to continue their fight against the troubled facility.
Proselytizing Marine Suspended In Iraq But Others Continue Attempt to Convert Muslims to Christianity
The military suspended a single Marine in Iraq for forcibly handing out coins quoting the Gospel to Sunni Muslims passing through a checkpoint at the western entrance to Fallujah. In possible violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, U.S. Marines are acting as Christian missionaries while on patrol in Iraq, handing out bibles translated into Arabic, coins quoting the Gospel and other fundamentalist Christian literature to Sunni Muslims in Fallujah and elsewhere. Coalition forces spokesman Rear Adm. Patrick Driscoll said that “the military prohibits proselytizing any religion, faith or practices.”

The Christian fundamentalist group Bible Pathway Ministries admits it has provided thousands of copies of a special military edition of its Daily Devotional Bible study book to members of the 101st Airborne Division. The book’s cover includes the logos of the five branches of the armed forces, implying that the Pentagon approved its publication.

Mikey Weinstein, founder and president of the nonprofit group Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) and a former Reagan administration White House counsel and former Air Force Judge Advocate General (JAG) asserts that “such fundamentalist Christian proselytizing DIRECTLY violates General Order 1A, Part 2, Section J issued by General Tommy Franks on behalf of the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM) back in December of 2000 which strictly prohibits “proselytizing of any religion, faith or practice.”

Chief Warrant Officer Rene Llanos of the 101st Airborne told Mission Network News, “the soldiers who are patrolling and walking the streets are taking along this copy, and they’re using it to minister to the local residents.”

“Our division is also getting ready to head toward Afghanistan, so there will be copies heading out with the soldiers,” Llanos said. “We need to pray for protection for our soldiers as they patrol and pray that God would continue to open doors. The soldiers are being placed in strategic places with a purpose. They’re continuing to spread the Word.”
Veteran’s Affairs Secretary says concerns about PTSD ‘overblown’
In response to a question posed by Vietnam veteran John Guinn about the growing problem of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among veterans, Veterans Affairs Secretary James Peake suggested that some concerns about PTSD are “overblown,” adding that many of the brain injuries were “akin to what anyone who played football in their youth might have suffered.” During his visit to Alaska with Republican Sen. Ted Stevens, Peake also said that many vets with PTSD may just need “a little counseling” and shouldn’t “need the PTSD label their whole lives.”

Yet new Pentagon figures show that the number of new PTSD cases “jumped by roughly 50 percent in 2007.” Brandon Friedman from VetVoice notes that Peake’s interpretation contradicts VA psychiatrist Jonathan Shay, who maintains “Combat PTSD is a war injury. Veterans with combat PTSD are war wounded, carrying the burdens of sacrifice for the rest of us as surely as the amputees, the burned, the blind, and the paralyzed carry them.”

The Washington Post reported on the front page June 3rd that soldiers at Fort Benning suffering from PTSD and other mental wounds are housed in “warrior transition” barracks roughly 200 yards away from the fort’s main infantry firing ranges. The traumatized soldiers are subjected to the sounds of rifle and machine gun fire day and night several days a week. One soldier was recently sent to the emergency room suffering from an anxiety attack due to the proximity of the firing range.

Nearly 40,000 veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been diagnosed with PTSD, in addition to an estimated 150,000 combat veterans with PTSD symptoms.
Right Wing Skeptic Group Plans ‘Carbon Belch Day’
Right wing global warming skeptics are planning a day of carbon belching to coincide with the Congressional debate on a carbon tax rebate program. The “grassroots” group Grassfire.org wants people to waste as much energy as possible on June 12 to break free from “carbon footprint guilt.”

Grassfire’s president Steve Elliott has a solid right wing resume, according to his bio, which says that Elliott “has rallied citizens on a host of grassroots issues, including border security, tax reform, abortion, traditional marriage, supporting our troops, exposing media bias and defending the Pledge of Allegiance.” Although Grassfire was once linked to the right-wing Washington P.R. firm Shirley & Banister Public Affairs, the group refuses to divulge its current funding sources.
International Energy Agency prepares to study peak oil for the first time

The International Energy Agency – considered to be the most reliable independent monitor of global oil supplies – is worried that demand for oil among a growing world population will not be met by a dwindling supply of the fossil fuel resource. “We are entering a new world energy order, ” IEA chief economist Fatih Birol told the Associated Press. The IEA plans to study the depletion rates of 400 oil fields in order to gauge whether or not the world is at or near peak oil, the point at which oil production peaks globally and the remaining oil becomes much more difficult and expensive to get to market, causing demand to far outstrip supply. The IEA’s task will be hindered by secretive regimes such as Saudi Arabia that refuse to divulge information on their remaining oil reserves, but the agency’s findings will serve as the most definitive assessment to date on the outlook of global oil supply.

