Karl Rove, Deepak Chopra and RFK Jr.? We’re Not Kidding.


Ok, we made this part up. Unfortunately, Rove was not arrested Friday. But the rest of the story is all true!

Ok, we made this part up. Unfortunately, Rove was not arrested Friday. But the rest of the story is all true!


* Editor’s note: You can’t make this stuff up, folks. You just can’t.

Karl Rove, the politico considered a mastermind of the Bush White House, broke down the upcoming presidential election Friday during the Sacramento Metro Chamber’s annual speakers forum, but wouldn’t predict the winner.

“It’s a very close race. The advantage should be to Obama,” Rove said during a follow-up interview. “The fact that he’s not way ahead means this is going to be a very close election with a lot of twists and turns, and anybody who tells you they know how it’s going to turn out is fooling themselves.”

The Chamber’s “Perspectives 2008” event at the Sacramento Convention Center drew more than 2,500 people, including scores of business leaders and elected officials from around the region.

In addition to Rove, speakers included Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (yeah, we’re scratching our heads, too), political pundits Bob Beckel and Cal Thomas, author Deepak Chopra and comedian Frank Caliendo.

In an interview with The Sacramento Bee  after his speech, Rove talked about Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

“She’s had an extraordinary impact. The number of people enthusiastic about voting for McCain doubled. We have rarely seen a vice presidential candidate have such a visceral relationship develop so quickly with the American people.”

Later in the program, Kennedy urged the audience to embrace clean forms of energy.

Investing in wind, solar and other alternative energy sources would be good for the American economy, Kennedy said. He said major upgrades are needed to the nation’s energy grid and to how the energy market is run.

“Good environmental policy is good economic policy,” Kennedy said. “There is no bigger advocate for a free market economy than I am.”

Rove got a “warm” welcome outside the hall from thousands of protesters, who had come from as far away as San Francisco to call for his immediate arrest.

IndyBay wrote of Rove’s visit:

For his crimes against humanity, the environment and the U.S. Constitution, Karl Rove should be in jail, not invited to speak at the Sacramento Convention Center. The Chamber of Commerce describes its annual “Perspectives” event “as a day of stimulating dialogue and provocative banter.”

However, inviting Karl Rove to speak at this event would be like inviting Pol Pot, Hitler or Efrain Rios Montt, the engineer of the Mayan genocide in Guatemala during the 1980s, to the convention center!

“The door opens at 8:30 AM and the event starts at 10:00 AM,” according to an action alert from Sacramento for Democracy. “Let’s greet the attendees as they go in with lots of colorful signs describing how we feel about ‘Bush’s Brain.’ Since Rove ignores Congress’ requests, maybe we can come up with a little surprise for him.”

“Robert F. Kennedy, Jr will be there to talk about environmental issues, so you can bring a pro RFK, Jr sign if you have one. Deepak Chopra will be there, as well as the hilarious comedian Frank Caliendo,” the action alert added.

For a great article about Rove’s visit to town, read R.V. Scheide’s “Race to the Bottom” column in the Sacramento News & Review, http://www.newsreview.com/sacramento/Content?oid=823262



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5 responses to “Karl Rove, Deepak Chopra and RFK Jr.? We’re Not Kidding.

  1. Jack Mosel

    I still cannot fathom why Karl Rove is not in handcuffs… Google: “ratfucker”..

    The early and pre-Nixon years was where this fungus was bio-augmented. His entire “political” career has been the covert involvement as an agent provocatuer and a “handler” of dirty deeds. He’s been a link of the chain from Bush, Nixon, Reagan, Cheney since “they” have infected themselves in our office of President since the time just after Eisenhower… These bums are implicated by Einsenhower and JFK and RFK in monumental public speeches giving credo and rise to public warning and awareness that “They” exist… and that WE should be wary of their existence, espescially in high places….

    Anyone not watching and paying attention to this period of time in our government would surely be offended from the incessant rantings from we who keep railing at the top of our lungs that there ARE conspiracies afoot and real criminals who are succesfully and hostily taking over our government to fomment a new and very sick turbo FASCISM (NWO), to complete the coupe. To these people not tuned in because they were busy working for a living and/or too busy because they were the example of living the American Dream and enjoying the boundless fruits of our great country, I say… WAKE THE FREEK UP!

    How is it possible that a sitting President and Vice President (who publicly states on the record that “His” office is not a part of the Executive Branch of OUR Government) is removed from any culpability or accountablility to formally testify Under Oath or answer in any way for their activities, whereabouts and real-time knowledge about the events of 9/11/2001. No oath, no witnesses, no recording devices, no paper… NO OATH?! and TOGETHER?! closed door, no media?! Yeah… I trust ’em…! (NOT) WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION MY ASS! Where’s FRIGGIN OSAMA DAMMIT FOR REAL!!! WHO TOOK HIM OFF THE TABLE (NANCY).

    We’ve just gotten “hit” by yet another “Coincedence” of dire implications, one which will cost (BAIL OUT) yet another TRILLION dollars for who… Where does this trillion dollars stuff come from? We got bridges falling down under our feet, we have levees that don’t hold, we have been invaded by 20 million people from another country who want jobs, education, healthcare, food, shelter, citizenry rights, police protection, college loans and oh yeah a big ass SUV… We have two wars (for now) that will cost another TRILLION, we all agree we are running out of fuel, which we believe the only fuel there is is Petroleum (Google: Water4fuel and Stanley Meyers, wait till you wrap your mind around water burning more efficiently than Gasoline… and that WE KNEW ABOUT IT FOR YEARS!… the problem would be that it’s free ;>)

    Hey RFK! I don’t get warm and fuzzy about you being on the same venue as Karl Rove. Your whole mantra has been to connect the worst environmental administration in our history with these bums and you also openly call these bums out as being the opitome of worst case scenarios in terms of upholding OUR constitution… I would love to see you go back to the RFK,JR I knew you as from about two months ago… (JUST AS A CIVICS LESSON, REMEMBER) We can see the shift Bobby…. Come Back please, we’ll promise you more than they could ever promise you…

    Let’s Roll! BTW any word about OSAMA?! Does he matter anymore? I thought he was the reason behind all this… Or was it the “other” evil doers… Watch out! don’t get any “evildoer” on ya…. it don’t come off easily.

  2. Just another wacky 9/11 truther

    Ewww! I think I just stepped in some “evildoer!”

    Damn it all! Again?


    A citizens’ arrest of Karl Rove was already attempted:


    Too bad they weren’t successful! Why isn’t Congress doing anything about him?!!

  4. Jack Mosel

    WOW!!! REAL AMERICANS… Look back on this blog and you’ll see a town in Vermont has the same plans for Bush and Cheney should they set foot in their town. Difference is police will act on the arrest on behalf of the towns’ voting publicly to do so!!!

  5. btw, here’s a link to Jack Mosel’s Op-Ed:

    “Bush and Cheney Should Be in Handcuffs, Not in the Oval Office.”


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