10 Years After JFK Jr. Crash, New Evidence of Cover-Up Emerges


As the 10 year anniversary of his death approaches July 16, explosive new revelations are emerging about the plane crash that killed John F. Kennedy, Jr. The report was published in last week’s National Enquirer –  a source we might normally be somewhat dubious of, but considering their reporting on John Edwards and other stories has been surprisingly accurate of late, we are presenting this for your consideration.

If the secret documents the Enquirer claims to have obtained are proven genuine, it will raise many new questions about the tragic death of Kennedy and the Bessette sisters (such as: “why did the government lie?”). It will turn the official government story on it’s ear. For 10 years, we have been told that Kennedy’s fatal plane crash was the result of pilot error and spatial disorientation, sending him into a “graveyard spiral.” These new details paint an entirely different picture – that of a capable pilot desperately fighting to save his aircraft, and the lives of his passengers.


Enquirer Report: Secret documentsreveal the truth behind JFK Jr.s tragic death

John F. Kennedy Jr. went bravely to his watery grave, trying valiantly to save the lives of his passengers – his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren.

But a government cover-up has stopped the truth of what really happened inside Kennedy’s small plane before it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on July 16, 1999, from ever being made public.

A year after the tragedy, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) blamed the crash on a “graveyard spiral” that hurtled the plane toward the sea at nearly 5,000 feet per minute.

But The ENQUIRER has discovered a stunning report that claims the plane actually struck the water off Martha’s Vineyard in a semi-inverted dive – the result of pilot commands.

According to the obscure report in the aviation industry publication Flying, Kennedy’s plane “apparently struck the water in a semi-inverted dive, right wing first. This is an attitude that could not result from a graveyard spiral; it can only be the result of pilot commands.”

Veteran pilot Michael J. Pangia – former chief litigator for the Federal Aviation Administration – told The ENQUIRER: “Kennedy fought this airplane all the way down to the water.”

And an aviation source familiar with the crash report and the interior of John’s Piper Saratoga aircraft now tells The ENQUIRER: “The fact is that John Kennedy was bravely battling to find a sliver of visibility out of heavy fog and find his way to safety. He went to his death trying to be a hero!”

Kennedy, a novice pilot who was not instrument rated, likely relied on the plane’s autopilot to keep him on course. But investigators who probed the wreckage found the autopilot switch off.

The aviation source added: “It’s another sign that John was determined to take charge of his
situation. He was in the dark, yet heroically trying to regain control of his aircraft.”

Sadly, more evidence showing Kennedy to be a hero may never be found.

In our Feb. 20, 2001 issue, we exclusively reported that a “cover-up” of the crash was “dictated by Washington” and videotapes showing the plane at the bottom of the Atlantic, with John, Carolyn and her sister Lauren Bessette’s bodies, were destroyed.

After making a request to the NTSB under the Freedom of Information Act, The ENQUIRER received some of the first photos of the wreckage. We later learned the recovery team had also taken underwater photos and videos, images that contain crucial evidence about the crash.

But the NTSB “declined” to include additional material gathered by the Navy in their final report, leaving some elements of the tragedy forever a mystery.


Copyright 2009, National Inquirer.



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12 responses to “10 Years After JFK Jr. Crash, New Evidence of Cover-Up Emerges

  1. copilot

    As an airline pilot, I testified under oath before the NTSB on this tragedy and the Egypt Air 990 disaster. There were 33 high ranking Egyptian Military Officers among the 217 dead, including 100 Americans. Neither were accidents. I identified one of the perpetrators in both, a Mossad agent. It was covered up. The only question is, what politicians in the US were they working for or with?

    • I find it very interesting what you are saying. Tell us more about this mossad agent and your relationship with him, please.

      Regarding whicht politicians were involved, a compelling case against George W. Bush is made by John Hankey. I’ve written about his argument and the subsequent wild goose chase he was send on in my article:


      While very busy campaigning, George W. Bush was missing for three days during the crash and ‘search’.

      • For what it’s worth, Shrub was only missing from the campaign trail that weekend in July, 1999. But his whereabouts are known.

        Bush, along with his father, former President George H.W. Bush and brother Jeb, were reported to be in attendance at the annual summer encampment of the Bohemian Club at the Grove in northern California.

        Make of that information what you will.

