“Run, Bobby, Run!”

“He had a lot of people he really believed in urging him to run, including his wife … There was a poster, I believe, at Hickory Hill that said, “Run, Bobby, Run” hanging from his balcony… His kids had put it up. So he’s got his own family urging him to run because I think that Mrs. Kennedy knew that he was born to do this, and it was the right thing for him to do.”

Evan Thomas, author of “Robert Kennedy: His Life,” discussing Bobby Kennedy’s decision to enter the 1968 presidential race at the JFK Library’s “RFK Remembered” forum, 2004. Robert F. Kennedy, 1968

40 years ago, when Senator Robert F. Kennedy announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States, America was in turmoil. We were a nation deeply divided over racial and economic inequality, embroiled in an unpopular war in Vietnam presided over by an even more unpopular president. (Sound familiar?)

Anti-war demonstrators cried out: “Hey, Hey, LBJ – How many kids did you kill today?” But these cries seemed to fall upon deaf ears in the Congress and in both political parties. It felt like no one was listening. The people were demanding a candidate who would not compromise on these important issues; a man of courage and integrity to lead us out of the darkness and into the light.

Bobby Kennedy seemed to be our last best hope. As the younger brother of former President John F. Kennedy, it was Bobby, not Lyndon B. Johnson, who was clearly the man best suited to carry on the work that was left unfinished after JFK’s assassination.

And yet, Bobby hesitated to enter the race. Still numb with grief over the horrible events of Dallas, the 42 year-old Senator from New York was also grappling with the consequences of challenging an incumbent president of his own party. But when Eugene McCarthy became the first Democratic contender to declare his intent to run as an anti-war candidate, Kennedy was at last compelled to seek the presidency, lest McCarthy steal his thunder.

And so it was, on March 16, 1968, a soft-spoken Robert Kennedy approached the microphone in the Senate Caucus Room and finally said the words so many Americans had been waiting for:

“I am today announcing my candidacy for the presidency of the United States. I do not run for the presidency merely to oppose any man but to propose new policies. I run because I am convinced that this country is on a perilous course and because I have such strong feelings about what must be done, and I feel that I’m obliged to do all that I can.

I run to seek new policies – policies to end the bloodshed in Vietnam and in our cities, policies to close the gaps that now exist between black and white, between rich and poor, between young and old, in this country and around the rest of the world.

I run for the presidency because I want the Democratic Party and the United States of America to stand for hope instead of despair, for reconciliation of men instead of the growing risk of world war.

I run because it is now unmistakably clear that we can change these disastrous, divisive policies only by changing the men who are now making them. For the reality of recent events in Vietnam has been glossed over with illusions…

…I cannot stand aside from the contest that will decide our nation’s future and our children’s future…

…I do not lightly dismiss the dangers and the difficulties of challenging an incumbent President. But these are not ordinary times and this is not an ordinary election.

At stake is not simply the leadership of our party and even our country. It is our right to moral leadership of this planet.”

Less than three months later, after winning a decisive victory in the California primary, it seemed that nothing could stand between Kennedy and the White House. But on June 4, 1968, Bobby’s eloquent voice was forever silenced by an assassin’s bullet. With him went the hopes and dreams of a generation of Americans and peace-loving people all over the world.

Ever since, we have been searching for a leader who exhibits the same core beliefs and quality of character that Robert Kennedy and his brother John possessed. What we didn’t realize is that such a man already existed…we just had to wait a few decades for him to grow up and into the man his father always knew he would be someday. That man is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

It is ironic to think that young Bobby was only 14 at the time of his father’s murder and yet, he has now outlived both his father and his uncle John F. Kennedy. At the “ripe old age” of 54, Bobby Jr. has enjoyed many more years of life than they were destined to have.

And he has made the most of those years, devoting his life to public service and making the world a better place. He has never run for public office before, but many of us believe it is time for him to take that leap of faith. Because we have faith in him.

40 years later, the Torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans. Who will we choose to lead us in these troubled times? Who best represents our common dreams, goals, and hopes? Who has the courage to stand up to the military hawks and corporate interests who rule Washington and want to rule the world? Who amongst the current crop of candidates not only talks the talk, but walks the walk? In this blogger’s humble opinion, *none* of them do. That is exactly why we must draft RFK Jr. to run.

Bobby, your country is calling you…are you listening?



“Some people see things as they are and say, ‘why’? I dream of things that never were and say, ‘why not’?”

Robert F. Kennedy (quoting George Bernard Shaw), speaking at the University of Kansas, March 18, 1968.


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36 responses to ““Run, Bobby, Run!”

