Op-Ed: Let Justice Be Done, Though the Heavens Fall

Caption: Jim Garrison as Chief Justice Earl Warren in Oliver Stone’s “JFK”



(Latin for “Let Justice Be Done Though the Heavens Fall”) 


By Jack Mosel

Contributing Editor

The phrase “let justice be done though the heavens fall” is probably best known to our readers as being spoken by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison during his 1967 trial of Clay Shaw for the murder of President John F. Kennedy  (these words are also inscribed on Garrison’s tombstone).

But these words are as old as the scriptures, and the notion has been around for thousands of years. Fiat justitia ruat caelum is a Latin legal phrase, translating to “Let justice be done, though the sky may fall.”  The maxim signifies the belief that justice must be realized regardless of consequences.

Although this legal argument has been used in court cases to justify overturning the conviction of Haywood Patterson in the Scottsboro Boys trial to the abolition of slavery in England, perhaps Immanuel Kant said it best in 1795: “Let justice reign even if all the rascals in the world should perish from it.”

So, why am I invoking this age-old legal maxim now, you might ask?

I am not talking about the issue of justice for JFK, or even RFK (though there is still much work to be done on both of those fronts). I am not addressing this editorial to RFK Jr., Caroline Kennedy, or any member of the Kennedy family specifically, although I wish they would lend us their voices. I am talking about our outgoing President and his entire administration, who look as if they will skate merrily back to the slimepits from whence they came without so much as a slap on the wrists for their numerous impeachable offenses, crimes against the Constitution of the United States, and indeed, against all humanity.

To promote real democracy as being worthwhile and un-reproachable even in the most dire of circumstances, we must take back our country from zealots and self-appointed dictators, evidenced from the crimes we have endured from the past eight years of dictoral rein from the Bush/Cheney legacy period… (Unquestionably) our darkest hours.

But simply electing a new president does not fix the problem. Nor will it make the past go away or be forgotten.

It is undoubtedly painful and almost embarrassing to me to describe my opinion and my country’s activities from repeated abuse over the last eight years on its own people and on its own rule of law. Many might feel that we should let bygone’s be bygone’s and let the Obama Administration get busy with getting all the mess back on track. I agree in theory, but the problem is… the extent of the carnage that was created (that which we know about) was so outrageous and so over the top, that I feel special mechanisms must be in place to re-visit these crimes and without prejudice, investigate and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, all the puppet’s and their masters’ in this hostile takeover, hit and run administration’s drive by, that has left our Constitution, our integrity, our economy and for many of our most patriotic lives in ruin. And that’s not even getting into the American soldiers who have lost their lives in Bush’s war for oil, nor does it account for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the middle east.

9/11/2001: There were more than just axis’s of evil operating in the ‘theater’ from outside our country that day… There IS complicity and COORDINATION that emanated from within our own borders at the highest levels of government and the cloaked private sector COINCIDENTALLY fomented and CONCURRENTLY FACILTATED the events that happened prior to, during and immediately after that horrible day that ushered us into the QUAGMIRE and MELEE of a series of collapsing trap doors that have brought us to our knees today.

If agreed that these are the circumstances that are the results of the Bush regime’s power grab and un-American activities at the highest level of our Democracy, rendering us all to mere observers of own demise, helplessly… Some investigation and some accounting of these actions needs to elaborated on, with real and permanent consequences for establishing mechanisms and fail-safes and prosecutions, that send the message clearly that this never is permitted to occur ever again in the United States of America.


Are these just sound bytes? News Cycles? Or is this really our state of the union after 8 years from a failed Presidential administration…?

“This is not my beautiful house? This is not my beautiful wife… well, how did I get here?!!!” (Talking Heads)


1. The U.S. Constitution has been undermined by a dictatorship, rendering our system of Democracy impotent and dead.

2. We have waged war on sovereign nations under false pretenses and without consent of our countries’ legal jurisprudence. This is evidenced as the plans for war with Iraq were drawn and laid even prior to 9/11 and the Vice President’s office cherry picked, edited and fabricated and falsified documents to serve this purpose involving the FBI and CIA, according to recent publications of people who actually witnessed this treason.

