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Poll: How Worried Are You About Election Fraud in 2008?

Please take a moment to vote in this poll and let us know how worried you are about the possibility of being disenfranchised in this year’s election. Unlike some election officials, we promise to COUNT YOUR VOTE!

Protect yourself! Check out “7 Ways To Steal Back Your Vote” by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Greg Palast at our sister site, and also be sure to download a copy of the FREE voter guide sponsored by RFK Jr. and Palast at

Steal Back Your Vote

Steal Back Your Vote


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RFK Jr. and Greg Palast in “Rolling Stone” – Don’t Let `Em Steal `08!


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s latest article in Rolling Stone is a collaboration with investigative journalist Greg Palast in which they expose the pre-planned systematic theft of the 2008 election.

This article is a must-read for every voter. Before you go the polls, better make sure that “your papers are in order,” and that you will be able to vote. Learn more at the non-profit election integrity organization group founded by Kennedy and Palast,, where you can download a free step-by-step voter’s guide. Check it out and forward the link to your friends and family!

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RFK Jr. Tonight on MSNBC


Don’t miss Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on “The Rachel Maddow Show” tonight. (Maddow and Kennedy are both Air America radio hosts as well.) He’ll be addressing the urgent issue of rampant election fraud he and investigative reporter Greg Palast have uncovered in their new Rolling Stone article.

9 P.M. Eastern, MSNBC.

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RFK Jr. vs. Michael Reagan on “Larry King Live” Tonight


Hang on to your hats, folks, because tonight CNN’s Larry King will host one of the hottest debates this political season.

If you thought Wednesday’s Obama/McCain debate was a bit of a snooze, tonight’s matchup should serve as a wake-up call. The gloves will be off as surrogates for the Democrat and Republican candidates come out swinging.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will duke it out on air with Michael Reagan on Larry King Live at 9 p.m. Eastern. Don’t miss this one.

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Kennedy’s “Warning”: Dictatorship Is Coming Soon (to a Theater Near You)


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. can be seen in the new independent film, “The Warning,” along with Naomi Klein, Joe Conason, Chris Hedges, and Naomi Wolf.

These five authors stood up and spoke truth to power, exposing shocking trends towards a police state, an accelerated corporate integration with the state and the blatant subversion of the Constitution.

These five mavericks asked questions the mainstream media refused to ask, and looked into the dark corners of a closing democracy, a changing economy and growing empire.

They exposed the forces at work in the transformation of our democracy into a Unitary Executive that uses fear, emergency powers and the supremacy of military command to gather power into the office of the Presidency. (A classic military dictatorship by any technical standard.)

Check out the trailer:



Something unprecedented has happened in America. Since 2001, the country has taken a radical turn. Illegal surveillance and suppression of dissent, controlled mass media and unchecked corporate power, fraudulent elections and a Unitary Executive that sanctions torture: all these threaten our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our basic freedoms.

At a historic moment when the next election could well determine the fate of the Republic, The Warning traces the dangerous path America has taken toward a new, un-democratic form of government.


(Promotional copy for “The Warning” comes from the film’s official website,


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Say WHAT? Matt Lauer to RFK Jr: “How’s Your Dad?”


There really are no words that can fully describe the colossal stupidity of the mainstream media’s latest Kennedy Wonder Blunder.

As readers of this blog already know, we’re quick to call em out when they screw up (which is sadly, way too often these days), but this one is just beyond the pale. 

Last week, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stopped by NBC’s The Today Show to promote his latest book, Robert Smalls: The Boat Thief. But before he could even begin to tell the story of this African-American Civil War hero, host Matt Lauer had to pop right off and ask him the most tasteless, idiotic question imaginable:

“So,” Lauer asks gushingly, “I just gotta ask…how’s your Dad doing?”

At first, Kennedy just registers a startled glare. Then, realizing that Our Hero Isn’t Very Bright, he nods, accepting that Mr. Lauer obviously (and inexplicably) somehow thought that the ailing Senator Ted Kennedy was his father. (Nevermind the fact that Mr. Lauer had just introduced him as Robert F. Kennedy *Jr.*, “the son of former attorney general and senator Robert F. Kennedy”, not Ted Kennedy, but ah, whatever.)

But NBC isn’t alone when it comes to boneheaded bloopers of this sort. Nope, ABC News did the same thing back in May, when they erroneously reported that RFK Jr. was the son of President John F. Kennedy!