  2. The Enquirer is finetuning the cover up. By suggesting that John had any control over his plane they covered up the M.O. which was a remotely operated vehicle.

    Even more important than covering up the murder was covering up this M.O. since it was going to be used on september 11. John’s plane was a ‘flly by wire’ type of aircraft.

    A computer is the heart of the plane, with stick, pedal and thrust working as input. The output is the computer’s consequent intruction to move the flight control surfaces on the wings and stabilizers and the engine.

    A lot of people don’t know that the transponder signal (a signal indicating to the control tower who you are) is a two way signal and that it is also controled by this computer. The computer is programmed through software. Software can be adapted.

    In the same NTSB report it says that one of the previous owners of John’s plane is RAYTHEON. This highly suspect company (one of it’s boardmembers is John Deutch ex CIA director and 9/11 foreknowledge speculator) is famous for remotely operated aircraft, for instance for target practice of missiles. It also owns Beechcraft, an aircraft manufacterer of planes like the one senator Wellstone ‘flew’ to his death.

    I’ve written an article about the subject:


  3. tedbohne

    JFK, Jr, was not an instrument rated pilot. About 70 percent of night flying away from cities an visual reference points is conducted under IFR. (instrument flight rules.) It most certainly is over water on a moonless night. I, however, the plane had been sabotaged, well, that’s a different matter entirely. The airplane he and his Wife and sister-in-law were traveling in was a very strong, well outfitted airplane. It had a full range of instruments allowing an instrument rated pilot to fly in IMC. (inclement meteorological conditions.) that is the pilot could fly under IFR if not severe enough to warrant rethinking the flight, and see if the conditions were above minimums set by the FAA on acceptable conditions for instrument flight. Most would walk away ESPECIALLY because the aircraft was powered by only one engine. Second, cowards like me will not fly under IFR without a second instrument rated pilot with recent experience. Many young pilots think and instrument rating is their ticket to flying anytime. We older pilots know better now. Finally, I have little doubt that the US Government via the CIA would have these people killed for some insane reason. I also have no confidence in the “Inquirer.”

  4. Skipper


    August 12, 2009 — JFK Jr.’s plane crash was originally treated as murder investigation

    WMR has learned from a source who was a close friend of the late John F. Kennedy, Jr. that the FBI originally treated the July 16, 1999, crash of his Piper Saratoga in the waters off Martha’ Vineyard as a murder investigation. Kennedy, his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and his sister-in-law Lauren Bessette were killed when their plane plummeted into the Atlantic en route from Caldwell Airport in Essex County, New Jersey to Martha’s Vineyard. Kennedy’s wife was also three month’s pregnant with a boy.

    Kennedy was to drop off Lauren Bessette at Martha’s Vineyard before flying to Hyannisport to attend his cousin Rory’s wedding.

    According to the Kennedy friend, the son of the late president and publisher of “George” magazine, was about ready to announce his run for the U.S. Senate from New York. Kennedy was acutely aware of his vulnerability and hired on a personal security team just prior to his announcing for the Senate. Kennedy also decided, unlike all previous flights, not to file a flight plan at Caldwell. Instead, Kennedy, instead of filing an FAA flight plan, provided his own “flight following” by having a Kennedy friend waiting at the Martha’s Vineyard airport. When the plane was overdue the friend notified Woods Hole Coast Guard Station which, in turn, notified the FAA and other agencies.

    According to the source, Kennedy, contrary to press reports, decided not to fly over open ocean from Montauk at the eastern tip of Long Island to the Vineyard but instead hugged the Connecticut and Rhode Island coast lines until flying direct to the island. Kennedy did not identify his ultimate destination on the radio – he said that6 he was flying “east of Teterboro.”

    Fearing for his safety, Kennedy thought it best to be within sight of the coastline. According to the Kennedy friend, Kennedy told him his plans prior to his departure. Kennedy had also arranged for all the onboard bags, including his own and that of his family, to be hand searched by security personnel at Caldwell prior to departure. Kennedy decided not to take along a co-pilot because he felt his flight was somewhat of a risk. Kennedy’s friend said Kennedy was always concerned about the “underdog” and did not want to put a co-pilot in any potential danger. In any event, Kennedy felt confident of his and his family’s security since he had retained a security firm to provide for his protection prior to his Senate run announcement.

