Kennedy Unlikely to Seek EPA Post


Looks like Mr. Kennedy won't be going to Washington anytime soon

Looks like Mr. Kennedy won't be going to Washington

Less than a month ago, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told the Huffington Post in response to rumors that he might be tapped to run President Obama’s EPA or Interior Department, “if asked, I will serve.”

Well, it seems that something has changed since then. Either he wasn’t asked, or was asked and after weighing the various options and potential consequences, decided that a cabinet post is not in his future.

Today, the NY Daily News is reporting that if asked, Kennedy most likely will not serve after all:

Robert Kennedy Jr. sounds like he’s definitely taking himself out of the running for head of the Environmental Protection Agency. “I have six mouths to feed,” the eco-crusader told us at Monday’s Waterkeeper Alliance/Conde Nast soiree, where James Blunt performed. “But I’d love to be involved with anything the Obama administration does.”

Kennedy told the crowd he’s now “driving a Lexus hybrid. My daughters said it’s the first grown-up car I’ve had.”

So that, apparently, settles that! Looks like Mr. Kennedy won’t be going to Washington this year. Or next.

But what about that senate seat? Ever since President-elect Obama announced Hillary Clinton as his nominee for secretary of state on Monday, speculation has run rampant as to whether or not Kennedy would be appointed to fill out her term of office in the senate. But no, it appears he doesn’t want that gig, either. 


Yesterday, RFK Jr. telephoned New York governor David Paterson and asked that his name be removed from the list of potential appointees. Considering that he has often expressed a strong desire to reclaim the senate seat once held by his father, the reaction to Kennedy’s announcement has been a mix of surprise and disappointment among his many faithful supporters.

The push for Kennedy as Clinton’s replacement was strong; there was even a short-lived Facebook group organized to promote RFK Jr. for the Senate (Kennedy was the only contender to have such support).

But Kennedy isn’t alone in his mad dash for the sidelines. He’s got good company on the bench. On Monday, Nita Lowey (D-Westchester), once considered a prime choice, withdrew her name from consideration. And on Tuesday, former president Bill Clinton announced that he was “not interested” in occupying his wife’s senate seat when/if it becomes available. So that’s three down, hundreds more hopefuls to go.

New York governor Paterson says he will wait to name Clinton’s replacement until after she leaves the U.S. senate, which would be next January if Hillary’s cabinet nomination is confirmed by her senate colleagues. 

Kennedy supporters shouldn’t despair too much. There’s still Caroline! While the martyred president’s daughter has always wisely eschewed a political career, the possibility that she might be under serious consideration to fill Clinton’s senate seat appears to be more than just talk. Even RFK Jr. sang her praises yesterday (while at the same time, withdrawing his own name) as a worthy contender for the job.

Earlier, it was suggested that Caroline might be named as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, but that idea was squelched a few days ago when Obama announced his foreign policy advisor, Susan Rice, as the nominee.

So that frees up Caroline Kennedy to do something else. Her appointment to Clinton’s senate seat would certainly present an interesting dynamic and plenty of drama. After many years of having a close relationship with the Clintons, Caroline shocked the world when she switched teams to support Senator Obama during the 2008 primary election season. I rather doubt that has been forgotten by the Clintons.



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18 responses to “Kennedy Unlikely to Seek EPA Post

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  2. kathleen

    I am so completely disappointed after reading this. Since Obama’s election, I have held my breath wondering what we could have in RFKjr! This is a kick to the gut. And honestly, I JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND!?!

    All the families with vaccien-injured children need you. Why step back? There is finally a glimmer of hope, and you not there. I do not mean to be harsh, Mr. Kennedy…but truely, if there is anyone who can help, it’s you. Thank you for all you have done….but this hurts, and I am simply being honest. And I really JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND this choice.


  3. Tim

    Yes he can?

    No…..he can’t.

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  5. Tim, Kathleen…as Bill Clinton (who doesn’t want the Senate gig, either) might say:


    Sad, isn’t it? Bobby Kennedy Jr. could have brought a wealth of expertise and passion to Obama’s cabinet. He also would have made a fine senator, IMHO.