  1. I am so glad to be finding others weeping into the darkness, for this man to take the torch his father so gallently carried to his death in 1968. That passion shines so clear and birght in Bobby, Jr! I see U-tube dismantled the “comments” for Bobby’s speach at Live Earth! What is that about!?! Please Mr. Kennedy, there is nobody out there to lead us out of this HELL! It’s a hell of an entire world coming undone. Do not let anything in your past, stop you from running! Nobody has lilly clean laundry anymore. Be fearless Bobby! You have armies of people willing to march for you; willing to be proud americans again. There is only one Kennedy that has been blessed by the lord above for this job AND THAT IS YOU BOBBY! RUN BOBBY!

    As I told a friend recently I WILL WALLK 500 HUNDRED MILES to put your name out front AND I WILL WALK 5000 miles to see YOU @ 2008/1600 Pennsylvania Ave. That is your correct address. There simply is nobody elese for that job. If you care about your Dad’s legacy, if you care about the people who believed in him, if you care about your children’s generation PLEASE ACCEPT OUR PLEA & RUN FOR THE POSITION THAT SHOULD ONLY BE YOURS! Robert Frances Kennedy, Jr.; President of United States. Don’t let Uncle Teddy or anyone talk you outta this. As a matter of fact, I hope folks go let your uncle know how much we want YOU to take that mantle. Now I know why it’s taken so long. G*d was waiting for YOU!

  2. I’d vote for him….

  3. I feel very honored to have my post noted here. I wish I were a better connected person; all I can do is urge all of you to get the word out, don’t be embarrassed, do mass postings to your friends. If they tell u it’s spam, well, as we used to sing “WHICH SIDE ON YOUR ON”?

  4. Susan F. O'Donnell

    Dear Mr. Kennedy,

    I really hope that you run for President of the United States. You are my last hope to be honest with you – my last hope for America in fact. I believe that you Mr. Kennedy can and will make a difference in this world. Not only does the USA need you, the world needs you just as much.

    Thank you Mr. Kennedy!

    Most sincerely,

    S. F. O’Donnell

  5. Mr. Kennedy. I was named after your Uncle Jack. I was born two months before he was killed. All my life I never thought I would see the magic of truth and potential that I feel as I grew up feeling about your Uncle and your Dad. You and I have seen a lot in the last 40 + years… When your cousin John was killed I was living in NH. I mourned his loss and thought to myself well now there’s just Robert Jr. left. I hope he gets into the game.

    Mr. Kennedy I know how how you must feel… Like someone’s gonna take you out too. If I were in your shoes sir, I couldn’t help but think that too.

    I would have some resolve though, in the fact that so many in the U.S. are turning to me to resolve what seems to be unsurmountable obstacles in an ever increasing complex quagmire of the wholesale pillaging of our beautiful country. You can’t buy that kind of admiration and it isn’t in abundance these days. I would think, well if there is anyone who “they” can’t steal an election from it’s me. I would think, My Dad and my Uncle died for this pursuit. I would think that I am the closest thing to an heir of of a forefather that we’ve got and I would think to myself, I have a duty to fulfill to my American heritage.

    We need to clean house Sir… There is no one I can think of that that will ensure that this occurs if it is to be charged under his watch as President of our United States. Two terms, 8 years… you’re young enough to look back after it all and realize you did it and when you go to join your father and your uncle at the end of your days sir, they would be more proud of you, than you were of them.

    No more games… Get out there and get it on! Lets Roll!!!

  6. Giovanna

    I have a dream….since 1968…me too I was 14 years old.I want to see you at White House for a better America. I am italian, from Genoa, but I love United States. Thank you Bobby!

  7. Chrisy

    Great Post!!! This brought back memories of my youth. I was 10 years old in 68. I wanted Bobby Kennedy Sr. to win. Your father gave me hope. I think he gave all of us hope.

    Bobby, your country is calling you!!!! I want you to know Bobby that I am praying for you. I am praying that God will give you wisdom to know what He would have you do. I pray for your family and I pray for our Country.

    I hope you will pray and seek God’s Will on this matter. I hope in the end that you will run. I know that I will be writing you in on election day because I think you are the one person who can get this country back on track. I don’t believe in voting for the lesser of two evils and the same ole same ole.

    Somehow Bobby I don’t think I will be the only one who is going to be writing you in on election day 2008.

    God Bless You

  8. Michele

    I’m finally old enough to vote. I will be eighteen before the 2008 presidential elections, and RFK Jr. you have no choice but to run for presidency. Run Bobby Run!

  9. Ty

    I can think of no other litigator so dedicated to his own cause. RFK Jr. has done everything possible to protect our vulnerable environment, and in the course, stared down big corporate pollution and powerful lobbying organizations. Such bravery reminds me of RFK’s work in the Senate Rackets Committee and his pursuit of the mafia.

    I had the pleasure of attending a lecture at a local college he gave, and his politics are just as sound as his environmental stances. Although hesitant, as Bobby was in 1968, I feel he knows that he is the right man for the job, just as we do. I can only hope that this realization kicks in soon, and that perhaps he calls Al Gore too.