    Media reports at the time of the disappearance suggested that the weather near Martha’s Vineyard was “hazy” and Kennedy may have become disoriented, causing the crash. However, the Kennedy friend states that this was not the case and cites the fact that visibility around the Vineyard was clear at 9:41 pm when the plane disappeared from the sky. The following is from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) report on the crash and quotes the Martha’s Vineyard tower manager:

    “During an interview, the tower manager stated that no actions were taken to augment or edit the ASOS during his shift. He also stated the following:

    ‘The visibility, present weather, and sky condition at the approximate time of the accident was probably a little better than what was being reported. I say this because I remember aircraft on visual approaches saying they had the airport in sight between 10 and 12 miles out. I do recall being able to see those aircraft and I do remember seeing the stars out that night…To the best of my knowledge, the ASOS was working as advertised that day with no reported problems or systems log errors.'”

    ASOS is the Automated Surface Observation System. Media reports claimed that visibility was around 2 miles with haze, a far cry from what the tower manager at Martha’s Vineyard stated to the NTSB.

    The weather report around the time of the crash also indicated clear weather in the area:

    “2053…Clear at or below 12,000 feet; visibility 8 miles; winds 250 degrees at 7 knots; temperature 23 degrees C; dewpoint 19 degrees C; altimeter 30.09 inches of Hg.

    2153…Clear at or below 12,000 feet; visibility 10 miles; winds 240 degrees at 10 knots, gusts to 15 knots; temperature 24 degrees C; dewpoint 18 degrees C; altimeter 30.10 inches of Hg”

    Some twelve minutes after Kennedy’s plane crashing, visibility around Martha’s Vineyard was reported at 10 miles, described as near perfect conditions by professional pilots.

    There were also questions raised about Kennedy’s piloting skills. However, he had logged in 310 hours. The NTSB report also reported Kennedy’s most recent flight record:

    “In the 15 months before the accident, the pilot had flown about 35 flight legs either to or from the Essex County/Teterboro, New Jersey, area and the Martha’s Vineyard/Hyannis, Massachusetts, area. The pilot flew over 17 of these legs without a CFI [Certified Flight Instructor] on board, including at least 5 at night. The pilot’s last known flight in the accident airplane without a CFI on board was on May 28, 1999.”

    Kennedy’s most recent three legs were with a CFI on board and along the same route taken on July 16 but significant rain and a 800 foot ceiling. Kennedy had, according to his friend, been flying for 17 years. Before Kennedy flew the Piper Saratoga he flew a Cessna 182.

    There were also media reports that Kennedy was impeded by a foot cast from an accident he suffered while parasailing. However, according to Kennedy’s friend, the cast had aready been removed when Kennedy took to the skies on July 16.

    The Kennedy friend also stated that he learned from an FBI agent, as well as a Secret Service agent, who were friends of the Kennedy family that the FBI originally treated their investigation of the plane crash as a possible murder. Kennedy no longer enjoyed Secret Service protection as a protected person, according to the friend.

    FBI agents, after the crash, fanned out across convenience and other stores in the Caldwell, New Jersey area and asked if anyone had recently purchased epoxy. According to the French magazine, France Dimanche, a pilot at the Caldwell airport had reported he heard a “weird noise” coming from Kennedy’s plane on takeoff. The FBI theorized that a whistle had been glued on the aft section of the plane in order to emit a distinct, unique, and high-pitched noise for the benefit of someone on the ground who wanted to correctly identify the plane when it descended for landing at Martha’s Vineyard.

    The FBI asked pilots if a whistle attached to the rear of a plane such as Kennedy’s could be heard from the cockpit. The answer from all the pilots was no because the sound would only be heard by those on the ground as the plane passed overhead while descending to an audible range. There was also a belief that if the whistle had been fashioned from a water-soluble material, such as plaster-of-paris, it would have dissolved in the seawater.

    The FBI discovered that there was “suspicious boating activity” in an area of Martha’s Vineyard where Kennedy’s plane was descending to 2000 feet for its final approach to the airport. The “suspicious” boaters claimed to be fishing for striped bass. However, when the FBI asked local fishermen to corroborate the suspicious boaters’ story, they stated that the particular area where they were discovered was not an area where Atlantic striped bass would be found. In fact, salt water striped bass do not start to run in Massachusetts coastal waters in great numbers until the autumn.