    But we’re staying hopeful for 2012! Or maybe 2016…most of Bobby’s kids will be grown by then, ya know.

  6. kathleen

    “Sad, isn’t it? Bobby Kennedy Jr. could have brought a wealth of expertise and passion to Obama’s cabinet. He also would have made a fine senator, IMHO.”

    Yes, it is sad. Oh the lost possibilities. It will take a while to recover from this one.

  7. Layla

    Kathleen, I am an autism mother too and am just heartbroken to read this. Mr. Kennedy seemed like our best hope as someone inside the government who will fight for us and our children. Now I feel disillusioned and to be honest, hoodwinked.

    I wish there was another way to interpret this, but what I got out of it was him basically saying that his children are more important than our children.

    His children will be well cared for and provided for because he is wealthy and can afford the very best healthcare that money can buy. As for our kids, well, I guess its just tough luck?

    I had to laugh when he said the reason he isn’t going to acept a position at EPA is because “I’ve got six mouths to feed.”

    Oh, please! I think his kids eat pretty well. As for me, I’ve got 5 kids, two are suffering with autism, and I just lost my job. I could barely afford their healthcare before, but now that my health insurance is gone, I may be forced to choose between getting them the treatment they need and putting food on the table. I’ve got mouths to feed, too. Don’t we all?

    Hey, Bobby…what about the PEOPLE?

  8. Political Chick

    Doesn’t the EPA job come with a salary big enough to feed six mouths?

  9. kathleen

    I keep wondering why, and yes the word hoodwinked may be appropriate, sadly enough. I’m wondering if he wouldn’t be able to hold up to the scrutiny that would follow his being tapped to position of head of the EPA.

    Money doesn’t seem to be a fair argument when so much of his income can come from his writing.
    I really just do not understand.

    I hope that things get easier for you (and so many other families dealing with vaccine injury), as the holidays are here, and this year it might be more of a task to stay thankful.
    Sorry to sound so negative.

  10. JFK FAN

    Just for giggles… Got an evening or an afternoon? Read this…

    Gee, I guess maybe JFK was on to something…

    The “Bush” family was created to destroy America.

    By Don Nicoloff

    This is too outrageous and bears credibility from the plethora of facts provided. Maybe a simple answer DOES exist as to how the insanity we endure, continues to abide those of ‘unique privilidge’ without consequences… for decades.

    Simplicity is wisdom.

    Change begins with the ARREST of ROVE…

  11. moseljack

    Just for giggles… Got an evening or an afternoon? Read this…

    Gee, I guess maybe JFK was on to something…

    The “Bush” family was created to destroy America.

    By Don Nicoloff

    This is too outrageous and bears credibility from the plethora of facts provided. Maybe a simple answer DOES exist as to how the insanity we endure, continues to abide those of ‘unique privilidge’ without consequences… for decades.

    Simplicity is wisdom.

    Change begins with the ARREST of ROVE…

  12. Layla

    Kathleen, thank you for the kind words.I know this Christmas is going to be hard for everyone, not just Americans, because the finanical crisis is worldwide. So everybody’s hurting.

    I just count my blessings every day that I have the love of my family and friends. We stick together and help each other thru these times.

    My best wishes to you and yours this holiday season as well. It’s good to meet you (in cyberspace anyway!) through this blog. I’ll come back and post more often instead of lurking like I usually do. Hope you will to. I enjoy reading your comments!

  13. chrisy58


    I know how discouraged you must feel right now, but I just wanted to say that your cyber friends are praying for you. I am sorry about your job.

    I work as a caregiver and was talking to one of my patients the other day about the depression. She was talking about how at Christmas time was a day of instead of lots of gifts, was a day of families gathered around the meal, and that they were happy getting the one gift that usually their mom made. She talked about getting used clothing and her mom made it look like new and they were happy with it. They were lean years she said. I am afraid we will have to use some of the same tricks to survive as families in the last depression used.

    I think as long as the children know they are loved and the family pulls together as one unit that they will accept not having the latest toys or the most expensive either.

