RFK’s To Attend Inauguration

While Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is busy this weekend celebrating his 55th birthday (Jan. 17th) and raising money for Waterkeeper Alliance at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Sports Invitational in the Canadian Rockies, he’s also making plans to attend the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Bobby at Lake Louise yesterday, where he discussed such weighty matters as how he will manage to navigate the biggest traffic jam in history to get from Hickory Hill to D.C. next week. (Hey, c’mon, don’t expect deep thoughts here…it’s an entertainment news show!) Although RFK Jr. did manage to slip in a shameless plug for Waterkeeper Alliance and its’ mission of protecting the world’s waterways.

Kennedy’s son Bobby III was also interviewed alongside Kat Townsend (daughter of RFK Jr.’s sister Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend) about the biggest question vexing the American people today: what will our new celebrity president and the new first family be wearing during the inaugural festivities? And what advice would these two sorta-famous youngsters offer to the Obama kids on growing up in the spotlight?

It’s cheeky, it’s flip, it’s fun, and worth exactly two minutes and sixteen seconds of your time. (In this blogger’s humble opinion, that’s about all it’s worth. Unless you’re just like, totally into this whole Obamamania thing…)

Here’s a video link for ya, kids!


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