Kennedy at Clinton Global Initiative


Bobby Kennedy Jr. is taking part in this year’s New York mega summit for the Clinton Global Initiative. Founded by former President Bill Clinton in 2005, the foundation is a non-partisan catalyst for action that brings together a community of global leaders from various backgrounds to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Kennedy will participate in a special session on Friday morning focused on local leadership in our communities. (See full schedule and details below). You can watch this panel discussion live on the Clinton Global Initiative website as it happens. An archived broadcast should be available within 24 hours.


Friday 9/26/08, 10:30 A.M. – 11:30 A.M.
New York West

Working Session 5: Local Leadership explores the emergence around the world of leadership from the ground up regarding climate change. From mayors to governors to civic groups to developers, local leaders are not waiting for national governments to act. These efforts are already delivering substantial emissions reductions and promise more progress for years to come. With roughly half the world’s population living in urban areas and the urban population expected to grow by more than 500 million people in the decades ahead, these programs are critical to the fight against global warming. This session will explore innovative ways that local leaders in all sectors can improve quality of life while combating climate change.

Program Participants:

Betrand Delanoë, Mayor, City of Paris
José María Figueres Olsen, Former President of the Republic of Costa Rica; Concordia 21, Grupo Felipe IV
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Waterkeeper Alliance; Senior Attorney, NRDC
Xiaoyi (Sheri) Liao, President, Global Village of Beijing
Bill White, Mayor, City of Houston


After suspending his presidential campaign on Wednesday to devote all his time and energy to solving the country’s financial crisis (pissing off David Letterman in the process with a last-minute cancellation), senator John McCain somehow miraculously managed to slip away from Washington to address the conference in person. Whether or not he will find the time in his busy schedule to actually attend tonight’s first presidential debate at Ol’ Miss in Oxford, Mississippi, still remains to be seen.

Senator Barack Obama also addressed the Clinton Global Initiative on Thursday via satellite, then headed back to Washington to join senator McCain at a special White House “leadership” meeting (whatever that means) with President Bush (wait a minute…this is a “leadership” meeting? Run that by me again?) called to address the Wall St. bailout plan.

Well, it’s nice to hear all of our elected ahem, leaders are having such a wonderful time in Manhattan and D.C. this week, but meanwhile…Rome is burning…and all we can hear is the sound of a fiddle playing.



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4 responses to “Kennedy at Clinton Global Initiative

  1. UPDATE: The live webcast, as those of you who are trying to watch live already know, is having problems. Transmission gets lost every 5 minutes or so, most of RFK’s speech was not on live, thanks to technical difficulties.

    Hopefully the archived version will be complete.


    The McCain campaign has just confirmed that the senator is not so badly needed in Washington after all, and that he is now in Memphis, en route to Oxford, for tonight’s debate.

    The show must go on!

  3. Jack Mosel

    Maybe Mr. McCain can re-introduce himself as an outsider or a Maverick… Maybe he can clarify how the very corrupt practices of ‘De-Regulation” and lazy-fair government policies foisted as a mantra for letting the wolves guard the hen-house, be anything different than what his involvement has been to encourage this fiasco called “Leadership” in our country today… Maverick… yeah, that’s what we need more of?!!! More Cowboy, More Bullying and more cover-up, closed door legislation…

    I can’t handle anymore SHOCK & AWE! How about you?!…

    We got more surprises and changing horses in mid-stream from this Maverick play book than we should be asked to endure… Time to play it safe I think, time to trust someone who isn’t willing to gamble with not only our money and reputation, but our kids lives and futures.

    My GOD, how did we get here?!!! It’s laughable after you get over the magnitude of how desperate we’ve become… NO MORE YEARS! NO MORE WAR JOCKEYS! NO MORE COWBOYS! and NO MORE TOLERANCE FOR CORRUPTION AND CLOSED DOOR COWARDS! Our country IS BEING ripped out from under our noses!

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