    Dare I dream for a Gore-Kennedy ’08 ticket and a save the world campaign? I won’t hold my breath, but then again, after the past eight years…anything’s possible. Maybe this time it’ll be for the better.

  10. Kathy

    Please bobby Kennedy Jr. – run as an independent in 2008!

  11. This is too good to be true. I encourage you, Mr. Kennedy, to consider fulfilling the promises of your uncle and father, as it is your duty to carry on their wonderful legacy. JFK, Jr. was slated to do it, but he is gone. Who better than you, the name sake of the wonderful Robert Kennedy, Sr…to carry the torch and inspire us, the uninspired. No more Clintons or Bushes! We need a new Kennedy to forge ahead and fulfill the promises made those decades ago when I was so inspired by both of your forebears. Bobby, RUN!

  12. Frosty5730

    A Thank You to Faye Dolan!

    I am so disgusted w/all the players in this current campaign. It’s obvious that the Democratic ticket is now fragmented to tiny bits. I am thanking Faye, because I am exhausted w/my own zeal re Run Bobby Run, Issue. She succently stated the prayers, dreams & hopes of most of those who come to this board.

    I am hoping that at some time, in very near future, there will be another huge surprise — and this time Bobby will be provoked to run for the office that is waiting for him. For the billions of folks not just here in USA; but global! He is a brilliant man who makes Obama’s so-called Charisma look like very drab indeed. My hunch that his family is not supporting him is proving to be correct. Every family has their disfunctions, and jelousies.

    It’s almost as if the Obama-Kennedys were so scared of Bobby running, that they want to psychologically tweak him w/this exorbitant endorsement for Obama. I heard Caroline’s speech at American University. The gist of her speech is that she feels that Obama has the enthusiasm and charisma of her father. That Obama is the first candidate, in her lifetime, to be worthy of following her Dad to W.H.

    I have lots of problems w/that! Isn’t she aware of the huge crowds that turn out to go to Bobby’s book signings & speeches? Didn’t she hear her cousin speak at Live Earth?; stealing the thunder that should have gone to Gore? Lots of great musicians at Live Earth but nobody’s star blinked more brilliant that Bobby’s. Wasn’t Caroline aware of her cousin’s ordeal at YouTube? The response to Bobby was so overwhelming the web site could not support?

    I feel a drum beating loud, where are you Bobby? Can’t you feel that energy? The reason G*d put you here? We have never needed you more than now. Please do surprise your envious relatives and show them that there is a Kennedy ready to lead. His name is not Patrick, or her name, (Caroline). Jealousy is a crude feeling. Don’t let your relatives divert you because they are WRONG this time.

    You can go it without them Bobby. There is more love out there for you, more faith in you, than you can possibly concieve. Stop this silly confused campaign that is 2008. Come on, the water is warm & the waves of love boundless.

  13. Christine

    wow, thank you Frosty for saying out loud exactly what I’ve been thinking the past 2 days!!

    I think that barack Obama is a manufactured candidate, designed to be portrayed as “the next JFK” by some very powerful forces who control our elections and offer us false choices time and time again.

    And a lot of smart people are falling for it. Even some of the Kennedys, who I have great respect for.

    But Frosty is right – every family has their rivalries. And this is no ordinary family. Arent we naive’ to think that there are not power struggles going on within the Kennedyfamily as to who gets to be the next leader?

    I honestly think that Teddy set Bobby up for a fall. I think he is terrified because bobby has more leadership, judgement and charisma in his little finger than Ted could ever summon in a lifetime. While Ted couldn’t even get the nomination in 1980, Bobby could win the presidency. He’d roll over Obama, clinton, and the Republican challenger in ageneral election.

    I think that Ted advised Bobby to support Hillary knowing damn good and well she is going to lose, thereby setting himself up on the winning Obama team. Bobby loses a lot of his supporters and looks like a fool standing there with egg on his face while Teddy gets to look like the great visionary and courageous hero for switching teams to Obama.

    There is even some rumor that Ted is angling for a high position in Obama’s cabinet, if not even VP. There is also rumor that Edwards will be tapped for Attorney General if he drops out of the race and supports Obama.

    These are both jobs that should have gone to RFK jr. Well, he won’t be offered them now.

    I hope bobby reads this and feels the spirit of all the people who would stand behind him if he runs. If he stood up and challenged this corrupt 2-party system, he would RUN AWAY with the 2008 election. The first time in our history an indepndent wins the presidency… by a freakin’ landslide!!!

    Folks, you want 1960 all over again? You want to feel that kind of excitement and hope for change? Well, don’t believe the hype about Obama, or even clinton. If you want to restore the true legacy of JFK and RFK, there is only one choice – BOBBY KENNEDY JR. Period.