Seriously. You absolutely cannot make this stuff up. Those of you who saw the Lauer interview live earlier this week are probably still trying to pick your jaws up off the floor. But just in case you missed this priceless little gem, here it is:

You may also want to check out these related stories on the massive epidemic of poorly-informed reporting about the Kennedys by our national media (that is, if you’ve got the stomach for it. Be prepared to cry `til you laugh, folks…because it’s so bad, even we can’t believe the news we have to bring you sometimes.):

“Whoops, They Did It Again” (yes, even the Boston Globe, the Kennedys’ hometown newspaper)

“ABC News Can’t Keep Their Kennedys Straight” (apparently, NBC News can’t either.)


NOTE: For those reading this article who might have, by some remote possibility, been living under the same rock with Matt Lauer for 40 years, RFK Jr’s father, Senator Robert Kennedy, was assassinated in 1968.


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Kennedy: $700 Billion Bailout is Equal to What U.S. Spends Annually on Oil



Story by Jeff Berman, Group News Editor — Logistics Management

BOSTON—While it is no secret these days that the proposed Wall Street bailout plan comes in at $700 billion, that sum is basically equal to what the United States spends per year on oil, according to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an environmentalist, activist, and attorney.


In his keynote speech for executives of nearly 200 independent truck leasing companies at NationaLease’s 64th Annual Meeting held in Boston, Kennedy explained that the $700 billion tally represents the costs for purchasing oil, but explained the actual cost is trillions of dollars, including military and other expenses. And with oil and fuel expenses reaching record levels in 2008—and having a major impact on transportation carriers and consumers alike—Kennedy said a major challenge for the future will be to get off of dependence on hydrocarbons and oil, which is particularly acute in all forms of freight transportation that are heavily dependent on oil.


“If you have the question of ‘how do we operate trucks without diesel,?’” said Kennedy, “we are moving in that direction now. There are technologies out there that can dramatically reduce the use of diesel. Those that can adopt these technologies more quickly are going to be more competitive in the future, and the more efficient we can make ourselves, the more competitive we can become globally.” Illustrating this point, Kennedy noted that the U.S. spends 12 percent of its GDP on energy. In comparison, Japan and Germany spend seven and eight percent, respectively. Despite this disparity, Kennedy said this expenditure provides the U.S. with a competitive advantage.


Energy savings at work:


On a practical level, Kennedy cited how Wal-mart installed auxiliary power units for its entire private fleet in 2006, which allowed drivers to heat and cool truck cabs with a hydroelectric communications system that could be deployed without turning on the truck engines. This change, he said, allowed Wal-mart to save $40 million.


Kennedy added that Wal-mart is also active on other energy-efficient fronts, including a plan—slated to kick off in 2009—to begin work on super-efficient diesel engines that are plug-in aerodynamic hybrids that Wal-mart expects to reduce its fuel costs by 50 percent by 2015 and by 25 percent in the next two years.


“The faster we can get people to adopt and push for [these types of things], the better it is going to be for this industry and for all of us,” said Kennedy.


In an interview with LM, Kennedy said that Wal-mart serves as a good example of a shipper going about energy efficiency the right way, as it has added 100 new stores and cut shipping costs by seven-to-eight percent by being more strategic about its route planning, how it loads trailers and reducing packaging materials.


“There are many ways you can reduce packaging and still ship the same amount of items or dramatically increase the number of items you out on your truck,” said Kennedy. “If you insist to your suppliers to reduce the packaging, that is another way to do it.”


When asked about continued U.S. dependence on foreign oil, Kennedy said the current situation will eventually result in everyone making the move to electric power, because it is a quarter to a sixth of the expense of diesel. And those who switch to electric quicker by driving plug-in hybrid vehicle and leveraging hydrogen-powered fleets are the ones that “will triumph in the marketplace,” he added.


“If you are really looking to the future and looking to save money, and there is anyway you can take these steps with your fleet, that is the way to go, because you want to get your energy off of the grid rather than from Saudi Arabia,” Kennedy explained. 


Tips for the next President:


In order to steer the nation to become less oil dependent in the future, the next President needs to focus on ways of eliminating the nation’s dependence on oil by using domestic energy resources, as opposed to offshore drilling, which he suggested may not amount to more than a short-term fix.


And taking the domestic energy route may be able to provide millions of energy jobs that cannot be outsourced, enrich the U.S., and stop the hemorrhaging of money to Saudi Arabia, said Kennedy.


“If we can get off oil, we will all be richer,” he said. “By using alternative energy more efficiently, we can dramatically improve our balance of payments [as a nation], our trade deficit, our national debt, and have healthier and cleaner air.”


Other ways for the U.S. to reduce oil dependence include implementing a market-based carbon cap and trade system, which Kennedy said is endorsed by both Barack Obama and John McCain, and rebuilding the country’s national grid, which he said is inefficient and archaic.


Story from Green Logistics

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