Your Attention, Please…


Friends, Romans, Countrymen…lend me your ears for this important announcement:

After serving more than a year as the administrator and editor of the Kennedy for President website, I’ll be leaving this gig September 1 to tackle a new book project.

But don’t worry – the site is in good hands. We have a wonderful group of volunteers here, and the work will continue as always under the watchful eye of our new editor, Tiger Haynes (who is every bit the fighting political animal his name implies).

Many more exciting changes are currently in the works – including a new domain name for the site (since Kennedy is obviously not running this year, is getting a bit outdated!) and a new look, too. We’ll be announcing those in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned for that!


Of course, I’m still one of Bobby’s biggest fans and feel fortunate to also call him a friend, so you can surely bet I’m going to miss this gig! Most of all, I’ll miss having the opportunity to interact with the amazing community we’ve built here on a daily basis.

Other professional and personal commitments in my life have left precious little time left to volunteer this fall. I decided it was better to turn the wheel over to someone else rather than let the quality of this blog slip. We all know Bobby deserves the very best we can give, so I hope he will be pleased with the new direction of this site as we move forward with our mission.

I’ll still be checking in from time to time here (like I could stay away!), posting comments, sharing thoughts and showing support. I’m still on board with the draft Kennedy movement 100%, and plan to keep in touch with many of you who have become very dear friends.

Thanks to everyone who has given such tireless support this past year. You guys and gals are the greatest!

Let’s keep this bus rollin’…and start organizing for 2012.

I’ll see you on the barricades!

Keep the faith,


New Frontier

PS – Our incoming editor, Tiger Haynes, asked me if I had any “famous last words” to post as the founding editor of the web site; some helpful bit of advice or encouragement for the troops. Hmmm…

After giving it a good deal of thought, I decided to share what has been my journalistic motto these past 20 years. It always served me well – may it do the same for you:

“Question authority…including the authority who told you to question authority.”



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18 responses to “Your Attention, Please…

  1. Jim

    I kicked and recommend your thread about this on Democratic Underground. Last time I looked, it had something like 2000+ views, 80 replies and 126 recommendations. Wow!

    Good to see people know what the REAL issue of this election is going to be. We see it coming!

    Don’t let `em steal `08!Go RFK JR! And go New Frontier!!!

    Your activism for the cause is admirable. We will miss you here!

    Good luck w your new book, NF.

  2. Stevie Wondrous

    New Frontier, you can’t be leaving! Ohhhhh nooooooooo! Say it isnt so!?!?!?!?!?

    Seriously, can’t wait to read your new book. Is it about politics, or are you keeping that a secret for now?

    Well, everyone here wilmiss you. You’ve built this blog up into a really cool family over the past year, and you’ve done more to spread RFK Jr.’s message than anyone else on the web!

    I’m sure Bobby knows how lucky he is to have you in his corner. He’ll miss you too.

    Thanks for all your hard work! PEACE!!!!! 🙂

  3. Mike

    Huh? You’re LEAVING?

    damn, what a shame. I think I’m in shock right now. But I wont cry `cuz it looks like you’re setting sail for bright horizons, so nothing to be sad about.

    But I will miss reading your stories here. Always well-written, timely and funny. DAMN, damn ,damn….NF, how COULD you? (LOL)

  4. Day Tripper

    hey, NF – you drop this story on Labor Day? What did you hope to slip this bombshell in when nobody was looking? lol. Gustav interfered with my sailing plans today or i wouldn’t hav e even read the news.

    I met you once at an RFK jr. speech in Oklahoma, and thought you were one hell of a super cool lady. been reading this blog daily since and i’m totally hooked now!

    keep up the good work and bestof luck, NF!

  5. TX Dem

    well, NF, I ain’t mad at ya, but will miss ya a lot!

    take care and do a good job on that book. we know it will be awesome.

    and please come post stories here when you can!

  6. Jennifer Greene

    Bobby should slap NF with a legal injunction to prevent her from leaving this site! hahahaha.

    for real,tho’ – good luck, girl.

  7. Hi everybody. Just wanted to introduce myself as the new editor of Some of you might have read my posts here over the last 6 months or so. I also run a partner blog about the Kennedys at:

    So when NF told me that this new book project was overwhelming her and asked me to help out with this blog, I felt really honored. Im still learning my way, so bear with me while I try to catch up.

    The transisition will be gradual; NF still has a few more stories in the queue for publication this week, so you’ll still get to enjoy a few more of her posts. And I’m sure she will come back and blog for us again in the future when her schedule permits.

