Op-Ed: Whoah, This Is Officially Scary…


Perhaps it is fitting that this frightening story broke on All Hallows’ Eve – and on Fox News, of all places (even scarier!) – but nonetheless, it sent a cold shiver down my spine and should be a matter of, ahem, “grave” concern to all loyal Americans, good Democrats, and especially Kennedy supporters. It’s ghoulish, it’s ghastly, it’s disturbing beyond words…and on this night of frights, it’s not a trick or a treat.

With this latest news breaking so close to the election, it is imperative that this blog (which endorses no candidate in the 2008 race) inform voters before they go to the polls about a developing story which raises serious questions about the Democratic nominee for president – at least in my mind – and may in fact be a dealbreaker for many of us who had high hopes that Obama would be the next best thing to another Kennedy in the White House.

After what I learned today, I’m not so sure about that anymore. This news stopped me in my tracks, and now I’ve got to tell you that I’m having major doubts about Obama’s judgment, his choice of friends, and (as RFK Jr. referenced Sarah Palin in a recent Huffington Post piece), his “reading list.”

The story came out on All Hallows’ Eve that longtime Obama friend and former Weather Underground leader William Ayers published a sort of communist manifesto back in 1974 called Prairie Fire. Okay, fine – we all knew he was a radical who plotted an overthrow of the U.S. Government and planned strategic acts of terrorism which put the lives of innocents at risk. That’s old news, and besides, we hear he’s feeling much better now. Supposedly, the sickness passed long ago and he’s mellowed out in his old age. These days, he’s a respected professor at Columbia University. So, why all the brouhaha over a book he published 34 years ago?

The problem is that Ayers dedicated the book to Sirhan Sirhan, alleged assassin of Robert F. Kennedy.

Upon first hearing the news, I tried to dismiss it as outrageous right-wing propaganda, cooked up in a desperate last-ditch attempt to score points for their man McCain. After all, coming from the likes of Sean Hannity, it surely must be nothing but a big fat lie, a terrible smear with no basis in fact.

But I was wrong. After investigating this story for most of today, and examining a copy of the now very-rare book, I have to tell you that I am deeply troubled by what I read. There’s just no logical explanation for this – it is an out-and-out endorsement of Sirhan, lauding him as a “political prisoner” and egads, a hero!?!

Dedication to the book Prairie Fire, dedicated in part to Sirhan Sirhan

Dedication to the book "Prairie Fire," dedicated in part to Sirhan Sirhan


Only a couple of weeks ago, on October 17th, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. offered up a strong defense of William Ayers on CNN’s Larry King Live. From the official transcript:

KENNEDY: “OK. You know, this is an issue that the media has completely distorted. Not only, you know, Bill Ayers is a guy who was the — Illinois made him Man of the Year, the Illinois legislature. He’s been — he’s — but let me just say this. John McCain has had close associations with G. Gordon Liddy, who six years ago advised shooting taxpayers in the head.”

True enough, but wait a minute…what about Obama’s close association with Bill Ayers, who 34 years ago praised the man who allegedly shot your father in the head?

Kennedy went on to say that:

“Sarah Palin has spoken this year, four months ago, to the Alaska Independence Party, whose head was blown up making plastic explosives in 1993. She gave the keynote address there in 2006.

These are people who are extremely anti-American.”

This is also true, but what about Ayers’ Weather Underground, who set off more than a few explosions themselves back in the day (and plotted to set off many more)? Isn’t any act of terrorism against our nation “extremely anti-American,” regardless of whether the group is radical left or radical right?

Radical is radical, in this blogger’s humble opinion – and had Ayers and his group attempted these horrific acts during the Kennedy administration, I’d be willing to bet that Attorney General Robert Kennedy (an avowed anti-Communist and patriotic American who had a strict no tolerance policy against disruptions of law and order) would have left no stone unturned in prosecuting and convicting Ayers and his WU comrades.

Therefore, we can only conclude that Bobby Jr. has never read Bill Ayers’ book Prairie Fire – for if he had ever laid eyes on that creepy dedication, we seriously doubt that he would defend this disturbed whack job.

He attacked Sarah Palin recently for quoting Westbrook Pegler in her RNC Convention speech, and rightly so. Pegler, a fascist and a bigot, had unapologetically called for “some white patriot of the Southern tier” to assassinate Senator Robert Kennedy in 1965. Scary, scary stuff, indeed. But is that any less disturbing than Bill Ayers heaping praise upon the man who actually did pull the trigger in 1968?

All conspiracy theories about whether or not Sirhan Sirhan’s bullet actually killed RFK aside, the fact that Sirhan emptied his gun into five other innocent victims that night is not in dispute. Nor is the fact that Sirhan came to the hotel with the intent to murder Senator Kennedy. Whether or not he succeeded in his twisted mission is a debate for another day, preferably in a fair re-trial before an impartial jury. But this man is no patriot, no hero — at least, not to me. Not to those who loved Bobby Kennedy. And yet, he was apparently one of Bill Ayers’ heros.

Some might say, “ah, but that book was published nearly 35 years ago, surely Ayers doesn’t feel that way about Sirhan Sirhan anymore.” If that be so, then why has Ayers never apologized for his praise of Sirhan, nor retracted his own words on the matter? I don’t know, folks…you tell me.


Why has Senator Obama not denounced this man already? Where is his sympathy, compassion, and loyalty to RFK’s brother Ted Kennedy who, despite battling terminal brain cancer, continues to be one of Obama’s staunchest supporters? One can only surmise that Senator Kennedy has not seen Ayers’ book, or else he would probably be burning up the phone lines right now, demanding that Obama cut all ties with Ayers. And how does this make President Kennedy’s daughter Caroline Kennedy, feel? Or Bobby’s widow, their nine surviving children and numerous grandchildren?

Now that this story is known to the public and their family as well, I wonder why they would still blindly support Senator Obama if he insists on maintaining his association with William Ayers. The candidate positioning himself as “the next JFK” and who has drawn so many comparisons to RFK (from the Kennedy family themselves, no less) is treading very murky, dangerous waters here with Ayers. The Kennedys should insist that Ayers be kicked to the curb right away, regardless of whatever cabinet posts may be dangled before their eyes as carrots, or whatever the eventual fallout may be.

Doing so will not cost Senator Obama the election. He’s already pulling away in the polls, and victory on November 4 seems to be all but guaranteed, barring any election night shenanigans from the GOP. If anything, a strong public denouncement of William Ayers will only help Obama with voters, few of whom, I’m sure, have any good feelings towards Ayers. Obama will come out of it smelling like a rose, just as he did when he wisely distanced himself from Rev. Jeremiah Wright earlier this year.

