So…Um…Like, You Know, Happy New Year, You Know?

A brighter future in 2009? Its like, um, finally possible, you know.

A brighter future in 2009? It's like, um, finally possible, you know.

With the economy plunging, an Illinois political scandal brewing, and the Middle East igniting (again), this seems a rather ridiculous time for the media to be putting so much time, energy and precious column inches into analyzing Caroline Kennedy’s speech patterns. But hey — like, you know…this is supposed to be a slow news week, you know?

You know, it’s that time of year traditionally reserved for “best and worst moments of 2008” fluff stuff and election retrospectives, you know, and we just think that…well, you know, maybe this year the media should be like, paying more attention to what’s going on in the world, you know. Because it’s not like any other year, you know, when We The Media can take a nice long nap between December 23 and January 2, because, you know, there’s like nothing going on, anyway…

No, this year, you know, we’re like, facing the greatest domestic economic crisis since the Great Depression, you know. While we were sleeping, the robber barons of Wall St. made out like bandits and left the American people holding the…you know….the bag, or whatever. Israel and Palestine are teetering on the brink of all-out war; and so are…like, India and Pakistan, you know. While our incoming President-elect is preparing to take the oath of in 21 days, our outgoing lame duck is passing out pardons like party hats in Times Square, and you know, somebody ought to be like, keeping an eye on him.

But you know, the press in this country really can’t be, you know, bothered with those uh, political things, because they’re too….like…you know, uh, political or something.

Besides, it’s a lot more fun to make fun of the way Caroline Kennedy um, talks…you know?

46 “you knows” in 5 minutes, they say. (Or was it 138 “you knows”? Who knows? And who really cares?) You know, like, this is really um, scientific because people actually sit around counting them, you know. And they’re very like, um, accurate and stuff, you know.

Don’t you think that maybe, um….you know, this is all, you know, just a little bit ridiculous?

Well, you know, whatever. Maybe we’ll finally, like, see some know…change in our government next year. We can only hope that Caroline Kennedy will be, you know, a part of that wave of change in Washington because, God knows (like YOU know) we… like, really need it, you know?

All that being said (well, sort of – did anything I just wrote make any kind of, you know, sense?), we just want to like, say THANK YOU for another great year at the RFK Jr. for President website, and um, you know, we hope to see you all back here again, you know, in 2009 to carry forward our mission, because we still, you know, really want Bobby to run for…you know, President in 2012 or 2016. And we’re gonna…like, seriously you know, need your help.

And Caroline, we just want you to know (even if you already DO know) that we’re like, um, totally going to support you if, you know, Governor Paterson gives you that senate seat. Hey, we’re RFK Jr.’s crowd; the guys and gals who are always reminding folks that, you know, how Bobby talks doesn’t matter — what he says does. We’re always asking people to try and overlook his vocal disability and just like, listen to the issues he’s, you know, um, talking about.

Well, the same goes for you, Caroline. We don’t, you know, care how you talk. We’re listening to what you say.

And besides, we always like, found those Boston-ish “ah, ah’s” “um’s” and “you know’s” to be an endearing vocal tic in the family tree; one of those things we, um, you know, really love about the Kennedy clan. Half the fun is just listening to ya’ll talk! (Then again, we’re Texans, so you probably think we like, talk funny too.) Can’t um, take this stuff like, personally, you know.

Hey, it’s like, New Year’s Eve, so cheer up already, world! You know, things aren’t all that glum, you know, even if it kind of um…looks that way right now. The good news is that George W. Bush will be like, GONE in 21 days, so like, um, that’s something to, you know, celebrate. You know?

So go out and have a good time tonight, everybody! Party like it’s the end of an era, because, you know, it is.

Thank God for that!

Wishing you um, all the best in 2009 and like, Happy New Year, you know?








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7 responses to “So…Um…Like, You Know, Happy New Year, You Know?

  1. Mickey

    I think it’s the press that’s doing this to her. The MoT (formerly MSM, now the Ministry of Truth) has turned on Caroline, which leads me to believe that Obama has turned on her. Either him or his backers, I have no idea who’s pulling whose strings. It’s looks like one big cluster f@#!! and Caroline’s made it to the front of the “under the bus” line.

    Buh-bye and we have some lovely parting gifts…

  2. Another humdinger from New Frontier!

    I’m going to up the ante a bit here: anybody who has the time and energy to count up the number of “um”s, “like”‘s, and “you know”s in NF’s article above will get like, um, a really cool prize or something.

    The first accurate count wins the uh, you know, the really cool prize. (I’m ah, not quite you know, sure exactly what the really cool prize is yet, but we’ll figure out something like, really, you know, cool.)

    Oh…and uh, Happy New Year everybody!

  3. Thanks Tiger, and happy new year to you, too.:)

    Okay, I’ll step up and offer a Really Cool Prize to the winner of this little contest:

    The first person who clocks an accurate count of the words…

    you know

    …in my article above will get 2 (count `em, two!) now-very-rare-and-really-cool Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for President 2008 bumperstickers.

    These are collectors’ items now – we gave thousands away during the election cycle of 2007 and 2008. Now we have only about ten of them left. So on this last day of `08, this seems a Really Cool Prize to give one of Bobby’s loyal supporters.

