Kennedy for Obama’s VP?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


Well, at least a lot of folks out there seem to think so. In fact, one dedicated RFK Jr. fan is encouraging like-minded Democrats to bombard Senator Obama with letters/emails asking him to consider Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as his Vice Presidential running mate in 2008.

Of course, we think that’s an excellent idea – and with Bobby’s cousin Caroline Kennedy on Obama’s VP selection committee, it might even be a possibility, however remote at this point. As a longtime Clinton supporter, Kennedy would certainly bring a lot of Hillary voters to the ticket…uh, not to mention all those Kennedy voters!

Here’s a letter we got this week from an RFK Jr. fan who found it on Pearl Jam’s message board and wanted us to pass it on to our readers. If you support this idea, now is the time to take action!

The Democratic party convention starts next month in Denver, so write or call Senator Obama today! Details on how to do it are below:


Hi guys,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I feel this topic is extremely urgent….

Senator Obama is about to choose a running mate soon. Last I heard it was possibly a Gov. Tim Cain. Personally, I have never heard of him.

It suddenly occured to me that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (RFK, JR.) would be the perfect running mate. He is an activist, and environmentalist, Time magazine voted him as one of “Heroes for the Planet” …a Pearl Jam fans’ dream candidate!

Please check out his website.

And a website run by some of Mr. Kennedy’s fans and friends who hope to draft him for President:

Last night, I wrote to Senator Obama recommending he choose Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for his running mate for Vice President.

Today, I wrote Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and FW’d the same letter I wrote Senator Obama….and asking him if it was okay to throw his name in.

Today, I called Obama Campaign Headquarters and actually talked to a real live person! The HQ phone number is 1-866-675-2008…Press “6” to talk to some very nice people.

The lady I spoke with was very surprised at my choice, and also very excited. RFK, Jr’s cousin Caroline Kennedy, is working on the Obama Campaign.

She quickly got my recommendation off to her supervisor, who wrote back almost immediately.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, is the son of Robert F. Kennedy, who ran for President in 1968 and Nephew of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy.

RFK, Jr also hosts a radio show on Air America “Ring of Fire” Sundays.

Then, PLEASE call Obama Headquarters and overwhelm them with phone calls!

This is the first time I have ever got involved in politics….but I feel this strongly about our future.

Watch Emileo Estevez’s movie “Bobby” to find out more about his father.




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12 responses to “Kennedy for Obama’s VP?

  1. cass

    What a bad idea . Kennedy jr. ..hussein obama is faciing a huge Tsunami ..all about his past : tony rezko the slum lord and money fixer, auchi the billionaire , aihama alsammarae convicted Iragi minister for stealing $650 millions ,bill ayers & dohn domestic terrorist in the 60’s ,farrakhan , fater pfleger, rev. meeks , rev.j. wright , Larry Sinclair ( homosexual and drug escapade with obama in 1999 ) donald young murdered choir director , and just so much more that the media will not question obama about it and now its here . hussein obama and his minions will know the Fury of the ALMIGHTY LORD OF RIGHTIOUSNESS . GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD DAMN hussein obama and his minions , HALLELUIJA TO ALLAH AND GOD ALMIGHTY. AMEN.

  2. Jack Mosel

    Regardless of the chioce Sen. Obama makes for V.P. RFK, Jr. should speak at the Denver Democratic Convention. I’m certain Hillary will. RFK Jr. has been vetted as a true leader and an outspoken advocate for humanity worldwide. He’s not a “Bleeding” liberal, but a concretely sure footed realist that isn’t afraid of calling corrupt toadies “politicians”… or Fascist corporate welfare spokesmen, “Lobbyists”.

    It’s high time for the media to embrace “reality T.V.” reporting and expose the ills that are our downfall today. It’s easy actually and there’s more proof to indicate the corruption and lies and un-American behaviors than ever before!

    Try real reporting, instead of running cover stories to keep the bastards free of owning self-serving schemes, which continue to add to the eroding of our once proud nation’s way of life.