As for me, my first loyalty was, is, and always will be to the Kennedys, particularly to the memories of my martyred heroes Jack and Bobby. And as much as I would like to give Senator Obama my vote next week, I simply cannot in good conscience until he stands before the American people and tells us in no uncertain terms that Ayers is GONE. I don’t mean gone-til-after-election-day, either. I mean GONE GONE.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled Halloween activities, having been duly advised of this frightening and very inconvenient truth. Do your own research and make up your own minds. But whether it’s a nightmare on Elm Street, a nightmare on Wilshire Boulevard, or a nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue, it’s still a bloody nightmare.

I’ll give the last word to another martyred hero, John Lennon, who got it right in 1968 when he sang:

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it’s evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
But when you talk about destruction
Don’t you know that you can count me out
Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right
all right, all right

You say you got a real solution
Well, you know
We’d all love to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution
Well, you know
We’re doing what we can
But when you want money
for people with minds that hate
All I can tell is brother you have to wait!

Revolution by the Beatles, hereby dedicated to dangerous fools like Bill Ayers and those who follow him

* For further study and supporting documentation, please see below:

Video of RFK Jr. defending Bill Ayers on the Oct. 17th CNN broadcast. (The Ayers portion of the debate can be found near the end, at appx. 4 minutes into the clip):

* Read lengthy excerpts from Prairie Fire here courtesy of the aptly-named ZombieTime blog, who originally broke the story on Halloween. While their reporting is decidedly far to the right and should therefore be taken with a few grains of salt, the scanned book pages presented on their site are of high-resolution and free to download. After comparing them side-by-side against an original copy of Prairie Fire, they are also no doubt, authentic.

Also, here’s a link to the video as reported exclusively tonight on Hannity and Colmes. Never thought we’d actually be posting a link to Fox Noise on this blog, but folks, this isn’t a matter of left and right. It’s about RIGHT and WRONG. And this is just wrong on so many levels, it defies all reasonable logic. It wouldn’t matter to me which news organization broke the story, so long as it is accurate. And unfortunately for all who loved Senator Bob Kennedy, it is.


(* DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this editorial are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the Kennedy family, or the owners of this website.)



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47 responses to “Op-Ed: Whoah, This Is Officially Scary…

  1. Nation of Morons

    Thanks for this well-researched and enlightening article. Now I see at least some Kennedy loyalists are starting to wake up to who Obama really is.

    Scary, huh?

    Well, at least you got the picture BEFORE election day. Maybe its not too late for others to see the light. I’m voting for Nader because I’m sick of being pandered and lied to by these elitist Democrats who would just as soon sell the country down the river than take a stand for what is right.

    People, the Democratic party could care less about YOU. So long as their Wall St. friends get bailed out and they get their supermajority in Congress, you can all go to the devil, far as they’re concerned!

    Don’t get me wrong — I’ve worked for the civil rights of minorities for more than 30 years. I’d love to see a black man as our President. Just not THIS man!

    Beware – Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and We The People are Little Red Riding Hood.


  2. Well, NOM, I’m feeling more than a bit like Little Red Riding Hood myself right about now, which is why I *had* to write this editorial.

    Granted, it probably won’t win me any popularity contests amongst the Obama loyalists; some of them are blind as bats to inconvenient truths such as these.

    I fully expect to be torn limb from limb and hung like a Sarah Palin effigy in Hollywood for bringing this buried story to the attention of Kennedy Democrats, but hey, people, it’s your right to know before you go to the polls.

    Far be it for me to point out that Bill Ayers is not our friend. Nor could he be considered by any stretch of the imagination any friend to the Kennedys after dedicating his book to RFK’s alleged murderer. So why is he still Obama’s friend?

    Whether on the left or the right, hate is hate, terrorism is terrorism, radicalism is radicalism, wrong is wrong. Simple as that. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m a lover, not a fighter, and believe that peaceful resistance to tyranny is the only real solution. I cannot endorse violence or terrorism.

    This new revelation has forced me to seriously reconsider my support for Senator Obama, and most likely my vote as well.

    When I walk into the voting booth next Tuesday, I can assure you that Mr. Nader will be getting my consideration, perhaps even my vote. I’ve supported his work for years, and know he is an honest man who means this country no harm.

    At least when it comes to Nader, I know where his heart is. It’s in a good place.:)


    Founding Editor

  3. Jim

    Well, New Frontier, looks like Obama’s just gonna have to kick you off the press plane now!!! lol.

    Good thing you don’t live in Missouri, or else he’d send his “Truth Squad” to come and arrest you!

    Anyway, thanks for the eye-opening story. I’m shocked and saddened beyond belief to read about this, even sadder that only the right-wing media has reported on it…until now, that is.

    NF, its great to read you on this blog again. We missed your posts…does this mean you’ll come back for more if the Obamabots don’t string you up as a Halloween display?

  4. Autumn

    I have gained much respect for you NF. Thank you for your research and honesty in writing your editorial. I too would like to see a black man president someday but I have serious reservations about this guy.

    I saw the Hannity piece the other night and my first instinct also was to think that maybe the story was overblown a bit but there is enough credible information out there to give Americans a sharp pause.

    I am shocked and disappointed at the Kennedy family’s silence on this. They had to have known about this book dedication. By remaining silent they appear to be willing to suffer anything to get a Democrat (any Democrat) elected and it is unsettling.

    This is All Souls Eve for Catholics, a time when we honor our ancestors and the sacrifices they have made for us. I wonder how the Kennedys will be commemorating their father. How very sad and at the same time, infuriating.

  5. thenappylady1

    As I understand it, Obama is not claiming any great ties to Ayers. He’s stressing that what happened 40 years ago, when he was 8, is nothing to do with the connection he has via education with Ayers. If he reacts decisively at this point about a book written so long ago by a man he claims only tenuous connection with, that only furthers Republican views that Ayers IS important. When the whole point is that he is not. And I’d suspect the Kennedy family are mostly of this view as well. Gut reaction, popularising politics seems to be the preserve of the Republicans this time around, and it’s nice to see Obama’s more grown up attitudes. Let’s keep it that way.

  6. Della

    Don’t know if you guys saw this…heres what theyre saying over at the Hillary Clinton forums about this:


    Hllary Clinton Form (democrats posting) –

    “This is unbelievable. Obama should of denounced him and didn’t. This is just sick.”

    “Ted Kennedy knowing this hopefully can no longer protect Ayers and Obama. How incredible is this. Wow. just wow.”

    “He and his wife are the scum of this earth! I hope with all my heart that criminals like these two lose their jobs and move out of the country! Let them go back to Cuba where they blend in so well. And take that “pinky idiot” with them–what is her name?”

    “This has got to be the October surprise. I am truly shocked. Sickened, saddened.”

    “Ayers is despicable. And Obama went to dinner with him, worked in the same office with him for 3 years, and possibly consulted him on Dreams of My Father. This is the type of news that could sink Obama.”

