Op-Ed: Did NY Gov’s Office Leak LIES About Caroline Kennedy?



Tongues have been wagging since Wednesday about Caroline Kennedy’s “mysterious” midnight departure from the race to fill Hillary Clinton’s senate seat. Speculation and rumor run rampant as to what was behind the surprise move, and Kennedy’s “personal reasons” for ending her aggressive senate bid.

Some factions of Camp Kennedy and the New York Times initially tried to float the notion that Caroline dropped out due to her concern for Senator Edward Kennedy’s health. That, however, was swiftly refuted by sources close to Ted Kennedy, who himself was reportedly furious at any such reason being given.

Loosely translated, that’s the old lion roaring: “look, I might be sick, but I ain’t dead yet! Now cut out this nonsense and let me get some rest. I just had another seizure, for the love of Christ! Or hadn’t you heard?” (Well, actually, the whole world heard…being that it happened at President Obama’s inaugural luncheon, that one would be pretty hard to miss.)

Not surprisingly, a spokesman for Caroline Kennedy quickly got out there and told reporters that Caroline’s reason for ending her senate bid had absolutely, positively, nothing to do with Ted Kennedy’s cancer battle.

Allrightey, then! Glad we got that one straightened out. But if Ted’s illness isn’t the reason, what is?

Caroline refused to give an answer, but did say that she was getting sick and tired of all the “mudslinging” going on. (Hey, if you’ve ever tried to get mud stains out of a pricey designer dress, you understand why she’s steamed.)

But wait a minute…mudslingin‘? Who’s slinging mud on Caroline, and what for? And what the heck was being said?

They said WHAT about my daughter?

"They said WHAT about my daughter?"


Less than 24 hours after Kennedy’s sudden about-face, the New York press (particularly the Post, who broke this series of controversial stories) started throwing some curious little tidbits out there. No actual proof being offered, of course. (Like, zero. Got a document you’d care to share, Mr. Dicker? Or are you simply content to cast aspersions without a shred of evidence to back your borderline libelous claims?) Stories began to leak about the so-called “real” reasons for Caroline’s hasty retreat: did she “forget” to pay her taxes? Did she “overlook” the legal status of her nanny? Was she…(gasp!)…having an extramarital affair?

As it turns out, these leaks were flowing from the loose lips of some unnamed, anonymous source “close to Gov. Paterson.”


Political operatives who have worked with him over the years say that the “source close to the governor” is often Paterson. An aide to the governor says he “seriously doubts” that Paterson was the source of the Post’s story. Regardless, Kennedy’s camp was livid. “We know there’s no vetting issue,” one of her allies told New York Magazine. “I know what’s in the disclosure form, and up through Wednesday at three o’clock, there had been no discussion of a vetting issue, no complaints from the governor’s counsel. And for him to include the idea of a marital issue is beneath contempt. There’s no marital issue!”

Fred Dicker, the reporter who supposedly “has the inside dirt” on Kennedy, made the rounds of every TV news program on planet earth this week. Perhaps his most memorable appearance was on Fox News, where he got knocked around a bit by, of all people, Bill O’Reilly (whose hero, believe it or not, is former NY senator Robert F. Kennedy):

And from the left side of the political spectrum, Chris Matthews also questioned the source of this reporting, which reeks of outright character assassination (would that make the NY media accessories after the fact?):



On Thursday, things got even uglier: Gov. Paterson himself took a swing at Caroline Kennedy at a private event the night before he tapped Kirsten Gillibrand for the Senate. (Well, hey, at least this time he had the cajones to say so himself, instead of sending one of his anonymous snarky minions to kneecap her). At the event, Paterson told guests Kennedy had been “nasty” to him and shown “disrespect” with how she bowed out, attendees told The New York Post.

The governor’s attack came just hours after his office issued a statement wishing her well and disavowing quotes from a that mysterious unnamed, anonymous “source close to him” who had told The Post Kennedy had never been in true contention for the seat and was “mired” in personal issues. (The taxes, the nanny, the rumors of infidelity, etc.)

Whew, those New York pols sure can play some dirty pool, can’t they? Blackmail, rumor-mongering and outright slander are the name of this game, folks. If you don’t kneel and kiss the Governor’s ring, you just might wake up to find a decapitated horse’s head in your bed the next morning. You may also find that people you thought were your friends are now acting like another part of the horse’s anatomy.

Although the Post’s reporting often leaves much to be desired, and the Caroline Kennedy drama is no exception, there was one editorial they ran this week which hit the nail right on the head. (And interestingly enough, we noticed it is penned by an anonymous writer, giving no byline.) The real issue here was not Caroline’s tax, nanny, or other rumored problems; it was Gov. Paterson, who clearly seems to have a leadership problem:

“If Gov. Paterson is so inept that he can’t arrange so simple a transaction as appointing someone to fill a vacant senate seat, what hope does New York state have of emerging intact from the fiscal crises now besetting it?

Make no mistake: Paterson’s endless procrastination on the matter of a Clinton succession – compounded by weeks of confusing, often contradictory signals regarding his intentions – created the circus that roiled Albany yesterday.

