RFK Jr. Weighs In On Caroline’s Failed Senate Bid


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today and did his best to explain the unexplainable — why his cousin Caroline suddenly dropped her campaign to replace Hillary Clinton in the United States Senate.

Kennedy didn’t have all the answers, however, as he said he hadn’t spoken to Caroline directly since her decision was made late last night.

And just as he had during his appearance on Fox’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto” program yesterday, RFK Jr. once again had to field questions about why he didn’t go for the senate seat once held by his father. Kennedy was also asked if Caroline’s withdrawn bid would be enough to make him reconsider.

Watch the video at MSNBC and find out the answer!



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3 responses to “RFK Jr. Weighs In On Caroline’s Failed Senate Bid

  1. Denise

    It’s both sad and kind of hilarious that Caroline Kennedy says Ted Kennedy’s brain tumor is keeping her out of the Senate, when it hasn’t kept Ted Kennedy out of the Senate.

  2. Simon

    I wonder who the next one in line are. Who will take on the job and carry on the torch in the Kennedy family? Caroline and RFK jr. have both declined. But Teddy still needs a successor. The best prospect is RFK jr.’s kid brother Max. He campaigned for Barack Obama during the primaries and the general election. He is a Massachussets resident, so he could get his uncles seat. 8 years ago he expressed interest in running for Congress, so he might be interested.

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