    The FBI also found an unusual number of extra batteries in the fishermens’ boat. The FBI was suspicious of the boat’s contents because after the plane’s wreckage was discovered, investigators found, according to Kennedy’s friend, that every light bulb, including that in the emergency flashlight, had been blown out on the plane and every circuit board, including those in the engine sensors and other electronic equipment, had been literally “melted.” FBI agents on the scene preliminarily concluded that a “massive electromagnetic event” caused Kennedy’s plane to crash. FBI agents also found that the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) had its battery removed, possibly before the flight. Every simulation the FBI conducted of a plane in Kennedy’s situation, with all lights off at night and with only the engine and the vacuum pump-operated attitude indicator functioning, resulted in the same result: the plane crashing into the water.

    Before the FBI could begin examining the ocean floor for any “special equipment” that may have been thrown overboard from the fishing boat, their “murder” investigation was abruptly called off by FBI headquarters in Washington.

    Kennedy was preparing to re-tool “George” magazine to take on investigations of a number of major stories, not least of which was the actual story behind the assassination of his father in Dallas on November 22, 1963. According to an article in Germany’s Bild am Sonntag on August 1, 1999, Kennedy was also preparing to meet with the deputy chief of Mossad, Amiran Levine, at the Oak Room in Manhattan’s Plaza Hotel the Wednesday after Kennedy was killed. The subject was the assassination of Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995 and that Rabin was assassinated by one of his body guards and not the convicted murderer Yigal Amir.

    Kennedy’s friend said the real priority of the “George” publisher was to re-open the case of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the role that the father of the all-but-announced Republican presidential candidate for the upcoming 2000 election — George W. Bush — played in the assassination. Apparently, some documents had come into Kennedy’s possession that pointed to George H. W. Bush as a prime participant, on behalf of the CIA, in President Kennedy’s murder.

    On a 1997 visit to see Cuban President Fidel Castro in Havana for an interview for “George,” the Cuban President reportedly told Kennedy a number of details about those behind his father’s assassination. The occasion of Kennedy Jr.’s visit was the 35th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis between his father and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. According to Kennedy’s friend, Castro confided to Kennedy that a mafia ring headed up by Meyer Lansky, who lost his Cuban gambling holdings to Castro’s revolution, and a Canadian Zionist veteran of Israel’s Haganah army, Louis Bloomfield, were the primary planners of the Dallas “hit” on his father. Jack Ruby, who killed the alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, worked directly for Lansky’s organization, Kennedy was told.

    Although the information on J.F.K. Jr.’s plans to more thoroughly examine the facts of his father’s assassination came from a single source — a friend of the late Kennedy Jr. — this editor is in a unique position to corroborate part of the story.

    On Saturday, July 17, 1999, I was driving to a hotel in Crystal City, Virginia to proctor a certification examination for a group of computer security professionals. Listening to the radio, the bulletin came across that John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane was missing. The news came as a body blow. In a few weeks, I was scheduled to meet with Kennedy at his magazine’s offices in Washington, DC to discuss hiring on as one of a few investigative journalists Kennedy wanted to dig deep into a number of cases, but most importantly that of his father’s assassination. Kennedy had made initial contact with me via a colleague with The Village Voice. I signaled my readiness to do whatever Kennedy wanted because, first of all, I have always been an admirer of the Kennedy family, and after twelve years under Bush presidencies, that admiration has developed into a loyalty for which I make no apologies.

    My past discussions with President Kennedy’s press secretary Pierre Salinger and Texas Governor John Connally led me to believe that the young Kennedy was on to the story of a lifetime — a lifetime that for Kennedy Jr. would be tragically snuffed out early.

    After I heard the news report about Kennedy’s plane and knowing of his plans, I knew deep down that he was gone and that the renewed investigation of America’s worst crime of the 20th century was dead along with him. Little did I realize at the time, but I heard the news about Kennedy as I was driving along Route 110 past the side of the Pentagon where the worst crime of the 21st century would take place under the administration of George W. Bush.