    “I believe I’m going to be ill. What is Ted Kennedy saying? Obama must step down. Immediately.”


    “This is awlful. Dear God Help us. Everyone tell your family and your friends. This man can not be president.”

    “Are you kidding me? WOW”

    “I was so angered by this that I just made another donation to goptrust.com so they can saturate the airwaves with anti-obama commericals. Wow, if someone told me a year ago I’d be donating money to a Republican pac, I’d think they were crazy.”

    “Ayers and his wife are scum.”

    Much more too… I think this is going to hurt Obama badly.

  7. Brad

    I thought Pat Cadelle looked like he was going to honestly vomit when Hannity dropped that bombshell. Problem is…Cadelle is one of the few who actually ‘know’ who Bobby Kennedy was…and who Sirhan Sirhan was…the fact that H/C production staff had to move heaven and earth to get that book (Prairie Fire) speaks to the fact that (putting on tinfoil) there is a concerted effort to remove the records of the Weathermen era from history.

    Speaks volumes (no pun intended) as to the research and ‘vetting’ done by today’s syncophant media.

    Now to the Kennedy’s…Ted is all about his ‘health care’ legacy. And getting 0bama into the White House assures him a place in history. I think that is all they care about now. Uncle Teddy’s legacy…look for the offspring of Bobby and Ethel to be media bound over the weekend to be ‘outraged’ at the accusation leveled at Ayers/0bama. They are that in the tank.

  8. Summer

    I am OUTRAGED by this!!! I was no fan of Ayers before, but tried to overlook it as how it affects Obama. But this is the straw that broke the camels frickin’ back!!

    I’ve talked to several Democrat friends of mine today about it and they are NOT HAPPY with Obama with this revelation. This will hurt Obama and will affect independents and democrats that have not voted yet.

  9. Summer

    Knowing Ayers is Obama’s friend means Obama’s played Bobby Jr, Caroline and Teddy for fools. No one hates the everyday liberal more than the left wing radical.

  10. Mark P.

    I will be shocked if Caroline or Teddy (or any Kennedy) cares about this revelation. The will not break party ranks…not now…not ever.

    Ayers/Dorn should never have a day again that they don’t have a camera crew, or a protester or two (or two hundred) hounding them. Never forget…’guilty as hell; free as a bird.’ If I was a ChiTown cop…well, I’d be real slow answering those trespassing calls they make…

  11. D. Horton

    Obama’s Aunt is an illegal alien living in poverty in a Boston housing project. That story is just breaking today, but when the media asked him about it at a press conference, Obama IGNORED the question. He refused to answer it!!!

    What kind of guy doesn’t know his aunt and brother are both living in total poverty and does not offer to help them?

    And in Boston? Doesnt senator Kennedy’s office know about his Aunt? Why doesn’t Obama know his own Aunt? He claims he “barely” knows her, just like he “barely” knows his brother.

    Now you understand the desperate urgency of Obama’s vote early campaign. He needs to grab as many votes as possible before people find out what he really is.

  12. I was very disturbed by this, too. As a lifetime Kennedy Democrat who was planning to vote for Obama on Tuesday, I think I’ll probably wind up going with Nader or McKinney.

    I mean, WHERE is the mainstream media on this story?

    WHERE are the Democrats on this story?

    Where are the Kennedy Democrats?

    Where are the KENNEDYS on this?

    Good work, NF. As always.

  13. Allan

    It underscores the fact that William Ayers was, at the time that he made the dedication in the 1970s, on the far left fringe of the political spectrum…more of the David Dellinger variety of leftist than a Eugene McCarthy type (from the sixties/seventies perspective). In other words, Ayers was so far to the left that he would question the legitimacy of democratic elections, private property, and any use of military force, even in extreme cases (such as defense against Nazi Germany).

    I was saddened when I heard this information, given the fact that Obama had a fairly close relationship with Ayers. I mean, if you (as Ayers did for Obama) hold a political fundraiser for someone in your home, you have a relationship with him. If you have the first fundraiser of your political career in that person’s home, that says something as well.

    I really don’t know the political impact of this information. I’m sure, to many younger voters, it’s not that significant. Although he was assassinated when I was a child, I admire Robert Kennedy and found him to be an inspirational leader, a leader very different than Barack Obama. Despite his wealth, RFK had a natural bond with working class Americans. Barack Obama, on the other hand, has disparaged working class voters many times, including his recorded “bitter” comments in San Francisco and his later, mocking comments towards the plumber who questioned him when Obama walked the plumber’s neighborhood seeking votes.

    Ayers dedicated his book to Sirhan Sirhan to emphasize his own contempt for the American government and the American people. For some reason, Barack Obama found Ayers a compelling and attractive figure.

  14. Michael

    I’m not sure of the depth of the relationship between Obama and Ayers, but I do know this: anyone who has anything to do with Ayers from this point forward is a scumbag just like he is. Ayers’ friends from the Weather Underground killed at least 3 people, including 2 cops and a security guard. There can be no forgiveness and no forgetting the crimes his people committed.

    And I sure as HELL won’t forget that Ayers dedicated his “manifesto” to Sirhan, because RFK was my hero. I worked as a staffer on his `68 campaign and knew him fairly well. Bobby would have been DISGUSTED by the tactics Ayers employed to foment “revolution.” Bobby was no fan of revolutionaries. Period!

  15. Good point, Michael (nice to have a few RFK `68 campaign veterans here, welcome!)

    I’m too young to remember the `68 campaign. (Actually, I wasn’t even born yet!) But I’ve devoted the past 25 years of my life to studying the JFK presidency, and of course, Bobby’s life as well.

    You are so right that RFK did not approve of revolutionaries. His generation (the so-called “greatest generation” of WWII) were patriotic Americans who encouraged peaceful dissent and involvement in the political process, but never, ever revolution. He frowned on radicals like Malcolm X. Even Martin Luther King Jr. was a bit too radical for Bobby. He was always telling King to “tone it down” and famously tried to shut down the Freedom Riders 1961 protest, which was tame compared to the tactics employed by later 1960s and 70s radical groups.

    Bobby also had a terrific disdain for communists. There is simply no way in hell that he would have ever endorsed the likes of Ayers or his methods, and anyone who doesn’t understand that doesn’t know “Jack” about Jack and Bobby Kennedy!

    Like I wrote in this article, had Ayers and WU been active during the JFK Administration and bombed the Pentagon, whoo boy, let me tell you brother, RFK’s Justice Department would have been on them like flies on cow patties, friend!

    While JFK and RFK had a constant struggle with the war-happy Joint Chiefs throughout the entire 1000 days, both of them were nonetheless loyal Navy men and NEVER would have stood for any damn fool bombing the Pentagon.

