Slap Another Clinton On The Grill: Hillary’s Confirmation Hearing Set for Jan. 13th


Hillary Clinton’s confirmation hearing for Secretary of State has been set for January 13th. If she survives the grilling (which will no doubt be conducted at a very high temperature) and is confirmed, expect the noise in New York over her Senate replacement to increase tenfold.

Clinton has said she will not resign until confirmed, and Governor Paterson will not announce her replacement until she resigns her seat.

She could either resign that seat on January 14th, or she could keep it until January 19th, but sometime after next Tuesday we’ll all know if, indeed, Caroline Kennedy will be going to Washington as the next junior senator from New York State.

As our readers most likely already know, Caroline would not be the first Kennedy to occupy that seat. Her uncle, the late Robert F. Kennedy, was the U.S. Senator from New York from 1964 until his assassination in 1968.


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One response to “Slap Another Clinton On The Grill: Hillary’s Confirmation Hearing Set for Jan. 13th

  1. Mickey

    Well, I expected Hillary to get “grilled” pretty good today, but all her fellow senators gave her were softball questions.

    And a Treasury secretary who “forgot” to pay hi s taxes? How f—-ed up is that?????

    What’s the problem with the Obama vetting team? First, Bill Richardson withdraws his name in disgrace, now this?

    In all my lifetime (I’m 50+) I have never seen an incoming administration with so much scandal and baggage as this one. Doesn’t bode well for “change” in the future. I’m so disappointed b/c I voted for Obama!

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