The governor is said to have told Kennedy last week that she was his choice – but that he was going to “keep the suspense up” by creating “a little misdirection” until he was ready to announce it.

That’s not leadership.

That’s incitement to anarchy. “

(Shazam! Whoever you are, Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous-Editorial-Writer, ya got that right!)

The Post Op-Ed continues:

“This page endorsed the Kennedy candidacy – but we’ll be the first to admit that she is far from blameless in this affair.

She certainly should have given the governor’s staff a heads-up on potential personal problems early on, which she apparently failed to do.

And the way she handled her withdrawal – seesawing back and forth and then staying out of contact for hours – was almost as bizarre as Paterson’s behavior throughout the affair.

Still, that’s where the governor should have exercised leadership and brought the matter to a close.

But he didn’t.

Instead, firing from ambush hours after the candidacy expired, Paterson staffers made matters worse.

They alleged that the “personal” issues that forced her withdrawal were tax liabilities and a nanny problem – as well as growing questions from reporters about the state of her marriage.

No doubt getting that out there felt good. But what purpose did it serve?

The candidacy was dead, while Paterson comes off as petty as well as inept – and who knows how many people the governor is going to need to pass his budget were needlessly offended?

A lot, probably.

Meanwhile, Paterson says he’ll announce Clinton’s successor in Albany this afternoon – fully 55 days after learning of the vacancy. “


Herein lies the real problem. Paterson’s vanity and publicity-seeking left the people of New York State (the people? Remember them, Guv? You know, the ones who will be deciding whether or not you get to keep your job?) without proper representation for 55 frickin’ days during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Not to point out the obvious or anything, but New York City is the economic heart of America, Governor. And it’s having a major coronary. The crooks on Wall Street got away with murder (most of our bailout money, too) and left the people holding the bag (or the mortgage that isn’t even worth the paper it’s written on, as the case may be).

Heck of a time to leave the people of New York State out in the cold without full representation in the U.S. Senate. While you were out getting all the face time on tee-vee, rubbing elbows with celebrities, trying to stage-manage and prolong this soap opera for as long as possible to build up your own political name, Governor, we think you might have forgotten somebody…

The PEOPLE!!!!!!!

Whatever his faults and/or crimes may be, at least the beseiged Blagojevich had the good sense to remember who put him in the governor’s seat in the first place — and that the people of Illinois deserved full representation. He did his legal duty by appointing Roland Burris to Obama’s vacant senate seat before Congress went back in session. When Harry Reid and other Democratic leaders tried to block Burris from taking his seat, they got smacked down and how!

In that case, the people sent a clear message to Congress: take your political catfight out to the parking lot where it belongs. Sit down and shut up, already. We The People have a constitutional right to representation. Furthermore, we demand it!

In New York, where the tax rate is one of the highest, most confiscatory in the land, and the local economy is sinking faster than a US Airways jet engine on the Hudson River, the people have every reason to be pissed off. They’re paying damn good money for the representation they deserve, and instead got pissed on. A steady golden shower for 55 days is what they got for their money, Governor, and they’ll no doubt put your ego in it’s proper place come 2010 when Caroline (or some other Kennedy, perhaps. Hello, RFK Jr.?) runs against you…and wins!

In the meantime, Governor, you might want to steer clear of high-priced hookers and be really, really good to your wife. You know what they say about people in glass houses and stones, don’t you?

David Paterson married Michelle Paige in November 1992. <strong>Click for more photos of Michelle Paterson.</strong>

* DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this editorial are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. or the Kennedy family.



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27 responses to “Op-Ed: Did NY Gov’s Office Leak LIES About Caroline Kennedy?

  1. Wow, awesome post, NF. `Bout time somebody said it! In this little game of Patterson’s, Caroline wasn’t the real loser, IMHO. The people were.

    That being said, if the stories leaked about Caroline are without merit and wholly untrue, there are three things she should do:

    1) Sue the pants off the NY Post, Daily News, and other media outlets for libel.
    2) Track down the Gov’s mysterious “anonymous source” and sue his or her lying ass for slander.
    3) Run for Governor in 2010 and make Patterson look like the incompetent, spiteful narcissist he is. If these stories are proven to be false, she would win the office handily.

    New Yorkers love a fighter. They respect someone who, when pushed, pushes right back.

    So if Caroline is in fact innocent of these nasty charges, she needs to stop hiding in her Park Avenue apartment. She needs to stop licking her wounds, get out there, and defend herself.

    If she does, she will never be accused again of being a spoiled little princess who doesn’t have the stomach for politics. She will show New Yorkers she’s got what it takes, and restore her good name.

    After all, she ain’t red-headed and Irish for nuthin’!
    Being John Kennedy’s daughter, I *know* she’s got some fire in her belly. She needs to show us that. If she’s in the right, she should FIGHT. Never surrender or retreat.

    On the other hand, if there is any substance to these rumors, reporters like Dick-er need to SHOW US THE FACTS. The Gov’s office had better be able to back up the charges they are making — so let them release a copy of Caroline’s 24-page Senate questionairre which should clear up this mess once and for all.

    Got facts? Better bring `em on…or Blagojovich may not be the only Governor getting impeached this year.