    In the end, Hillary Clinton was elected to the U.S. Senate seat that Kennedy was to run for. Kennedy’s sister, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, would see her own hopes to be appointed to the Senate seat dashed when, according to John H. Kennedy Jr.s’ friend, Senator Charles Schumer and Barack Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel conspired to have New York Governor David Paterson appoint a virtual unknown, Kirsten Gillibrand, to the seat. Caroline Kennedy was instead offered a consolation prize of the post of U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, a position that Schumer and Emanuel knew in advance she would never accept.

    Readers are solely responsible for the content of the comments they post on this web site. Comments are subject to the site’s terms and conditions of use and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or approval of Wayne Madsen Report.com. Readers whose comments violate the terms of use may have their comments removed or all of their content blocked from viewing by other users without notification.

  5. While I find the recent flood of new articles and theories about the death of JFK Jr. and the Bessette sisters both encouraging and fascinating, I must express my skepticism about much of what I’ve read. Here’s why:

    The National Enquirer claims to be in possession of secret documents and photos which supposedly reveal “shocking details” about a cover-up. As of yet, however, the Enquirer has not been able to produce these documents for public review and examination by independent researchers.

    Until we see it with our own two eyes, why should we believe it? Show us the documents!!!!

    Wayne Madsen’s latest report relies solely on a single anonymous source – “a close friend of the Kennedys” who “had a friend in the FBI” and “another friend in the Secret Service” who apparently have known this information for 10 years. Why then, are they only speaking of it now?

    Where was John’s “close friend” when it mattered – in the days and weeks immediately following the crash when these details would have been relevant to the investigation? Where the hell have they been for the past 10 years, and how does revealing this information now help their “close friend” John? He’s still dead, and we still don’t know the truth.

    Why won’t this mysterious source who holds so much shocking information about a possible MURDER identify him or herself to the public? What are they so afraid of?

    Yeah, yeah, I know…they’re afraid one of the dark Lords will kill them too. Whatever. Look, if you’ve got relevant information on ANY murder case, no matter who the victim is, you need to be a patriot (not to mention a good friend) and step into the light. Not just to enhance your own credibility, but for your own protection.

    John Jr., like his father, was a courageous man and admired that quality in others. Do you really think he would want his “friends” to remain silent and afraid for 10 years, hiding in the corner like frightened lemmings? Well, I don’t. Not for a New York minute!

    The only corroboration Madsen provides for the testimony of his anonymous source is his own. Madsen claims that John Jr. had hired him to write investigative pieces for George Magazine, including one about the murder of President Kennedy. He claims that he knew John fairly well himself. Great,wonderful….so where is the employment contract Madsen had with Kennedy? How about some phone records or emails proving these two were in fact speaking to one another? A copy of Madsen or Kennedy’s appointment book with the scheduled meeting that never happened, perhaps?

    If we take everyone’s word who says they knew John F. Kennedy Jr. personally, the guy would have had millions of “close friends.” Anyone can say they knew John – few can actually prove that they did.

    But what arouses my suspicion the most about Mr. Madsen’s article is that it is only available to subscribers in the “members only” section of his website. Of course, you have to BUY a membership to read it. So I strongly suspect that his motivation in penning and peddling this piece is financial. Even 10 years after his tragic death, JFK Jr. still sells. And I also suspect that Madsen may have other “motivations” as well…

    IF Madsen wants to crack the murder case of the century, he’d best come correct with some on-the-record sources quickly, or else lose what little credibility he has left as a “journalist”. And he might want to go ahead and just make that information FREE for the American people to read if he really wants the “truth” to get out there.

    The Enquirer obviously has little credibility to begin with, but if they would like to improve their reputation in the field of journalism, they had best produce those “secret documents and photos” they claim to have, or else continue to look like a joke.

    Of all the recent articles circulating the blogosphere around the 10th anniversary of Kennedy’s death, Paul Korthout’s piece for We Are Change Holland is the only one I’ve read that seems credible at all. This one is well-researched, immaculately sourced, and presents a theory that is both plausible and possible. I’d like to see him stay on the case and keep digging deeper, because I think the guy is onto something. (I have told him this privately as well)

    We all want to know the truth about what really happened to JFK Jr. and the Bessette sisters. In no way am I disimissing alternative crash theories; in fact I welcome as many as possible so long as they are not purely speculative, profit-motivated, disinformation, or lacking documentation to support their claims.

    Got proof? Bring it on!

