Ventura Hints at 2012 Presidential Run


Forget all that crap the mainstream media tells you about John McCain being a maverick. Want to hear a REAL maverick speak? Well, you ain’t gonna hear him at the RNC Convention, folks. Better switch your tee-vee set to C-SPAN and watch the amazingly well-attended Ron Paul counter-convention coverage instead.

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura delivered some mighty impassioned remarks yesterday at the Rally for the Republic, and we encourage everyone – Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Indifferent – to listen to the speech and consider the powerful truth this man is speaking.

During his speech, in which Ventura called for a peaceful revolution to “take our country back,” he said that can only happen once the American people stop falling for the phony left-right paradigm. “I am not a Democrat!” Ventura said to thunderous cheers. “And I am not a Republican! And I say that very proudly today because I think these two parties are destroying our country.”

Ventura also talked about his success as a third party candidate and encouraged people to vote locally for independent candidates to break the Republican-Democrat stranglehold.

“So it can be done – don’t ever allow anyone to tell you that it can’t be done, it can be done!” Ventura exclaimed.

Ventura concluded his speech by saying, “We can take our country back, it can be done, but it’s not gonna happen with talk – it’s gonna happen with action. I wrote the book Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me – well I’m here….let’s get the revolution going!”

 He also strongly hinted at a Presidential run in 2012, adding that if the country showed him it was possible, he would consider running, “we’ll give them a race they’ll never forget!”

Absolutely, Jesse. And be sure to bring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. along as your running mate. (Yeah, we know you’re thinking about it, buddy!)




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2 responses to “Ventura Hints at 2012 Presidential Run

  1. As I watch the RNC convention and hear the bullshit we are made to ingest, the la dee da pretty pictures, pretty pictures, happy smiling (perfect people) spouting diatribe about ‘Maverics’ Heroes and Partiots… All owing only to Republicans, I might add… The direct comaparrison to truth WE CAN HANDLE! coming from a real American Patriot who is putting “It” all on the line for us is refreshing, rewarding and revitalizingly powerful… Thanx Jesse!

    I actually heard a righteous puking pundant on NPR today call Obama a “wimp”… Is this the level we have evolved to in picking our countries’ leaders??? I lean Obama because I hear intelligent all encompassing rhetoric as opposed to smear and wave the country first, POW flag as if it is a right to the Presidency… Hollow platform from McCain… No Hat this time… Just Cowboy right!

    Bomb Bomb Bomb… Bomb Bomb Iran.. WOW… That’ll get Iran to back down (not). Nice ‘Foriegn Policy’ there John…

    BTW JOHN WHERE’s OSAMA? I haven’t heard one lick about keeping this Public Enemy #1 on top of the table in terms of our Most Wanted hit list… Didn’t he have something to do with 9/11??? and WHAT ABOUT OUR REASONS FOR AXIS OF EVIL #1 … We spent TRILLIONS now on IRAQ… Mistake? Mistep? or was it a sham at at the highest levels?!!! Where’s FRIGGIN CONGRESS on this?! Where’s the OVERSIGHT JOE BIDEN?!!! Want to take McCain/Palin’s (BUSH III) bounce away from them… BRING BACK OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM DAMMIT!!! ARREST KARL ROVE.. REALLY HUNT BIN LADEN (NOT HUMP US)… and Subpeona BUSH & CHENEY to testify about Iraq-Gate!!! Since no one has the balls to re-open an HONEST 9/11 hearing, without the “lobbyists” who maligned our INDEPENDENT COMMITTEES findings and turned it into PROPOGANDA! … SOMEONE’s GOTTA HANG FOR ALL THIS BULLSHIT!


  2. I just saw MCBush spout out more diatribe and two class economy rhetoric…

    Trickle down economics (John) ran down our legs… Oh yeah you know that already, I forgot your handler Phil Gramm, fought for and got, the ENRON LOOPHOLE and continues to pump Rovian words of propganda into your ears, to spout from your mouth (Sir).. You were a hero… Now you’re a SELLOUT!

    You are “MC Palin Comparrison” (Sir), to anything remotely tangable or reletively similar to any sort of CHANGE that we can believe in…

    BUMS AND THIEVES, they’re light on action for you and I in anything real and good, bought and paid for INSIDERS and NEO-CONS!… I’d love to see Ventura tear this stuff apart…

    Heartbeat away… I wouldn’t vote for Palin for President, that’s for sure… That’s what we might get. I could just see it now… Rove comes right in the back door and Cheney is right behind him. No thanx.

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