  2. colinjames

    Holy crap I had no clue so many other people were RFK Jr fans- he’s my frikkin hero!

  3. Couple things I should add to this story:

    1) In fairness to Hillary Clinton, she was still *technically* the senator from NYS until the time of her resignation this week to become secretary of state.

    Nonetheless, I make the argument that the people of NYS were without full and proper representation in the senate because Mrs. Clinton obviously had other priorities these past few months, preparing for her SOS gig. (It could be further argued that Sen. Clinton has been missing in action for the past 2 years, while running her presidential campaign, and that the people of NYS were not getting the representation they deserved.)

    2) In fairness to Fred Dicker of the NY Post, I do not imply that he or the Post had any personal agenda to tank Caroline Kennedy’s chances. He has been very clear that the source of his reporting was the NY Gov’s office, someone “very close” to Gov. Paterson.

    Dicker, to his credit, has also expressed skepticism and even bewilderment as to why he and other members of the media began to get these “mysterious” phone calls from the Gov’s office leaking damaging information about Kennedy on the day of her withdrawl from the race. He himself has asked the question (and it’s a good one to ask): what’s the point of this, if Caroline has already voluntarily stepped aside?

    Nonetheless, I still make the argument that Dicker erred terribly (perhaps even criminally) by *publishing* rumors unsupported by facts. Dicker himself has said in many interviews this week that he doesn’t know if the charges against Caroline Kennedy were true or false. But he reported them anyway. Going to press with only the word of one unnamed anonymous source (who provided Dicker no documents or proof of these explosive allegations) is tabloid journalism at it’s worst.

    So Tiger, I agree with you that if all this is a pack of lies, leaked on purpose to kneecap Caroline Kennedy, she and her husband should launch one of the biggest libel suits in media history.

    And yeah, I’d love to see her run and beat the tar out of Paterson next year, just for the fun of it!:)

    It would indeed be nice to see New Yorkers finally get the representation and leadership they deserve, both in the U.S. Senate (I wish Kirsten Gillibrand the very best) and in the Governor’s office. Because they’re sure not getting it with Paterson…this appointment debacle is just the latest example of his bumbling ineffectiveness and duplicitous nature. (Just ask his wife…)

  4. Ben

    I agree with the editorial on many levels. I’ve always been against the idea of any elected official running for another office while they are still serving out a current term. They should be in the office every day, focused on doing the people’s business, not on the campaign trail furthering their own political ambitions. If they want to run for a different office, let them wait until their term is up before they run. Or, let them resign from their current office to pursue another office. Not both at the same time. It’s time to pass sweeping federal legislation prohibiting members of Congress from running for any other office during their term. If this were done at the federl level, the states would follow suit. Nearly every presidential candidate in the 2008 race was a member of Congress or a Governor. This country is in crisis and we need ALL of our elected representatives to be PRESENT AND ACCOUNTED FOR every single day, because that’s what we ELECTED THEM TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE! I’m so sick of these career politicians using one elected office as a stepping stone to another. They could care less about the people who they are supposed to be serving. They’re only out to serve themselves!!!!!

    That is why I actually supported Caroline Kennedy because out of all the contenders, she was the only one who was NOT a career politician. I don’t think she wants to be president, EVER. I saw no other motives in her than an honest desire to serve the people, and to keep at least one Kennedy in the U.S. Senate. I hope she runs in 2010 for either senator or governor. or maybe run for Teddy’s senate seat when it becomes available. She does own a house in MA and could claim residency. Because MA law requires a special election to be held anytime a senate seat is vacated, she could take her case directly to the PEOPLE, and not be auditioning for an audience of one next time.

  5. Laura Lowrey

    Gillibrand was the favorite of Clinton and Schumer. The “People” be damned! Just as long as Schumer is not “upstaged,” and Clinton can come back in 4-8 years……..

  6. Indy Media

    The plot sickens:

    BREAKING: Caroline Kennedy Death Threats Update
    by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expe Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009 at 3:40 PM

    It can now be reported that Caroline Kennedy, daughter of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, received at least THIRTY (30) DEATH THREATS by email correspondence from known sources within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli Mossad.

    One death threat, which originated from Herzliya, Israel (Mossad headquarters), stated that should she (Caroline) continue her quest to become a U.S. Senator, she would be a statistic like her brother, a direct reference to the assassination of her brother John F… Kennedy Jr., who was likewise murdered when threatening to take the New York U.S. Senate seat that he had been told belonged to then First Lady Hillary Clinton, the wife of the departing President.


  7. Indy Media

    As you can see, folks, we have never left Dealey Plaza.

    Remember, Caroline’s father, President John F. Kennedy, opposed the TREASONOUS Federal Reserve system, which has looted the United States of America and had stopped the state of Israel from pursuing a nuclear bomb in the early 1960s.

  8. Editor

    One recent example is the Ted Kennedy “love child” story which was published by the National Enquirer, claiming Sen. Kennedy had fathered a child back in 1985 with a MA woman who was not his wife.

