Who Are You Voting For?

Well, now’s the time to make up your mind, if you haven’t already. Who will you be voting for Tuesday?

Drop a comment below and tell us who and why…

Barack Obama?

John McCain?

Ralph Nader?

Cynthia McKinney?

Chuck Baldwin?

Other candidate (please specify)?

Writing in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?

Or are you not planning to vote at all? If not, why not?



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16 responses to “Who Are You Voting For?

  1. Hillary Voters 4 McCain

    John McCain/Sarah Palin

  2. Cheri

    Once a Libertarian, always a Libertarian!

    Bob Barr

  3. Jim

    Cynthia McKinney, the Green Party candidate


  4. Jim

    I was supporting Ron Paul but since hes not in the race, he has asked his supporters to vote for Chuck Baldwin. I have read up on Baldwin’s history, his stance on the issues I care most abot and have decided he is indeed the man!

    Chuck Baldwin gets my vote Nov. 4

  5. D.F.

    Barack Obama!!!!!!!

  6. Sheila

    Ralph Nader, who I proudly voted for in every election since 1996!

  7. Andrea

    Nader. His point of view on every issue matches mine, especially on the environment.

    In my heart of hearts I know he is someone who will never lie to us. After 20 years of Bushes and Clintons, an honest president would be so refreshing!

    It hurts to split from the Democratic party, I’ve been a Democrat all my life, but I strongly feel the party leaders’ actions since taking over Congress in 2006 have betrayed their promises to the people who elected them.

    I just have too many questions about Obama. His association with Bill Ayers (who dedicated his book to Sirhan Sirhan) was the final dealbreaker, although I already had my doubts about his experience, his top advisors, his flip-flopping on issues, and his seeming willingness to vote along with President Bush on legislation such as FISA and the recent Wall St. bailout bill, measures I vehemently oppose, among many, many others.

    It took some time for me to see through Sen. Obama, because I was very taken in by his charisma and eloquence at first. His message of hope and change was exactly what I wanted to hear. But upon closer examination, the mystique started falling away to reveal a Chicago politician who was essentially offering more of the same.

    I’m not ready to entrust the reins of this country at this critical moment in our history to a man who isn’t proven. Ralph Nader has proven himself to the American people for over 45 years, demonstrating nothing but integrity and honesty.

    After the last 8 years of George W. Bush, I think that is exactly what America needs right now.

    (toobad RFk Jr. is’nt running. I would have definitely voted for him!)

  8. chrisy58


    I think he is the most honest. I don’t trust either the Democratic or the Republican party at this point. Even though I am in the Green party, I think it is important that we pick one third party candidate who can get enough votes to get the attention of the other two parties and the media.

    I am afraid if we spread the third party vote out to thin that the anger and frustration that the American people feel of being lied to by both parties in our government will be ignored and just written off.

    I will be voting even if I have to wait in lane for hours. I was sad to hear one friend say if the line was to long she won’t vote. Since they are saying that they expect a large turnout I wonder how many other voters will not care enough to do what it takes to cast their votes. It is very sad to me. To think that we have Americans in this country who are not willing to endure a little hardship to vote and fulfill their duty as American Citizens. I have always taken this duty very seriously and I find it sad that other Americans don’t.

  9. Really good point, Chrisy. I fear that the record turnout this year may well be causing some voters to give up on voting, either because they are too impatient to wait in line or maybe because they don’t have more than an hour to spare from their busy work day.

    This shouldn’t have to be the case, but sadly, I think it is happening all across America. Long, long lines everywhere…and I wonder why election workers/machines aren’t in more plentiful supply this year.

    These lines would move a lot faster if the polling places were better staffed and equipped. I mean, with voter registrations exploding in record numbers this year, they certainly had plenty of time to anticipate the surge of voters in advance and prepare accordingly. So why didn’t they?

    For example, I went to my local precinct to early vote Friday (at a comparatively quiet time of day, 10 am), and the line was out the door and around the side of the building!

    After living in this precinct all my life and voting here in ever election since 2000, I’ve never seen anything like it before. Not during early voting. Not on election day.

    I waited nearly two hours to vote, and couldn’t help but notice that the number of voting machines in this precinct was the exact same number of machines we had during the primaries, and the general elections of 2000 and 2004. Why didn’t they invest in more machines for this year? It’s a mystery.

    Surely election officials saw this flood of voters coming, and if the line at your precinct is ridiculously long, take a few minutes while you’re standing there to count the number of available voting machines and poll workers and ask yourself, “is this enough?”

    How well is YOUR precinct prepared to deal with the larger turnout this year?

    I’d be curious to hear what voters from around the country have to say. If you’ve already voted, how long did you have to wait in line? Was your precinct functioning efficiently? Did you experience any problems?

