Say WHAT? Matt Lauer to RFK Jr: “How’s Your Dad?”


There really are no words that can fully describe the colossal stupidity of the mainstream media’s latest Kennedy Wonder Blunder.

As readers of this blog already know, we’re quick to call em out when they screw up (which is sadly, way too often these days), but this one is just beyond the pale. 

Last week, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stopped by NBC’s The Today Show to promote his latest book, Robert Smalls: The Boat Thief. But before he could even begin to tell the story of this African-American Civil War hero, host Matt Lauer had to pop right off and ask him the most tasteless, idiotic question imaginable:

“So,” Lauer asks gushingly, “I just gotta ask…how’s your Dad doing?”

At first, Kennedy just registers a startled glare. Then, realizing that Our Hero Isn’t Very Bright, he nods, accepting that Mr. Lauer obviously (and inexplicably) somehow thought that the ailing Senator Ted Kennedy was his father. (Nevermind the fact that Mr. Lauer had just introduced him as Robert F. Kennedy *Jr.*, “the son of former attorney general and senator Robert F. Kennedy”, not Ted Kennedy, but ah, whatever.)

But NBC isn’t alone when it comes to boneheaded bloopers of this sort. Nope, ABC News did the same thing back in May, when they erroneously reported that RFK Jr. was the son of President John F. Kennedy!

Seriously. You absolutely cannot make this stuff up. Those of you who saw the Lauer interview live earlier this week are probably still trying to pick your jaws up off the floor. But just in case you missed this priceless little gem, here it is:

You may also want to check out these related stories on the massive epidemic of poorly-informed reporting about the Kennedys by our national media (that is, if you’ve got the stomach for it. Be prepared to cry `til you laugh, folks…because it’s so bad, even we can’t believe the news we have to bring you sometimes.):

“Whoops, They Did It Again” (yes, even the Boston Globe, the Kennedys’ hometown newspaper)

“ABC News Can’t Keep Their Kennedys Straight” (apparently, NBC News can’t either.)


NOTE: For those reading this article who might have, by some remote possibility, been living under the same rock with Matt Lauer for 40 years, RFK Jr’s father, Senator Robert Kennedy, was assassinated in 1968.



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24 responses to “Say WHAT? Matt Lauer to RFK Jr: “How’s Your Dad?”

  1. Elaine Q.

    Holy CRAP!


    Lauer is a grade-A moron. He probably caused pain to poor RFK Jr!

  3. Media Watchr

    I wish Kennedy would have said something like:

    “he’s still dead, Matt…and yours?”

    Jesus. What a frickin’ moron.

    Lauer should know better. It’s not like he just graduated journalism school last week.

  4. Andrea

    MW, Journalism school would imply college level learning skills.

    I was thinking more like graduating 7th grade history class!

    Maybe Lauer’s kids should ask their teacher if Dad can “sit on” on a few refresher classes with them?

  5. Jim

    Here’s a link to the discussion thread about this at DU – looks like you guys started the topic of the day!×4175968

    62 replies
    23 recs

    …and still going!!!!!

  6. Nation of Morons

    “He’s dead, Matt. Like your career will be after this interview.”

    Imagine the look on Lauer’s face had RFK Jr said that…but RFK has too much class to rub Lauer’s nose in it, even if he deserved to be humiliated.

    RFK recovered gracefully…the same cannot be said for Lauer.

  7. Rex Osborne

    I’m not surprised. Television journalism is mostly about expensive haircuts and looking good in a suit. Sometimes the suit is almost empty, and so is the haircut.

  8. Matt

    RFK Sr. was a great man.

    RFK Jr. is doing his best to follow in his father’s footsteps.

    Ted Kennedy has been an asset in the US Senate.

    That said, I don’t think that Lauer meant any slight by his question. It was obviously just a slip of the tongue and nothing to get upset about. RFK Jr. certainly seemed to understand what Lauer meant… it is a major concern when someone of Kennedy’s stature is seriously ill.