    While she was training me to take over the site last week, we were going over the web statistics from the past year which shows which other websites are linking to this blog. I was amazed. That’s when it really hit me just how far this site has come and was a real testament to all her hard work.

    We’ve just had our best month ever – more than 100,000 hits in August 2008 alone. Somebody posted above that NF is the hardest working press agent RFK Jr. could ever have, and I agree. She’s done a truly amazing job of getting the word out about him in thepress and on theweb.

    Those of you who know New Frontier personally know she would never toot her own horn, but to give credit where credit is due, I’m gonna go ahead and toot it for her.

    Under her editorship, this site and her articles have been featured in the following media:

    The Washington Post
    ABC News
    AOL News
    CNN Political Ticker & Blogs
    Larry King Live
    The Wall Street Journal
    Fox News
    The Hill
    National Review
    The Huffington Post
    Democratic Underground
    The UK Telegraph
    The Boston Globe

    …and that’s just the short list. So when the mainstream media wants news on RFK jr., even they get it from this blog. And that’s all due to New Frontier’s efforts over the past year.

    So I’m totally shaking in my boots now!!! Only recently did I come to appreciate how much working running a blog like this really is, I’m feeling pretty intimidated. I just hope that I’ll do a job that does both New Frontier and Bobby justice!

    Okay, thanks for reading this and for showing NF all the support. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be the new editor here. Can’t wait to get started!

    Tiger Haynes

  8. Thom

    Bobby Jr’s. official website at is never updated. Lame. (Maybe Mr. Kennedy should hire you to run his website for him?) I’ve been reading your blog for news on what RFK is up to every day since you launched, and you do an outstanding job on keeping us all informed. Thanks for everything, NF!!!!

  9. Tommy

    Welcome, Tiger!

    So long, New frontier. Thanks for all you’ve done for Mr. Kennedy.

  10. Tiger, thanks so much for the kind words. You’ll do a fine job here, kiddo…no worries!:)

    Stevie W., the new book will be political in nature, but for now the title remains classified.

    A lot of folks have asked me over the past few days “How can I help this blog grow?”

    One thing that would really help, something anyone can do: we are soon to launch several new domain names, and those, of course, cost money. Since we don’t accept cash donations, we could use WordPress credits to help us launch these new websites.

    If you’re a WordPress member, you can send credits to RFKin2008 via the Control Panel. If you’re not a WordPress member, you can purchase credits thru Paypal and send them to our email address: Credits cost $1 each – each new domain we launch requires 10 credits.

    Every little bit helps, so if you’ve got some spare credits lying around that you’re not using, please send a few our way. Thanks.

    I can’t really take the credit (or blame! LOL) for this blog’s success. Our stories took off in the MSM and the blogosphere because of YOU, the readers, who forwarded links, reposted on your own blogs and message boards.

    You guys and gals did all the hard work. Keep telling your friends about Kennedy and spread that petition around.

    We’ve still got lots of work to do for RFK, and most especially, for this country.

    And to our new editor — Go get `em, Tiger!

  11. Helena Martinez

    Does Bobby know you’re leaving, NF?

    I kinda doubt he’d want to see you go!

  12. Dear NF:

    I hope there is some way for some of us stragglers to say goodby to you, at least for now! I thank you so much for the generous comments that came from your direction!

    I only wish I had been brave enough to take you up on your challenge to write to Bobby directly, and try to lure him into a more active position right here, right now! What is reap apparent to me is that he needs to how MANY people here admire and, yes, even love him! We don’t hear that word used too often today’s political playground.

    I felt that one puny letter or note from me would not make a difference. Before I even had a chance to discuss alternatives to how best approach RFK, Jr; whoosh! You are off! I am going to miss you as a wonderful cyber spirit. I am so frustrated we were not able to get a miracle off this ground; but there is still a future for all of RFK’s admirers here. Let’s hope we will be more energized to really organize and get the ideas off the PC and get ourselves OFF TO THE BARRICADES!

    I wish you all the luck in the world with your new project. I hope you do come back here to visit and inspire us. You had a wonderful dream, and it is my prayer that we can all see it come to frutation. Now is definately the time to start. I was very disappointed in Bob’s low visability at the convention. But that is why we need to work harder to get his speeches noticed, to make sure people hear him, AND HEAR HIM GOOD!

    There is some real bizarre stuff going on with this Sarah Palin. I have a feeling Bobby might have been gun-shy over his lack of legislative experience. Now, HE NEED NOT EVER WORRY ABOUT THAT AGAIN! If Mr. McCain feel’s no experience necessary is honorable, than so be it. Bobby’s miracles in terms of sheperding the earth for the people in New York State, the way he has cleaned up the rivers and lands of New York should make for a substantial resume, in light of new changes for “work experience”.