3. The weapons grade Anthrax ‘attack’ on our Senate was traced back to our own manufacture and came from our own labs. Although the official story now is that there was a rogue “Mad Scientist” who was coincidentally unstable (and is now also coincidentally dead, mysteriously committing suicide) as he’s made out as the patsy for this ‘Attack’. However, simultaneously there is no collateral corroboration in that event to substantiate the forced signing under Presidential Order to force the Patriot Act to be ratified by Congress without their even reading the document, without any debate or dialogue within our public democracy to argue the fact that this document would render the U.S. Constitution inert and effectively as Pres. Bush is quoted, “just a God Damned piece of paper”.

4. The Blatant appointment of not just incompetent heads of Federal agencies’ but the appointment of these agencies’ chief’s as being completely partial un-objective and acting in their capacity with serious conflict of interest issues, which our democratic system of government should and would have normally vetted these conflict of interested individuals right out of the running for holding these posts. This has created our greatest debt and has resulted in the ultimate breakdown of our entire countries’ ability to effectively govern and hold balance in its economic mechanisms. The environmental detriment alone to our nations’ ecological equilibrium is as affected, as our nations’ economic forces as a direct result of these conflict of interest appointments to head these departments.

5. Sworn Testimony: This alone is the smoking gun to the Bush/Cheney legacy of the quagmiristic and ill fated state of our nation as we are left with it smoldering today. The lack thereof of any sworn testimony, or corroboration or cooperation with any culpability or accountability from these two men alone throughout their entire 8 year rein to offer any coherent record of their actions prior to, during and post 9/11/2001 alone is reprehensible and shameful if not criminal. Deniability is the law of the day and Dick Cheney knows this and has played us for fools one too many times. Karl Rove must appear for his Congressional subpoena, the allowance for him to evade this bench warrant is baffling. Citizens from around the country have actually tried to arrest him… again, baffling.


There are many itemizable and categorical issues which splinter off these crimes committed by our office of President of The United States. Too many, that to list them all and would bog down the most keen of minds. A “QUAGMIRE” of events have brought us all to this point of being so attacked on so many fronts that it would seem daunting and fruitless to pursue any or even all of them due to the extent that so many of these crimes are cemented deep within a ‘quagmire’ of governmental smoke screens and barrages of litigious folly and political hit men, which would render their mere investigations as being bogged down and muted.

The flaw here is that this should not be the case at all. Our government (supposedly) is packed with public servants sworn to uphold what is now merely a “piece of paper”, who have great paying jobs with benefits and the cache’ of having a position of “Power” in their sworn positions of public service to OUR COUNTRY. These public servants have failed us, PERIOD.

Real Patriots and public servants of the highest order have been given names like crazy, idiot, fool, ideologue and un-American… The truth is these few have been the only ones to give truth, justice and the American way a voice and a consequence for these crimes committed against our great nation. Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich Both ran for President this past election period, as did Ralph Nader and former Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA). These people said on stage in public, on record, all sentiments I have just pointed out. They called for immediate public attention to these enemies within, an immediate Congressional investigation and immediate correction (impeachment). Their words will forever pock mark the deniability and reckless efforts to evade accountability and culpability from this administrations’ wicked and shameful actions to drag all of us into the mud for alignment with whatever plan they have in place to benefit themselves and for God only knows what the continuance of their agenda is next…

These crimes most not go unanswered and they must not be permitted to stand in the light of day, for all of us good American’s have been represented by scams and conmen and criminals, who actually believe that you and I are powerless, dumb as a stump and have no civic pride…they believe that We The People are the enemy.

We need to demand that change happens NOW with an accounting and a reckoning for all the worst of the worst that we and the whole world have been made to endure for this real Axis of Evil, known as the BUSH DYNASTY.