    Of course, Ayers claims his actions were spurred by the Vietnam war, which had not yet become such a liability in the JFK administration, but to tell ya the truth, I think guys like Ayers will always find some “cause” to hide behind as a justification for their insane actions. Had Ayers been active in the early `60s, he probably would have been out bombing Ol’ Miss or the Alabama Governor’s Mansion saying it was for “civil rights.”

    Yeah, right!

  16. Michael

    Exactly, NF. Quite right!

    Kennedy was an avowed anti communist so he was fair game in the Communist lovers world.

    Guess that explains why Ayers made Sirhan Sirhan his hero and dedicated his book to him.

    If Obama is elected, maybe he will pardon Sirhan.

    Right after he pardons Tony Rezko!

  17. I wonder what my friend Paul Schrade (who took one of Sirhan’s bullets to his head in the Ambassador pantry and nearly died) feels about this news? He has endorsed Obama and puts a lot of faith in him. See Paul’s YouTube video for Obama here:

    I talk to Paul often and he’s one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet. Plan on phoning him tomorrow and will certainly ask him if he’s heard about Ayers’ book and the Sirhan dedication.

    While Paul does not believe that Sirhan actually killed Kennedy (he’s been at the forefront of the movement to re-open the case since 1975), he does know that the bullet that hit *him* came from Sirhan’s gun. So he’s obviously no fan of Sirhan’s and does not want to see him pardoned or released.

    Here’s a recent story we ran about Paul’s most recent efforts to get a FAIR new investigation into the murder of his beloved friend Bobby:


    Paul does read this blog and commented on the story above. Maybe he’ll chime in on this one as well. I’m sure everyone here would like to know what he thinks about all this and if it affects his support for Senator Obama at all.

    Since you also worked on the `68 campaign, Michael, do you happen to know Paul Schrade?

  18. Michael

    No, I didn’t know Paul (he was in California and I am in D.C.) but I sure know of him.

    Good for him that he’s working so hard to get a real investigation into Bobby’s murder. I don’t believe that Sirhan did the deed, either. Ballistics and forensic evidence show he could not have fired the fatal shot to RFK’s head.

    On the other hand, I don’t wnt to see Sirhan lauded as a hero and I sure don’t want him released from prison.

    So I agree with Paul Schrade on that. But I do not agree with Paul that Obama can be trusted. As an old pol whose been in the game for 45 years, I know that Obama is The Great Pretender. Saw through him from day one.

    I supported Hillary Clinton in the primaries. Obama being the Democratic nominee is driving me to vote for Nader because I won’t vote McCain.

  19. Bill

    Thanks for the link to your article about Paul Schrade and the movement to reopen the RFK assassination case. I think this should be done.

    After reading “Brothers” by David Talbot, I am even more perplexed than I was before about the incomprehensible attitude of the entire Kennedy family on this subject. Talbot reported that, when he set up the interview with Ted Kennedy, he was warned that if the assassination was mentioned, the interview would be terminated immediately.

    Huh? Remember, Teddy was JFK’s much younger brother, with almost enough years seperating them that he could have been his son. They couldn’t have been that close, with that kind of age difference. And yet, over FORTY years after the death of this much older brother, he threatens to end an interview if the subject is even mentioned?

    At least Bobby, Jr. will allow the subject to be broached- as lame as his response was, among his family members, he appears to be comparatively reasonable.

    Talbot also mentions the assassination still being a touchy subject with JFK’s surviving aides, such as Ted Sorensen. That is really ridiculous- how could a man who merely worked for someone else, four decades ago, still be so upset over his death that it’s painful for him to discuss it?

    I’ve gone through this before, but it bears repeating. The Kennedy family’s refusal to address the unnatural deaths of JFK and RFK (not to mention JFK, Jr.) represents one of the most curious group behaviors imaginable. We all lose loved ones- how many of us glare at someone (as apparently Caroline will do, if anyone dared to mention “it”) or refuse to comment, if someone brings up the subject of ANY relative that died over FORTY years ago?

    Their total lack of interest in the violent murders of their father/husband/brother, especially when so much controversy about them has raged in public, truly contradicts all we know about human behavior.

    Most people naturally WANT to know the reassons behind the deaths of their loved ones. How many families spend years investigating the deaths of their loved ones, desperately trying to seek closure?

    Why doesn’t the Kennedy family want closure on this subject? As Talbot says, we can’t expect the Kennedys to solve the mysteries behind the assassinations. We can, however, expect them to want to know the trurh and at least have some interest in the subject.

    The Kennedys silence (especially that of RFK’s widow, Ethel, a big Obama supporter) on this Bill Ayers/Sirhan story is shocking to me. Again, I repeat, it is SHOCKING.

    FEAR is the only justifiable explanation for the Kennedys’ attitude toward the assassinations and their refusal to take a stand publicly.

    Based on that fear, perhaps they avoid the subject like the plague lest they slip up and say something truthful.

  20. Cali Girl

    Jesus H. Christ, Bobby! Teddy! Ethel! Caroline! Kathleen! Joe! Kerry! Courtney! Douglas! Max! And all the rest of the famliy…where ARE you?

    Your silence tells the world you’re cool with this.

    Is it really so important to get a Democrat in the White House (any ol’ Democrat will do, right?) that you are willing to overlook ANYTHING to make that happen?

    Even willing to look the other way when it is revealed that your guy Obama’s good friend Bill Ayers dedicated his frickin’ book to Sirhan?

    What’s it gonna take to get you to speak up and defend your own damn family and legacy?

    Where’s all that COURAGE your father and Uncle Jack posessed? Does it not run in the family anymore? Are you all just Democratic party sellouts now?

    Man oh man…anything to win an election, eh?

    Sorry guys and gals, but that’s just SICK. If none of the Kennedys will raise hell about this Ayers thing, I will lose all respect for this family forever.

    (btw, I voted for RFK in the 1968 California primary and still mourn what we lost on June 5, 1968.)

  21. Randy Matthews

    The problem with ascribing the Kennedy family’s apparent disinterest in the subject to fear is that, if that was/is indeed the reason for their silence, it hasn’t worked at all.

    Bobby kept his silence publicly, and was assassinated himself.

    Teddy kept his silence and was (imho) framed and politically assassinated (at least in terms of any presidential aspirations) at Chappaquidick.

    Two of Bobby’s kids- all of them remaining dutifully silent about the assassinations- died unnatural deaths (David and Michael).

    Finally, John F. Kennedy, Jr. was killed in a suspicious plane crash.

    So the string of unnatural Kennedy deaths has continued, amidst all the silence. If they were afraid to speak out, maybe they ought to rethink their strategy…before another one dies under mysterious and tragic circumstances.

    * Btw, I’m not suggesting that either David or Michael Kennedy was murdered, although I believe Penn Jones, Jr. thought David’s alleged drug overdose had questionable elements about it.*

    One would think that, in a family that large, there would be at least a few renegade members interested in the subject.

