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No, They Wouldn’t Dare Steal Another Election…Or Would They?


*Will the 2008 election be stolen? You’ve GOT to see this video! (Might as well have a laugh, eh?)

But seriously…they did it in 2000, 2004, and may have a plan for this November, too. So be informed and ready to fight back! Be sure to check out Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s article, “Was the 2004 election Stolen?” and learn how he’s trying to prevent it from happening again in 2008.

Bobby is also working with investigative journalist Greg Palast on a separate voting integrity project called Steal Back Your Vote. RFK Jr. appears in the video with Palast below:

Both of these projects, NoVoterLeftBehind.net (a byproduct of the Democratic party), and StealBackYourVote.org (totally nonpartisan) need your support right now! Please consider making a financial contribution to help fund these very worthwhile efforts.


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Announcing Our New Name, New Look, New Editor



The blog formerly known as RFKin2008.com is now RFKJrForPresident.com!

Since Kennedy obviously isn’t running in 2008, we decided it was time to finally change the name. So please update your bookmarks if you’re a frequent visitor here. (And of course, tell your friends about our new, easy-to-remember web address.)

As many of our readers already know, lots of exciting new changes are in the works. We’ll be giving the site a makeover in the next few weeks, and we’ll be curious to hear your thoughts and suggestions on our new look and new features/functionality. Let us know how we can improve and make this site better.

I’d also like to introduce everyone to our new web editor, Tiger Haynes, who has been a frequent contributor here over the past year. Tiger runs “Ask Not: The Kennedy Legacy” (one of our sister blogs) about the Kennedy family and does a fine job. He’s a good kid, so go easy on him while we try to work out a smooth, seamless transition! If you’d like to drop him a line of welcome, feel free. His email address is RunBobbyRun@att.net.


We will soon be launching several sister sites for the cause. The new web sites are already up and for now, the URL’s simply point to this blog. Eventually, each site will grow to feature unique content, and we welcome you to submit stories, photos, video, audio you have on Robert F Kennedy Jr.’s speeches and other public appearances.

The new websites we’re launching today are:





http://RFKin2008.com (still active thru 2009)

http://RFKin2012.com (yeah, we’re ready to go!)


Of course, all these new websites and upgrades cost money, and we need some help from you now.

You can help us offset the cost of launching all these new web sites by sending us some CREDITS if you’re a Word Press member. (Just go to upgrades in the Control Panel, and send credits to our WP username RFKin2008). If you’re not already a Word Press member, you can purchase credits through Paypal (Credits cost $1 each) and send them to our email address, RunBobbyRun@att.net.

Thanks for reading this blog, and for supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President!

New Frontier

Founding Editor



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