It isn’t about being Democrat or Republican anymore either… these are mere labels designed to divide us and keep us arguing insiginificant details amongst ourselves while the 800-lb. gorilla slumbers in the living room. It is obvious to me now that this is a device to separate the best of neighbors at the community level… We all love our country and we should never forget that our founding fathers spoke out against the tyranny of the crown and that this is how we came to be… That sentiment and that spirit is being propagandized now in reverse engineering (Thanks Hitler, I mean Rove) for being Un-American? Nonsense… I love my country AND I WANT IT BACK… AND SO DO YOU!


Why isn’t Osama Bin Laden being charged with masterminding or carrying out the events occurring on 9/11/2001 on the FBI Most Wanted List…? I was amazed to find this out and no, it isn’t obvious actually! And it’s the details like this that got us to where we are right here and right now…

This isn’t Liberal or Democratic rhetoric or ‘conspiracy theory nonsense’ anymore, this is all of our business and no agenda or party line or talking point should have the ill afforded privilege or assumed cadence to usurp the real authority of the citizenry combined of the U.S.A. when crimes committed to this extent against our own country remain “Unsolved” or un-investigated… Not when the fallout of all these Quagmiristic coincidences occurred conveniently on just two men’s watch… and in “Modern Times”?!!!

We need an “above board” Constitutional Damage Assessment Oversight Committee formed ASAP… from the OBAMA Administration… Hey RFK Jr.! Hey Caroline! (Hint)… This is what we New Yorkers (and all Americans) need to hear. If you’ve found your voice, use it!



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2 responses to “Op-Ed: Let Justice Be Done, Though the Heavens Fall

  1. Got 30 minutes?… “IOUSA”

    WE all need to get vocal and quick…

    Side lining and watching… as our country is at the brink of very real and seemingly imminent economic collapse is not acceptable at this moment…

    T.A.R.P.? Are we freeking nuts?! $1,000.00 per taxpayer for ‘economic recovery’?! are we freeking serious?! $800,000,000,000.00 already blown through?! Another $350,000,000.000.00 before Bush leaves office?! Am I awake?! 2,000 teachers’ about to be laid off in L.A.?! CEO’s keep finding more ways to absorb our newly printed money for themselves and without recourse, oversight or even collateral, before it even hits the streets its gone?… Ron Paul is railing about Bernanke ducking out of meetings to address our senate this week (twice), so he can be present in Switzerland to address the European Bankers?… What.. more commitments to folks we are “committed” to bail out next?! “Don’t worry, we’ll get you guys cashed up in the next $350,000,000,000.00 we’re going to demand from the U.S. Taxpayer just before Obama get’s sworn in.. I know, I know… George promised you.. We’ll be right with ya!”…

    Sorry for bringing some of us down from the Prozac induced warm fuzzy feelings… The party’s going to be over like hitting an oak tree at 80 MPH!

    I don’t know what Confucious would say about any of this… Maybe something like ‘What come around.. go around’…

    BTW, I love the little touch of having Osama being rolled out (“Que Osama.. and… Action!”) for one more ‘garage tape’, just before Bush goes Bye Bye… Je’ez where is that guy right?…. nice touch Karl… Keep ’em ‘Fearin’, the check is as good as in the mail!

    Real accountablility and real solutions and then.. Real prosecution(s) to setting Real Standards in our goverment needs to happen yesterday…

    But then again, it’s much easier to sit back and be a spectator as our childrens’ (and what is left of our) quality of our lives run at breakneck speed into the concrete wall that is coming up fast… Really fast.

  2. You say that the years of the Bush administration were “(Unquestionably) our darkest hours.” Upon reading that, I have to ask: Are you crazy, or simply woefully ignorant of American history?

    The unquestionable darkest hours of our nation’s history were during the rebellion of the Slave Power, 1860-65. As for the American republic in general, the winter of 1776 was even darker, though since it predates the formation of the United States proper, it can’t be counted as the darkest hour of this country. It simply boggles the mind that you consider the last eight years, as unpleasant in constitutional terms as they were, the darkest in our history.

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