    Run, bobby, run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Chrisy

    Frosty and Christine you really touched my heart with what you wrote.

    I personally do not like any of the choices and can’t vote for any of them. I will be forced to stay home on Super Tuesday because I can’t vote for either Clinton or Obama. I can’t support any of them. I don’t think I am the only Democrat who feels I morally can’t vote for any of the candidates running in the Democratic party Primary. I like the Republicans even less than the Democrats because of their stand on the War in Iraq, the Enviroment/climate change, health care, and other issues.

    Maybe it is time to think about challenging the corrupt policies within the two party system. The third parties in this country are not given advantages as either the Democrats or the Republicans. Many times the third parties are not even allowed in the debates. I think all parties should be allowed in the debates, but I think the two parties are scared to open up the debates because they are afraid the American people would flee them in numbers and join and support a third party candidate.

    If Bobby Kennedy Jr were to run as a Independent or even Green Party party candidate I think that many of us would work very hard to get him included in the debates and make sure his message gets out to the American people.

    I know I would like to know more where he stands on certain issues that are important to me as a Catholic. Will be fight for the Civil rights of everyone from the womb to the tomb? I know that if he is willing to fight for the civil rights of all people and will have the courage and strength to speak up for the most innocent who can’t speak up for themselves he would get a flood of people who would support him. Their wave of support would be so strong that there could be no stopping him from getting elected to public office. We are so hungry for a candidate who truly reflects the moral courage to fight for what is morally right and not give in and remain silent.

    If Bobby reads this I would like to ask you. I mean this with respect. What is more important to you? Your political party or country?

    We are living at the crossroads of history. We need someone who will fight for what is morally right and the Civil rights of all from the womb to the tomb, the enviorment/climate change, and the forces that would want to keep so many people in poverty. It won’t be easy, but if we had the right person at the helm I believe that Americans would be willing to do the hard work to help change this country around so that we are truly a country where there is justice, truth, and all are given the chance to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    This country is like a ship. We are in a terrible storm right now and the waves are very high. The people are crying out for a leader, a true leader who will have vision, courage, strength, honesty, who can inspire us to dream, hope, and work to save this ship from sinking.

    This ship doesn’t need more of the same ole same ole which is what we are offered this election. Clinton or Obama is not real change as the mantra has become during this election but the same ole same ole. You Bobby are the option of real change. You are a sailor and I believe with your knowledge of the pressing problems that we are facing are the one to steer this ship of America through this storm we are facing as a country.

  15. Chrisy, Christine, Frosty — you are living proof that, as Ted Kennedy once said, “The Dream Shall Never Die.”

    I want to personally thank you for your undying support of RFK Jr. As you know, he has lost a lot of supporters due to his endorsement of Senator Clinton, and it is so good to see loyal friends like you who stand by him, regardless of whomever he endorses for President.

    Chrisy, I hope you will not stay home on primary day, even if the two Democratic choices leave you cold. (Me, too!) Please go to the polls that day and write in the person you truly believe in, even if he’s not running. Vote your conscience and you’ll feel better – at least you will be able to say you didn’t cave to the pressure and hype – and at the same time, you will be sending a message. Who knows how many others will do the same?

    If I’m not mistaken, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the man you believe would make the best president, so please vote on Super Tuesday and let your voice be heard!

    Write him in! It’s worth the few extra minutes it takes to enter his name on the Diebold machine – because your country is worth it.

  16. Chrisy

    New Frontier,

    I understand what you are saying. On the sample ballot they sent me in AZ they don’t have any place for a write in and it said that if anyone wrote on the ballot that it would make it void. We still vote paper ballot here in AZ where you connect the arrow to the person you want that is listed there. I wish there was a place to write in the name.

    If I decide to on purpose write him in and spoil my ballot at least my local Democratic party officials would know that I can’t vote for the two choices that they have given me to vote for. That is true that at least someone would know how unhappy I am. If I stay home I am also letting my displeasure known because at the local Democratic meetings I can go and make my voice heard there too. Either way I will make my voice known.

    I know Republicans who are just as unhappy with their choices as well. People in both parties are unhappy, angry at the choices given them, and I think that is why Ron Paul is getting as many votes as he is getting. They know Ron Paul can’t win but yet they continue to support him.

    This Election is going to be an election where many people I think will stay home or vote for third party candidates who best reflect their views. I heard Ralph Nader is thinking about running again. I wish it was Bobby Kennedy Jr who was thinking of running as a third party candidate.

    Both political parties seem corrupted and beyond repair so maybe it is time for those of us who do not like the direction of either the Democratic or Republican party become a third party. Lou Dobbs is getting people to go Independent. I think that so many Americans feel like neither party represents them and are looking.