    Gov. Palin was a communictions major at a State University. Bobby Kennedy has written several books, hosted his own radio program, and draws large crowds whenever and wherever he speaks. No problem in communications dept! In terms of being “Pro-Life”, Bobby is a faithful Catholic. His father was murdered in cold blood, yet he NEVER speaks in favor of capital punishment. He is a man with a profound respect for life, in all forms, INCLUDING human!

    We don’t know what will happen after election day, but it is never too early to run for national office. I wish the Editor of this web site, all the luck in the world. I look forward to supporting Bobby Kennedy’s work and his future work, right here, with the people who believed in him first and most.

    Please do keep in touch NF! It was an honor working with you:).

    Susanne/aka “Frosty7530”
    Bobby Now, Bobby Tommorow and Bobby ALWAYS!

  13. Helena – Yep, Bobby knows the book (and other projects) were about to swallow me up! He has wished me well and hopefully, he’ll continue to read this blog in the future. I know he sure appreciates all the support and love everybody here shows him!

    Susanne – what a great sendoff! Made my day.:)

    Thank you for sharing my dream – and for refusing to give up until one day, we make it real.

    Please never believe that your words don’t make a difference. They do. Granted, words are just words, but trust me, words can have the power to change hearts, minds and perhaps even the world.

    So go ahead and write Bobby that letter! Better yet, try to catch up with him in person next time he visits your town and ask him face-to-face! He’s easy to approach, and even easier to talk to.

    And speaking of men who dared to dream big dreams, let me just leave you with these words to ponder tonight as you think about America’s past and future:

    “Well, I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn’t matter with me now. Because I’ve been to the mountaintop. And I don’t mind…

    I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the promised land.

    I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land!”

    — Martin Luther King Jr.’s farewell speech,
    Memphis, TN
    April 3, 1968

    If you ever find youself believing that words can’t change the world, remember these. Just also remember that words must be combined with ACTION!

  14. chrisy58


    I wish you the best. Good luck on your new projects. You have done such a great job here. I will miss you.

  15. Bob V.

    So i see that New fRontier is setting out for a New Frontier. Well, good luck to you, little lady. I’ll miss reading your articles here & hope you’ll come back to say hi sometimes.

    rfk jr. was lucky to have you. Hope he knows that!

  16. WOW… Not now what… but wow.

    You got my e-mail address, NF please stay in touch.

    I can’t express clearly enough how blogging on this site, which you created and crafted so masterfully, with words both endearing and razor sharp, had given a certain therapy for me to vent my angst and my patriotism all at the same time!!!

    I’ll continue to patronize here with Tiger… It’s all I know how to do to continue my therapy…

    Thanks New Frontier… We shared a lot of mutual beliefs and I hope I gave solice as much to you as you have for me through this brave new world of interconnectedness of patriotic souls through the efforts you have provided for us… from within your site.

    Whatever you do or wherever you go (from here) I wish you God-Speed and good luck and good fortune.

    Your talent in political prowess and factually correct data are very powerful and very much are in demand in these times of Rovian Rhetoric and Fascist fact shredding!!! Nazi Nastiness and Cheneyesque shananigans! These bums think they’re cute… We smell them a mile away. Unfortunately, most journalists can’t or won’t decry their crimes and/or our audacity… You did and that’s the magic behind your site and obviously behind those who will support and ally themselves with you going forward.

    Please tell me the name of your book is “WHERE’S OSAMA? The Life and times of George Bush!!!”

    Peace.. Until next time. Please forward your next website address and the name of your book when it comes out…

    Best regards,


  17. Dear Jack & Chrissy, old friends, it was especially good to hear from you here, and thanks so kindly for those words of farewell.

    Y’know, I really didn’t expect this post togenerate so many comments. It’s nice to feel appreciated, so thanks.

    If we all lived in the same town, we’d definitely have to go out and have a few beers together! But this website (and indeed the web in general) is sort of the new “cyber-corner-bar” where people go to yak about politics and plot revolutions nowadays…hey, don’t forget the American Revolution was born in taverns!;)

    Y’know, an “Austin Tea Party” does have kind of a fun ring to it…

    Well if we should ever decide to dump George’s tea in the Colorado, you all will most definitely be invited to join us! Until then, I’ll…

    See you on the barricades!

    (Blogged long distance from London, where Americans tend to do a lot of thinking about 1776)

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