U.S. Among Countries Who Oppose Ban on Cluster Bombs
The Bush administration refused to sign a recent treaty banning cluster bombs, and worked behind the scenes to strongly oppose its adoption by lobbying other nations to resist the treaty’s call to eliminate stockpiles of the deadly cluster weapons. The United States is the leading producer of the munitions, has the largest stockpile of them, and has used them more frequently than any other nation, including in the current Iraq and Afghanistan wars. More than 100 countries gathered in Dublin last week to sign the treaty which calls for the destruction of existing stockpiles of cluster munitions over the next eight years and an immediate end to their use in battle. Russia, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and the United States – all major producers or users of the weapons – refused to participate in the talks or to sign the treaty. Cluster bombs are designed to detonate upon impact with the ground, spraying small “bomblets” over an area of several hundred yards. But many fail to detonate, leaving behind a minefield of munitions easily triggered by unsuspecting civilians.



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10 responses to “RFK Jr’s Weekly News The Corporate Media Forgot to Report

  1. Jack Mosel

    It’s great to get the news on the criminality elite in our country… They’re bold like never before.

    In true Chenyesque and Bushleague ways in which BAFOONS and Criminals are given freeking free reign and are ushered before us as entitled princesses, parading around as if they actually work for a living or even that they pawn themselves off as being ultra-patriotic… I am awe struck and proud in immediate retrospect to the true patriots who shrill at the top of their lungs, to decry the utter criminality of these charlatains and NAZI PUNKS… That’s you Rove!

    I’m not going to highlight RFK, JR. (This time) as our greatest asset… Nope. I’m going to throw some support to Dr. Steven Greer, M.D.

    Dr. Steven Greer has championed a cause far worth an evening of being informed and educated as to his movement, which is gaining real strength and popularity among us REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS.


    This organization has been formed to give protection and a voice to those pioneers who have found bonefide ways to deliver us from this Chenyesque/Bushleague deciders who think we are only able to handle what THEY throw at us in terms of alternate energy resources and public disclosure of the lies and outright crimes perpetuated from withholding world changing discoveries for over the past 50+ years or more.
    Unlike vetoing Stem cell research, like our decider knows what’s best for his subjects… Who needs a cure if you can’t afford health care right McBush?!!! Moral Majority my ass! major minority more like!

    Laugh but there’s more to the U.F.O. story than we know about and Dr. Greer has retired Generals and other high powered military officials who have gone on public record, that they have more to disclose than we know about… I digress, but this is fascinating information he offers as well.

    The AERO group, headed up by Dr. Greer, is well connected… He has said that through his public disclosure of Government coverup information with the impressive expert witnesses he has assembled in front of the National Press Club, that many of the “Energy Elite” have contacted him and they want the very information he is talking about, which has been supressed, to be disclosed as well, to the public…?! The fears they have is that our knowing all the great information which has been supressed from us over the years, providing them with great wealth, would lead to anger and outrage and retributions against them… Interesting. Anyway, there are coffers from contributors in abundance to cover the monetary requirements to handle expert legal and scientific handling of these discoveries as well as public disclosure and this group is encouraging scientists and inventors alike to step up and disclose the incredible discoveries which we are ready to embrace… Think about the world with free energy… It’s time and it’s here.

    I heard someone yesterday talk about the amount of people who are informed now about 9/11/2001 and the NWO Bush/Cheney (NAZI) fascist pricks & Co. That embracing the public exposure of them would lead to anarchy and world economic crisis… How much worse would it be to “Stay the Course”??? How much time do we have left, that given the magnitude and the sheer balls these creeps operate with, that they won’t go thermo-nuclear? or completely take over our government with their closetted public restroom shoe peeing schemes and delusions of granduer and pius pomp and other derranged skull and bones good ole’ boys club “Serority Girl” puke enhanced ANNE CULTURE (Like in a petri dish!)antics…

    No, the time is up for Cheneyesque Bushleague nonesense… Air out the bums and keep McBush out on the ropes!!!


    No More tolerance… We need to grow now.


    Rolling Right over your stench NWO… ARREST ROVE!

  2. Jack Mosel

    Taken from http://www.impeachBush.org

    “Breaking News:
    Articles of Impeachment Being Introduced in Congress Right Now

    Right now, Monday night, Rep. Dennis Kucinich is on the floor of the House of Representatives introducing articles of impeachment against George W. Bush. He is presenting a 35 count indictment which is being broadcast on C-Span. We will provide a more detailed update, but wanted to be sure to let everyone know right away.

    The intense work of the ImpeachBush.org/VoteToImpeach membership is forcing impeachment on the table. During ImpeachBush.org’s National Call In Day for Impeachment held just one week ago, the offices of Rep. John Conyers were flooded with calls demanding impeachment. We have received reports that there were more calls than could even be answered.”

    Patriots at work…

  3. Jack Mosel

    It’s gettin’ ‘scary’… Politicians are getting in on the patriot thing now (God Bless us)…

    Taken from http://www.ft.com 06/07/2008

    “The truth is out there
    By Peter Barber

    Published: June 7 2008 01:22 | Last updated: June 7 2008 01:22

    When Cynthia McKinney speaks the words of Martin Luther King Jr, they resound through the church with some of King’s cadence. “A time comes,” declares the former US congresswoman from Georgia, “when silence is betrayal.” The congregation answers with whoops and calls of “That’s right!” King was talking about America’s war in Vietnam. More than 40 years later, before the packed pews of the Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, McKinney is speaking of the American government’s war on its own people. The shock and awe phase of this conflict, we had been told earlier, began on September 11 2001, when the Bush administration launched attacks on New York and Washington, or at least waved them through.

