“The Dream Lives On” – Ted Kennedy at the DNC

* An amazing moment like this speaks for itself.

God bless you, Teddy.




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3 responses to ““The Dream Lives On” – Ted Kennedy at the DNC

  1. Robert Jones

    I KNEW wild horses couldn’t keep Ted away! HaHa.

    He’s never missed a convention in 50 years – he wasn’t going to miss this one.



  2. Melinda

    I really liked seeing all the “KENNEDY” signs in the crowd during Ted’s speech.

    Ah, memories of 1980 and a golden opportunity lost.

    Sometimes I wonder what kind of country we’d be living in today if Ted had been elected POTUS in 1980 instead of 8 years of Reagan, followed by Bush I.

    Something tells me this would be a much better world.

  3. As marvin gaye said the good die young

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