    The woman sued the Enquirer for libel and defamation of character. She likely had a winning case, as DNA tests proved the father of the child was not Teddy. Not surprisingly, the Enquirer chose to settle the matter for an undisclosed sum out of court.



    Tabloids smearing the Kennedys is nothing new. But the Kennedys have every right (and in fact, a duty) to defend themselves against rumors and slanderous gossip being published as fact.

    Of course, these laws don’t just exist to protect public figures. Every citizen has the same right to defend their character in a court of law.

  9. Right you are, Tiger!

    Notice how the majority of media coverage about Caroline’s Senate bid was negative from the start.

    Practically from the moment she announced she was interested in that senate seat, she suddenly went from being the media & Democratic party’s little darlin’ to a…. (fill in your chosen nasty insult here)…. and some of it is just really ugly.

    But to kneecap her after the fact, when she had already withdrawn quietly from the selection process, makes no sense and is just LOW.

    Lower than low to say that she hasn’t paid her taxes (the NY tax office finds no irregularities there), question the legal status of her household help, and worse, strongly imply that she’s fooling around on her husband. If untrue, it’s definitely slanderous, and potentially libelous as well.

    These are not charges anyone would take lightly, whether a private citizen or a public figure.

    I mean, how would YOU like it if you were competing for a promotion at your job, and one of your rivals for that promotion told the boss, your co-workers, and anyone else who would listen those sorts of things about you? Perhaps even implying that you’re the office slut, cheating on your husband? Ouch!

    Would it cost you a chance at the promotion? You bet it would. Would it damage your rep at work? Yep. What if they posted those rumors on the internet to f–k with you as well? Would it hurt your chances of getting another job? You bet. Would you be pissed? Most assuredly.

    Would you exercise your rights under the law to restore your good reputation? That’s your choice and your legal option.

    So Caroline, if you happen to be reading this (I know you’re quite `net-savvy, so there’s always a chance you’ll stumble across your cousin Bobby’s little web enclave here, or a friend will forward this story to you) — go git `em, girl! — and know that we will have your back ALL THE WAY!

  10. Interesting article forwarded from Indy. Press… I first thought instinctively that there was some very serious ‘issues’ with Caroline not being more direct and vocal about the circumstance. She wanted the job, look here’s JFK’s Daughter, who is politically silent and shows zero effort for her entire adult life to cash in on clout from her father. In ‘dire times’ decides that she can make some changes for the good in her own state and takes a flying chance at a knee jerk open window opportunity to become a NY Senator.

    Dunno why Patterson didn’t think RFK,Jr. wasn’t so magnaminus a selection as to back him either, in terms of just hurling a kennedy at the U.S. Senate? Guess Bobby’s ‘tap’ was just suppost to surface as rumor mill and inuendo though, close enough to ooooh but ultimately we got an aaawww.

    Any one else paying $10-13,000.00/year Property taxes (Per acre) out there? That’s just Putnam County, NY. I don’t know where the friggin justice comes in to play here to drive these figures or to puff up the “services” that are supposed to accomodate these tyrannic ransomme’s but it’s the real thing for many here in NYS.

    I wouldn’t mind so much if there was just a hint of you get what you pay for though…. What we get, is corruption that beget’s corruption that beget’s corruption. From the little power hungry corrupt mayor, selectman, rep. politician who is actually a developer, get’s piggy toes into town office and festers along with the rein of pain that public citizens today must be force fed and endure now endless building and corruption ad-infinitum.

    I cannot for the life of me understand how this all gets so convoluted and distorted, accept when to add in nepotism, entitlement, greed and want all on the part of benefitting a singular politician and cronies, then the rationalization becomes clear as to why things don’t add up, don’t communicate well, don’t make sanse at all and most all have a plot that twists and turns along a path that has to either justify itself for its’ own existence or reverse engineer a tale to accomplish the same end.

    Just for once… I’d like to be spoken to from a politician that appears to be working on my behalf and not with the intent to fleece me anymore, bullshit me anymore or outright lie to me anymore. That would mean they were in it for the cause and not the selfish purpose then…Is there such a beast?

    Y’know I really hope we as a country drag out every little crime this past regime of criminals committed against us all. It needs to because the precident that has been set now for tolerance of outright un-fit for governing in any office is so abyssmal that it looks like anything goes from here is just fine, as long as it has a media by line that is acceptable for the flavor of the day…. or a smiling crony on the face of it to make it all look like fun and games, patriotic or acceptable.

    Hey Caroline, RFK,Jr. don’t feel bad… We didn’t deserve you guys yet.

  11. Mark

    Mark my words: Obama is no friend to the Kennedys! His feigned admiration for them is pure hogwash, coldly calculated to woo the old Kennedy Democrats to vote for him this year instead of Hillary Clinton. If it weren’t for Teddy and Caroline endorsing Obama after the critical South Carolina primary, he might have lost the nomination. He owed them big time. And what does he do as soon as he wins? Backs off his prior promises to Teddy to oppose CapeWind —Teddy’s pet project.