    NF, I have never been a fair weather person. I don’t jump ship just because we hit a little rough seas. I was sorry to read some of the comments by people who were angry with Bobby. In my heart I believe that Bobby is the one who should be at the helm and he should be President. I think he has vision, courage, knowledge, strength, and passion to make a real change that is needed in this country. I think that he will be a man who will seek to fight for civil rights of all people from the womb to the tomb. I think he would not be afraid to speak out against the evil in the world even if it meant exposing those within our party for their silence.

    I remember when I was 10 years old. I was living in Los Altos Hills, CA. I remember the 1968 Primary in CA. Even then I loved elections and being active in them. I used to hand out little booklets talking about the candidates and meeting and talking to adults about why I thought they should vote for Bobby Kennedy. I have always been passionate and had spirit. I can’t tell you what issues exactly as I was 10 but I saw something of myself in him. I even talked Republican adults into switching to the Democratic party just to vote for him. Pretty good for a 10 year old kid. I don’t have that passion for the candidates today. I don’t see that same moral character to do what is right, to speak out for what is right, and the courage to fight for what is morally right that Bobby Kennedy Sr. had.

    There is still some issues that I would like to talk over with Bobby if he ever decides to run as one Catholic to another. I want to make sure that he will fight for the Civil rights of all to pursure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and not remain silent because it is politically correct to remain silent or deny one group their civil rights.

    This election we have Catholic Democrats who feel that we as a block can not vote for any of the choices that the Democratic party has given us because of some of their stands which are very important to us as Catholics. We won’t vote Republican but because we love our church and follow the teachings of our church we can not vote for either Clinton or Obama. So what do we do? We are looking for another like Bobby Kennedy who will fight for what is morally right and be willing to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. I see Bobby sr in Bobby jr. That is why I pray for him that God will bless him with strength, courage, wisdom and keep him safe.

  17. Chrisy – ah, lucky you! Like me, you live in a state that requires write-in candidates to be “certified” in order for the vote to be valid.

    Yet another clever way they’ve come up with to further disenfranchise the disenfranchised.

    found an intersting article on the goings-on in your state, Arizona…this is from 2004, but still relevant:

    Montini explains below how the system is rigged and write in votes don’t count when you vote. (Well you can make them count but the write in canidate has to jump thru hoops to get our government masters to allow any votes for the person to count)


    A righteously wrong-headed write-in ballot

    Sept. 14, 2004 (Excerpt…full story at link above)

    “Maricopa County Elections Director Karen Osbornetold me, “There were no official write-in candidates for that particular office. Because of that, the ballot of anyone who wrote in a name not recognized by our department wouldn’t be counted.”

    Official write-in candidates? I figured that a write-in vote was just that, a spontaneous endorsement of an unofficial candidate whom one believes should be elected. Or, the well-thought out expression of outrage over the candidates who actually are on the ballot.

    I was set straight on this matter by Kevin Tyne, an aide to Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer.

    “Write-in candidates are required to file with our office 40 days before an election,” he told me.

    Among the requirements are proof of age and official residence, although a write-in candidate need not collect the nominating petition signatures as others must do in order to have their names appear on the ballot. In the end, only votes that are cast for officially sanctioned write-in candidates are counted.

    “This is why Mickey Mouse never wins an election in Arizona,” Tyne said.

    With that in mind, Danny Beutner proudly cast his vote in the Republican state Senate primary for Bruce Springsteen. He did not consider it a wasted ballot but a patriotic expression of frustration. ”

    Here in TX we could not even get dennis Kucinich on the ballot a few months ago because he had refused to sign a “loyalty pledge” that he would support whomever the Democratic nominee is. So TX Democrats chose to exclude him from the ballot. Of course, he is out of the race so it doesn’t matter anymore, but imagine the uphill battle Ralph Nader, Lou dobbs, Bobby Kennedy, or ANY independent candidate will have to face just to get ballot access in all 50 states.

    Is it any wonder that none of these guys wants to run! ?

    What a sad, sad state of affairs for our voting system and our democracy. Tactics like these, to me, pretty much feel like someone putting a gun to my head and ordering me to “Vote for so-and-so or ELSE!”

    And they say we have freedom of choice in America.

    Yeah, right.

  18. Chrisy

    Very True, NF, very true.

    I was at First Friday Mass today and was talking to another women and she feels the same way I do. We are frustrated because we can’t vote for any of the Democratic candidates in our primary. She too is saying this may be the first election that she has to stay home too because we can’t write in anyone.

  19. Vince

    I first had the pleasure of hearing Robert Kennedy Jr. speak on C-Span several years ago. I was blown away by how intelligent he was, and how his stance on issues (especially the environment) so closely matched my own.

