NY Gov. Confirms Staffer Leaked Caroline Dirt — And Gets To Keep Her Job!


* This just in from the Hey-I-Know-The-Economy’s-Tough-But-This-Is-Ridiculous Dept.:

Judy Smith, the former BUSH WHITE HOUSE STAFFER and paid PR flack for Gov. David Paterson, is not only responsible for leaking those nasty rumors about Caroline Kennedy, the governor now says Smith gets to keep her job! For reasons that still mystify, it seems Gov. Patterson doesn’t plan to take any disciplinary action against the Guv’s now-infamous “leaker.”

If there’s any good news in this story, it is that Paterson may now be facing an investigation by the Public Integrity Committee over the leaking incident, on the grounds that Mrs. Kennedy’s privacy rights were violated. We’ll take it a step further and ask Albany to investigate whether or not some kind of pay-to-play scheme was a factor in the Governor’s choice for Hillary Clinton’s senate seat.

Dammit, where’s Patrick Fitzgerald and a wiretap when you really need one?

Story from the Associated Press below:

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Gov. David Paterson’s revelation that he is responsible for a campaign staffer who leaked unproven personal accusations about Caroline Kennedy after she withdrew from Senate consideration could lead to a state privacy investigation, experts said Wednesday.

The Democratic governor wouldn’t name the staffer. He said he’ll keep the consultant on his campaign payroll.

The claims surfaced just after Kennedy abruptly withdrew from Paterson’s secretive selection process to fill Hillary Rodham Clinton’s New York Senate seat. The anonymous leaker said Kennedy “wasn’t ready for prime time” and faced possible tax, nanny and marital problems.

Asked if the campaign staffer, identified a week ago by The Daily News as consultant Judith Smith, acted alone or as part of a broader effort to discredit Kennedy, Paterson said: “I’m not going to go into those kinds of conversations. Any involvement with what my staff does is my fault because to do something like that, people working for you should know better. … I’m just going to tell you the responsibility is ultimately mine.”

Smith is still on the campaign payroll.

“She’s still retained,” Paterson said to questions about the fate of Smith, a top communications strategist. “I’m not throwing anybody under the bus.”

He wouldn’t confirm or deny whether Smith directed the leak of unsubstantiated claims.

If the person who leaked the unsubstantiated claims on Jan. 22 got the information from confidential questionnaires Paterson asked every Senate hopeful to complete, then it could violate the state personal privacy protection law, said Robert Freeman, executive director of the state Committee on Open Government.

The state Public Integrity Commission has jurisdiction over a similar measure in the state Public Officers Law that bars state employees from disclosing confidential information. Commission spokesman Walter Ayres wouldn’t comment on whether an investigation into the Kennedy leak has been requested or started by the commission.

“I think the issue is worthy of review by the Commission on Public Integrity,” said Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group, a government watchdog.

Paterson has refused to release the candidates’ questionnaires, or even a blank one, which good-government experts have said is an apparent violation of the state Freedom of Information Law. Paterson has maintained the leaked information wasn’t taken from the confidential questionnaire.

After more than a week of denying he was involved in the leak, Paterson told reporters Tuesday that he is responsible for the actions of his employees.

Republican state Sen. Martin Golden said the case should be investigated.

“At the very least, (the staffer) should resign,” he said Wednesday.

Golden said he’s unsure there is any “criminality” to warrant an investigation like the one launched by Republicans in 2007 when aides to former Gov. Eliot Spitzer were accused of misusing state police to provide and recreate travel records to embarrass then-Senate Republican leader, Joseph Bruno.

Republicans lost control of the majority and the Senate Investigations Committee in the November elections. The Democrat-controlled Senate Investigations Committee has no plans to investigate, a spokesman said.



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4 responses to “NY Gov. Confirms Staffer Leaked Caroline Dirt — And Gets To Keep Her Job!

  1. I’ll take the opportunity to put JFK in front of us some forty some odd years after he was brutally murdered… To speak to us in the future of what was just being shockingly realized by him (as our President), that there were enemies FROM WITHIN, operating inside the highest offices of influence inside our country, seeking to take from us our very autonomy and civic freedom, through covert and devisive, calculating means.

    This speech is eerily accurate to bring into focus the events that would be realized by his worst nightmares and most dire expectations from the realization of the very under culture he was warning us about…

    President Kennedy calls out for citizens to do their civic duty in bringing about justice to stop these criminals. As well, he calls on the MSM to boldly carry out their mandate in which they are specifically protected under Constitutional law to carry out the obligation to inform us of enemies from within, should they become obvious and detrimental to our American way of life and/or our free and democratic society. This was also warned to us specifically by our great forefathers, the framers of the very laws that guide our way of life…

    This speech needs to find your attention today and on this website, it needs to find safe harbor and reflection for its meaning both then, when it was given and in today for when it has total relevance.

    We need to not accept anymore coincidences of calamity in our great nation… We need to investigate the “Unthinkable” and prosecute “The untouchable” … Or suffer the dire consequences of which we were warned.

    R.I.P. JFK

  2. michael seratt

    does anyone out there know if president kennedy knew of the existence of the beatles?

  3. Hey Michael –

    Interesting question. I’ve often wondered about that one myself. What did JFK think of the Beatles, or did he ever get the chance to hear their music?

    None of the books I’ve read on JFK seem to make any mention of that, and considering that the Fab Four didn’t make their U.S. television debut until Feb. 1964 (45 years ago this week, actually!), I’m gonna wager that JFK probably never saw them.

    Kennedy reportedly enjoyed pop music and anything with a good dancing beat. (He was reportedly wild about “The Twist”) So I think he probably would have loved the Beatles!

  4. michael seratt

    thank you for responding to my question on jfk and the beatles of feb. 8. i’ve had further thoughts on this. in one of my old beatle magazines there is a picture of jfk with a beatle hair style. simulated that is. i’ve seen photos of many members of the kennedy family with beatle hair styles including rfk. in 1963 brian epstein was trying to get attention for the beatles in the u.s. media. rfk referred to himself as a beatle in reaction to the beatlemania style excitement he himself was causing in 1964. i know jfk liked james bond. perhaps he and or jackie were following pop music trends in england in 1963. some beatle expert out there might know. perhaps may pang.

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