Hillary’s Senate Seat Might Be Up For Grabs After All

Kennedy with Sen. Clinton on the campaign trail in New Hampshire earlier this year

Kennedy with Sen. Clinton on the campaign trail in New Hampshire earlier this year



Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has certainly made no secret of the fact that he would one day love to occupy his late father’s former U.S. Senate seat — and if Hillary Clinton should become President-elect Obama’s secretary of state, RFK Jr. just might see that wish come true.

Kennedy’s name has recently been circulated as a potential cabinet appointee, either as head of the Environmental Protection Agency or Secretary of the Interior in an Obama administration. So the man’s got options, that’s for sure…but at this point, Kennedy’s political future is up to the fates. What happens next is all going to depend on who the Obama Transition Team chooses for these key cabinet positions — and on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Despite the rumors swirling around about her private meeting with Obama in Chicago this week, Sen. Clinton on Friday declined to address reports that she was being considered by President-elect Barack Obama for secretary of state.

New York Gov. David Paterson, who would have to name her replacement, said late Friday that he hasn’t had discussions about Clinton leaving.

Paterson would appoint Clinton’s successor until the next federal election in November 2010.

Clinton, speaking at the state Public Transit Industry fall conference in Albany, opened her remarks by saying that she would not discuss Obama’s potential administration.

Clinton reportedly met with Obama on Thursday in Chicago. On Friday, Obama reportedly met with New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson as he weighed the job of secretary of state.

Democratic strategists were already talking about possible Clinton successors, including Reps. Nita Lowey of Westchester County, Kirsten Gillibrand of the Albany area or Brian Higgins of Buffalo; state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo; and environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose father held the seat from 1964 until his assassination in 1968 while seeking the presidency.

Many of our readers will recall that RFK Jr. supported Hillary Clinton in her bid for that senate seat eight years ago, and campaigned heavily for Clinton during the presidential election primary contests this year. Once Clinton lost the Democratic party nomination, Kennedy gave his full support to Senator Obama.



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