    According to a show of hands that February afternoon, several hundred people in the immaculate church believe this to be true. Some came in T-shirts bearing the words “9/11 was an inside job”. One wore a badge demanding that you “Examine your assumptions”. Quite a few bought the DVDs on sale in the foyer, most of which bore photographs of the Twin Towers spewing smoke. They had all come to hear the message of Architects, Engineers & Scientists for 9/11 Truth, one of the dozens of groups across the US which campaign to persuade us that everything we think we know about 9/11 is wrong.”


  4. Thanks for the link, Allison!

    Kucinich is a true patriot, and a real American hero in my eyes. Why don’t more people listen to him?

    Uh…because he’s speaking the truth, I guess. And let’s face it – a lot of people out there just can’t handle the truth.

    Jack mentioned Cynthia McKinney, another American hero of our time. She speaks the truth — and of course, very few people really listen to her. But she keeps right on talking…a little bit louder now…

    Cynthia is so right to invoke Dr. King’s words at this moment in our history; to out all those who know the truth and refuse to speak out; those who will not act when action is needed:

    “A time comes when silence is betrayal.”

  5. Jack Mosel

    SILENCE IS BETRAYAL… Inaction (CONGRESS and SENATE) will judge you harshly in history…

    This country has never been so quagmired (Thanx DICK!) than it is now.

    Joe Biden… rally the senate with Kennedy and don’t let these crimes go unanswered. Already there are overwhelming evidences to justify at least oversight investigations and more testimonies of Bush, Cheney and Rove. In the least, it’ll keep ’em out of the war room for invading Iran long enough to let the clock run out on the Nazi’s in Republican clothing…

  6. Allison

    According to the Washington Post:

    “As they have previously, Democratic leaders staunchly oppose Kucinich’s impeachment effort. They expect to table the resolution by referring it to the Judiciary Committee, where they expect it to die.

    House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) suggested yesterday that engaging in a lengthy debate over impeaching Bush in the waning days of his administration is not a productive use of the House’s time.

    Kucinich tried a similar maneuver last November, bringing an impeachment measure against Cheney to the floor as a privileged resolution. It was referred to the Judiciary Committee.”

    These Democratic leaders are such bums. They care more about keeping their jobs and kissing their lobbyists’ butts than serving the American people and protecting the Constitution. They, along with the corporate media, are complicit enablers of Bushco and are equally guilty in my eyes. I find it outrageous that Clinton was engulfed in a media feeding frenzy and was impeached over lying about an extramarital affair while Bush destroys this country and no one does anything. Unbelievable!

  7. Jack Mosel

    HERE HERE AlLISON!!! As if the Senate had real important things to do, like hold hearings on a f*cking Baseball player, to investigate him as to his use of freeking steroids!!!! But NO WAY… Don’t investigate HIGH CRIMES AND MISEDEMEANORS!!! CLINTON DID WHAT?! RUINED A DRESS?!! WHERE’S THAT BASTARD?!!! and spend $50,000,000.00 wasting more time and producing what is par for the Senate which is absoultely nothing really…

    How much more outrage and non-productive shit are we to be expected to take from this run away government of REPUBLICAN CRONYISM AND DEMOCRATIC SACKLESS FECKLESSISM!!!






    9/11/2001 = INSIDE JOB!!!

  8. Mike

    Dr. King often spoke on the theme of silent betrayal, especially in his last days. It was on his mind. A lot.

    “All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

    “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”

    and a slightly different version of that quote:

    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

    Kind of makes me wonder if this is how the families of 9/11 victims feel when no one in their government will listen to their concerns about it being an inside job. No one will investigate the evidence, yet they pay lip service to the pain these families have to live with every day.

    JUSTICE for the victims of 9/11/2001!





  9. PrisonPlanet.com

    Mike, while we’re arresting and impeaching these buzzards, why not add Poppy Bush’s name to that list, too…for conspiracy to murder John F. Kennedy?

    I’d like to see him explain under oath where he was at 12:30 p.m. on November 22, 1963.

    Funny, everyone else in the world remembers exactly where they were on that tragic day…EXCEPT Bush, who apparently “forgot” he was working for the CIA…then, oh yeah…he later remembered that he MIGHT HAVE BEEN working for the CIA at the time…no…wait, actually, that was SOME OTHER GUY named George Bush who worked at the CIA in those days…or so he said in 1989.

    Until a smoking gun memo surfaced PROVING he was lookin guilty as a m.f….

    Bush Sr.’s got a lot to answer for, and to this day, has managed to evade questioning or prosecution for what he knew about the murder of JFK.

    Read up on it, folks…it’s time to make a citizen’s arrest!




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