    Ted and RFK Jr. have both opposed Cape Wind for years and now as Teddy is dying, Obama’s new energy plan will likely include the approval of Cape Wind (Obama also flip-flopped on other key environmental issues. He now supports so-called “clean coal” and nuclear energy , both of which RFK Jr. vocally opposes!). I live in MA and oppose Cape Wind also for many reasons, and Obama’s flip-flop on this is practically sticking his tongue out at our great old lion of the Senate while he’s fricking dying!!!! How twisted is that, people?

    In two moves, with an assist from New York Gov. Patterson, he will have effectively destroyed the Kennedy political power grid. Teddy will soon be out of the Senate and in the graveyard. Caroline won’t be in the Senate now either (done deal? guess not!), and yeah, so much for that cabinet post Obama supposedly offered RFK Jr.

    Someone is playing for keeps.

    Oh, and let’s not forget that Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers dedicated his communist manifesto to Sirhan Sirhan, murderer of Robert Kennedy!!!!!!!!!

    Obama tried to sell us a bill of goods by presenting himself as the black JFK and the legitimate heir of RFK’s legacy. Sadly the people (and apparently even the Kennedys) bought what he was selling.

    The man has’nteven been in office a week yet, and already we get to see his true agenda and he can barely contain his true hatred of the Kennedys. Can’t wait to take `em all down. Like a grassy knoll sniper in the “Bushes” (pun definitely intended!), he’s picking them off, one by one.

    Beware! Beware! I bring you this important message and a history lesson! Listen up!

    Obama is an FDR Wolf dressed in sheepswool Kennedy clothing. He cozied up to the Kennedy image because it would win him votes, and lied with a straight face when he promised members of this family a chance to play important roles in his administration. His policies are NOTHING like JFK’s or RFK’s…what Obama is proposing is a socialist/Marxist FDR New Deal.

    Never forget that Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt HATED the Kennedys, dating back to when FDR and Joe Kennedy first locked horns in 1917. FDR appointed Joe Kennedy as Ambassador to England on the brink of WWII strictly to humiliate and destroy him – and it worked, too! JPK’s demise was planned and orchestrated out of the very White House he was working for, by the man he thought was his friend! The President! FDR!

    The Roosevelts controlled the Democratic party (and in fact the country) for 17 years through FDR’s four terms and after his death, his VP Harry Truman carried on the Roosevelt agenda. In 1960, they hoped to reclaim their power but realized in the primary season they were quickly losing to JFK. Why the very thought of Joe Kennedy’s son was enough to make poor Franklin do somersaults in his grave! His widow Eleanor did all she could to block JFK’s chance at the Democratic nomination in 1960, but she thankfully failed. JFK had the votes. He could not be stopped.

    Craftily, the Roosevelt faction of the Democratic party (which still controlled much of the real power) installed FDR’s faithful minion Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ owed his entire career in politics to FDR) as Kennedy’s Veep. Ya know, just incase “that Kennedy kid” got out of line and had to be taken out…they’d have to get rid of his pesky little brother, too.

    Now I guess you already know “the rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey always says.

    The old Roosevelt faction still controls the Democratic party to this very day: just look at the Clinton’s unashamed hero-worship of them (Hillary even used psychic mediums to “talk” with Eleanor, how wacky is that?), and Obama’s Economic Stimulus Package, which is the “New” New Deal. And the hatred against the Kennedys still lives on, too…as always, it’s the same old thinly veiled contempt behind a smiling mask of feigned friendliness.

    Remember that old song “Smiling Faces?” Says it all…



    Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend
    Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within
    Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
    They don’t tell the truth uh
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof

    The truth is in the eyes
    Cause the eyes don’t lie, amen
    Remember a smile is just
    A frown turned upside down
    My friend let me tell you
    Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
    They don’t tell the truth, uh
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof
    Beware, beware of the handshake
    That hides the snake
    I’m telling you beware
    Beware of the pat on the back
    It just might hold you back
    Jealousy (jealousy)
    Misery (misery)

    I tell you, you can’t see behind smiling faces
    Smiling faces sometimes they don’t tell the truth
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof

    Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
    They don’t tell the truth
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof
    (Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes)
    (Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes)
    I’m telling you beware, beware of the handshake
    That hides the snake
    Listen to me now, beware
    Beware of that pat on the back
    It just might hold you back
    Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes
    They don’t tell the truth
    Smiling faces, smiling faces
    Tell lies and I got proof

    Your enemy won’t do you no harm
    Cause you’ll know where he’s coming from
    Don’t let the handshake and the smile fool ya
    Take my advice I’m only try’ to school ya

    Only tryin’ to school ya, friends. Americans! Countrymen! Lend me your ears!

    you have been BETRAYED again!

    Respectfully submitted because I love the Kennedys and all they fought and died for.

    Boston, Massachusetts

  12. Victoria

    Looks like the folks over at MSNBC must read your blog. On the “Morning Joe” show this morning, they practically quoted your article word for word and said that caroline Kennedy WAS “Kneecapped” by Gov. Paterson!

    Lo and behold, Gov. Paterson issued a statement within the hour giving a big ol Mea Culpa, trying to actually make us believe that he had NOTHING to do with leaking those ugly lies about caroline!

    Yeah right. This man lies like Pinnochio!