    Why is truth and prosecution so foreign to us in America? Why do criminals and thugs get such latitude in the protection of their rights? Why aren’t we jailing and railing at the audacity of these blatent and heinous crimes against our very country FROM WITHIN ITS HIGHEST OFFICES?!!!

    EDGY? A little mocus in asserting one’s self? Feel that you might be a little abrasive in rubbing the grain wrong from the FOX network’s way of seeing things?… There is a battle on RIGHT NOW for your mind. We are almost ready to be pushed completely over the edge.

    “Obama’s a muslim”, “He’s gonna raise taxes”, “He’s a hope monger”… What the hell is McCain? with the likes of Phil Gramm (The ENRON Loophole) “Mastermind” and advocate from day one… The reason for astro-gas prices… Corruption and jaded patriotism mongers!!! McCain’s ‘handlers’ are the worst of the worst!!! BUSH times 5!


    Hey RFK, Jr.

  3. Jack Mosel


  4. Patricia Grossman

    RFK, Jr. is terrific—his zeal for protecting the environment has translated into concrete measures many times. He might even make a wonderful V.P. But one can’t erase one’s past, especially in politics, and his prior well-documented problems with heroin addiction make him ineligible for V.P. It’s okay with the electorate that GWB is a “recovering alcoholic,” but when it comes to illegal drugs, the country won’t sympathize. And it would be pennies from heaven for the Republican Smear Machine.

  5. Joleyne.

    Awesome idea! I’m so fired up about this!!!

    Just forwarded this to everyone on my mailing list (about 3000 names at last count) and am telling everyone I know to CALL the Obama campaign RIGHT NOW!

    Get on board, folks – this might be the only way we can get Bobby into the White House this year.

    Lend us a hand! get on the horn! call Senator Obama!

  6. Jack, I knew you’d be glad to hear this is happening.

    Joleyne, thank you for all the effort and enthusiasm. That’s exactly what we need if we’re ever gonna save this country. Can we clone a few hundred thousand more of you? 😉

    Patricia, I hear every word you’re saying, but respectfully disagree. It’s time for us to stop being afraid of Karl Rove and his hit team. The Republican smear machine is always working overtime. If they haven’t got something on someone, they’ll make it up!

    But ask yourself honestly – what impact will a drug addiction Bobby conquered 25 years ago have on the campaign?

    Very little.

    If anything, I rather suspect this smear tactic would blow up in the Repubs’ faces. Once the people find out that Kennedy slayed that dragon a long time ago, they will only respect him more.

    Now, as for our current president…uh, the old alcohol problem ain’t all he’s got. Be sure to read:


    For my money, I’ll take a former addict who kicked the habit 25 years ago than a raving loon who still snorts lines of coke every morning (with a stiff whiskey chaser)…

    …but that’s just me.

    Somehow, I think the American people, once presented with the truth, will come to the same conclusion.

    Call me zany, but I have a lot of faith in the human race. We have amazing B.S. detectors…and they are certainly being overloaded this election year!

  7. Jack Mosel

    To “Cass” … How Crass. My how your talking points of malignment ring so unclear of real facts and yet are rovianly accurate enough to keep the vomit of 8 years of corruption and treason valid enough, as if to say that Republicans are justified in anything and everything they do… Hang on.. wretching again… Okay.

    Where’s the WMD Crass? Where’s Osama Crass, Why did Cheney push so hard for this war, that he thumbscrewed the CIA to cherry pick the “yellowcake” and hang Colin Powell out to dry in front of the world? Hussien Obama…? Stop yourself please.. You are embarrassing! This is a Democratic and Kennedy board here.. That means that we are largely litterate and aren’t “clinging to Guns and Religion”. You’ll find all your friends or ‘Comrades’ on, I’m certain you could come back with some real great facts and fiction to stray outside your fascist bubble after sucking air around Or’welly or Handitty Boy and Combover! How bout some Ann Culture (like being spawned from a petri dish) diatribe and psycho babble…

