Kennedy Funeral Plans Announced


WASHINGTON – Sen. Edward M. Kennedy will lie in repose Thursday and Friday at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston, followed by his funeral Saturday at a city church and burial later that day near his slain brothers at Arlington National Cemetery.

Kennedy’s family plans to travel by motorcade with his body from their compound on Cape Cod, Mass., to the library in Boston on Thursday. The facility will be open to the public for certain periods on both days while Kennedy lies in repose. The Kennedys have planned a private memorial service at the library for Friday night, according to a schedule of events released by Kennedy’s Senate office.

On Saturday morning, a funeral Mass for the late senator will take place at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica — commonly known as the Mission Church — in the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston. The cavernous basilica on Tremont Street, built in the 1870s, was where Kennedy prayed daily while his daughter, Kara, successfully battled her own cancer.

“Over time, the Basilica took on special meaning for him as a place of hope and optimism,” the family statement said.

Kennedy died late Tuesday after a yearlong struggle with brain cancer. He was 77.

A burial service at Arlington was scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

Kennedy, who served in the Senate for nearly half a century, will be laid to rest near his brothers, former President John F. Kennedy and former Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, on the famous Virginia hillside that serves as the burial sites of others from the storied clan, including former first lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

At the site of the eternal flame rest four Kennedy family members: the former president and his wife; their baby son, Patrick, who died after two days; and a stillborn child. Robert Kennedy’s grave is a short distance away and somewhere near it is the most likely site for Edward Kennedy’s burial.

Senator Kennedy spent more days than most at Arlington visiting the graves of his beloved brothers and paying tribute to the fallen men and women of Massachusetts who gave their lives for our country,” the statement said.

A senior defense official said the Kennedy family some time ago approached the Army to explore the possibility of burying the senator at Arlington, the nation’s most celebrated burial ground of fallen military and the resting place of astronauts, Supreme Court justices and other giants in American history.

Kennedy is eligible for burial at Arlington by virtue of his service in Congress as well as his two years in the Army, 1951 to 1953. He was a private first class and served in the military police at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, then located in Paris and now in Belgium.

The family met with Arlington officials again Wednesday to finalize the plans, said a second defense official.


Associated Press writers Pauline Jelinek in Washington, Philip Elliott in Oak Bluffs, Mass., and Denise Lavoie in Boston contributed to this story.



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6 responses to “Kennedy Funeral Plans Announced

  1. Simon Kristiansen

    It would’ve been very weird if The Old Lion was laid to rest anywhere else than Arlington close to his brothers.
    Nearly just as weird as it will be that there no longer is a Kennedy in the Senate. We can only hope that RFK jr. and the family can convince his older brother Joseph Kennedy to return to active politics. He has the legislative experience, the campaign funds and is a resident of Massechusetts. Unfortunately RFK jr. lacks these things and the race to replace Hillary in NY showed that he probably isn’t really interested in running.
    I really hope someone from the family will try to keep the senate seat within the family.

  2. Sanusi B. Liman

    I’ve gone through Kennedy’s record and how uplifted the family been as senator for century, and i pray for the family to bear the lost and may God bring another person amongst the family to continue from where he stop, may his soul rest.

  3. frosty7530

    This is a very sad time in America’s history, as we mourn the death of our finest Senator, Edward M Kennedy of MA. My condolences to the entire Kennedy family.

    Many of us are reading, or trying to sort our way through the vast amt. of tributes & new info on the net as we ready ourselves for tommorow’s public service. I’m sure many of you agree that the most common phrases are “end of the dream”; “end of the Kennedy Era”. I recall those words being spoken back in 1962, and 1968. I recall them when Sen. Kennedy was involved in that sad Chapaquidick incident. Fortunately, the naysayers were proven wrong. Let us pray they are wrong again. No, we won’t have a clone of Teddy, as wonderful as that might be. But we still have a talented family ready, willing and able to come up to the plate and follow the footsteps of their ancestors.

    I pray we see Chris Kennedy having a successful in IL. There are new rumours about the very capable Joe Kennedy in MA. Some are pessimistic; about Joe running; but I just saw a great picture of him wearing the most beautiful Kennedy smile! I don’t think it was out of malice at all. I think it’s because he knows the people of MA, want him back in DC. I truly don’t think his late brothers baby-sitting scandal will hurt him. Nobody has clean baggage any more; and that sad story really did not involve, Joe, Jr.

    And now, the real purpose of my writing. I just saw an AOL poll that showed Bobby, Jr. running in 3rd place to Caroline & Maria Shriver in a poll about who the next “star” of the Kennedys would be. Come on, folks we can do BETTER! There are many, many polls out there wanting to hear from you about which Kennedys you want to see playing a more active political role. That does not mean we will be successful in dictating our choice right this minute; but a steady, growing momentum is helpful and necessary. Tell your friends to be aware of these opinion polls & to think of Bobby, Jr. when responding.

    Those of us here, are aware of Bobby’s enormous achievements and talents. He is so much more effective than anybody in his family — as an advocate, organizer and inspirational speaker. I don’t know how to set Bobby, Jr. on fire; and I don’t know how to set the rest of his followers on fire, but I will keep praying that somebody does! I think it sure would help, if Bobby could see the numbers of people who share our convictions about who the best Kennedy is!

