Why We’re Here


* NOTE: This site is not officially affiliated with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Our quest to draft RFK Jr. for president began in the summer of 2007, with the launch of this website and an online petition drive. We had hoped that Mr. Kennedy would be a candidate in 2008, but he obviously wasn’t ready to run for that high office just yet. That doesn’t mean he won’t consider a future run, so we intend to keep the petition drive active for 2012 and encourage you to show him your support here.

While this website’s concept and much of our content could (and should!) be interpreted as humorous and our writing style often tongue-in-cheek, the subject matter we report on is quite serious indeed – so, no we’re really not joking. We believe that it will take a Kennedy in the White House to fix the mess this country is in, and that Bobby Kennedy Jr. is the man for the job.

Our primary mission is to echo the impassioned plea of so many who want RFK Jr. to run for the Presidency – if not in 2012, then perhaps in 2016. We’re ready whenever he is!

Mr. Kennedy is aware that there is a grassroots movement to draft him for political office, and this blog is just one of several sites on the web devoted to that cause.

This blog exists to inform potential voters of RFK’s stand on the issues, and keep you up-to-date on his efforts.

We hope that you will take time to read up on all the reasons why we think RFK Jr. is the right man at the right time. Please explore the links in our blogroll to learn more about RFK Jr., do your own research, and come to your own conclusions. We invite you to leave comments, so let us know what you think!

If you would prefer to contact us privately, feel free to email us.

Also, please SIGN THE PETITION to Draft RFK Jr. for President. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/RFKin2008/

For the latest news and information on what Bobby is up to, check out our sister site:



Thanks for stopping by, and for your interest in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


10 responses to “Why We’re Here

  1. Great job fellas.

    See you at the barricades.

  2. MArk Dillon

    I like Kennedy and it is interesting to see him develop. He ceratainly is not afraid to answer his critics and this is impressive.

    I see him as a candidate for Senate on 08 for sure, but for President, it is too late now. Maybe in 5 or 9 years time. Even if Obama and Clinton did not exist, i think he needs more ‘broad and depth’

    RFK Jr. is a leader for this generation – no question.

  3. I take exception to your belief (respectfully) Mark. I believe that the proof in the effectiveness a candidate can have with regard to experience is squarely effaced in the Obama Candidacy as well as the Hillary candidacy as well as the Rudy Candidacy… Experience, is not a strong platform as evidenced by these candidates. They happen to be the likely choices we have for our next president. Given that these choices are the contenders for our 08′ Presidential election, I submit that there is not one among those running, who make a clear statement about anything, period. In a time of moral and economic as well as governmental chaos (which I trust we are in agreement that we are facing these dillemas) It is imparitive that we seek alternative means by which the American People can truly be represented by a truly fair and balanced Leader and Commander in Chief. This will need to be a “draftee” from the people in my opinion, to enhance the legitimacy of that select person from within our midst, whom WE choose as our choice for leader. A drafted candidate has nothing to lose and we have everything to gain. A succsessful drafting effort in drafting Mr. Kennedy as our Independent candidate gives “We, the People” a voice which is representative of our needs and thus fully understands the “State” of our national condition and would embody the remedy of that condition as OUR plan.

    We would be honored if Mr. Kennedy would represent us in our time of need. A run for President would take him away from his family, yet his family’s loss would be of great national importance and in lock-step with what we have known as the Kennedy legacy for our continued American greatness. We need nothing short of RFK Jr. in fact to show the world just how much we care about making a difference.

    My bet is on RFK… It’s not too late, in fact the time is right now 11/07.

    Run Bobby Run! Let’s Roll!

  4. Clara

    I would vote for RFK jr. I think if he runs, he will beat Hillary and Obama by a landslide.

  5. Cindy

    I LOVE Bobby Kennedy. I would do ANYTHING to support him. I worked to help elect his father. But the monsters in power right now have no problem with murdering him if he runs.

    Think of JFK Junior… Who was in power. Who did the maintenance on his plane?

    Think of Paul Wellstone… Who was in power. Who did the maintenance on his plane?

    The answer is the same.

    The answer is clear.

    I love Bobby and want him to stay around for years and years and continue the powerfully good work he is doing.

    Leave the politics to the sleepers for now. By sleeper I mean someone the other side would never ever believe could win, like Bill Clinton, and they come out of the woodwork and surprise them. Like Edwards can do.

    They love ignoring him don’t they? Because he is a populist who cares about issues of poverty. He is a fine man and I support him for president. He has been working a dedicated campaign for a year longer than ANY of the other people.

    He is sincere and he is not corporate owned.

    They really don’t think he has a chance, which is why they keep ignoring him. He won’t play the game and fill the (rather empty this year) coffers of the mainstream media moguls…. who, by the way, OWN THE ELECTION MACHINE in this country.

    Let’s support Edwards okay?

    Bobby is certainly NOT a sleeper. Everyone in America knows if he ran for ANYTHING, the support would swell 10 times faster than it did for his father…. which was instantaneous and enormous.