    It’s too late, the damage is done to Kennedy’s good reputation and her Senate chances (at least until 2010)…so where were you last week, Gov. Paterson, when your “friend” Caroline was being lied about in the press? Why were you silent???

    That’s an easy one. Because YOU were the source of the leak. You lying sack of goat dung!

  13. Bozy54

    ANgering the Cuompo AND Kennedy and messing with the Clintons, would figure the present Gov has toasted himself !!!! Carolkine definitely taking a beating, and the reporting media ha surely reinforced for her a warines of what her Mother (and other fam members) taught her and why tis best for one’s OWN saniety to keep a distinct distance unless the skin has been sufficiently thickened !! Thru the years she kept that distance, was allowed her privacy but now thre is indeed a feeding frenzy going on and just out of some national respect, for she has thru-out HER life , been respectful and quite respectable , well enough is enough.

    The inside snitch evidently has been in the Gov’s office all thru this, likely supports Cuomo and there certainy are Clinton contingents who don’t mind bruising her up but will be back sniveling for Caroline’s Kennedy money and fame to contribute ‘blessings” to their particular causes in the future . Ugly biz for sure.

  14. Bozy54

    A little bit more for you all to consider..The Clintons were unhappy that the Kennedy clan by and large from Ted, Caroline, Ethel, Maria , Kerry went Obama(with others of Bobbys offspring staying with Clinton and include the Cuomo’s as well as Clinton contingents with the bitter disolved marriage considered in that “root”/branch…and indeed, the Clintons still hold some harsh feelings (evidently forgetting THEY HAD BEEN GIVEN THEIR TIME/blessings from the K-clan in times of your but feel no return is neccessary. Had the C’s spoken up and out and did NOT even have to be loudly, the pitch for CKS to slip into the seat would have occurred, instead MANY in the Clinton ranks as well as Cuomo went out for some bloodletting, and Caroline was used for the abuse/retributions meant to send a message to ALL K’s that they are NOT “THE” once heralded force to be reckoned with as well, a bit of Clintonesqueing to remain clinging to revelency /and fingers in the poli-pots and not ready by any real means to relenquish that “empoerment”.

    Patterson himself is quirky from git-go, ever displaying what he considers his right to be a unique individual/etc…He rather shamble the process as well with his form of grandstanding and weighing serious options. Cuomo is considered a future “rival” for the gov-nomination/etc as P was appointed and will need to show he has distinctive , capable chops to get that next election in HIS column.

    He has had some “leakings” from his office , not totally evident if his loyalists (at this point would say NO for it has made him look rather dippier/inept/etc as this has continued to play out but then Patterson COULD have cut it all off at the kneecaps early on IF he had so “wanted” rather than play games of sort .dangling the appointment/trophy to kinda have all foolishly drool while trying to retain THEIR “cool”. The leaks emanated from sources only but attributed as close…could be others attempting to roil the pot for Patterson as well and that brings to mind a likely being in the Cuomo columns for that part. Get the Clintons and Kennedy’s riled at P, less full fledged support for his “re-election” capacity and Cuomo supposedly could out smelling best of the rest and selelcted at the very least to get the Goveor title out of all this with desires to move on forward from their e-v-e-t-u-a-l-l-y with sooner being THE prime desire !!

    It should anc could have been a CKS easy appointment , and if nothing else than a seat warmer for two years should she have decided she did NOT want to pursue years on end , would have remained a great assest to NY , to the DEMS and ergo, MAJOR LOSERINGS IN ALL THIS due to the GAMES.

    The GOPs are loving every wretched minute minutes of all this for they are wonking hard at visions of GOP getting re-established there in NY for Gove, and other elected seatings and so this suits them fine. They will do their best to keep it roiling and spoiling as best they can . They KNEW CKS would have been a formidible and likely UNDEFEATIFABLE come elelctions of 2010 as well as 2012 or in the future for as long as she held desire to serve in the Senate capacity. and add to that contingent, the “other” NY dems as well. SO, DEM NOSES SLICED AND DICED and evidently, tis to be HRC’s good suporter/insider/who will get the post as is figured needs to go to a FEM for gender considerationals/etc…and she is little known, not ALL that easily endorsed by clear majority and another ergo, will have a difficult time of it raising funds and etc let alone winning the seat both in 2010 and 2012.

  15. Ari

    Note to Victoria: there’s a reason why Paterson came out today backpedaling the hell away from his obvious kneecapping of Kennedy.

    He does’ntwant to get SUED by the Kennedys!
    defamation of character!

    Better yet, how about impeachment????

    Patterson should be sharing a frickin jail cell with Blago over this.

    I was also watching “Morning Joe” today and Rep. Pete King (a Republican, get that!) said there was a “dark cloud” hanging over this selection process and something was definitely FISHY AS HELL!

    Then, Mort Zuckerman (publisher of the Ny Daily News, who fueled the fire of rumors that cost Caroline dearly, you reference their stories in article above) comes on the show and says….gee whiz, guess what?

    He had DINNER with Gov. Paterson last night!

    A congratulatory meal for a job well done?

    Or were they desperately scrambling to cover their asses against getting sued for libel after printing the Governor’s slander about Kennedy?