    I hoped that Bobby Jr. might be one of them. Looks like I was wrong!

  22. Randy Matthews

    btw, The Kennedy family doesn’t owe any individual citizen like me anything. They do, however, have an obligation to history. At least that’s what JFK and RFK believed.

    No one admires the overall legacy of the Kennedy family more than I do. And, like Talbot says, it isn’t up to them to solve the murders of JFK and RFK. However, there is no question that if Jackie had behaved more like Coretta Scott King, and publicly expressed her own doubts, or RFK had revealed in public what he was apparently expressing in private, then an honest re- investigation into the JFK assassination might have been possible in the mid-1960s. How many times did the lone nutters make the argument, “if there had been a conspiracy, no one would have investigated it more than Bobby Kennedy.” Even the CIA’s notorious memo about how to “handle” the assassination critics mentions this specifically.

    What I am speaking about now, when I say their group behavior is inexplicable, is the fact that we are nearly 45 years removed from the first assassination. That’s a very long time for a daughter, let alone nephews and nieces, to still glare at anyone daring to mention the subject. That’s a very long time for a speech writer like Ted Sorensen to still find JFK’s death “too painful” to discuss.

    Maybe they all need to re-read “Profiles In Courage.”

  23. Shane O'Sullivan

    The report about reopening the RFK case above is based on this NY Daily News piece: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2008/07/…nedy_murde.html

    It’s great to see the Daily News showing such interest. Given the scant press coverage of the controversies in the RFK case over the years, it’s perhaps not surprising that Bobby Kennedy Jr. seems to know so little about them. After the Daily News piece, my publisher sent him a copy of my book, so if he’s skeptical about what happened in Dallas, I hope he’ll consider the weight of evidence suggesting conspiracy in his father’s death and support a reopening of the case.


  24. Don

    I really have become more disenchanted with the Kennedy family after reading “Brothers.” I certainly don’t think it was Talbot’s intention to put the family (or JFK’s ex-aides) in a bad light, but the book does so, nevertheless.

    As Jim Garrison told Mort Sahl, “If my brother was killed, I’d be waiting for the guys that did it with a knife in an alley.” (essential quote- might not be verbatim). Sahl agreed. While Bobby, Jackie, Teddy, etc., were glaring down anyone who dared even broach the subject, Mort Sahl was destroying his career by boldly speaking out about the JFK assassination conspiracy. No one killed him. No one killed any of the critics who dared to pore through all that meaningless stuff in the official record and expose the lies and cover up, either. Even Penn Jones lived to be an old man, and his specialty was in pointing out all the mysterious deaths. This doesn’t mean that I don’t believe the conspirators knocked off any witnesses- indeed, I do think they were responsible for the deaths of far too many people. However, clearly speaking out and writing books that were conspiracy-oriented was not some kind of automatic death sentence.

    That’s my biggest problem with the “fear” theory of why the Kennedys accepted such an obviously bogus verdict on their loved ones’ deaths. I have a family, so I can certainly understand such concerns. I certainly wouldn’t want to put my wife or children in any danger, and perhaps I wouldn’t be brave enough to still seek the truth. However, I really do think that, while most of us might maintain a public silence for a while, few of us would still be afraid to discuss the subject over 45 years later. What is Ted Kennedy afraid of at this point? Even before the sad news about his brain tumor, Kennedy was a man in his mid-70s, with his children obviously fully grown. What does he think they could do to him?

    I do think that JFK, Jr. was about to “turn” and, much like RFK, plan to look into his father’s death once he had achieved power. It’s too bad Caroline doesn’t seem to have any curiosity about the assassination, whatsoever. It’s also shameful, imho. I would certainly hope that my children cared enough about me to want to know the truth about my death, especially if there was such controversy swirling around it. If most families don’t care about such things, why are autopsies even performed? How many of us have had a loved one murdered? I can’t imagine how horrible that would be, but I do know that I wouldn’t rest until I knew who had done it.

    I think the Kennedys have, collectively, given us a tragedy worthy of the ancient Greeks. I certainly have a great deal of sympathy for, and astonishment over, all the untimely tragedies they’ve had to endure. Like Ted Sorensen, I think talk of a Kennedy “curse” is nonsense. Unlike him, I believe they offended some very powerful forces a long time ago (starting with Papa Joe), and that most of their unnatural deaths are a result of that.

    Bottom line- if Ted, Bobby, Jr. and Caroline all came out together and expressed their dissatisfaction with the official explanations behind the assassinations, and demanded a real independent investigation, such a move would gain instant credibility.

  25. I agree Don, and it would be great if they did get on board.

    Such an action would put the mainstream media in a very awkward position. They might be unable to prevent a groundswell of public support for a proper re-examination of the case.

    If it’s the Kennedy family themselves calling for a new investigation, then the media’s tired old line about “why can’t we just let the dead Kennedys rest in peace?” starts looking very lame.

    Towards that end, I have done my best to gently nudge Bobby Jr. in that direction. Much like Shane O’Sullivan did (btw, you really should read his book and see the documentary film he made about the RFK assassination, if you haven’t already. Visit his website at http://RFKMustDie.com and you can check out free audio and video clips.), I have also taken steps to alert Bobby to the new acoustic evidence in his father’s murder case.

    Back in August, I approached Bobby about the subject and found him to be surprisingly open to it (so those above who say the Kennedys aren’t interested, please ahem, “hold your fire!”). I put him in touch with Paul Schrade and they have talked with each other since.

    I also sent Bobby a package of information last month, at Paul’s request, which contains excerpts from the Joling/Van Praagh book “An Open and Shut Case” along with two DVD’s which contain various news reports about the discovery of the newly-unearthed Pruszhinski audio recording and also the recent “Conspiracy Test” ballistics study that the Discovery Times Channel did which PROVES (at least to my satisfaction) that Sirhan Sirhan could not have fired the fatal shot.

    So Bobby Jr. has the information now. He is personally in touch with Paul Schrade, who is leading the effort to reopen this case and has just secured the help of esteemed attorney Mel Levine of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher to represent them.

    What Bobby Jr. chooses to do with this information, now that he has it, is up to him.

    I *do* hope that he will lend us his voice.

    Justice for Bobby! Isn’t it time?

  26. Clinton Dems for McCain

    Hillary Clinton mentioned Bobby Kennedy’s name and the Press relentlessly attacked her which many people feel was the beginning of the end for Hillary and the turning point for Barack Obama in the Democratic Primaries.

    Now, we find out that Bill Ayers dedicated his book to Sirhan Sirhan, who assassinated Bobby Kennedy, and called Sirhan Sirhan a “Political Prisoner” and called for the release of Sirhan Sirhan and what do we hear from the Press now?


    Do we need to elect a President who is “close” to a former terrorist who has praised and called for the release of a US Presidential Assassin?