  10. truth

    Cynthia McKinney. I’m a registered Green, and I always pull the Green ticket, and then the Democratic ticket if there’s no Green. The only exception I made was for Cal Sec. Of State Debra Bowen, because she was issue for issue a Green Party Candidate in Democrat’s clothing.

  11. mike seratt

    since rfkjris not running. i decided to vote for the next best person to fulfill the kennedy legacy: barack oboma. at this point in time i believe he represents democracy(jfk), hope(rfk), and the dream(mlk).

  12. chrisy58

    Andrea I had heard that too about Bill Ayers and his book dedication to Sirhan Sirhan. That really distressed me. I think that is just one piece of the puzzle that made it hard for me to really trust Obama. Though to be fair it wasn’t Obama who dedicated the book, but it was someone who Obama trusted and respected and worked with. So yes, I will admit that hearing a book dedicated to that scum was the nail on the coffin as far as Obama getting my vote.

    For me it was all the little things that added up to someone I believed to not being totally honest.

    I will say that this has been one of the hardest elections for me to decide who would get my vote. One side put the pressure to vote for McCain and him being made out to be the candidate that if you are a good Catholic one has to vote for and on the other hand voting for someone who I think on certain issues is much more reasonable than John McCain but who in the end is not totally honest and I haven’t been able to develop the trust that I need when I am voting for someone to be President of the United States. I may not be explaining this very well.

    Do I vote for the lesser of two evils or do I stand by my honor? Do I give in to my fellow Catholics and say ok I will vote for McCain because he is pro-life? Do I vote for Obama because he might be better for the working man? Or do I vote for Nader who I believe is more honest? I have prayed and prayed and I keep on coming back to Nader.

    My friend said she just didn’t want to spend the time. She isn’t working right now so she could take the time if she really wanted to make her voice heard. I think part of the problem is that like many Americans she has lost her trust in the government and feels they all lie so what is the point? She doesn’t feel that it will change things because they all lie.

    Anyway, I will try and vote before work and if I have to leave than I will come back and vote after I am finished with my patient even if I have to wait in line until the polls close. I believe that once in line that they can’t refuse you, but who knows. Though I will let you know tomorrow after I vote how long it took.

  13. chrisy58

    I just got back from voting. I had no problems. I left the house at 6:30 am and I was back home and by 7:15 am.

    Looking around everything was like it always is in Sun Lakes. This year they had people directing traffic and special voting parking places at the club house where we vote.

    I walk in the building and start waiting in line and a nice lady came up and I showed her my voting id card and she told me what line to stand in. This year was a little different in how they set things up because before our own district had its own room but this year we had another district sharing the big ball room with us. That district had no line at all.

    In Arizona we still use only paper ballots. This is the old west and I guess we haven’t progressed as much as other states, lol. Though the truth be told it sounds like the voting machines are not progress and we in backwards Arizona have the right idea in only using paper. They have plenty of ballots as they are prepared for the large amount of voters this year.

    We had more voting booths this year. We also always have a large table where those who can’t stand can sit and vote. As I said we were in and out within 30 minutes.

    Of course Sun Lakes is not your typical community so maybe we were not going to see the problems.

    I wish all of you the easy voting that I had this morning.

    Best Wishes

  14. chrisy58

    I just posted this on my journal blog. I have been posting things that have been happening today. I am posting this here because maybe someone who works for the Obama camp to talk to him and tell him to stop this thug like behavior from the Black Nationalists who support him. Black Nationalism is just as evil as White Nationalism. Two wrongs don’t make a right. It is never right in America that we have people with nightsticks scaring people to not vote. Is this the future under Obama?

    Black Panthers Suppress the Vote
    November 4, 2008 by chrisy58

    Black Panthers Suppress the Vote

    Someone had posted a comment to type in election intimation and I did and came up with this.

    We don’t need people standing at polling places with nightsticks scaring people. It is a weapon and is very wrong. You can see in the first clip the nightstick in his hand.

    Is this the future if Obama wins? Is this the kind of America that people who support Obama want? I would hope Obama is better than this and will tell these Black Nationalists to stop intimating people who are coming to vote.

    I am glad I didn’t vote for Obama after seeing these tapes. I feel like he supports thug like behavior. This is not the first time behavior like this has been reported about Obama’s people. Democrats reported this behavior in TX and scaring the Democrats wanting to vote for Hilary and being denied entrance to the place to vote. That is just one reason why I didn’t vote for Obama. Those same thug like behaviors shown during the Primary are being shown today in the General.

    Black Nationalism is just as evil as White Nationalism. This is America and we don’t want people at the polling place intimating people and scaring people do we? Would we make excuses if it was the Klan doing what these Black Panthers are doing? I don’t think so. Yet, no one seems to care from our Liberal side what Black Nationalists are doing to White voters, do we?

    Maybe someone will speak up from the LEFT and tell these jerks to stop scaring people.

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