    I suspect the latter!!!!!!

  16. Ari

    Here’s a link to the video of Zuckerman on MSNBC yesterday. Watch it and SMELL the CORRUPTION!!!!!!!


    Oh,a nd who’s that sitting next to him smiling like a fat and happy Cheshire cat? Why it’s Mr. Mass from the Council on Foreign Relations!! (CFR)

  17. Ari

    Here’s another one where Joe Scarborough actually STANDS UP for Caroline Kennedy, saying that Gov. Patterson “TRASHED” her and that his treatment of her was “DISGUSTING!”


  18. Jimmy

    Throughout all of this, none of the “sources” from any “camp” have had the balls to go on record with their comments.

    Look, Governor Paterson, if you’ve got something to say about Ms. Kennedy, just grow a pair and SAY IT! Don’t send your media thugs out there to kneecap Caroline while you hide in the shadows like Tonya Harding.

    Caroline, if these stories ain’t true, get out there and refute them. Call the Governor a lying sack of you-know-what if that’s what he is. Sue him or what ever. But stand up for yourself. Don’t send your anonymous “friends” out there to do your talking for you. That’s how you tanked your own campaign, remember?

  19. Steph

    “Apoplectic” is such a good word, we don’t hear it nearly enough. Here’s a nice use of it in another NY Post article on the Caroline kerfuffle:

    An “apoplectic” Kennedy family is seething over the rough treatment that heiress apparent Caroline got from Gov. Paterson’s office and is spoiling for revenge, several sources close to the clan have told The Post.

    “The governor’s going to pay for this,” said a well-placed Democrat. “Ted is furious. The family is furious. The Kennedys are now against the governor.”

    Among Paterson’s offenses was a request that Caroline lie about her unexpected withdrawal for “personal” reasons, according to NY magazine.

    “You can’t withdraw. You’ve got to stay in this thing, and I’ll just not pick you,” Paterson reportedly told her over the phone late Wednesday…


  20. Roger Dodger

    Stupid, stupid New Yorkers. Listening to the old “Evil Kennedys” urban legends – things that allegedly happened a generation ago – while your city crumbles with no help from Washington. Do you really think that Caroline Kennedy would have a problem getting thru legislation that would benefit YOU??? Think about it – this woman is political royalty, who can still call out favors promised to her FATHER! Wait until you need a tax break or a road fixed or a special school funded or computers for your libraries – I am sure newly minted Sen. Annie Oakley What’s-her-name from upstate can really get a meeting with the president! NOT!

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  22. Wow, fascinating comments, everyone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Good to know we’re not the only ones who are mad as hell about this.

    Mark, interesting comment about the whole Kennedy/FDR faction war inside the Democratic party. I’m too young to remember any of that (heck, I’m still a college student!) and I voted for Obama, so I’m not sure if I agree with your point of view, but will do some checking into it.

    I asked our Founding Editor and Kennedy historian New Frontier what she knew about this feud, and she recommended a couple of books: “Kennedy and Roosevelt” by Michael Beschloss and “Hostage of Fortune” by Amanda Smith for the inside scoop on Joe Kennedy’s experiences with FDR.

    Do you think these are a good place to start for a neophyte like me? And are there any other resources you might recommend on the subject?

    Obviously I need an edumacation on this!


    Tiger Haynes

  23. Tiger, looks like you’ve got your reading assignment for the next several weeks! (That Amanda Smith book should keep you busy for awhile, it’s like 800 pages long or something, but never boring, I assure you!)

    Now…on to today’s installment of our ongoing Soap Opera, “All My Kennedy Children”:

    The Ny Daily News is now reporting that Gov. Paterson has changed his story for the *third* time in three days about who leaked what.

    First, it was an anonymous source “very close to the Governor.”

    Then, Paterson reversed his position and said his office had NOTHING to do with those nasty little rumors about Caroline’s taxes, nanny, and private life.

    But now, Gov. Paterson has backtracked AGAIN, saying wait…oh, yes, his memory is starting to improve….it just “might” be some paid PR flack who made those mysterious calls to the NY press late last week smearing Caroline.

    And the Gov. finally seems to realize that slandering an innocent woman is very serious business indeed. So he’s uh, “investigatin’…”

    And Mayor Bloomberg is mad as a hatter, calling the attacks on Caroline “reprehensible,” while the Kennedy family is “Apoplectic.”

    Nuclear? I certainly hope so!

    Text of the NY Daily News story below:

    “People close to Gov. Paterson who trashed Caroline Kennedy after she gave up on the Senate were “reprehensible,” Mayor Bloomberg charged Monday.

    “I thought that the stuff that I saw in the papers was totally inappropriate,” said Bloomberg, whose aides backed Kennedy’s bid behind the scenes.

    “It’s as good an example of cheap dirty politics as you could ever find, and I thought it was reprehensible.

    “I have no idea where it came from, and no, I don’t know her personal life well enough to know whether there’s anything there whatsoever.”

    The Kennedy-bashing also angered Assemblyman Vito Lopez, the powerful head of the Brooklyn Democratic committee.

