“This Is A Time When No One Can Afford To Sit Out” – Caroline Kennedy

The Rev. Al Sharpton, left, and Caroline Kennedy have lunch ...

NEW YORK – The Rev. Al Sharpton took Caroline Kennedy to lunch Thursday at a famed Harlem soul food restaurant as she continued her quest to join her uncle in the U.S. Senate. Kennedy smiled as she and the civil rights activist made their way through a throng of media and into Sylvia’s, whose walls are lined with photographs of visiting politicians including the Clintons.

“I come at this as a mother, as a lawyer, as an author, as an education advocate and from a family that really has spent generations in public service,” Kennedy told reporters after lunch. “I feel this commitment, and this is a time when nobody can afford to sit out. And I hope that I have something to offer.”

The late President John F. Kennedy’s daughter acknowledged Wednesday she’s seeking to be appointed to the Senate seat held by Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has been nominated by President-elect Barack Obama to be secretary of state.

Kennedy was asked what she would need to do to prepare herself for the post, which has attracted the interest of at least a dozen Democratic officials including her former relative by marriage, state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

“I have, you know, quite a lot to learn, but I feel like I bring a lot with me, as well,” Kennedy said.

She was also asked why she was plunging into politics now, after spending most of her life carefully cultivating her privacy.

“These are issues that I care so much about and I understand that, really, I have been trying to work on them as a private citizen and in the position that I have,” she said. “But really, to solve our problems, I think government is the place where people need to come together.”

Kennedy’s emergence as a contender has generated both buzz and controversy. She comes from a Democratic dynasty but has never held public office, and some Republicans and Democrats have criticized her lack of experience.

Democratic Gov. David Paterson has said he won’t make an appointment until Clinton is confirmed. The governor confirmed Kennedy’s interest in the seat on Monday, the same day she reached out to Sharpton in a telephone call.

After speaking to Kennedy, Sharpton released a statement saying he disagreed with those who say she isn’t qualified to be U.S. senator.

He said he had invited her to dine wtih him at Sylvia’s this week, reminding her that he took Obama there during his campaign “so it’s a good luck stop since he did all right.”


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One response to ““This Is A Time When No One Can Afford To Sit Out” – Caroline Kennedy

  1. Pricesely, absolutely nobody can afford to sit this one out… Not even you reading this..

    Take an hour and begin your education.


    It’s hard to embrace, that if one of these “facts” are true.. JUST ONE that we need all we can do to begin sworn testimonies even before we “Bailout” one more CEO Junkett… or allow another minute to be permitted in allowing criminal elements to run our great nation into the dirt with filthy side deals and New World Order agenda’s that don’t include you or me! It ain’t about being Republican or Democrat anymore folks… We’ve been had!

    I love my country.. and I want it back.. better than before it was overthrown in November of 1963…

    Got kids?… We owe them some kind of a snowball’s chance in hell for a future. We’ll need to be able to tell them that we tried our best and failed them.. or that we found out late and did what we had to clear our good name and restore our great nation… It’s not extreme or fringe thinking when you are informed to what is going on.. It’s AMERICAN AND PATRIOTIC TO THE CORE!

    I for one am waiting for more patriots to show up and to be counted on Capitol Hill. This Presidency has a legacy of deniability… that’s all.

    There has been not one investigation into any of these crimes… Not one. Clinton was drawn and quartered, Nixon was dragged out and tarred and feathered, for “Crimes” of eavesdropping and adultery… Cripes… with the D.C. Madame and the FISA crimes, that was nothing but a day’s work in the BUSH/CHENEY Administration!

    I guess if you fire all the Federal Attorney’s not ‘on the take’ (thanks Gonzo) then you can pull off everything that we at least know about from the last eight years right?! (Thanks Rove, Cheney, Rice, Tenet, Rumsfeld, Zelicow, Wolfowitz, Powell et, al.)

    You cannot have a crime unless you first hold an investigation… Let’s at least have that.. for our own dignity please and then call your neighbor’s who doubt the FOX News spittng points “lies, deceit and propoganda” only if the truth reveals otherwise… Until then.. This whole inconveinient truth stinks like hell! and looks alot like TREASON AND TREACHERY… Just like the Old Boys (Founding Father’s) and JFK and Eisenhower warned us about years ago…

    Sadly but true.. the playbooks from Joseph Goebbels (The Man Behind Hitler’s propoganda), Stalin and Machiavelli are all being bastardized and are under the direction of Karl Rove (today, hiding in plain site) and is handing us our own hats and we are falling for this crap hook line and sinker. The Love it or leave it B.S. and the Joe The Plumber figure and the tags like Liberal and Left or Right and Patriot or Real American are all linked to us being played like a harp! or better yet a piper leading us all to a cliff!

    This is the past repeating itself like we’ve never believed possible folks… 4000 years of “Civilization” have shown us that Empire’s cannot be sustained and absolute power corrupts absolutely… Democracy, true democracy cannot fail, when we had real democracy, last with Kennedy, we were admired by the world and within ourselves… We have been led astray from true democracy and we need to take it back.

    This is the unfinished legacy of JFK… This is why we are here…

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