Another New Editor Joins Our Team!


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce the addition of Jack Mosel to our growing editorial team.

Those of you who read this site regularly are likely already familiar with Jack, who has been a regular commentator and guest blogger here for quite some time. He is well known to our readers as a devout environmentalist, a lifelong Kennedy loyalist (true story: his mother even named him after JFK!), and a man with strong opinions about the issues…especially anything to do with getting RFK Jr. elected, or perhaps better yet, putting certain Bushco criminals behind bars (watch out, Mr. Rove…Jack is on your trail!).

Jack will be helping out on this site, as well as our sister blogs, and “Ask Not: The Kennedy Legacy.” We hope you will all give him a warm welcome. Oh, and fasten your seat belts…when Jack is at the wheel, you can surely bet it’s going to be one hell of a wild ride!

So without further ado, I’m going to step away from the podium and let Jack say a few words. Here he is now!

 — New Frontier


I was asked by this blog’s owner and founding editor, ‘New Frontier’ to help out with the current blog’s running editorial management in support of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. I am not an author, I am not a politician, I am not “in the tank” for any public servant with blinder’s on. I am a converted Republican. I lean heavily Independent and I voted Democratic for Obama this past November… Throw your stones now… Get on the bus or get out of the way!

I am an owner of a small but successful business that restores water bodies from a Hyper-Eutrophic state (supporting plant life over animal life) to a healthy Oligotrophic state (supporting animal life over plant life), through all natural means… We use Non-Pathogenic bacteria, Dissolved Oxygen and beneficial food grade enzymes to accomplish this and have been doing so (despite “in the tank” best practices management policies of traditionally “solving” water quality issues with the use of toxic chemicals (posions) as being the solution for “restoring” water bodies from anthropromorphically created conditions globally, which have actually only exascerbated the water quality problems around the world) and have been actually restoring water bodies in this way, globally for the past 40 years. see . (Shameless plug.. yet relevant to my underlying opinions on all things environmental). 

I applaud Mr. Kennedy and The Waterkeepers and the Riverkeepers and also hope to work with them some day as well.

We were asked some ten plus years ago to provide a solution to the Hudson River, when the PCB pollution “Issue” was brought to light from G.E. dumping PCB’s into the Hudson River. We were consulted as to our ability to provide a solution for The Hudson River’s contamination, similarly to the restoration we succesfully did for a 42 mile river (Le Helpe’ River) in Formies France… Robert Laing, Founder of Clean-Flo Labs provided an engineered system to achieve the restoration until huge dredging firms stepped in and shut us out of the “Big boy’s” club loop with the powers to be…

How long can we afford to permit our wholesaling off and plundering of our world? Forget Global Warming (for a minute)… If we continue at the rate we are consuming and puking back onto our planet’s surface and fresh as well as marine water bodies, we will know of a tipping point that will be far more devastating to us as a species within our closed system environment known as Earth period… It is with this in mind that I am firm in my resolve to support the efforts for us to begin to address water quality issues as a very high priority.

I would like to lead off my first topic of discussion with something RFK,Jr. holds near and dear to his heart. In these times of financial turmoil and political un-ease we have been made as a people, here and now, to bear the responsibility of looking at ourselves square in the face and ask some really tough questions today…

Are we going to “stay the course”? More of the same self-serving Politician’s and CEO’s, selfishly and callously throwing our present and future to the wind at the cost of our and their children’s future, for the short term sake of stealing a quick buck by not taking a stand on our environment and “Drill Baby Drill”! (As if that will work)… Or are we going to demand real accountability for energy efficiency, re-newable energy and clean air, water and stellar land management / stewardship standards?

Indulge me for a minute longer about H.A.B.’s (Harmful Algal Blooms), Eutrophication and the pig, chicken, hog and agricultural farmers in our U.S. of A…

The reason why there is a toxic dead zone and black band disease and various Red, Brown and Blue Green tides killing off everthing in the Gulf of Mexico and Coastal U.S. waterways as well as in the Great Lakes in our country is because of a massive oversight of known and unknown “Point Sources” of an over abundance of Phosphorus and Nitrogen from massive runoff’s (largely from these commercial / agricultural concerns and they know it)… I’m not throwing a big stone at them, we need these products… I am saying that NOT treating this issue is why the Chesepeake, The Gulf of Mexico, The Great Lakes, The coastal U.S. Waterways (L.I. Sound Lobster kills), Lakes and Ponds and Reservoirs, Ad Infinitum... are in desperate need of vitally needed dissolved oxygen and to replace the once abundant supply of good bacteria that decomposed these constituents into palletable morsels for animalia in the food chain on the way up the food web… Nature’s balance is so freeking thrown off now we’ll be lucky to beg for a technology like Clean-Flo International to get it all back… I digress only a little… We need real solutions and real fast, real soon…. Who’s driving the damn EPA BUS for real then? Hopefully, Mr. Kennedy in an Obama administration, if there is any justice in this world!

As I ‘qualify myself’ for you to get to know who I am and from what ‘angle’ I may choose to blog about in this forum, I offer my opinions and storyline selections to you from a basis which I believe personally, that will compliment and support that which I foresee as information related to or coming directly from RFK, Jr. I don’t know Mr. Kennedy, I have never met him, I live 20 minutes from his hometown in Westchester, NY and would like to meet him someday.

I am also a NYS Certified Secondary (High School) Earth Science Teacher. I am finishing up my Masters Degree currently and I have some strong opinions about our world, our government, our legacy (which we will be leaving our kids) and our recent past in terms of “Who’s driving the bus?”

Did I say that I have some strong opinions?!!!

I will treat every comment with dignity, absent those comments which may be posted without dignity… In this case (as contributing editor) I will remain open minded and fair to those who have differing opinions than mine, that said and as Rachael Maddow puts it ,”Talk me down”!

Looking forward to being part of the team! Go Bobby!

Let’s Roll,




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2 responses to “Another New Editor Joins Our Team!

  1. Welcome aboard, Jack!

    Glad to have you as part of the team, buddy. Look forward to more of your posts.


    Tiger Haynes

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