    — New Frontier

  6. I have recently been contacted by the person who claims to be the source for Madsen’s article -a longtime friend of JFK Jr. – although this individual is not yet ready to reveal their name/identity to the public, I believe that their story warrants further investigation.

    This source chooses to communicate with us through the blog, posting private comments intended only for the editors to read. The source’s email address changes frequently as they believe that they are under constant surveillance.

    Since the Madsen piece was published last month, this source has apparently been the target of an official harassment campaign and their last missive to us, dated Sept. 14, 2009 stressed that the heat is really on now. Things are escalating and we are becoming genuinely concerned for this source’s safety.

    The editors of this blog have written private emails to the source offering any help and support we can provide, but we cannot be sure our emails are reaching him/her. So I am posting this publicly as well in hopes that the source will see it:

    CoPilot, you now know how to reach me. Jack has given you my contact info. Please post a private comment here with your current contact information. I can meet you personally to discuss this ASAP.
    Do not hesitate to go public if your life is in danger

    – visibility is the best life insurance policy you could have right now.

  7. UPDATE: I recently had a face-to-face meeting with the person who is the source for Madsen’s article. I have heard his story for myself and read his formal deposition.

    While he seems like a perfectly nice guy who sincerely loves the Kennedy family, I remain skeptical of his claims and here’s why:

    1) As of yet, this witness has not provided me a shred of proof that he actually knew John Jr., Caroline, Ted, or any member of the family. No photographs, no letters, no phone records, emails, nothing. Zip.

    2) His story has some holes in it large enough to fly an MD-80 through (or if you prefer, at least a Piper Saratoga). Perhaps at some later time this source would care to fill those gaps in the story, but as of this time, they remain wide open.

    and most importantly….

    3) He still steadfastly refuses to go public and identify himself. He refuses to provide further details or elaborate on his story, which points to the disturbing possibility that his cause for refraining has more to do with a fear of being publicly debunked than a fear of his own fate.

    This is not to say that I think his story is pure bunk – all I’m saying is that I remain unconvinced.

    However, my door is always open to anyone who has more research material, documents or information to provide…including the man we’ll call “CoPilot” (since he still does not wish his name to be known and I have given him my word to protect him as a confidential source).

    CoPilot, if you ever change your mind about going public, I am at your service. Until that time, I’m afraid there probably isn’t much I can do as a journalist to help you, as I refuse to print stories I cannot verify and support with documentation and on-the-record sources.

  8. Pete Schwartz

    As with any high profile death case, conspiracy theories emerge and tabloids build on it to increase sales. I guess just JFK Jr would know what in fact happened, RIP.

    As for the rest of us, the official report from the FAA is available here:


    “A performance study of the radar data revealed that the target began a descent from 5,500 feet about 34 miles west of MVY. The speed during the descent was calculated to be about 160 knots indicated airspeed (KIAS), and the rate of descent was calculated to have varied between 400 and 800 feet per minute (fpm). About 2138, the target began a right turn in a southerly direction. About 30 seconds later, the target stopped its descent at 2,200 feet and began a climb that lasted another 30 seconds. During this period of time, the target stopped the turn, and the airspeed decreased to about 153 KIAS. About 2139, the target leveled off at 2,500 feet and flew in a southeasterly direction. About 50 seconds later, the target entered a left turn and climbed to 2,600 feet. As the target continued in the left turn, it began a descent that reached a rate of about 900 fpm. When the target reached an easterly direction, it stopped turning; its rate of descent remained about 900 fpm. At 2140:15, while still in the descent, the target entered a right turn. As the target’s turn rate increased, its descent rate and airspeed also increased. The target’s descent rate eventually exceeded 4,700 fpm. The target’s last radar position was recorded at 2140:34 at an altitude of 1,100 feet. (For a more detailed description of the target’s [accident airplane’s] performance, see Section, “Tests and Research,” Subsection, “Aircraft Performance Study.”)”

  9. Iamthewitness

    The Warren Report, The 9/11 Commission, and the above – all controlled by the “people that did it” – Neo Cons.

    While the flight path description above is probably correct – NTSB chairman Jim Hall knew very well what caused it – A direct hit by an EMP weapon fired from a small boat off Martha’s Vineyard awaiting JFK jr’s arrival.

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