Where Do You Stand? Time To Choose.


(in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)


I stand for TRUTH.

I  stand for FREEDOM.

I stand for LIBERTY.

I stand for the CONSTITUTION.

I stand for THE REPUBLIC.

Do you? 

Time to choose, people!





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8 responses to “Where Do You Stand? Time To Choose.

  1. chrisy58

    I think you know that I stand for truth, justice, freedom, and for a free press( a true free press that is not afraid to make those in power give an account for their actions and who is willing to seek the truth). I believe in free speech and allowing people to make up their own mind on issues without being called stupid because they don’t agree with you. I believe in equal rights for all Americans.

    I believe that we must have the courage to pick up the torch that other great Americans who went before us carried and be willing to fight against all enemies of this nation both foreign and domestic who would want to destroy the Constitution.

    I fight against the evil of White Nationalism. I have one character that I am looking into now, who dreams of being President someday. He considers himself an American version of Hitler. I offered to debate him, as he talks about starting a new White Nationalist group in the Boston area, but he refused saying he didn’t have time to debate Liberals. Yet, he spends hours on the internet posting these long posts on the various White Nationalist forums. He said he liked my honesty, but he wouldn’t tell me anything as I was his foe as he also knew would I not tell him anything. That is true, but everyone says he is a nut and I wanted to find out for myself as even if he is mentally ill he could still be dangerous. We must fight against the hate in this country. It is growing like a cancer and White Nationalists love Glen Bleck. They are joing his new project and urging their friends to join too.

    I fight for the environment because that is very important.

    I fight for a lot of issues, because I truly believe that America is living in a dark period and that we need to start fighting to bring this country back to the nation that our Founding Fathers founded. People twist our American History to make it sound like we were a nation that was founded as a white nation only for white people. You wouldn’t believe the things that the Right Wing and White Nationalists think and say.

  2. chrisy58

    I thought I would give you guys an update of what I am fighting against.

    Doing my research on this White Nationalist event in Boston this weekend I found who the real leader of the group. The person who was coming across as this group was his creation, is just one of the speakers. The real leader of this group posted a comment on my blog and I posted back. At least we are playing verbal volley ball right now.

    This group is not just your average Nazi/KKK circus but a real dangerous group of not very nice guys if you get my drift. I don’t know what is going to happen this weekend, but I wish I was back in Boston. Anyway, I will keep watching them and hopefully working with others to keep my eye on them and can formuate some kind of plan to shut this group down. I am not afraid of them, even though I know that they have done bad things to people. We just have to be smarter than them, and plan in the long term and not short term. At first they may win a round, like this event going through this weekend, but maybe the next round the good guys can win.

    I fight for women’s rights. On White Nationalist/Right Wing boards. They have more posts blaming women for all the problems in the world.

    Sometimes it gets frustrating because trying to get others to see the facts and the dangers of these White Nationalist/Skinhead biker groups is very hard to do. People like to say it isn’t their problem. Maybe someday I will get the help I need in fighting the evil of White Nationalism and the cancer of hate that is spreading in Boston and the rest of the country.

    Scott the leader of the group in Boston posted this. This is only one sentence of the comment he left.

    “I’ll leave you with a parting shot of wisdom. I AM exceptional at what I do, and our plan is to bring together every major Org, crew, click and group on this rock of ours, and everybody is behind us 100%… buckle up, kids, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for you.”

    This is part of my comment to him.

    “I am sure you are very good at what you do. I know a few young men who are very good at what they do. I am sure you will be active in the Boston area, but to say that everyone is 100% is something I find hard to believe. Maybe you have all the White Nationalists behind you, but with all the in fighting and back stabbing how long do you think that support will last?

    Also what % of the population exactly do White Nationalists hold? I believe that the majority of people in the Boston area stand against you and your goals. I believe that given the facts and the goals of your group that they would join in the fight.

    We will see though won’t we?”

    At least I can’t say life is boring. I am not afraid, because I know that someone has to be willing to fight these guys.

  3. Chrissy, thanks for the update on your fight to combat White Nationalists. I really admire your courage to stand up to these people because as you know, some of them are pretty deranged and actually dangerous.

    I will continue to pray for your success and your safety. Keep blogging and please keep us posted here!


  4. chrisy58


    Thanks for your kind words. They do mean a lot. Thank you also for your prayers.

    I don’t know what is going to happen this weekend, but Scott the one who is putting on this event in Boston is bringing in the skinhead gang Volksfront, who is connected to the kid who shot the police officers in PA as co sponors of this event. I feel Scott has no real idea just how much danger he is placing his family in by connecting himself to this violent gang. These are people who from what I understand in my research have no qualms about killing women and children if they happen to be there when this gang wants to deal with people who they feel have betrayed them in anyway. I worry more about the safety of Scott’s family(wife and baby) than he does. I try to warn women/girls to not get involved with White Nationalist guys no matter how charming they seem to be.

    Scott’s goal is to bring all White Nationalists together in unity, but he doesn’t understand that he is playing with fire and that innocent people like his wife and baby daughter could get hurt. He has no idea what he is in for. He has stated that this is like a chess game to him, and he feels that we anti’s have failed. The reality is that it isn’t a game, but real life. Things are going to be coming down the pike and just because he is allowed to have his meeting this weekend, doesn’t mean the good guys have failed. Scott and I are still playing verbal volley ball on my blog.

    I still feel like I need to move back to Boston, because things are heating up there and I feel like I am needed in the fight. I know I am fighting from here and with my blog. Yet, I feel I need to be in Boston where I can actually help with on the ground things. I will let you know what comes down this weekend.

  5. michael seratt

    please print my previous statement on this subject. if there is need for debate. let’ts proceed.

  6. Michael –

    Did your previous comment get lost in cyberspace? I just sorted thru the older comments on this post and couldn’t find any from you?

    Sorry, mate – if it got lost, please re-post.

    • michael seratt

      my previous comment was that i don’t believe president john f. kennedy would have let vietnam become the disaster that it became. the best indication we have of that may be the cuban missle crisis. jfk chose a path between doing nothing and all out attack as the hawks wanted. he chose the blockade which gave the soviets the choice to withdraw or risk war. years after the vietnam war ended i learned that the american/s. vietnamese coalition turned the tide of battle in the summer of 1968 ,but the u.s. media would not report it. politically i would think jfk would never let the north vietnamese have what they wanted-all of vietnam, but would not fight beyond the point which would show the war was unwinnable.

  7. michael seratt

    universal healthcare is a great goal and needs to be dealt with on an individual basis as well as the whole. let’s use dr. jonas salk as an example; he found a cure for polio, but would he have been motivated if he lived in a socialist country?

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