Kennedy’s “Warning”: Dictatorship Is Coming Soon (to a Theater Near You)


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. can be seen in the new independent film, “The Warning,” along with Naomi Klein, Joe Conason, Chris Hedges, and Naomi Wolf.

These five authors stood up and spoke truth to power, exposing shocking trends towards a police state, an accelerated corporate integration with the state and the blatant subversion of the Constitution.

These five mavericks asked questions the mainstream media refused to ask, and looked into the dark corners of a closing democracy, a changing economy and growing empire.

They exposed the forces at work in the transformation of our democracy into a Unitary Executive that uses fear, emergency powers and the supremacy of military command to gather power into the office of the Presidency. (A classic military dictatorship by any technical standard.)

Check out the trailer:



Something unprecedented has happened in America. Since 2001, the country has taken a radical turn. Illegal surveillance and suppression of dissent, controlled mass media and unchecked corporate power, fraudulent elections and a Unitary Executive that sanctions torture: all these threaten our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our basic freedoms.

At a historic moment when the next election could well determine the fate of the Republic, The Warning traces the dangerous path America has taken toward a new, un-democratic form of government.


(Promotional copy for “The Warning” comes from the film’s official website,



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3 responses to “Kennedy’s “Warning”: Dictatorship Is Coming Soon (to a Theater Near You)

  1. Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of inert facts.HenryB.AdamsHenry B. Adams

  2. Jack Mosel

    So, where did we leave off with that “Educating” RFK, Jr. was going to “get” on 9/11/2001…?

    You cannot get behind ranting about “Dictoral Powers” and the “Police State” without embracing the hundreds of conveinient, inconveiniences enveloping the days leading upto and the cover up afterward of the NEO-CON JOB we’ve been forced to endure… fed by BUSH / CHENEY / RICE / ROVE / ZELICOW / RUMSFELD / WOLFOWITZ Et. al…

    We should talk Mr. Kennedy (more often)…

    Yes, REAL PATRIOTS SPIT THIS SH*T… We’ve been backing you for quite some time now… The time is right and many are educated.

    Arrest Rove!!! for starters….

  3. All women love the men they fear. All women kiss the hand that rules them.LionelAtwillLionel Atwill

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