Will RFK Jr. Serve in Obama’s Cabinet?


It appears that Senator Barack Obama is already thinking forward to January, and has some very firm ideas in mind as to who will serve in his administration.

According to Politico.com, a couple of Kennedys are on his short list, and RFK Jr. is one of them.

Citing “sources close to Barack Obama,” the article says that Caroline Kennedy may be tapped as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is being given “serious consideration” for Secretary of the Interior.

The list of other potential cabinet officials is long and fascinating, indeed – how about Sen. Gary Hart as Homeland Security Director? Bill Richardson as Secretary of State? Al Gore as “Ambassador at large on climate change” (hey, is that a real job?) and even a few Republicans as well, most notably California Governor (and Kennedy cousin-by-marriage) Arnold Schwarzenegger as Secretary of Energy.

If Obama wins the presidency next Tuesday, it looks very possible that for the Kennedys, an Obama administration could become a “family affair.”



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2 responses to “Will RFK Jr. Serve in Obama’s Cabinet?

  1. I think Bobby would make a FIERCE head of EPA or any other cabinet position selected to. I, of course, would love to see him go beyond that & become an “Energy/Ecology” Czar! Let’s put this amazing man in as a steward for our earth. Every person who comes here in support of Bobby Jr. should be sending memos to TEAM OBAMA. Let them know many support Bobby being in a position to help our new president, to help our fried up universse!

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