    I later began to do some research on the man, found out he was an environmental lawyer and that he has brought some 300 corporations to justice for polluting the Hudson River watershed over the years. I have loved nature and the environment my whole life. This man is part of the reason I have decided (after many years) to go back to university to follow my heart and pursue a degree in Environmental Studies – with the hope of maybe becoming an environmental lawyer myself someday!!

    Last November I had the pleasure of hearing Robert speak in person at Wayne State University in Michigan. I am Canadian, and travelled across the border to hear him give a fabulous speech which lasted some two hours (he had no written notes and everything he said was spontaneous). At the end, they opened up the floor to questions and I asked him if he would ever consider running for the Presidency. I said we all are in desperate need of a man with his intellect and vision to lead the United States. The whole auditorium (which was packed) erupted in applause, and you could really sense the desperation people are feeling as they are searching for a person with integrity and a strong moral character to lead their nation. His answer to me was that his wife and family would prefer to keep things as they are right now, but that if Hillary Clinton gets in, he would consider accepting a position in her cabinet.

    I truly believe that it is due to the Kennedy history and the tragedy in their family, that Bobby will not run. I also believe that their is a long-standing conspiracy against the Kennedy’s, by the powers that be within the United States. They really don’t want a man of character in charge as it would threaten the monopoly on power that the corporate elite currently hold. Our world is in a sad state, and issues like climate change and global warming are the grave realities of our time. The greed and carelessness of Big Business have put us in our present predicament; they have poisoned the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil from which we get our food. And we wonder why more people are dying from diseases like cancer than ever before!! We wonder why animal species worldwide are going extinct faster now than at any time since the mass extinction of the dinosaurs (some 65,000,000 years ago!!).

    It is time for everyone to wake up and start demanding change before it is too late!! The United States needs men like Robert Kennedy Jr. and Al Gore – the WORLD needs men like Robert Kennedy Jr. and Al Gore!! Our futures, and our children’s and grandchildren’s futures depend on it!! The survival of all life forms on Mother Earth depends on it!!

  20. Chrisy


    You made some really good points. I agree with you that we need a man/woman of moral courage to fight for the truth, justice, and what is morally right. We don’t need another person who says they will fight for what is morally right but keep silent and turn the other way instead of speaking up and fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves, or being a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.

    I can understand his feelings and the feelings of his family.

    I personally don’t know if a true honest, moral, man/woman with real courage could even be elected in this country.

  21. WHY… WHY DID RFK JR. Back Hillary? I can’t vote for Hillary… I remember I had real convictions about travelgate and many perceived inproprieties from the Clinton’s with NAFTA for one and with Bill lying flat out to Congress about Monica… I don’t like being slick when everything about someone is slick. I really don’t care about the pomp and hype that accuses Sen. Obama of being ‘handled’ by someone or about inexperience or about a beauty contest or about using a man’s words when the situation and gut call for it without having to have to cite your source for G-D’s sake… I would vote for RFK Jr. I feel he has the same honest and pure motivation and desires as well as motive to be the best President he can be… Just like Sen. Obama.

    “He’s a rockstar”… So what! maybe we need a rock star… JFK was cut from the same cloth. There were more “words” from JFK than there was experience or even accomplishments in Gov’t previous to his being President… It was his “rock Star” quality and his ability to communicate with verve and vibe that attached him to our hearts… G-D knows he ruined a dress or two when he was in office but at least we felt he was one of us and didn’t bring questionable conflicts of interest with him when he occupied the white house.

    I’ll be backing Sen. Obama… That is unless RFK Jr’s running and that clearly isn’t going to happen.

    Even now in Sen. clinton’s campaign there are the Chinese gangs (who’s name of their representative escapes me) is at it again with the Chinese money to “donate” for election contributions with phony SS #’s for G-D’s sake… and right out in the open?!!! like to say so what?!!! Give me a break… Upstate NY’s dairy Farmers are still reeling from the “promise you one thing and screw you for sure” policy from Sen. Clinton… Y’know I could have it all wrong… But I don’t think so… I’m actually on the fence, I like the Clintons’ despite the rhetoric… But I feel like they had their shot… One more lame duck for a President and we’re all shot.

  22. “I personally don’t know if a true honest, moral, man/woman with real courage could even be elected in this country.” (Chrissy,Blog)

    Look at Kucinich and Paul… You really think these guys are chumps and crazies??? We aren’t accustomed to hearing the truth these days… we’ve had 40 years of crap and lies and self-serving hypocrites who call themselves Presidents. (I’ll give Carter a pardon here).

    Bill Clinton ruined a dress and got fully impeached at a cost of $50,000.000.00 9/11 the greatest crime ever committed took 6 months of pleading for an investigation and begrudgingly the money allocated was $5,000.000.00 and the deck was stacked on the warren (OOPS) I mean the 9/11 commision…

  23. Okay, last comment.. I’d vote for Sen.Clinton if she announced that she would be appointing RFK Jr. as Attorney Gen. and that his stumping for that cause would include a promise to re-open and thoroughly investigate 9/11 with an honest and unbiased, non-partisan panel which doesn’t include Bush’s Attorney, who was the author of the ‘Patriot Act’. Who by the way also co-authored a book with Condi Rice 5 years prior to Bush taking office titled, “The Restructuring of The Nazi Party”?!!!