    Do we really need to elect a guy who worked extensively with Bill Ayers and kicked off his political career in Bill Ayers’ house and give millions of dollars of education grant money to radical programs designed to teach children to be radicals like Bill Ayers?

    – Bill Ayers wrote about Obama in his book and stated that they were “close.”

    – Obama provided a review for Ayers book describing it as “searing, timely and courageous.”

    – Obama kicked off his campaign in Ayers house

    – Obama and Ayers served together from 1995 to 2002 on two different Boards during which time Ayers repeatedly stated to the Press he did not regret the bombings, wished he had done more bombings and may even do it again

    – Obama and Ayers were both close friends and dinner companions with Rashid Khalidi a former PLO spokesman

    The right to a Free Press was a cornerstone of our Republic. Barack Obama has bought the press. The Press in America is no longer Free.

    Watch this video to see how unfair the Press was to Hillary and how they just let Barack Obama get away with anything:


    Also, visit http://ClintonDems.com

    Clinton Democrats for McCain/Palin

  27. Jim

    And don’t forget Ayers’ wife — the lovely bernadine dorn who said about the sharon tate murders “dig it first they killed the pigs then they stuck a fork in their belly’s”…

  28. Al G.

    Even without this shocking new info I remember the days of WU and Manson types very clearly. I can’t beleive especially after 9-11 people wouldn’t be more appalled at Obama’s friendship with these people .

    Not only is it in poor taste to be associated with the likes of Ayers/Dohrn for being unrepentant terrorists against our country, but these two have dedicated a book promoting communism to someone that killed a United States Senator from New York and a Presidential nominee. This may not mean much to those that don’t know Robert F. Kennedy, but to those that look up to him and remember him fondly, it’s a shock. William Ayers continues to become more loathsome with each detail. And this is the same man that hosted the launch for Obama, served with him on boards, and more! Obama states that he has the judgment it takes to be President and be in a position to appoint a cabinet or appoint justices before Congress to the Supreme Court. But, when you look at his connections, that judgment argument is questionable at best and makes you wonder what favors he’ll have to pay back to those that put him in this position to start with.

    When you line everyone up: Ayers, Wright, Odinga, etc, it should make you question that judgment.

    And I can’t beleive that the Kennedy’s are backing Obama.

  29. John Mellon

    1. Has anyone publicly asked Obama if Ayers helped him write the book “dreams from my father?


    2 If Obama claims that Ayers did not touch the book or help him with the first and other drafts of the book, then
    who does Obama give credit for helping him
    edit the book during its various drafts? Anybody have a name?

    3. Does Obama dare claim that an editor at the book
    company was the only person responsible for helping him write the various drafts of the book?

    4. NOTE: I hope that Obama does not expect us to believe that he was the sole writer and editor of his book or that he presented ONLY
    one draft to the book company.

  30. Southern Belle

    I wonder how Bill Ayer’s dedication of a book to Sirhan Sirhan goes down with the Kennedys–namely Teddy and Caroline? One wonders, too, how either, in light of this new information, can continue to disregard the connection Barack Obama has with Bill Ayers.

    If I were a Kennedy, I would revoke my endorsement of this candidate who seems to be on the wrong side of the freedom both JFK and Bobby Kennedy stood for.

  31. Bernadette

    Obama’s desk in the U.S. Senate used to belong to Robert Kennedy. Surely, Obama must know who Sirhan Sirhan is. And Obama had no problem associating, and socializing, with William Ayers? A man who considers Sirhan a “political prisoner,” and worthy of a dedication in his 1974 book?

    I wonder what the Kennedy family thinks about that?

    I imagine that Obama’s excuse will be that he was only six years old when Kennedy was assassinated. Or that he was 12 when the book was written. Well, how old was he when he chose Kennedy’s desk for his Senate office? How old was he when he chose to associate with Ayers? How old was he when he lent his name to a book written by Ayers?

    How old was he when he lied to the American people about their relationship?

    Judgment? Honesty? Disgraceful.

  32. Chris

    This revelation should be a Deal-Breaker for all decent minded Democrats.

    That Bobby Jr. could endorse Obama, the man whose Comrade in Arms dedicated a book to the man who murdered his father is unconscionable.

    Hearing him defend Bill Ayers on Larry King made me want to scream. Please tell me he just didn’t know about Ayers’ book and the Sirhan dedication then.

    But he knows now!

  33. Undisputed Truth

    RFK Jr. said this on Huffpo recently:

    “Last week found the American media once again boarding Republican swift boats against this season’s Democratic candidate armed with unfair and hypocritical attacks artfully designed by GOP strategists to distract attention from the cataclysmic outcomes of Republican governance.

    Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin has taken to faulting Senator Barack Obama for his casual acquaintance with a respected Illinois educator Bill Ayers, who forty years ago was a member of the Weathermen, a movement active when Obama was eight and which he has denounced as “detestable.” Palin argues that the relationship proves that Obama sees “America as being so imperfect that he is palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.”


  34. Larry

    I’m sorry. This dedication is so disgusting there is no way to spin it, refine it or excuse it. Yes, this book, text of Ayers is from decades ago. But we’re talking Bobby Kennedy, someone revered by the Democratic Party and by a large chunk of the American public at large. Would we be generous to fans of John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald? Could we conjure up a defense? And let’s not forget how Hillary Clinton was savaged during the primaries for her Bobby Kennedy remark.

    Bill Ayers is someone you keep company with, Senator Obama? Bill Ayers who complained the day after 9/11 that the Weathermen didn’t do enough.

    Are you listening America? Are you paying attention?

    The Democratic mominee for POTUS has spent time with an unrepentent domestic terrorist [along with a lot of other highly questionable characters], kicked off his political career in the living room of this same man [who has traded in the love beads for a tenured professorship]. But this coverage is all unfair, Republican spin?

    Do you believe in unicorns? Maybe leprechauns.

    Obama can pretend all he wants but the record is out there. Bill Ayers is a “bud” whose ideas and philosophies are so out of the mainstream that he once [and maybe still is] an apologist for the murderer of Robert Kennedy.

    That alone should make your hair stand on end. And Sirhan-Sirhan is a political prisoner???

    Cut me a break. Sirhan committed an assassination. It was witnessed. It was filmed. What do you want? To taste the blood in your mouth?

    Vote, no Obama. The man is not who he pretends to be. And his friends are a disgrace. Do I equate Barack Obama with Bill Ayers?


    But his judgment stinks. He is at best a raw opportunist, using everyone and anyone to advance politically.

    Wake up, America. We have two days left.

    Wake up before it’s too late!

  35. Jen's Mom

    Caroline and Teddy must be so proud. They are supporting a man whose friend dedicated a book to the man who murdered an uncle and a brother.

    Bobby Jr., out there on CNN defending Bill Ayers, who praised his father’s killer?