    Questioning the motives of every interviewer’s slip-of-the-tongue should be the least of our concerns right now while upper classes are making record profits as the economy slips into the abyss…

  9. Snarky McDouchebag

    How’s your hairplugs doing, Matt?

  10. Eddie

    Give the guy a break! Everybody makes mistakes, and it was obvious he was very embarrassed when he became aware of his faux pas.

    Matt Lauer may not be perfect, but he wasn’t mean or disrespectful. It was a simple albeit embarrassing mistake.

    Shame on those who are trying to make a mountain out of this molehill.

  11. Well, Matt just raised the bar on stupidity (or would it be considered lowering…) – I will now refer to idiots as Matt Lauers.

    But seriously…people wake up in the morning, and they’re expected to begin their days with this clueless tool?

    He’s lucky his head doesn’t detach from his neck at night.

    Maybe he should interview Sarah “Flintstones” Palin…then we can all watch as the interview degenerates into Phil Gramm-style soft pornage.

    R.F.K. Jr. – you should’ve said that, “My dad says Thane Eugene Cesar killed me, not the Manchurian Candidate Sirhan Bishara Sirhan”.

    Really…why, if the agents present were NOT involved in the cover-up of the assassination, would they concern themselves with restraining Jamie Scott Enyart, the PHOTOGRAPHER, rather than Sirhan, the “supposed” shooter, or Cesar, the individual who admitted to pulling his .38, the caliber of bullet which murdered the former senator and aspirant for the office of the President Of The United States?

    It’s pretty bloody clear to me.

  12. Dr. Lokis

    Let us not be too quick to judge – let us huddle in prayer and hope and trust that MSM will stubble on occasion but know they are doing their best to explain the glory of our current and future leadership i.e. Mr McCain and Sarah Palin.

    May our efforts to curtial terror and freedom be even half as successful as the valiant war on drugs!

  13. TheAndrew

    No big deal, just a slip.
    Glad it wasn’t me.

  14. John

    Lauer: How’s your dad doing?
    RFK Jr: He’s still dead, you remember he was going to run for President and the Federal Reserve Owners had him killed, because he wanted revenge for them killing his brother, my uncle.
    Lauer: Well, they pay me to keep everyone’s mind somewhere else, other than the stealing of all the public’s money.
    RFK Jr: Yeah, my Uncle Ted joined forces with them years ago, and turned his back on his brothers in favor of the bankers.

    Lauer: Yeah, I’m a sell out too.

  15. theo

    Another great milestone in the stupidification of America. Look for Matt to cross over into politics as soon as he joins an ‘Armageddonite’ church. This rates an extremely high number on the ‘couric’ scale (thanks to Matt and Trey). In the next Olympics there has to be an ‘IQ Limbo’ event to see how low we can go.

  16. bushgirlsgonewild

    Lauer was trying to show off – he’s been watching the polls and thinks McCain is ahead and wants to show him he’s qualified to be his Press Secretary.

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  18. downcastmysoul

    guess lauer is glad the 11th edition of the newspeak dictionary is coming out so he can keep doin the minismallnews….this is doubleplusgood, mmmmm…these people went to “college”???

  19. theyreallthesame

    Wow…that’s a totally unacceptable mistake.

  20. Jack Mosel

    BPFLFFFTTT… uh… yeah… Matt, that whole Sir Han Sir Han thing is kinda confusing I know Matt, ya never know what name comes first right?!!! It’s easier for SOME to just forget the whole thing I’m sure… But thanx for checkin’… Hey Matt, while we’re at it… can you see Russia from your house?

  21. Tanner

    What a fuckin dumbass

  22. michael seratt

    matt laur should read thurston clarks new book the last campaign.

  23. Goof Ball

    Unfortunately too many people on the 3 major networks don’t have too be very intelligent, I think they are trying to emulate our congressional leaders. What a sad commentary for the country we all love.

  24. Johnny

    Didnt RFK Jr. call him Ralph at first?

    All these people on TV have ego’s the size of the empire state building, that was a coldly calculated stab at the heart of RFK Jr.

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