    “As a supporter of Kennedy, the manner in which [Paterson’s] office handled the Kennedy nonappointment left a lot to be desired,” Lopez said.

    Last week, Kennedy withdrew her name from consideration for the Senate seat, which went to upstate Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand. Soon after, a source close to Paterson told reporters JFK’s daughter was “facing some potentially embarrassing personal issues.” Among them, the source said, were a tax problem, a potential nanny problem and marital strife.

    Appearing with Gillibrand in Hyde Park, Dutchess County, Paterson initially denied the attacks came from his administration. He then backtracked, saying there have been a series of “contradictory” leaks through the Senate selection process.

    “This is a pretty serious thing and actually one that I would condemn,” Paterson said.

    “I would love to know who is responsible, but at this point, I’ve been unable to determine that.”

    The Daily News reported Monday that Paterson signed off on the attack strategy pushed by a paid consultant, over the objections of some of his aides.”

    Looks like it’s CYA time, folks. Scurrying like cockroaches now that the lights are on.

    Unfortunately for Gov. Paterson and the irresponsible NY press, it’s too late. The damage to CK’s reputation is already done, and no amount of backtracking or “investigatin'” can undo it.

    The only thing that can undo it is if Caroline gets a full retraction/apology from the media for passing this garbage off as fact, and/or takes a libel suit to the courts to clear her good name.

    As for Paterson, methinks he’s toast, anyway. But he must be made to account for the actions of his staffers (yes, independent PR consultants count, too). As Caroline’s father JFK once said after a famous debacle that other people screwed up for him (the Bay of Pigs), he’s “the responsible officer of the government.” Thus, ALL responsibility falls squarely at his feet.

  24. UPDATE: More info on the “PR flack” the Gov’s office is now trying to blame the leak on:

    Get this…she’s a former BUSH WHITE HOUSE DEPUTY PRESS SECRETARY!!!!

    Oh yeah, that explains a lot.

    Btw, this story is penned by the NY Daily News’ Elizabeth Benjamin (seen above in our story getting smacked down by Chris Matthews on Hardball for publishing this crap in the first place). Looks like Lizzie is now desperately trying to cover her butt and do the right thing to avoid a libel suit as well:

    Anyhoo, here’s the story. Read it and weep!

    From the NY Daily News:

    Gov. Paterson’s decision to go nuclear on Caroline Kennedy was a hatchet job run by a pricey out-of-state consultant who specializes in political scandals, disgruntled administration sources said.

    Judy Smith, a Washington-based PR guru and former Bush White House deputy press secretary, orchestrated the ill-conceived character attack on Kennedy, sources said Sunday.

    There was an internal agreement among Paterson staffers to refrain from attacking Kennedy.

    Then came the leaks from inside the governor’s office that Kennedy’s supposed tax, nanny and marital problems had tanked her bid for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat – taking many staffers by surprise.

    “There were radically different statements all coming out of the governor’s camp at the exact same time,” a Paterson adviser said.

    The administration released a formal statement insisting no information gathered from candidates for Clinton’s seat led to Kennedy’s withdrawal.

    Yet it was Paterson who signed off on Smith’s plan to release dirt on Kennedy, the sources said.

    Paterson loyalists are bemoaning his willingness to listen to a hired gun with little knowledge of New York politics, undercutting his own staff and projecting the image of an administration in chaos.

    Paterson first brought Smith onboard last fall after his top aide, Charles O’Byrne, resigned in the wake of a tax scandal.

    “It’s crazy. This never would have happened when Charles was there,” the adviser said. “In his absence, there’s a power vacuum, and a bunch of people are all doing their own thing.

    “This is really, really serious,” the adviser continued. “Permanent damage has been done.”

    The adviser suggested a “racial component” was at work when Paterson decided to bring on Smith, the first African-American woman to hold the deputy press secretary position at the White House. She came at the recommendation of Lisa Davis, a celebrity/media attorney who is the governor’s childhood friend.

    “People like Lisa and Judy stirred the pot a little bit, and [Paterson] has always felt the Spitzer people didn’t respect him, so when Charles blew up, the governor’s old-time core people rallied around him and felt he needed a team that better reflected who he was,” the source said.

    Smith’s client list has included Monica Lewinsky, the family of murdered Washington intern Chandra Levy, Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson, who is battling corruption charges, and scandal-scarred former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry.

    Paterson has used campaign cash to pay Smith’s firm, Impact Strategies, $64,367 since October, according to his Jan. 15 filing with the state Board of Elections.

    The Kennedy fiasco has brought out the worst in the Paterson administration, revealing an executive chamber that is beset by infighting, lacking in leadership and in desperate need of a staffing shakeup.

    “I don’t know who’s in charge there any longer,” one Democratic state senator said.

    “David’s like a time bomb.”

  25. Roger Dodger

    Isn’t it kind of interesting too how President Obama has not said one word about his “good friend” Caroline Kennedy since this shitstorm erupted?

    We’d like to hear your thoughts, Mr. President.

    Aren’t you going to defend your BFF?

    I notice Hillary’s jaw is locked shut on the matter as well. Not a peep from her, although I can’t say as I’m the least bit surprised about that!

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