RFK Jr. Film Faces Uncertain Future



Roger Friedman of FoxNews reports on his blog that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s planned documentary film “Crimes Against Nature” may not see the light of day anytime soon – if ever. He writes:

I told you more than a year ago that filmmakers were busily putting together a documentary based on Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book, “Crimes Against Nature,” sort of his “Inconvenient Truth.”

In Denver, during convention week, I was told several times that there were going to be screenings of some kind on the Pepsi Center campus. There was also word at the Toronto Film Festival that it would be seen. Neither scenario materialized.

Alas, I now hear that the people who’ve made the film are at war among themselves and there is chaos instead of expected unity for this investigative take on environmental politics.

In one corner, there is director Angus Yates. He comes with quite a pedigree. Stepson of Mike Wallace, son of late journalist Ted Yates, Angus has a long list of filmmaking credits. He also grew up with Kennedy, which gives some advantage when it comes to making this film.

In the other corner, there’s wealthy newspaper heiress Clara Bingham, who put up a lot of the money for “Crimes Against Nature.” Even though she hasn’t seen the film, sources say Bingham wants to take it away from director Yates and give it her own imprimatur. She has no prior filmmaking credits, but is a journalist who did write the book upon which Charlize Theron’s movie “North Country” was based.

Calls to Bingham at her New York apartment were attempted, but a recorded message said the voicemail box was full.

In the middle of this: producer Sarah Johnson Redlich, who wants Yates to finish his film but with compromises.

“I like Angus and I think he’s made a good film. But he also tried to make a Michael Moore film. It doesn’t work. He took Clara’s script and threw it out, and used his own. Bobby didn’t think it was good.”

As for who controls the finished work, that remains to be seen. Yates has told friends that he owns the film, and can so what he wants with it. That may include a surprise screening next week to get reaction, thus pushing Kennedy to take the director’s side and end the controversy. In the end, it will be up to Bobby Kennedy which version of “Crimes Against Nature” is final.

But Redlich says that only she and Bingham have money in the project. “Angus doesn’t have one cent in it,” she said.

She adds: “If we could just get him to do these final things. To me, it’s where you place things. I come from a staunch Republican family. If you start with an attack on George Bush, and clips of George Carlin, they’re going to walk right out. The message is too important for that.”


Story copyright 2008, Fox News.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Hm. From what I gather, this basically means that someone is trying to tone down RFK Jr.’s message. Yes, why start a film about the destruction of our environment with an attack on George Bush, the worst environmental president in history? That just makes too much sense! Better tone that rhetoric down, Bobby…how dare you point out the obvious?



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7 responses to “RFK Jr. Film Faces Uncertain Future

  1. Jack Mosel

    The truth… Is anything but inconveinient. on many many fronts today.

    Change.. Is something that needs to be heralded from the highest rooftop and at the highest pitch, with no prisoners accepted and no level of transparency spared…

    Yes this means you Mr. Cheney… Culpability and accountablility has to be a top-down belief system in our great country… We can handle the truth, we’ve just lost our tastebuds for it because “they don’t make that flavor anymore”.

    Truth in lending
    Truth in politics
    Truth in environment
    Truth in policy… Truth & Consequences!

    Bottom-up, it seems is what we are left with embracing with regard to Truth & Consequences…

    We can handle the truth… Can we handle the consequences of truth? I believe we can, I believe we will…

    I believe we need a leader to bring back the truth flavor… “by popular demand”!

    Truth Flavored Koolaid!!! Bring the movie out and let’s roll!!! Bobby wrote the book, the movie has to be of his approval.. If he says it opens with a duck… then it opens with a duck.

    No more duck and cover for us!!!

    Hey Bush/Cheney… you break it.. you bought it!

    Quack Quack ;>

  2. Allison

    I hope everyone can work things out because I would really like to see this film.

    Yes, indeed, GWB is the worst environmental president EVER. Why would anyone in their right mind want to tone it down? It’s not like the guy is all that popular right now!!

  3. Allison, I wondered the same thing…until I remembered that Sarah Redlich (whose mega millions are largely financing this movie) comes from a staunch Republican family, as she herself says in the article.

    So that might explain why she’s a tad skittish about Kennedy being “too harsh” on George Bush?

    One wonders how a super-elite Repub got involved in this film project in the first place. (Almost as funny as Baroness Rothschild coming out yesterday in support of John McCain because SHE thinks Obama is “an elitist”. It is to laugh! Elitists calling other elitists elitist. Gotta love that.)

    Sounds like what we have here is a clash of the ideologies…business as usual…but at least it’s good to see that those on the left and right at least agree that we need to save the planet.

    Now if they could just stop bickering about this partisan b.s. and let the film speak for itself.

    I guess if all else fails, they could just make it a slideshow like Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth.”

  4. Just announced: looks like a sneak preview of “Crimes Against Nature” is on tap for the Aspen Film Festival:

    Crimes Against Nature
    Sat Sept 27, 2:00pm
    Wheeler Opera House

    From http://aspenfilm.org

    The premiere of a new documentary inspired by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s environmental bestseller and narrated by Morgan Freeman. This film is followed by an evocative conversation with director Angus Yates and NPR science and environment correspondent Richard Harris on the current state of environmental policy and the roles that Americans and the media play to influence its future.

    btw, tickets to Aspen Film Fest are on sale now if you want to be there. Hopefully, someone who attends will submit a film review to this blog (how’s that for a 100-lb.hint?)

  5. Allison

    That is weird that a Repub would be involved in financing the film. I hope this documentary either makes it to theatres or at least DVD.

  6. gail collins

    Don’t know if this is the correct forum to ask when this dvd will be available. Could someone let me know as the Democratic Town Commitee in Cohasset wishes to show it for the public?
    Thank you
    Gail Collins

    • Gail, thanks for the question. I haven’t heard anything more about the status of “Crimes Against Nature” since it was premiered in Aspen a few months ago. Have been keeping my ears open for news of a theatrical or DVD release, so far not a peep.

      You might try contacting the filmmakers through their website:

      You may also want to contact Mr. Kennedy’s office at Pace Law. The number is 914-422-4343.

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