    But, hey — it’s for a good cause. A Democrat in the White House. Their end can always justify their means.

    Bobby and Jack must be rolling over in their graves.

  36. Nobama!

    Bill Ayres, Obama’s best friend, dedicated his 1974 book to the murderer of Bobby Kennedy. I find this so disgusting that I have no words to describe my feelings. The Dems want to compare Obama to John Kennedy but somehow I don’t believe JFK would approve of dining with a terrorist that thinks Siran Siran is a hero.

  37. Autumn

    I have Meet the Press on in the background and maybe I missed it but I’ve heard nothing on all of this in the Mainstream Media this morning!!

    It’s still all about how Obama will win this thing. Man are they doing a grave disservice to Americans and the world. I guess we can thank Blog writers like the owner of this site (and Fox News network ) who are reporting to us.

    If McCain wins on Tuesday and windows start breaking and fires start burning, what are they going to blame it on? Stolen votes? Hah!

    I hope RFK Jr has the sense to back off the stolen votes spiel at that point.

  38. michael seratt

    i saw the report on t.v. wed. night,oct 29. and i thought to myself the republicans are really desperate if they use robert kennedy to try to convince voters to turn against obama. the statement was made by sean hannity to pat cadell, who seems to be a long time kennedy partisan. i had not sent in my absentee ballot yet , but i have to say that i voted for obama, because sen. ted kennedy officially endorsed him a few days before the feb. 5 primary here in california. he said” if you supported jfk and rfk vote for obama.” it was a dilema for me because i was also aware that rfkjr. was for hillary clinton. i recently heard obama quote sen. ted-regardless of whether we have big government or small government we need better government. there fore i believe in giving sen. obama a chance as President of the u.s. i sent in my absentee ballot, voting for sen. obama.

  39. I do find it interesting that stories such as this and the Obama’s Aunt story have been kept under wraps for this long and only broke days before the election, once it is a little too late for the voters to fully process the info.

    Many have already early voted and even if they wanted to change their minds after hearing this Sirhan/Ayers thing, it’s too late. They can’t.

    The Ayers book “Prairie Fire” has been in print since 1974. Yes, copies are scarce but not unattainable. The author of this article, New Frontier, managed to find one quite easily.

    The media had two years during the campaign to find and report this story.
    Why the silence?

    Obama’s aunt has lived in the U.S for several years. And the media only “discovered” her presence two days before the election?

    Employing a bit of critical thinking here, one can only arrive at the obvious conclusion that the media had this info all along but chose not to report it.

    That, by definition, would be a coverup.

    Choosing to let this info filter out in dribs and drabs AFTER early voting has closed skews the election results (or a portion of them: 23 million people had already voted as of Friday night) in Obama’s favor.

    By definition, that is election rigging.

    Which can only mean that the media is a willing conspirator in the theft of the 2008 election, just as they were in the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004…only back then, they were simply rooting for a different guy.

    I find it all very troubling, and judging by the number of comments on this blog lately, looks like I’m not alone.

  40. Autumn

    NOT A COMMENT- I just thought you might be interested in this blog article I found which is pretty disturbing if it’s true:


  41. Autumn

    Fact: if Obama wins, this is not going away.

    Many voters will hear of this for the first time after the election and I’ll bet the farm that this story and these murky associations will dog him until his last day in office.

    Baggage of this magnitude is no way to begin a presidency. He may be the first African-American president and he may very well be the last for a long, long time.

  42. Speaking of Mort Sahl, thought I’d share a very telling anecdote about President Kennedy here.

    Mort Sahl once asked JFK about the public’s mistaken perception of him as a rich super-elitist and if accusations that he was buying the presidency with Papa Joe’s money were true.

    As Mort Sahl relates, before the 1960 election, he liked to kid Kennedy about being the scion of a multimillionaire. Kennedy cornered him once on this topic and asked him point blank how much he thought his family was worth. Sahl replied, “Probably about three or four hundred million.” Kennedy then asked him how much he thought the Rockefellers were worth. Sahl said he had no idea. Kennedy replied sharply, “Try about four billion.” JFK let the number sink in and then added, “Now that’s money, Mort.”

    Sahl never forgot this conversation, and it probably had much to do with his unceasing effort to alert the public to the REAL powers behind President Kennedy’s assassination.

    One could gather from that conversation alone that JFK himself was well aware of who held the reins of REAL power in this country…and also knew he was not, and never would be, a member of that powerful “Club.”

    Kennedy knew who he was up against and that they held the upper hand. The reason we still admire JFK is that he never let this deter him from doing what he had to do; doing what was right for the American people, no matter who didn’t like it or what the adverse circumstances might be.

    From that 1960 conversation with Mort Sahl, it almost sounds to me like he was saying, “Mort, if anything bad happens to me, here’s suspect #1.”

    (Crumpling up my tinfoil hat now…)

  43. moseljack

    I too find this disturbing information… I can’t consent to supporting this relationship WHATSO-EVER between Obama and Ayers. What I don’t know enough about is what Obama knew, to the extent that he was privvy to Ayers’ dedication of this “book” and the venom he (Ayers) carries for RFK then or at present. Does it matter even, what Ayers believes now? The fact is that this is a damning to all hell statement from a convicted felon and yes, a terrorist, in print and admitted (from many many years ago).

    Time should not exonnerate Mr. Ayers for his actions, however whether Obama knew of this dedication is not clear to me. It is vitally important to that extent (for me atleast) to have this answered to my satisfaction personally.

    I don’t buy all the conveinient tid-bits thrown around here like potpourri that the Kennedy’s were aware of this information as well and are just corroborating a big Democratic sleep over party for the last 40 years. I was disturbed to find recently, that RFK,Jr. was admittedly under-informed or ‘undereducated’ as to the darker side of the 9/11/2001 arguements being made that an ‘Inside Job’ was not OFF THE TABLE for many of us… The public statements recently of RFK,Jr to lean towards wanting to know more are encouraging and this too remains to be seen and in my mind as well, will be ‘telling’ as to the stance Mr. Kennedy takes in the near future on this topic which also will not be going away anytime soon for many of us Real Patriots as well… (GOD speed RFK.Jr in you ‘Education’).

    The facts are that there are many unanswered questions from the deaths of the Kennedy’s and Dr. Martin Luther King as well and more recently there are ‘current’ investigations that remain unanswered with regard to the greatest crime(s) commited against our own country as a whole…

    The 9/11 commision was a farce and fraudulent based on its own “facts” and jaded officiating partisans controlling it straight from Karl Rove, Zelicow and The BUSH/CHENEY White House clan (period).