    What else you got Cass? you are entertaining here! How about backing up your errand boy Mcbush with some support for embracing the ‘mastermind’ and posterchild Phil Gramm for tax breaks or exemptions for the filth that continues to rob our country blind, bilking our stock exchange and causing corporate welfare bailouts (Enron Loophole) for starters. You don’t even know how much of a tool you are for those that laugh at your comeraderie from your own side, thinking that you buy their line hook line and sinker…. (Such a tool)

    I’ll say it again, we are patriots here “Cass” we distinguish facts from fiction, we assert that there is real dysfunction and real callamity in our country here-today. We believe that maybe HOPE is all we have and we don’t buy sound bytes with what may be our last ante… Do what you want with your HOPE and invest it wisely… Do not think that you will win praise or brown nosey points however, for your fly by drive by’s though… If no one else but me picks you off… at least I know I’m keeping my powder dry and I’m reloading faster than you. Like I said, this is a patriots board, go spread your propoganda somewhere that you’ll find like minded sponges and sheep like myspace or something. No drive-by’s here!

    BTW nice job with your President taking Osama off the table in his last State of the Union Speech… Guess it ain’t about his old buddy is it…? Oh yeah, What about “W” being aligned with the Bin Ladens? You want to talk about slinging shit about who hangs with whom???! Like I said “Cass” go Patriotic or stay home please!!! How about Bush, Rove, Zelicow / HITLER connections! Those are facts not rhetoric psycho babble….

    Got Dry Powder?!!! Then Bring it!

  8. Jack Mosel

    Drug test BUSH!!! Wait… if the guy won’t appear to testify under subpeona for the 9-11 commision without his evil Uncle Dick, accept if there’s no witnesses, no transcribing equiptment, no oath and no paper and pencils (or crayons)… what’s the reality in getting a drug test…

    Can’t wait to hear more about the Ron Susskind book about more high crimes and treason…

    Id trust RFk,Jr. over all of ’em given the opportunity… I’m settling for Obama.. It’s my No Vote!!!

    BTW, I’m proud to be one of the 1.5 Million Republicans registered from ’04 to be Democratic now. (Coolaid wore off)

    Let’s Roll for real!!!

  9. Right on, Jack. Keep that powder dry, son!

    I was just a little puzzled by the end of Cass’ rant. After saying “Goddamn Barack Hussein” etc…(dropping the obvious inference that he is a Muslim and therefore, somehow evil), she then turns right around and says “PRAISE BE TO ALLAH?”


    I’ll say it again…


  10. chrisy58


    To be honest your comment gave me a headache to read.

    I am not totally sure what point you were trying to make. I noticed the long list of reasons why we shouldn’t vote for Obama but excuse me as I disagree with your views.

    This country is sinking by the head and she is going down fast. We have to many important issues facing this country to continue the same old political games.

    We don’t need more grinlock of nothing getting down and just putting everything under the rug so we don’t have to deal with it. I personally would like to see one party control both the Congress and White House just so we can end the grinlock and start working together as one to start fighting the hard battles that need to be fought to win the war.

    From your post I take it you want more of the same ole same ole of not putting our nation first and saving this country for future generations.

    Look, I haven’t made up my mind what I will do yet. I might vote third party or I might be shown that Obama is worthy of my vote. The important thing is that I am trying to keep an open mind. I will not be judging him on gossip, half truths turned into lies, but on if I think he has the character, wisdom and strength to be President. Is he an honest man? Does he listen to people? Will he fight if necessary to save this country? Those are the questions I think are important.

    Cass, WE have had 8 years of a President lying to us. What Bush has done has been worst than Nixon did in Watergate. I don’t think I am the only American who is sick and tired of not knowing if the President of the United States is lying or telling us the truth.

  11. Ruth C

    I’d frankly be surprised if Obama has had one thought about RFK, Jr; but you all are fab cheerleaders! Good luck with that! I think HIllary is the best Dem choice for now.

  12. lorraine luciano-mckeon

    has anyone checked if cass has gone off her meds?

    it’s all i can think of to explain a post like that.

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