    I do understand you being disappointed in Rfk Jr. not interested in serving in Public Office. I am sad too, because I think we need someone with his passion to fight the battles that must be fought. But the thing to remember is that he must do what he feels God would have him do. We must accept that maybe God doesn’t want Bobby to fight this battle? I would hope though that Bobby does seek God’s wisdom on what he would have him do and follow what God would have him do over what anyone else would want him to do.

    But we must never give up hope that God will send someone else to join the fight that needs to be fought. We must never give up our faith that someone will come along who will want to fight the battles that must be fought. Who will care enough about average Americans and the suffering the many of us are going through.

    May God bless you all during this Christmas Season.


    • Chrisy — wow, are you reading my mind? How do you do that?:)

      I said almost exactly those words to Bobby yesterday (you know I can never resist the urge to offer unsolicited advice, lol) in regards to this.

      The advice I offered (absolutely free, because that’s about all it’s worth!) was that he should just listen to God and tune out the din of all those high-priced advisors, consultants, and political Svengalis. So many people trying to pull him in different directions (Senator? EPA Head? Interior Sec’y?) — it must be incredibly overwhelming, making choices even more difficult.

      God will show the way, and reveal the path he should travel now. Might be a new one; might be an old one; might be right where he is. I told him that no matter which road he chooses, he will always have the support of all of us here at We’ve been here all this time, we know he’s the right man for any of these jobs, and we’ll continue to back him in all that he does. You betcha’!

      Funny that you should have the same thought at the same time, Chrisy. Stay strong in that faith…we all need to get a little closer to God this holiday season, and acknowlege his presence in our lives more than ever.

  14. chrisy58


    I think we think alike because we both have a strong faith. We both only want what is best and are not looking out for our own selfish needs. Does that make sense? We are true blue.

    I know from the time I spent living in Marshfield and knowing Sheila that there were so many people pulling her in different directions. I was just myself and couldn’t play those games that everyone else played. I really wanted the best for her as she was my friend.

    I remember once we were talking on the phone and she told me someone said that I had done this and she wanted to know if it was true. I said no, that I wouldn’t do that without talking to her first. I just think there is a lot of pressure and people not always being sincere or totally honest, but just want to get close and into the inner circle.

    I might not be explaining this very well. I think there was a lot of things said about me that were not true but were said so that Sheila wouldn’t want to be my friend anymore. I was very abused one Summer and so with the PTSD I gave the neighbors who wanted to push me out of the way enough rope to hang myself. They didn’t have to work very hard because I was so out of things emotionally I don’t know what happen. I have a lot of blank spaces during that time frame.

    The funny thing is that I was the one who always defended them and stood up for them. That Summer with my mother was hell on earth, but I took it so that Joe wouldn’t have to deal with my mother. I was a true blue friend. Yet, I just think that the lies were stronger than the truth and that is why things turned out the way they did and they didn’t understand me.

    I don’t know Bobby, but if his life is anything like what I saw Joe and Sheila went through than yes, he has all kinds of people telling him things, pushing him in all different directions and people fighting to be in the inner circle. Anyway, inspite of everything I will always be here if Joe or Sheila ever want to talk things out.

    Your advice was really good and as you know the same advice I would have given him, or even Joe. I still wish Joe would come out of retirment as I call it and join the fight that I asked him to help me with once. I am still fighting that fight against hate and White Nationalism and I could use help. Oh well, I will just keep trusting in the Lord that he will send me a friend who will want to help fight the David Duke’s in the world.

    Merry Christmas NF. I always enjoy your posts. Have you checked out my Journal lately.

    God Bless

  15. Hey, Chrisy —

    btw, your journal is looking really great after the recent re-design! And I always really enjoy reading your posts (almost as much as I enjoy your comments here!)…keep up the good work, as always and stay TRUE BLUE!:)

    Happy Holidays,

  16. chrisy58

    Thank NF for your kind words.

    God Bless and Happy Holidays

  17. Hello. Great job. I did not anticipate this. This is a excellent story. Thanks!

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