    To enter your “Caroline count,” just submit it in the comment box below. All comments a remoderated and time-stamped, so the first person who submits an accurate count wins the RCP. (really cool prize)

    We will contact the winner by email, so be sure to include a current email address below. Your email will not be published; it’s required for notification purposes only.

    We will also announce the winner on this blog, so stay tuned for the results…

  4. Mickey

    There has to be someone pulling her strings. There just has to be! (And I think his initials are EMK) Someone (Teddy?) convinced Caro K-S that she should run for Senate and the woman fell for the blandishments hook, line and sinker. I don’t believe she came up with the idea to run for Senator of NY all by herself. It isn’t possible.

    Still, I say if she (or Teddy, as his dying wish) really wants it, give her the job and if she’s isn’t right for it, New Yorkers can vote her out. Give her a chance and let’s see what happens… After all, how badly could she possibly screw up this gig?

    Considering Congress has less than a 10% approval rating these days, she’ll probably “WOW” us because our expectations of public servants have sunk so low. As if Bush had any experience, He’s the real screw up and we somehow voted him in twice.. Texas was so stupid they did it 4 times..twice as Governor and twice as POTUS!

  5. Send e-replies to:

    Key-man fer USDoTy today.

    Verify: Arabella. (Secret signature)
    “It wont go thru!”

  6. Mickey: “Considering Congress has less than a 10% approval rating these days, she’ll probably “WOW” us because our expectations of public servants have sunk so low. As if Bush had any experience, He’s the real screw up and we somehow voted him in twice..”

    Gems… Gems FOR REAL!

    Did they arrest Karl Rove yet Mickey?!!! No!?… Then they do suck! and we could use some real rebelious “Liberal Minded” (actual sense intended, not the ROVIAN [Faux News] SHIT), meaning PATRIOTIC — WORKING CLASS — RHETORIC spouted in all our behalf on the Senate floor (KUCINICH–LIKE!)in fact..

    IT SHOULD BE A CRIME TO CONTINUE TO ALLOW U.S. COMPANY’S (That so easily put there hand out for bail-out’s) TO OUTSOURCE OUR JOB BASES / ECONOMY, TO COUNTRIES’ OUTSIDE OF OUR OWN! All (again) for the mighty profit margin and disgusting inequity of the Corporate CEO Entitlements and TRICKLE DOWN MY LEG ILCKE!

    If we’re left holding the bag… and we are, cause no one else is paying this blood money to bail these F*cker’s out… Then THEY lose their “Right” to TRUCK with our economy and government ANYMORE! It’s high time the Stinking rich 1% of entitled “self-appointed aristocrats”, that hid under BUSH/CHENEY’s taxbreak for the rich and shameless, coughed up… and if any of them actually ran businesses here and once employed Americans, then if they still do… They can keep there tax shelter status and if not… THEY CAN FREEKIN COUGH UP BIG! and they can thank there lobbyists for screwin’ us so hard, that we actually broke…

    Party’s friggin over.. not because of “TAX & SPEND LIBERAL’S” McSHAME, but because Ron Reagan Republican’s and Bush/Cheney Crime syndication broke our unions, our manufacturing base, our economic prudence, our education system and our middle class!!!

    Thanks NANCY PELOSI… FOR NOTHING AT ALL! Caroline, you’ve got nothing to lose girl… Freeking speak up and say something Kennedyesque… and at the top of your voice please, the world needs to hear you…

    Last call.. Is there A Kennedy in the house?!!!

  7. As most of you here know, I am not a Caroline fan. Like many here, I see Bobby, Jr. being the rightful heir to this seat. He has done so much for NY State, his Riverkeepers program is one of the most effective environmental agencies – – – ever! Unlike a drone, such as Al Gore, Bobby has drawn so many to be interested in the State of Our Planet, people who never gave ecology a 2nd thought. I also feel that somebody had pulled Caroline’s strings. Somebody who did want Bobby to be the next Torchbearer and I believe it was strictly due to the neurotic “stuff” that affects all families, “ideal” & dysfunctional alike. I’m sure Ted would have loved to have seen one of his sons be next in line, but he knows that is not going to happen. Neither of them have that high level of charisma, Caroline has proven to be a celebrity however, like Bobby she does bring in the audiance, no question. For whatever reason, Teddy wants his neice next in line, and that is that.

    Yes, I’m a little angry that Bobby, Jr. lets his uncle and Caroline just walk all over, but the one promising thing to come out of this, is that she may be less empowered after this debacle is over. Lots of folks see her as acting like a spoiled pretender to the throne, I happen to agree she is not an eloquent speaker. She is a very private reserved personality, and I agree with the Governor that for NY-State, you need a bold aggressive extroverted personality.

    I am sure Caroline will be ethical, but will she be innovative and effective? I rather doubt that she could have accomplished half the kinds of stuff her cousin has! So far she has sold and edited books. I give her credit for being able to sell books that are usually not best sellers; but she will have to come up with some pretty innovative legislation to impress New York. Hillary Clinton was a hard working fighter for New York State. Caroline has a tough legacy of good New York Senators she will have to be competative with. She may just poof out and that is what i expect will happen. What will it take to get this very gifted man to run for National Office? Is he always going to let his family keep him down? I just heard his mother wants his brother Joe to run for Senate in MA.!

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