    These ‘Facts’, which contradict themselves from within its own binder of the “Official Report”. To this day, we cannot get sworn testimony as to the whereabouts of our Vice Pres. and to that extent, just what “War Games” was he “Playing” on the morning that blinded our air forces eye’s and that physically sent ALL but 8 fighter jets into canadian airspace (conveiniently) that morning, leaving our eastern seaboard defenseless. Not to mention the greatest oversight of them all, that Building Seven didn’t even get a singular mention and it fell at free fall speed, into its’ own footprint and wasn’t even hit by an airplane… 8 hours later.

    To the extent that this revealing Ayers story is damning to all hell, I have to hold out for more clarification on it or at least that if I/we cannot get that, then what about the active Obama Administration’s persuit and accounting legally for the plethora of crimes commited against our Constitution and peoples during the: BUSH/CHENEY/ROVE/HALLIBURTON NWO FASCIST / NAZI Dynasty where not only we American’s but the entire world got to eat shit sandwiches for the last 8 years! Want some heads on a pike?!!! Let’s start with the mess we’ve got already! I would have loved to see Nader at the helm of our country… Facts are that we will wait for hell to freeze over before that chicken comes home to roost! We keep the fires lit, keep the powder dry and we push RFK,Jr. and now OBAMA for TRUTH!!! and JUSTICE!

    We aren’t going away, the opportunity to reveal REAL CHANGE and the actions therein now are expected and I feel we should demand this now of our elected officials and popular leaders such as what we have with RFK,Jr and now, the Obama Administration…

    Without the Republican ol’ boys network in-tact anymore in Congress and with RFK,Jr never looking more like a valid politician, I wonder just what the Kucinich-esque questioning on the Hill will flesh out now in terms of real legislation and public investigation of REAL TERRORISTS and REAL FASCISTS FROM WITHIN!!!


    (2) Re-Open 9/11 Hearings
    (3) Appoint a commitee to repair the Friggin’ Constitution
    (4) Get our Troops the Hell out of the “War” after 4 years of looking for weapons of mass distraction! and finding only that War is great for the economy?!!! (Who got rich BTW?)

    (5) Mr. Obama, Where the F*CK is OSAMA now for real!!! Charge his ass with 9/11 officially or Investigate the whole friggin thing for GOD’S SAKE!

    Hey Nancy… The Prozac moments of the past two years and the ‘off the table’ thing are now officially INVALID! Get off your primpy ASS AND ARREST KARL ROVE!

    Let’s roll already dammit!

  44. Jack, while watching the election returns Tuesday night, and the thousands upon thousands of Americans gathered in Grant Park, in cities across the country, and in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, one thought came into my mind very suddenly…and very profoundly:

    “We’ve got the votes now.”

    We’ve got the votes now to get rid of President Bush and his policies.

    The sheer numbers of voter turnout and people gathered in the streets confirmed for me that WE HAD THE VOTES ALL ALONG, regardless of what our Congresscritters told us every time we asked them why they weren’t impeaching Bush, arresting Rove, stopping the Iraq war, throwing out the Patriot Act and FISA…and so many other burning questions.

    Their reply to these questions was always “we don’t have the votes.”

    Oh, yes we do. Yes we can, and yes we did.

    On Tuesday night, the people gathered outside President Bush’s residence and told him to GET OUT!!!!

    Have the American people ever in our history sent such a clear signal to a President that we want him to go? Now! Have we ever given our Congress a stronger mandate to impeach?

    Have you ever seen crowds like that on election night outside the White House? Not to congratulate an incumbent president winning re-election, but rather to insult an outgoing lame duck, the most unpopular president in American history. It was one big collective raspberry; a Bronx Cheer for Bush heard (and gladly echoed) around the world.

    What a tremendous moment that was. What a powerful image. And the words that image evokes are:

    “Madame Speaker, We HAVE the VOTES!”

    NF (who, btw, did not vote for Senators Obama or McCain)

  45. moseljack

    Yess We Do NF!… I’m on record from months ago… reeling about some tare I took on Bush… I am so happy and feel vindicated already in the preliminary first steps of Pre. Elect Obama. He’s actually going to freeking reverse the stone age descisions from Bush re: Stem Cell Research right off the bat!!! Wow, I remember ranting how this prick Bush would take take and take from us and not even throw us a friggin bone like Stem Cell research to help humanity along with the ‘curable’ diseases and add alittle dignity to us, the common folk (who pay the bills) and who provide the slave labor to make Halliburton and Wall Streeters filthy rich… We who will burdon for the windfall profits and graft and corruption endured from this prick and his den of theives… Who sold us unilateraly down the river repeatedly to fomment a bogus war and a bogus coupe de’ tat’ shrouded in an American flag, forced fed it to us and told us not to tolerate conspiracy theories! The first thing this lame duck did with his executive orders were to grant Enron full access to rape pillage and steal retirements and to sound the feeding bell to all dormant cronies and corrupt corporate raiders, that the feed was on and all hands on deck, it’s time to make raiding the U.S. coffers legal and ‘patriotic’?! no less…

    We were made to swallow this shit all in the name of being “good American’s” and “Patriotic”… Just like what was evident from the death squeel of the RNC with the jibberish bantered about from V.P. hopeful, Gov. Sarah Palin… Calling Sen. Obama an out and out Terrorist. Disgusting and all telling now in direct comparison to what real class, intelligence and American leadership is exemplified in our new Commander in Chief. I will remain reserved for the authentic roll out of just what damage control Pres. Elect Obama can actually achieve in his first 100 days of office. The great thing is that it looks like we’ll have a real progressive leader to at least act like he is on the people’s side and not another NWO NAZI!


  46. Samhari

    New Frontier wrote:

    “Okay, fine – we all knew he was a radical who plotted an overthrow of the U.S. Government and planned strategic acts of terrorism which put the lives of innocents at risk. That’s old news, and besides, we hear he’s feeling much better now. Supposedly, the sickness passed long ago and he’s mellowed out in his old age.”

    Bill Ayers finally came out of hiding and was interviewed today on “Good Morning America.” He said he was NOT SORRY for ANYTHING he has done, and that furhermore, he is still in “CLOSE CONTACT” with Obama.

    Now, AFTER the election, we find out the real truth. Yes, Obama and Ayers are tight, and they always will be.

    Liars! Liars! Pants on (Prairie) Fire!!!

  47. Sirhan’s late attorney Lawrence Teeter used my research in filing the Writ of Habeas Corpus on Sirhan’s behalf. As most any knows the appellate process is lengthy and demanding with little hope of success – but Larry never gave up. He was always so hopeful that justice will prevail in spite of the enormous obstacles (prejudice against his client being one of the most serious).
    What I have come to believe from my experiences in this case is that might does not make right. I ask that law schools, criminalists (preferably retired criminalists) and people who want to know what really happened to Bobby Kennedy read /examine sirhan trial transcript page 3967 and my Special Exhibit 10 Report.
    I never dreamed such things could happen in this country.
    Rose Lynn Mangan

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