    You can’t make this stuff up!!!

    I cannot believe that the events of 9/11 and anyone who “still talks about it” is chaulked up to be some nut job… We didn’t get closure, not even close. Why is Impeachment “off the table”? There’s another great blog topic and one which surely won’t get a nano second of a candidates time to address… Why is this such a “no fly zone”? am I out there? History will look on us to see what we were made of… The same facts that are available today will be available then, if not more so.

    I can’t think of a more appropriate place in fond and endearing memory for two brothers who began to tackle these issues of corruption and wickedness, than to speak my mind on a website which holds a torch for them 40 years later…

    9/11 is unfinished business and it ain’t about “The Axis of Evil” or “The Evil Doers”… It’s relevant to this election actually and we need to take our country back from the real terrorists. Just like JFK was telling us to do, in the event of his not being around… The man warned us that this day was coming. What are we going to do about it?

    I wish I could have RFK, Jr. and Sen. Kennedy in a room for one hour alone. I’d tell them to get over your jaded petty rivalries and link up and spout the truth from the roof tops about the last 40 years… Indict the whole lot, name names, testify, demand answers and take no prisoners. They are who they are today because their Brother and their Father. Those men, those Patriots were shot in cold blood in front of us all because they were after the real terrorists. “Enemies Within”… Desperate times call for desperate measures, are we really just sheep?

    Desperate times have started already… If Mrs. Clinton wants to be President, she needs to start acting like a Kennedy. If she doesn’t I wish one of the Kennedy’s would.

  24. Jack’s back! Good to hear from you again, bro’.

    Your words posted above moved me deeply, and as always, made me really stop and think. You ask the tough questions, Mr. Mosel. On so many points, I think you hit the nail right on the head, and I’m sure many of our readers will feel the same way. Actually, I can almost hear them standing up and cheering you right now.:)

    One thing in particular you mentioned is the reason I’m addressing this comment to you personally. You posed the question “why is impeachment off the table?” and mentioned you thought this would be an excellent blog topic – I agree, as it has been lost in the heat of the campaign and all of this media focus on the horserace.

    As you know, the impeachment of President Bush is something Bobby Kennedy Jr. is passionately in favor of. In his own words, he says “we should impeach Bush as a civics lesson.” And for deeper reasons as well, for the sake of how this generation of Americans will be seen through the unflinching eye of history. Are we patriots or are we lemmings?

    Rep. Dennis Kucinich never gave up the fight to push for the impeachment of VP Dick Cheney, and unfortunately, his message was completely lost during the presidential campaign. Now that he is no longer a candidate, we can only hope that he will continue to make H.R. 333 a top priority in his role as Congressman. (It’s somewhat reassuring to know there are still a few “good guys’ on Capitol Hill.)

    Since you have guest blogged for us in the past and done a marvelous job, Jack, I’d like to ask *you* if you would be willing to write an article on that very subject for us. Yes, I’m offering to publish it right now. What do you think?

    I’d love to write the piece myself, but haven’t had the time…I guess I’m somewhat guilty of focusing too much on the Obama/Clinton fight myself as of late, especially with all the activity going on here in Texas (and here in Austin specifically around the big CNN debate tonight at UT) leading up to the March 4th primary. Certainly it is a decisive battle in the race, and as journalists, we have to cover it, but there are so many other important issues and stories which are being lost or put on the back burner due to a lack of available writers who are willing to guest blog on these topics.

    BTW, any interested journalists or aspiring bloggers out there reading now should consider this my personal invitation to YOU (yes, *you*!) as well. Please feel free to submit any articles of interest – especially topics Kennedy-related, whether written about historical or current events, for our consideration. If we publish your story, it will be syndicated across the web to number of other blogs as well, which is not only great exposure for you, but more importantly, helps to GET THE TRUTH OUT. So if you’d like to write for us, submit your story ideas to: RFKin2008@cs.com.

  25. Randy Patrick

    I think RFK Jr. should run for public office, but not for president until he has some experience. Why not first run for the office his father held: Senator from New York, where he is a longtime, well-known resident? Or he’d make a great secretary of the interior or EPA chief for President Obama or President Clinton. Or maybe even a vice presidential running mate?

  26. Alan Stewart

    Start the grass roots effort NOW! Like Ross Perot did and he easily got his name on the ballot. Let’s go Mr. Kennedy and the great US of A!

