RFK Jr. and Greg Palast in “Rolling Stone” – Don’t Let `Em Steal `08!


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s latest article in Rolling Stone is a collaboration with investigative journalist Greg Palast in which they expose the pre-planned systematic theft of the 2008 election.

This article is a must-read for every voter. Before you go the polls, better make sure that “your papers are in order,” and that you will be able to vote. Learn more at the non-profit election integrity organization group founded by Kennedy and Palast, http://StealBackYourVote.org, where you can download a free step-by-step voter’s guide. Check it out and forward the link to your friends and family!


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One response to “RFK Jr. and Greg Palast in “Rolling Stone” – Don’t Let `Em Steal `08!

  1. Jack Mosel


    Taken from Internet 10/22/2008 from:


    If our Federal Police won’t arrest a fugitive of justice, then PATRIOT CITIZENS WILL.

    All this talk of what states are “Real American” States and who or what are “Real American’s” launched as accusations from revisionist NEO-CON / NWO “McARTHYesque” FASCIST’S, who are “AT IT AGAIN”…!

    VOTER FRAUD?!!! Okay so Acorn pays their workers by the name… A couple of “Mickey Mouse’s” appear… Not one Mickey Mouse with a licence will show up on November 4th… How about the real scam! BAFOON mini-Hitler’s like the Florida representative who stole our trust in holding over 200 years of free elections, from her single usurping of power from her clerk duties to officiate the rule of law in her State to provide a fair and free election. How many un-told hundreds of thousands will be wiped off voter rolls, deemed UN-AMERICAN or NOT AMERICAN ENOUGH!!! TO VOTE???!!! Who are these people?!!!

    How the hell did we get this kind of shit quality, no answer, accountability, no coincedences, no culpabiblity, no record, no recording devices, no cameras, no press, no interviews, “no paper or recording devices in the room” while our President and Vice President “Testify” without an oath (at their request) for the greatest tragedy our country has EVER FACED?!!! HORSE SHIT BULLSHIT! NO WMD’S GOD DAMMIT!!!
    Weve been wiped on the rug , off the shoes from those whom currently occupy the office of OUR HIGHEST and MOST VALUED Office of The President of The United States of America?!!! I thought this was OUR COUNTRY… Not Halibutons!!! OR AIG???!!! WTF?!!!

    WHERE’S OSAMA FOR REAL?! NANCY!!! WHY ISN’T HE A DEAD MAN?!!! and why aren’t you arresting Karl Rove?!!! Don’t tell me now that ROVE IS OFF THE TABLE TOO!!!

    Is the real joke on us all along??? I mean C’Mon we’re tearing up each other calling Dem’s and Repub’s everything in the book (Distracted) while $ BUSH, $CHENEY, $ROVE, $RICE, $WOLFOWITZ, $RUMSFELD, $ZELICOW use us as toilet paper to the tune of THREE TRILLION DOLLARS!!! and the EVISCERATION OF THE CONSTITUTION???!!! PRICELESS…

    Arrest KARL ROVE (FIRST)

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