    Bobby is too precious to loose. And they WILL kill him. They currently have TOO MUCH POWER. The people in power are NOT politicians. They are NOT humanitarians. They are a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION VERY MUCH THE SAME AS ANY OTHER MAFIA.

    They lie, they steal, and they murder. Do you want to send your most beloved people against THEM? I say send in your Law Enforcement.

    I don’t think I could take another heartbreak like I have suffered all my life, having every single hero murdered. I just can’t take it again.

    I love Bobby Kennedy and everything he stands for. He is the best America has ever had.

    Let’s keep him alive and let’s keep him ours.

    Thanks Bobby. Thanks for the Conservation work, the Riverkeepers, all of it. You are a hero.

  6. Cindy

    I would understand completely if the moderator chose NOT to post my message. It would not upset me at all. It’s okay.

  7. Hi Cindy and thanks for your very kind comments about RFK Jr…and for expressing your concerns about him seeking the presidency.

    Of course we want to publish your words, they’re thoughtful and well-written, even if most of the people on this website might tend to disagree with you on the question of him running for president. Naturally, we want him to run. And we are concerned for his personal safety, too.

    I think the days of assassinating presidential candidates, or even presidents, have passed. It hasn’t happened here since 1963, and I doubt it will happen again. Here’s why:

    We must remember the political fervor of those times (the 60s) and the issues which inflamed people… to march, to riot, to act violently, to even kill our leaders openly in public -at a rally, on a hotel balcony, or at high noon on a crowded downtown street.

    Have you ever wondered why our most beloved and inspirational leaders – Lincoln, JFK, MLK, RFK – were shot down and silenced, when by contrast, unpopular presidents since the Kennedy and King murders – Nixon, Ford, Bush 41 and Bush 43 (by far and without a doubt the most despised president in our nation’s history), have all survived their terms?

    Assassinations are messy things. Too many witnesses. Zapruder films which capture the evidence. A chain of custody on evidence not so easily manipulated. Honest people who eventually come forward. Too many leaks. Conspiracies and coverups are very difficult to orchestrate and maintain. And it’s a really tough sell to the people. (Recent polls show that more than 90% of the American people do not believe the Warren Report to this very day! They also raise serious, valid, unanswered questions about the murders of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy. The recent murder of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan has also sparked rumors of conspiracy, regardless of what Musharraf’s government says. The folks aren’t buying it.)

    For those who want to punish a political rival or even a president, they’ve found it is hardly necessary to kill them anymore. The cleaner method is to assassinate their character. Serves the same purpose, but no muss, no fuss!

    Or at the presidential level, in the cases of Nixon and Clinton, to simply impeach. (And perhaps go for a nice character assassination while you’re at it.)

    It’s the new, improved method of getting rid of the challengers, the upstarts, the truthful, the good.

    That’s why I worry for Bobby Kennedy, but I do not fear for him. He is a bold, brave, strong man of great courage and if he should ever decide to run for the presidency, you can rest assured he will have considered the possibility of assassination and decided to charge into battle anyway. For the sake of his country.

    It’s not all that different from any regular fellow who joins the army as a volunteer. He certainly doesn’t have to go to Iraq or Afghanistan. Hell, he could just as easily stay home with his family and go to his day job. Maybe he has a great day job, one where he is already making a difference in the world. Is he a fool to leave it and go fight a war where he might be killed? Even a war that he disagrees with? With a wife and kids at home? Why would he do a thing like that? Is he crazy?

    No. And he doesn’t do it because he was drafted and has no other choice but to fight. He chooses to go, knowing well the risks for one reason: he loves his country and is willing to die for it.

    I’m sorry, but I just can’t see how the plane crashes of Paul Wellstone and JFK Jr. are connected to this. Neither of them were seeking the presidency at the time of their deaths. But to answer your questions, Bush was president in 2002 when Wellstone was killed, and John F. Kennedy Jr. died in 1999, when Bill Clinton was our Commander In Chief.

    I have no idea who did maintenance on Wellstone’s plane, but Kennedy Jr.’s aircraft was a new purchase and from all I’ve seen (I did an exhaustive study of the 800-page NTSB report), was in tip-top shape. His crash was not due to mechanical failure, it was apparently – and sadly – pilot error. The Kennedy plane showed no signs of sabotage.

    Anyway, thank you again for your wonderful letter. I hope you will come back often to see what RFK jr. is up to and that perhaps, over time, you will change your mind and support him in any bid for public office he may choose to make.

    The road to the presidency is always a perilous one (even more so, it seems, if your name is Kennedy), but with our country in such grave danger, this is not the time for Americans to be afraid.

    If we let fear win out over hope and good men do nothing to stop this evil, the bad guys win…and We The People lose. Everything.

  8. Why Robert F. Kennedy Jr. must be President? Can explaint for me? Thanks.

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  10. martha gibbons

    kennedy is a lying snake…….his father was a class act an if he was alive would be sooo disapointed in jr. ……he will always just be Jr. trying to measure up to his Dad!!! give up Jr.!!!

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