    When Ted Kennedy first ran for the Senate, and was elected; there was no sign that he would ever be the giant legend he became. There was lots of bad press before Chapaquidic incident re Teddy. Naysayers who said he was just a “vanity” senator riding on family coat-tails. It took time before he came to be regarded as the Lion of the Senate. I think Bobby, Jr. is a pretty brilliant, pretty serious kind of guy. Should he choose to run for public office he will be a very quick study.

    Please folks, while the world is watching, get your Pro-Bobby, Jr. opinons out there! I know that to some I will sound like a real hack. This is, after all a weekend devoted to a beloved father and uncle who is not even buried. There is urgency though. We need to once again, keep the Kennedy dreams alive. Prove the naysayers wrong, once again, about this being the Death of the Kennedy family as a political force. Instead of seeing the death of a political family; I see 2 senators and a congressman. I see a future President. Near future. Today, Obama’s polls have taken a very sharp drop. He is only at 50%. Many liberal supporters were shocked at some of his arrogant statements in re to stifling the voice of the opposition. You would never hear Ted Kennedy telling Republicans to “shut up and get out of the way”. in re to health care reform. Ted believed in 2 party system and the rights of the opposition. He encouraged argument and debate.

    I know there are Obama supporters here, but I will risk saying that I see Obama as a President who enjoys being well liked. I don’t see him thriving under the pressure of being an unpopular President. My guess is that if his numbers keep falling; if the negative pressure from the opposition keeps rising, he will not run a second term. I must admit that I am not a dove when it comes to Security and the Home Front. In these times, I know I would prefer a more realistic attitude towards our Middle Eastern foes. Who better than Bobby, Jr. knows the danger of a terrorist mind-set. Recently, Conservative pundit, Gary Bauer made the astute observation that Obama does not seem to understand why Bin Laden and his friends came over here on 9/11. Sadly, I have to agree. I have not been happy w/Obama’s obsequious posturing to the middle-east. Bobby is not only a realist on terrorism, he is passionate about getting us off this destructive dependency on middle east oil/fuel! Obama made a bad mistake by not appointing Bobby into a spot whereby he could help us with this critical issue.

  4. Bradley G. Barnett

    I am writing this email because I feel strongly about RFK,jr. running for his Uncle Ted’s senate seat! In my opinion,this decision,at least within the family,should have nothing to do with seniority or age.

    RFK,jr. is the most erudite and the most qualified person to become Mass’s new senator. (1 The seat shoud remain in the family,although it may sound arrogant,Mass. is the state represented by the family for generations.2) With all due respect,neither Joe (2) or Kathleen have the talent,the mystique,the raw intelligence,that RFK jr. has. Patrick and Caroline although potentially intellectually qualified;don’t carry the passion,the commitment to healthcare,to the environment,and lastly the ‘genius’ needed to bring a Kennedy back into the Whit House.

    I believe that this generation,my generation,has individuals that have the talent,the passion,to bring about the change that is so desperately needed. I believe that what we lost,when RFK died leaves an unhealed wound in the nation’s pysche,that won’t be closed until the causes that were so personal and in a sense,belonged to RFK,and to our country,because he really cared,like no politician has ever cared about what really is this nation’s responsibility to heal,this nation’s commitment to change,ie. poverty, racism, etc.

    Lastly, I strongly believe that only RFK’s son can bring about this change. WE have the responsibility,not only as american’s but you, as RFK’s son owe this nation a promise to never rest until some of your father’s goals and dreams are realized!!! IF you don’t do it,no one else will!

    Someday,when you are in your later sixties,IF you don’t make this effort,you will look back and ask yourself why you didn’t make the effort,you will ask yourself why and you won’t have an answer. ‘We’ will have missed that ten year window,that can change history. I firmly believe that unless you can’t ‘run’ because of residency requirements that you will have a difficult time, in the future,explaining it to yourself,why you lacked the strength and passion to make this effort,even if in your heart,you know that you will probably fail.

    I have always felt your father knew he would not finish his campaign BUT he ran anyway because,no one else was willling to make that effort,to take the risk.He also knew that only he cared enough! I hope that you make this effort,and if not in Mass.,in New York,when one of the Senate seats come up. You owe it to yourself and to your country. I pray you make the right decision. Brad Barnett

  5. Simon Kristiansen

    I was dissapointed to learn that Joe Kennedy has declined the offer to run for his uncle’s seat. No other member of the family (maybe except for Vicki) can run for the seat with credibility. RFK jr. is from NY and would’ve been called a carpetbagger. He has also declined to run for office four times in NY, so I have accepted that it ain’t gonna happen.
    The influence of the Kennedy’s will rapidly diminish without a political platform, and I have a fear that the Kennedy legacy will be gone in 20 years because the family didn’t do enough to carry on the torch after Teddy’s death.
    Chis Kennedy in Illinois is probably the only hope left in his generation, so I’m putting all my hopes on him. Otherwise it is only Joe Kennedy’s twin sons Joe the 3rd and Matt who has shown any interest in running for public office. My hopes are now on them.

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