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Announcing the Launch of RFKJrNews.com



Okay, so it’s not exactly as earth-shattering as the news that Led Zeppelin might be doing a reunion tour next summer after all (I mean, that’s BIG!), but we do have a pretty darn important annnouncement for you:

On October 1st, RFKJrNews.com will be born into our ever-growing family tree of websites, and we think you’ll like it.

RFKJrNews.com will be an important news and information source for Kennedy’s supporters who want the very latest on what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is up to – where he’s speaking, what he’s saying, what he’s doing – and why you should care.

Over the past year, the RFKJrforPresident.com website has provided this service as a way to keep Bobby’s fans informed and involved, and your response to our efforts has truly been amazing. Our editorial staff finally decided it was time to have a separate sister site devoted exclusively to coverage of RFK Jr. News, while keeping this site focused on its’ original mission: to convince Mr. Kennedy to run for president.

After October 1st, the Kennedy for President site will remain online with links to our petition drive and articles relating to the presidential race, but gradually you will notice the majority of our daily news coverage moving over to the RFKJrNews.com site.

Our story archives and your comments have already been moved over to RFKJrNews.com. Of course, the archives and comments will remain on this server forever as well.

Now seems a perfect time to make the move, as the 2008 presidential election season moves into its’ final month. With talk of a run in 2012 already in the air, we’re re-tooling the mission of the Kennedy for President website and our petition drive to reflect that. Meanwhile, we wish to keep Bobby’s supporters informed on the latest news, so we think the RFKJrNews.com site will serve that purpose nicely.

Of course, you can expect the same quality reporting, timeliness, responsiveness and smart-ass, cutting commentary you’ve come to expect from us on the new site. As our team of volunteers, readers and editors continues to grow, so does our mission and our goals for the future. We’re so glad to have all of you on board, hope you will enjoy the new RFKJrNews.com site, and that you will post your thoughts there often!

RFKJrNews.com is destined to become our flagship site over the months ahead, so come grow with us.

And don’t forget to keep our sister sites in your bookmarks as well:







And if you have a news tip or RFK-related story you’d like to submit to any of our sites, please drop an email to our managing editor, Tiger Haynes.

Thanks for reading this important announcement, enjoy the new site, and crank up that Zeppelin, dude!

* Enjoy this rare performance of Zep in their prime from Earls Court, May 25, 1975.

(What kind of “plant” is Robert smoking there, anyway? Hmm…?) 

PS – Don’t want to break any hearts here, but I have it on very good authority from an unimpeachable source (this blog’s own Founding Editor, New Frontier, herself a musician of some renown) that the Zeppelin reunion rumor is, alas, only a rumor this time. She confirmed it with Mr. Plant personally backstage at the Austin City Limits festival Saturday night…



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