  27. Jean Dunham

    My room-mate and I saw you on David Letterman a week ago or so. My how we were flabber gasted to listen to you speak of what this country needs in a leader. Please oh please wont you help us out of this mess our country and its people are in. YOU ARE THE ONE!!!!!!!!

  28. Angela S.

    Please! America needs YOU!!

  29. JFKRFK4Ever




  30. It’s been exactly one year since I came here and wrote an impassioned comment, begging Bobby to run. My prayers do not appear to be answered or acknowledged but I still keep praying.

    Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.

    I just read some recent entries and I feel a like-minded spirit here. This campaign is going so crazy w/bad revelations about both candidates popping out of the media ea. day & in ea. direction! People around the world must be thinking they are watching the rise & fall of the USA! Neither party smells like roses right now. As a matter of fact, both would qualify for the livestock exhibit at their state fairs! I tell you that air is pungent with ripe decay.

    People of both parties are shaking their heads heads & shoulders and wondering how do we get out of this!?! These men have not even checked out the floor space at 1600 Pennsylvania, and the Impeachment Prep Commitee has already started!

    Yes, I do agree that as improbable as it seems we still may have time to do a very intense write-in campaign. It’s only a matter of a short time before all Hell will break loose the way things are going! Then what happens if a candidate is found so corrupt as to not be elected at Convention? Does anybody know what the process is? This has never happend in America’s hstory before, but I tell you, we all agree, conspiracy supporters, and cynics alike — THIS IS ONE WERID CAMPAIGN being created by both parties.

  31. Clogoz1

    What a scary time to be living in America.
    The dollar is collapsing.Trillions of dollars of debt. Halliburton and their grip on the government.
    Iraq the war, that should never have begun,hundreds of thousands of people dead for an agenda that was full of greed.
    John McCain who admits he knows nothing about matters of the economy. What a puppet.Who is pulling the strings?
    Good Luck and my best to you all.
    I’m glad I don’t live in America.

  32. sherry roemer

    Dear Esquire Kennedy:

    I am the woman from Questa, NM who was told
    by Social Security that my birth mother was the
    late Marilyn Monroe; a.k.a.; Norma Jeane DiMaggio. According to the records my biological
    father is listed as the late President John Fitzgerald

    I need closure in this matter as I was told this info
    August 17, 2005. I am asking that you and your
    family release any vital info regarding this matter;
    asap. I do not have any idea of my birth name, date, or place. I also have one or two twin brothers
    that were legally adopted. Having my family in my
    life would mean more to me than all the money on
    God’s Green Earth.
    I expect a response from you as your late father,
    Robert Frances Kennedy, Sr. was appointed my
    legal guardian Nov. 25, 1963.

    With regards,
    Sherry Roemer

  33. Mark Anthony Jones

    Please honor the memory of your beloved father and our country’s greatest president, your dear uncle, with an INDEPENDENT run for POTUS. You can win on a campaign against the New World Order and bring back our Constitution, sound money (End the Federal Reserve) and power back to the people. They killed your family members including JFK, Jr and have been in power for most all of the years since 11/22/63. Both political parties are completely corrupt; we can no longer believe anything they or the mainstream media say. Even the Presidential Debates have been hijacked since Perot ’92. Ever wonder what happened to the League of Women Voters? Replaced by the Commission on Presidential Debates that will only allow the Dems and Repubs to play. Because they are “approved” by the NWO.

    I am somehow especially close to your family and their tragedies, as I was born 3 days after the JFK assassination. I have watched the careers of his children, and all of the family, as if they were my own. God Bless You as you make this difficult decision.

  34. H

    I would like to see a Kennedy in office as much as the next guy. Someone who can give this country something that no other has yet, truth, wisdom and courage to surpass, what all who came before him have done. More so it would be lovely to see someone in office that would hold to a lot of the same values RFK and JFK did. However, I do not believe that JFK Jr. was destined to be president, in fact, I believe he had no desire to fill his shoes with a role such as that after what happened to his father. I also as much as I would love to see RFK Jr. as our nations president have yet to see him show one ounce of interest in truly wanting to be our president. He comes from a fabulous background and has a very powerful family in the political field but unless this is the kind of life he wants, I do not see any reason for us to force it on him. Let’s face it — all we want is a little bit of hope, someone that can turn things around, make this world a little bit safer, keep our children safe from the bullets not only on our streets but from getting killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. But I want a LEADER one that will make a change — as capable as RFK Jr. is of making a positive change to this world — I only want him in office if he truly wants to take on this world and make it better by accepting the job. Who knows, maybe the best we can hope for is that he changes the world by making the environment better for our animals but let’s hope that one day — HE will change the world by making it safer for all MANKIND — time will tell — until then! Cheers.

  35. ANITA


  36. Sendy

    Hellowwww people how are you? I have an account that I can use because someone is doing usurpation of identity.

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